N is for Now

N is for Now. 

Yesterday, I was struggling with this word, at the doctor's office, in grocery lines and coming home to the internet being down-again.  Now, was making me irritable and sad.

It is hard to be in the moment, sometimes.  My mind plays Leap Frog-skipping ahead, to what if and I need to do this, and that.  Before I know it-I am playing Hopscotch with my to-do list, planning for a future event, imagining the best, the worst and now my head  hurts from all the mental aerobics.  

I need to redirect the movie playing inside my head---cut!
I have let my emotions control the scene, not what is really happening-in the now. 

  There is power in the present moments-so I am going to try to focus on one thing at a time. Easier said than done, but today I am going to just drink my tea, just walk my puppy and watch her enjoy the grass and sunshine, and maybe just appreciate this moment's joy and brilliance. 

I'll try just for now~

Do you have a hard time with the now or have you tackled and embraced the gifts of the present moment?

 * I didn't drink this cup-what the heck are the flecks and flakes?!  But, I did make another cup and go inside.  We are still having March winds~

Our puppy, Maggie was tired from her walk and took time out.  Dogs are great with now~

My daughter taking a photo of some tulips.  Technology has helped some with the now.
Sometimes it is too much-when I see people sitting at restaurants sharing a meal and instead of talking they are texting other people.  When my kids come to visit and we watch a movie, I spy them texting on their phones.  So, we all struggle with now.   

Have you found a way to be in the Now?


Maggie just flopped down and said rest now, didn't she?
Sometimes the things I need to do creep in, but I can usually focus on the now. Except when I'm behind a slow driver.
Ella said…
I was behind a farm parade-two tractors! Yes, Maggie flopped said-"I need a rest." She runs most of the way and leaps like a flying squirrel over ditches. She actually looks like a flying squirrel~

I like that you can-makes me smile! I know you have a heavy foot-don'tcha. I do, too~

Donna McDine said…
It certainly is hard to be in the now with everything that we have on our plates. Good luck!
Stephanie Faris said…
Dogs ARE great with now. and Maggie's adorable! Often I envy my dog. She has no idea when she's about to go to the groomer or vet...she's blissfully happy until the moment she enters those doors. How nice it would be to not have to worry about anything but this minute!
Em-Musing said…
It's one of the benefits of writing, I can completely be in the now. I also get up before the sun to be in the now because there are no interruptions.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Dogs are Now Buddhas....Maggie is adorable........I love your time out, a cup of tea and a walk with a puppy, what could be better? I write out lengthy To Do lists to get them out of my head. But these days, I am not crossing off many items. Argh. How can a housebound, retired, almost 70 person still have such a long To Do list?????
Luv the look on Maggie's face, priceless.
Yesterday I saying I don't like being on vacation with someone who keeps discussing "the next trip" instead of enjoying the current one. Unfortunately, I often find myself planning a future project while in the middle of a current one.
Staying in the here and now requires concentration for me, but I find it is worth the effort.

Gail’s 2016 April A to Z Challenge
Theme: The Fun in Writing #217

Ella said…
Hi Gail-She is so fun~ I know exactly what you mean~ It is work to be in the moment-but like you said worth it! So, true~

Sherry-I love that, yes! I'll call my dog Meditation Maggie-lol. Hang in there-it is keeping you young!~ Yes, tea and a dog are great ways to be in the now~ I like that, Sherry!
Yolanda Renee said…
Now is hard to do sometimes. I just get my walking up to the number of steps per day that I think will make a difference and I lose the toe nail of my big toe, not just lose it but have it ripped off. Okay, now limping and trying to avoid the furniture so I don't stub the pitiful thing. LOL
Stationary bike, anyone! How boring! :)
Happy Weekend!
Ella said…
Em-Musing-I like that! I do think writing really does connect us in a whole new way~ I could write about another character's now ;D

Stephanie-So, true! I wish I didn't know I was going to the dentist and many other things~ It would be really nice-to not know!

Donna-Thank you~ Good luck, to you, too!

kaykuala said…
Struggling with the now is no laughing matter. Often times it takes more time than otherwise. It also gets our attention zeroed in on the immediate which is good. It should not fester too long unattended though, as it may worsen by the day. Agreed Fully Ella!

Nilanjana Bose said…
Good reminder! Focusing on Now is easier if the future is uncertain. Which it is for most of us, only we forget that. Great N post!


shelly said…
Great post, Ella!. My mind wonders as well.
Maggie seems to be enjoying now rather well :)
Mary Ann Potter said…
I am better at living in the now than I used to be, but I still sometimes revert to wanting something five minutes ago! I'm earning to slow myself down when I feel that self-imposed pressure. It takes practice.
Ella said…
Hi Mary Ann-It is a process-isn't it! It sure does~ Thanks for sharing~ @>----------

Dezzy-Animals are so good at that! We can learn a lot from our furry fanimally! ;D

Shelly-I think it is part of being creative...that cross roads feel!
We need chocolate and furry hugs when that happens~ ;D
Percy Vargo said…
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