M is for Meditation

Do you meditate?  
I do, but not in the traditional sense.

Walking has this meditative quality for me.  I find I can process my thoughts differently, using nature as a backdrop.   I always feel different, calmer when I use my third eye-my camera-lol to see the world differently.   Being creative has this labyrinth-like feel.  I spiral inward connecting memories,  symbols and colors-to portray an idea or a memory. 

  I think of music sometimes being a way to get to another place in time.  Meditation for me is an escape-a time out where my soul can connect with what makes me happy.   Sometimes the scent of lavender or making tea will get me into a trance like state   What works for you?!

A reflection in a puddle, as the rock god sun decides to reappear~ 


Wonderful pictures, Ella!
Music is my meditation time. It's when I connect most closely to God.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
The quote about having new eyes has long been a favourite of mine....I love the beauty you found and shared with us in a puddle. I will now look at puddles with new eyes. Walking, especially in nature, is a great meditation. Weeding gardens is as well.
Sherry Ellis said…
I can't say I have a lot of time to meditate, but if I did, I would find outdoors, in nature, a great place to do it.
Yolanda Renee said…
I need complete silence for mediation. I'd love a nature walk where that's possible, because walking is so good for clearing the mind of garbage. Early mornings before everyone else gets up is my time for quiet and meditation!

Have a wonderful weekend!
EvalinaMaria said…
I definitely need silence to meditate and assurance that I will not be interrupted. During meditation I'm finding answers to my questions. I also love to stitch and while my hands are busy with needle and thread my mind is getting calmer and I'm happier.
Evalina, This and that...
Ella said…
I went to the doctor and returned with some sinus meds and the internet was down~ I called my ISP-since this is happening a lot more than usual. So, I am sorry for the hiccup~

I will visit you and play catch up~ April has been an odd month so, far. Everyone at the doctor's office was talking about how weird the world has been since the eclipse.

EvalinaMaria-Oh, I love that stitching helps you, too, so peaceful and calm. Yes, silence is necessary-maybe this is why I am having trouble. I have a puppy. Maybe I will try again, when she naps~
Thanks for sharing!

Yolanda-Yes! I have to find my Zen-like vibe later in the day. My husband gets up at 3am. So, I can't beat him-but I can find ways throughout my day! Yes, nature walks are wonderful~ I hope you have a lovely weekend, too!

Sherry-Nature walks with children are great, too. They see the world-the ordinary with so, much joy~ I hope you get a nature walk, soon~ Thanks for sharing~

Sherry-Yes, gardening helps, too. I love planting herbs and pulling out the weeds. It is still so windy and cold here-I haven't dared to plant-yet. I, love this quote-too. I wish I had see a rainbow in that puddle~ ;D Thank you!

Alex-Music connects me to my father. He played guitar and I need to pick mine up again. He loved music and I can see how you would feel close to God-it is one of your gifts~ Thank-you, for sharing!