L is for Let Go

L could be about  love, when we let go we make room for new things to enter our lives.  It isn't easy to let go-break free from the hold of what is playing tug of war with our hearts and minds.

 Enough is enough-release your burden and find a new path to walk, a different way to process the energy.  You might get a better outcome.   Letting go is a promise to find another way to be.  Trusting in spirit and in what we believe-frees us~  It resets your guidance-your GPS-when you Let Go~

Listen to your heart!

I am struggling with an art project-I hoped to finish.  I started it before my daughter came home for spring break and then my son became seriously ill.  I am tortured by it-stuck.  I have so, many ideas, but when I look at this art-I can't process how to finish it.  I just see it bringing me back to all these feelings-I am still trying to process.  So, I am letting it go.  It wasn't meant to be.  I will start something new.  Maybe I will come back to it and create something else-another day.  For now, I will listen to my heart.  

It is kinda odd, my art is heart shaped~   

I found this quote and it describes how I feel.  
Have you let go of a project and come back to it later on?!  



Yolanda Renee said…
Sometimes you just have to - let go!
I've done that with each of my books, never ever thinking they would be finished, especially this last one. When it was all said and done I was convinced I knew nothing about love. How could I possible write it. Which is truly funny when you consider I've never killed anyone but I write about it with less angst. Hmm... :)
Yolanda Renee said…
Forgot to tell you, I love your header!
Ella said…
Hi Yolanda! I know-it is hard, but it lays waiting for another chance-right! You are fun~ I know right, but the imagination stirs the soul and gosh, it is so, fun to think what else you can come up with!
Oh, you are sweet! I took this photo of my daughter when she was home. We had tea out on my deck~ She was a good sport. She will be in some of my up and coming A-Z posts. Thank you~
I hope inspiration hits for that project.
Now I have the song from Frozen going through my head...
Arlee Bird said…
I've let go of just about all of my projects. Now I need to start going back to wrap them all up. I sometimes tend to let go too easily.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, I find that piece of art breathtaking, the quote is wonderful. It seems so close to being finished..........you are amazing! Yes, letting go of all we cant control frees us up and keeps the weight of the world off our shoulders...........letting go is key. Lovely to read your posts.
Carrie Van Horn said…
This is lovely and wise Ella! It sounds like you have been going though a lot....sometimes when our burden is heavy...we need to let go of something we can to lighten our load. You have a beautiful heart Ella! I wish you more and more beauty in your life!
Many of my projects are ongoing so that I can let them go until their time comes. Trying to force a goal only makes the entire project stressful. Better to move to another activity that excites you. When an old project's time is come, it calls to you through an unexpected coincidence: a conversation clicks, or the senses remind through sight, smell or touch.

Gail’s 2016 April A to Z Challenge
Theme: The Fun in Writing #218
elenchera said…
I've let go of writing projects in the past and come back to them months, even years, later with a fresh perspective and energy to complete them. There are also many projects I have let go of forever and it saddens me to think of them.
Stephanie Faris said…
My friend once had a fortune cookie that read:

"Don't let go too soon.
Don't hang on too long."

That said so much! Love is one of the toughest things because you don't want to get your heart broken but you don't want to close yourself off, either.
Jeffrey Scott said…
Unfortunately, at times you have to let go of what you love most. That might not make sense to some people, but in a way you do that when your children grow up. You have to let them go. They become more involved in their jobs and friends, they rely on you as a parent less and less. At least that's how it has worked in my experience so far. Letting my children go, is a way of showing them, I love them.
Ella said…
Jeffrey-Yes, this is so true~ I am dealing with this now~ Thank you, for sharing this with me! I believe there are a few quotes about this, but I love the way you expressed it here-thank you~

Stephanie-I love cookie wisdom! Yes, balance is key~ Thank you, for sharing this fortune with me~
Ella said…
elenchera-I think it is life~ We can't do it all-so, we have to triage our projects, as well as other aspects of our lives. I know it is sad, but maybe your full energy went to the best projects. You completed them with glowing goodness! Thank you~

Gail-Thank you! I kept thinking of Mad Men, all day. Don Draper would escape and go to the movies~ Walking away is keep. I haven't had an art date in awhile, so perhaps this is what is missing?!

Carrie-You are so sweet! I love your blog and will be by more often. I am going through something~ My son is getting better, but I am feeling tired and worn down. Letting go-helped take off the pressure-thank you, so much!

Sherry-Thank you! This isn't the art, but what I am making is similar. Maybe I should make it like this-lol! Thank you, you are very kind~ Yes, I think I have to cut myself some slack. I can try, try again-soon. Thank you, for being you~

Lee-WE do have to prioritize ourselves and maybe now, if you go back you will juggle things differently! I had to say juggle ;D Thank you, for sharing with me. Life gets in the way, sometimes~ Try, try again~

Alex-Oh, now I can imagine you on your guitar rocking out singing, Let it go-lol! Thank you, I needed this image~ I can't say 'The cold never bothered me anyway'-it does!