H is for Heart's Home

In our heart we have many homes.  The childhood one, the dream house and the home-where we hang our hat.    I have lived in many places-but my heart's home is in nature.  Home is on a bench  where I rest my mind listening to the river talk, as I gather the falling stars in my day.  Home stands tall and sacred-like the tall oak in my back yard.   I am reminded to ground my roots, as the branches and leaves of this majestic tree opens its arms towards the beloved sun.  Golden locks of light playful fall from the quilted blue or gray sky as the tree's limbs sway with the wind, while worshiping the sun's love.   Home is where the ocean drums  a song of enchantment, or a soothing lullaby or where you linger to hear the best of Tchaikovsky or the calmness of Chopin's Prelude No. 4


   Where does your heart live?  Does it have a special tree, bench, place where in solitude you can gather moss,  find and collect an apothecary of stars and honor you and your heart?

 Home is where we honor our spirit's path-comfort our heads and hearts, laugh, cry, rest, work and play-while we release the burdens of  our world. 

  Gulls tilt their wings and welcome me back to my childhood's favorite home-as the white caps-wave hello.

 "Home is where the heart is."  
-Pliny the Elder

Home is where the heart is. Pliny the Elder
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_home.html
Home is where the heart is. Pliny the Elder
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_home.html


Sherry Blue Sky said…
You write so beautifully, Ellie.......your post uplifts me. I love the heart on the tree trunk!
My home is my heart because it's a place of security.
Natalie Zaman said…
What a lovely reminder to turn inwards. I love your writing--thanks for sharing! ♥
Ella said…
Hi Sherry! Thank you...I know I couldn't believe the heart when I found it. It lifted my spirits, too. You are very kind..I see errors..I H-hurried. Hubby is home and I find writing difficult. I have to be alone to write~ I hope you have a lovely weekend~

Alex-Yes, so true! We need that-to remain whole in spirit~
Well said~

Natalie-Thank you! WE do need to go visit our solitude, when we get the chance~
Em-Musing said…
Beautiful photos and great topic. And I'm with Pliny, when my fiance and I decided to move to this part of Mexico (he was Mexican but from farther away, and I a U.S. citizen), he worried that I would miss my home. I told him that I would miss my family, but that whenever I would lay my head on his chest, that was home to me.
Ella said…
Em-Musing-You have a beautiful heart~ I love the way you look at the world~
Yolanda Renee said…
I left my heart in Alaska, I think that's why I'm so obsessed with it. LOL

I love being outside. I love an endless horizon. I love the trees, the ocean waves, but I also love the colors and sounds too!

But yes, home is where the heart is, nothing makes me smile broader than sitting around the dinner table with my hubby and sons. I makes my heart expand with love! :)
Ella said…
Renee-I left a piece of my heart in Anchorage~ I know what you mean.

I, too love the colors and the sounds and the joy each season brings~
I especially love night walks with my family-holding hands and sharing our hearts as we glance at the Big and small Dippers, Orion's Belt and Cassiopeia. Yes, your words make my heart smile~
Stephanie Faris said…
Your writing is like a warm blanket in the middle of a cold winter! Sounds dorky, but true. I definitely find that home is wherever you are. We moved last year and it took a while to feel like this is home but it's starting to get there!
Ella said…
Hi Stephanie-You are so sweet-thank you~ I so, agree! It does take time and moving is hard work~ I am happy you are getting there!
The rhythm of your poetic prose certainly lifted up my heart. For many years now, I have felt that my home is wherever I find myself. With cell phones, credit cards, and e-Readers that offer internet access, I pretty much carry my home with me.

Today I choose your park bench by the river as home.

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Cynthia said…
I consider home where my loved ones are.

Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing with me a link to your Robert Frost-inspired post at your other blog. I didn't know you had another blog!
home is probably in the arms of the person we love most
Arlee Bird said…
I've written variations of the home is where the heart is theme, but you have given it a different perspective than how I usually see it. Your expression of the theme is beautifully rendered as is typical of your writing. Nicely done.

Oh, and what you said about music--so true.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out
Jean Davis said…
Having just built my dream home, I'm going to say I'm sitting in it. :)
Ella said…
Jean-I am so, happy for you! :D

Lee-Oh, thank you, that means a lot to me~ I love how music captures so many moods~ I will be by soon!

Dezzy-This is a beautiful way to embrace the world~ I do think I felt this way at times,but when my hubby was out to sea for seven months-nature nurtured me~

Cynthia-Yes, this is so, true~ I use to write poetry and was part of this other blog~ Thank you~

Gail-The world is truly at your fingertips~ I love that! Yes, the river bench is peaceful and calm-you would love it~