E is for Emotion

I had internet issues, yesterday, so I will be playing catch up with those of you-who visited me yesterday~  The weather was crazy here-strong winds and rain.

I am struggling with my emotions right now.  When my son was ill-there was this quickening pace as more and more doctors appeared.  Ten doctors-later and still the unknown of what, why and how?  I hate the void-but I know I need to deal with my emotions.  I am great at tucking them away-it doesn't work. 

 I need to embrace the goodness in my thoughts, as well,  but I am still stuck on they don't know.  I feel weak, drained and sleep deprived-worrying. As, I type this post I told myself -Self deal with whatever emotion arrives today, but I also need to find healthy ways to process my feelings, besides trying to eat all the popcorn in the world. 

*Oh, and if you heard the latest news worthy food survey about popcorn causing lung cancer-well, if they tested me-they would know it isn't true.  My parents met in a theater and I practically grew up in one.  I eat popcorn almost every day.  I make my own the old fashion way-so was the study on microwave popped corn?!   I do not know.  Popcorn is my comfort food-it brings back memories of the wink and nod of my father in the tiny black portal booth, splicing stars-I mean film.  He magically blended the film-no shaky change overs. He loved the roar of the crowd, the excitement of showing stars on a silver screen and the way movies allow us to escape our world and transform us-magic.   I always thought of his as a magician.  Popcorn connects me to wonderful memories.  My father was like popcorn-light, fluffy and filled with joy-okay, a bit of hot air, too.  He was a dreamer-I am, too.

Pixar movie:  Inside Out

I haven't seen this movie-but I noticed it has the rainbow appeal-seven colors and perhaps I need to deal with and  process my emotions like a rainbow.  I  need to cry after the storm, deal with my anger, my fear, my sadness and the joy-my son survived the madness of this virus,  and my distress.  Today, I will watch this movie.  The main character is an eleven year old girl, named Riley.  Her family has to move and she has to deal with all of her emotions.     Have you see the film?  Do you struggle with your emotions or do you have healthy ways to express them?  


Em-Musing said…
Very touching post today about your son and memories of your father. I believe it was the microwave popcorn in the study. I love popcorn and when I'm not too lazy to make it myself, I will add coconut oil and cinnamon sometimes. Butter is always best though. And whenever I go to the movies, I indulge in their popcorn. I can't imagine watching a movie without it. Two months ago, I was under such stress but couldn't let it out jus then...and then I broke out with shingles. Emotions go somewhere, best to cry it out, or beat a pillow.
We eat popcorn all the time. Did the test subjects inhale it or something?
The doctors might not know, but God knows.
Saw the movie - it was good, but very sad in parts. Probably not one I'd watch again.
Nick Wilford said…
We saw this movie in the cinema and now it's one of my daughter's faves. She watches it all the time! I think it had a good message that it's healthy to go through emotions like anger, sadness etc when dealing with things. Hope things get better for your son and they can make a diagnosis. No, that wouldn't put me off eating popcorn at all!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I'm not going to stop eating popcorn. I love our air-popped popcorn because it's so low in calories, which means I can eat more of it.
Stephanie Faris said…
:-( So sorry about your son. I hope they find a diagnosis. I worked in a movie theater as a teenager...I'm not a huge popcorn fan today. I'll eat it occasionally, but I think it comes from being around it SO much for those years!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love when you write about your childhood. I can see your father's nod and smile. I am thankful your son pulled through the nasty virus, which showed you just how quickly things can change. E is for embrace - embrace this new day, with him still here and recovering. Hope it is a good one, Ellie.
Yolanda Renee said…
Today has been a very emotional day. Crying constantly, even writing this. Silly, silly girl. LOL

It does catch up to you doesn't it. I'll move past it, sometimes you just have to wallow in it and then shake it off. Gosh it that were only easier! :)

Popcorn caused cancer. Silly people!
Ella said…
Renee-Yes, I need to wallow, punch a pillow and scream. You, too?! Come over~ I honestly haven't had time-but I will find it~

Yes, silly people~ Another damn survey..let's spend this money elsewhere~

Sherry-Thank you! Yes, my dad was part magician, musician and comedian. Yes, life can change so fast it makes our heads spin. I do think it zapped my thyroid. Maybe this is why I feel like a walking zombie. Yes, I plan on visiting him later this week. One day at a time-right, Sherry!

Stephanie-I wish I didn't like it, so much! Thank you, so much for your kind thoughts!

L.Diane-Exactly! lol (I had to use this E word)

Nick-Thank you! Oh, that is sweet about your daughter and thanks for sharing this with me~ Yay, pass the popcorn-lol

Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Ella,

Sweetie.... let the tears flow... You have to ride the tidal wave of your emotions to get through them. It is natural. You are a Taurus... we are emotional people. And we often turn to food for comfort. But we also turn to BEAUTY and CREATIVITY... so those are much more positive way to deal with emotions.

Sending you great, big, hugs!!!!

Take care....
Ella said…
Alex-Yes, you are right~ Time will tell. Thanks for letting me know maybe I better watch Erik the Viking, instead~

Em-Musing-I am so sorry you are dealing with Shingles~ Thank you, for sharing with me and yes, we do need to get it out~ I am going to go run/walk and pound a pillow. Your coconut, cinnamon creation sounds yummy~ Do take care and I hear oatmeal is good to soak in and Aveeno Oatmeal bath helps a lot. Take care!

Ella said…
Hi Michael-so, true about food and beauty! You are right I need to process my feelings in a healthy way-thank you! I will-brushing my puppy helps, too. Except she rather eat the hair brush-lol
Stephen Tremp said…
Fun family movie we all enjoyed. And we ea popcorn like crazy except wifey as it can get stuck in her intestines and she gets painful flareups.