J is for Journaling and K is for Key

I had a sinus headache all day, yesterday.   I think allergies and the weather's mood didn't help.  It rained all day yesterday.  My head still hurts.  I have a doctor's appointment-tomorrow.  

J is for Journaling, but not in the traditional sense.  

 I started creating art like this, when I became tired of  people  reading my heART felt words.   This kind of journaling is visual and offers a freedom to share insight, yet keep your private thoughts-private.

Yes, there is a child's face in the pansy.

I think of journaling as being like a secret garden. I  created a key hole cover for one of my journals.

Journaling can be done in many ways-whether it be in writing or in other artistic forms.  It is a way to pluck and prune the blooms and thorns in your heart. It is exhausting to keep those feelings tucked away. If you are worried like me of someone discovering your words-leave hints and clues with images and a few thoughts.  Poetry is a secret language you can use or add a quote you love. 

Here I placed a Starbucks napkin, Post-its, random scraps of paper and note cards- onto a piece of black card stock.   In Hemingway fashion, I tend to write on everything.   I used a stencil and spray painted the image gray.  You can see the colors of the notes appear-like a rainbow.    I wanted to create the mood of finding a rainbow in the gray garden of my thoughts.   I added Tim Holtz word tags to write my message.  

There is freedom in expressing one's soul in a journal.  The key is to do it-whether it be with pen, pencil, paint and brushes or photos. When we unlock our emotions we can focus on the now. Most of us are great at  having compassion for others, but the real key is to make time and have it for yourselves. Wandering thoughts can be gathered in the safety net of a journal.  It is a home where we can purge our thoughts in a healthy way.

Journaling helps my spirit stay well.  
Do you journal?  What kind of key do you use? 


You create such beautiful words and images and that style of journal suits you well.
Em-Musing said…
Fantastic photo journaling. I started my blog as a journal thinking no one would ever read it so I could say what I felt without fear. Then I started getting followers and realised I don't have to say Every thing.
Ella said…
Hi Alex-Thank you! Odd I think the gremlins got me today...I see a Chopra link..and I didn't use one today, but days ago?! I guess it is an April Fool on me~ Thank you, so much~

Em-Musing-I love that is how you started! Blogging is so, much a journal and I agree we don't have to share Every Thing! Thank you, so much~
D.G. Hudson said…
Journalling is how I have survived several bad spells in my life. Being alone in a new country, I had no person to talk to. My journal became the way to get the tension off me and onto paper. Otherwise going through a divorce and life upheaval would have been so much harder. It helped me organize my thoughts and analyze my dearest priorities.

Your images are beautiful as always, and I love that one of the door with the key around it.
Wanda said…
In the past I have always thought of journaling in written form; however, I like that it's not limited to just and can take on so many more creative forms.
Yolanda Renee said…
It's a drive to journal. To get the thoughts and feelings down on paper. It releases the demons and frees the mind. Love your artist idea for hidden secrets. You do a beautiful job!
Ella said…
D.G.-I am so sorry, for all you have endured~ My heart hurts thinking about the pain, but I am so glad you found a way to process it~ Being creative saves us on so, many levels and you are proof of this!!
@>---------xo Thank you, for sharing! Oh, the door is from a calendar. I used all the pages to wrap gifts~ Thank you!

Wanda-It is fun! You can use anything, older magazines you are willing to cut up, puzzle pieces, some people print out photos. The sky is the limit! Thanks for stopping by~

Yolanda-Every thing creative is like turning a wheel..wheel of fortune, etc. Thank you, so much! I am struggling today. I am making holiday art and the gears aren't turning fast enough~ Maybe some relief tomorrow- You are kind!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Your art is so beautiful and original, Ellie. It must be a great outlet for you. I hope you soon feel better.
Ella said…
Hi Sherry! Thank you~ I go to the doctor on Friday. You are sweet-thank you~ I know it is allergic related-tis the season!
boo for the headaches :( As someone who is suffering from poor ticky ticker, I feel a bit under the weather too since we're having strange almost 30*C spring temps here. Hope we feel better soon :)
Cynthia said…
I don't keep a regular journal anymore but I probably should. My blog is close to being a journal but there is a lot of stuff that I don't share on my blog.

How cool that you got to see the front of Stephen King's house. Since so many of his stories are set in places in Maine, I wonder if there's any sort of literary tour for his fans in Maine.
Ella said…
Dezzy-Let's have tea and get better, soon~ I am sorry you feel blah, too~

Cynthia-I don't think so. I live in NC and a lot of his movies and TV show Under the Dome was filmed here. Mainiacs respect him, as far as I know~ My 7th grade Math teacher is his cousin.
http://ellasedge.blogspot.com/2010/04/t-is-for-tea.html scroll down to the end of this post. I think there is a cool photo on flickr

Yes, your blog is a journal! I know what you mean~
Stephanie Faris said…
Someone talked me into buying a Passion Planner--I did, but I never used it. It's for artistic people. I'm not artistic at all.