F is for Fear/Faith

My husband and I were talking about our families and the underlining theme of growing up.
 I was fearful my father wouldn't see me graduate from high school, college and walk me down the aisle.   My father did see me graduate from high school and died my second semester of college. My father had Rheumatic fever as a child due to Strep Throat.  His heart was damaged.  He lived more than most people-I know.

Three things  have helped me most with my fear-faith, taking photos and writing.   I was thinking about this yesterday when some of you shared with me, your thoughts-on my emotion post.

I think hope is what helps me process-my fear.  Daily, I search for hope- I write, take photos and try to witness tiny miracles-in the way light enters the frame and paints my view.   I have  faith we are here to learn lessons, teach, be taught, and share our faith, love and hope.  We don't know why bad things happen-we do not know the plan.  I sometimes struggle with my fear and my faith, but I know when I see spring's rebirth out my window-I must remain hopeful. 

So, when fear enters your world-add hope and faith.  Spring says it all-as earth's brown shoulders become green, as cherry trees blossom and toss their pink confetti into the wind, and as the symphony of bees hum and twirl in a Blue Danube sky. 


Faith, hope, and love - the three greatest things. And where there is faith, fear cannot take hold. Glad you found a way to boost your hope through photos and art.
in the many moons and suns that i have been given the privilage of walking upon this mundane existence, i have come to my conclusion that the choice of every moments experience must be experienced truthfully. if it's sad then cry, if it's painful then feel the pain, if there is joy welcome it and appreciate the moment. being witness to each moment with the keenes of one's total senoria in the best we as humans can do. we must be kind to each other and to all the other living things around us.

gracias for sharing your human moment
'...is the best we humans can do'
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is such a beautiful post, Ellie.......love those photos, love the earth's shoulders becoming green and the Blue Danube sky. You have such a gift - with words, with photos, with art - and with seeing beauty everywhere and sharing it with us.
Yolanda Renee said…
I love your process of finding beauty in the simplest of things. It's a blessing and you the artist extraordinaire! It's always a pleasure to read your blogs! Thank you!

I've always believed that hope is eternal, faith initiates questions with answers we aren't always ready for. And while love is the desire, it isn't always the result.
Fear is the weakness we all battle against. Some days, we win. Some days the wound is deepened, but tomorrow is another day and the battle begins anew.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Find the hope and the beauty and the fear melts away.
Jen Chandler said…
Beautiful words, Ella. Fear and Faith do seem to go hand in hand. Without fear, we wouldn't know the true magic of faith! And without faith, well, I don't even want to contemplate a life without faith.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

Jen Chandler was Here
Stephanie Faris said…
So beautifully put. You went through so much at a young age...you shouldn't have had to worry about that during a time when you should have been able to enjoy youth. I do think spring reminds us of new beginnings...and of the fact that life is short and we should make the most of each moment.
Ella said…
Hi Stephanie-Thank you! So, many go through so much-it was difficult, but we learn to cherish and value those we love. I try not to take things for granted, but I likely do~ I love your view about spring-yes, it is time to see the blessings around us~

Jen-Thank you! Yes, I agree they do go hand n' hand~ We need reminders sometimes when fear enters our lives~ Same here-Cheers!

L.Diane-Lovely! I like that~

Renee-Thank you! It is a balancing act and we don't always get the results we hope for. Yes, I totally agree~ You are so sweet to me-thank you, so much! I needed cheering today. My son didn't get any answers on his biopsy. They think the pneumonia and hIs lack of oxygen caused his body to shred some of his muscles, but he had a similar thing happen ten years ago. It just wasn't as severe. ?!

Sherry-So, don't you Wild Woman! You have the greatest way of bringing nature to life~ Thank you!

Ella said…
Marcoantonio-This is a speech the world needs to hear. Your words are from the heart and filled with common sense. Every day I see lack of common sense and other people's feelings~ Thank you! Your words are always beautiful~

Alex-Thank you! I still haven't watched the movie-not yet. I ran out of popcorn ;D I still think I might prefer Erik the Viking~