G is for Gratitute and Giveaway

Oprah and the book Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach inspired many of us to keep a gratitude journal.

“Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains or in yonder seas; they are in your own backyard, if you but dig for them.” 

                          Russell H. Conwell

I prefer to keep a gratitude box.  I have a heart shaped jewelry box and inside I tuck pieces of paper holding cherished memories.  The box also holds a few mementos-a special locket, a Hawk feather I found on my favorite trail, and a star charm, that was given to me to remind me of a wish I made. 

 Gratitude has this power to remind us to be thankful for the little things and be in the now.  When we focus on goodness, the negative energy begins to fall away, as we discover elements of  magic in our present day.   

My photo is of a silk flower, that was broken.  I didn't want to throw it away, so I took the daisy petals and made a garland out of it.  I strung the petals onto a simple jute cord.  This garland offers me the vibe of seeing things with a fresh eye  and to remember moments I love.   My string hangs from my ceiling fan over my kitchen table.   The morning sunlight was pouring through my French doors and appeared to tickle the silk with light.  The daisy became more beautiful, than it is and this is how I feel about gratitude.   It gives us a chance to see things with that fresh eyed daisy appeal~  

Focus on people and things you love!

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J Lenni Dorner said…
J here, stopping by from the #atozchallenge - where I am part of Arlee Bird's A to Z Ambassador Team.
How has the first week of the challenge been for you so far? Are you meeting your goals of posting and hopping to other blogs?
My blog still has a giveaway with bonus a to z challenges to encourage people to visit more stops. Thanks for your visit.
That's great that you were able to save the flower.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Tenderness and sweetness. I always get blessed reading these posts, Ellen. Have a beautiful day.
To see things with fresh eyes - great way to look at the world.
If you have an attitude of gratitude, you'll always remain humble.
Em-Musing said…
Gratitude, yes...we need more of that. Your jewelry box reminds me of a box I kept when my grandchildren were a bit more than toddlers. We'd go for a walk and they'd pick a flower or a colorful leaf and give it to me
like it was a treasure. Years later, when I was moving, my daughter saw the box and wondered why I kept dead leaves and flowers. I told her they were my treasures from my grandchildren.
Andrea said…
How exciting!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
You have that gift of seeing, Ellie, more than anyone I know...you find beauty everywhere, and create it out of things the rest of us would never realize could make art. Shine on.
Stephanie Faris said…
I think there was a study somewhere that showed people who list out things they're grateful for each day are happier and healthier, so that reason alone should convince us to try.
This is part of my daily affirmations: be thankful for the little things. I also advocate your comment: be in the now. But it is always good to be reminded of these things, especially to live in the present. It is one of the harder things in life to accomplish. Just better to do it before there are no more "nows".

Gail’s 2016 April A to Z Challenge
Theme: The Fun in Writing #235
Cynthia said…
That's clever to recycle the broken silk flower into a hair accessory instead of throwing it away.
Jean Davis said…
I keep a little drawer full of things like that to remind me of the things I have to be thankful for. It's a good thing to take a moment each day to be thankful. :)
Discarded Darlings
Ella said…
Hi Jean-I love that~ I do something similar, too~ Yes, being thankful invites good vibes and magic~

Cynthia-I like your idea, but I made a garland. Maybe next time, I will do just that~

Gail-Well said. Yes, we need to embrace the now and not put things off~ Thank you, for sharing this reminder!
Ella said…
Stephanie-This makes sense and you are right-we need to try! Thank you, for sharing~

Sherry-Thank you! I have been caught taking things out of the recycling bin-that explains it-lol. You are sweet-thank you, so much~

Andrea-I emailed you~ I need your snail mail address :D

Em-I love what you shared-how beautiful! I, like you treasure these kind of gifts~ Thank you, for sharing this with me~ @>----------

Alex-Thank you! I don't all the time-who does, but it would be an amazing way to live. We can try~

Mary Ann-I will go back and find that quote you shared on Facebook~ I hope you are creating magic today! Thank you~

J Lenni-It has been a great week~ I have had a few challenges with crazy weather, wind and internet connection-but I will continue on~ Thank you!
Yolanda Renee said…
The quote is priceless, love this post. It's good to be reminded. Hubby had a colonoscopy today and I'm so grateful that he willingly keeps up with this important health issue. Such a relief when good news is heard.

Have a truly beautiful weekend. We're getting snow. You?
Ella said…
Hi Renee! It is a such a relief~ I am happy to hear your hubby is doing well, I mean good! ;D Thank you-so much!

Snow for my daughter and mother....one in the mountains the other on the coast. Here it is cold with crazy wind gusts~
Lisa said…
That is a great idea, to have a special place for special items. It s a bit more tangible than just a journal, altho I can see the benefits of both!
Lisa at Tales from the Love Shaque
Ella said…
Hi Lisa,
Thank you~ I think it also preserves the memories and keeps one's thoughts private~ I, agree I see the benefits of both, too~
Thanks for stopping by~