Q is for Quiet

Q is for Quiet.

I use to crave quiet, when my nest was full. I would hear my kids argue- "It's my turn", "Ma-did you wash my uniform?"  "Whose turn is it to the let the dog out?"  "I missed the bus."...etc.  

I couldn't wait to find a quiet moment in my day.  I worked in a fitness facility-where there was loud music, the cranking of the machines, gossip and woe is me stories at the water cooler, and a few proud peacocks strutting their stuff.  

Maybe we should add quiet to our to-do lists.  

Early mornings-when I step out on my back deck, I hear the birds chirping, the wind waltzing with the trees, and embrace my world waking up. It is short lived before I hear the kids next door argue on their way to the bus stop, the motorcycles reviving their engines-we have three in my neighborhood-this creates a scolding session of barking, by my puppy-Maggie. 

We miss sound, when it becomes our background music-even the noise.  When my daughter went to college-I started cranking her favorite tunes-loud.  I missed my kids' energy, their sounds and noise.   My son left a bit before, but he was rarely here-work, college, girlfriend.  He would game some nights until 2am and his laughter would wake me. 

Now, the kids' sounds come and go.  My son was here last weekend-with his two dogs. So, three dogs barking.  He has a beagle/lab mix  who howls a haunting song when a firetruck goes off. 

 I miss their moments of magic.  These days,  I have a rotation of quiet and then sound and noise.  My daughter will be home for a few weeks in May.   My house will breath differently-there will be singing-she and her fiance were both in a cappella groups and Brenden beat boxes.  
  It will be Iced coffee and youtube videos-they will sing and perform and then say,
"Let's watch a tiny house show."

 How do you find moments of quiet?  
Someone said to me-"We need more quiet when we get older"
I don't agree-what do you think?

I have always needed quiet even when I was really young.  I was an only child for 6 1/2 years-before my baby brother arrived with colic.  Quiet time-for me is time to create, to connect the dots of color in my day, to surf my memories and connect with my soul.  

 In solitude, I can sift the shore of my memories and find treasure.

When it is quiet-I notice the signs spirit sends me~

Where is your favorite place to find quiet?

I didn't notice at first, but there are a lot of birds in this post-perhaps quiet gives our ideas-a chance to soar, to dream and bask in the sunlight. 


Yolanda Renee said…
A very thoughtful post. I agree Quiet is such a pleasure! I enjoy getting up and listening to the birds sing. But soon the world wakes too and the quiet disappears. At the beach listening to the waves is my favorite quiet. ;)
I LOVE quiet...mainly because I am very introverted :) beautifully written!
Arlee Bird said…
There are hardly ever moments of quiet where I live since it's along a busy street and there are always traffic noises even throughout the night. However during the day, if I keep the radio and other distractions turned off, it can be pretty quiet other than the traffic noise which never ends.

I used to like to go to the mountains in East Tennessee and sit in a quiet place (there are many of them) and just think, read, or write. Maybe I'll have some time to retreat this summer when I'm visiting.

I'm always happy when bloggers have posts with a lot of birds. It makes me feel at home:)

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Gorgeous shots. I love the feather in the bottle.

I was an only kid and loved moments of solitude and quiet. I love that I work from home and enjoy the quiet while my husband is at work.
Stephanie Faris said…
I think I avoid quiet. If my husband's out of town, I'll often turn the TV on just to make it less quiet in the house.
Ella said…
Stephanie-We get use to sound and sometimes the silence can make us lonely~ I understand! I can't wait to be alone and then sometimes I think it is overrated~

L.Diane-Thank you, I staged the bottle for an article. I didn't get selected, but I had a lot of fun~ I am happy for you-that sounds so nice!

Lee-The mountain escape sound wonderful-I hope you go! You are fun-yes, birds are especially for you! ;D We get use to the background sounds. I was freaking out when I moved to the south and all these crickets. I grew up near the coastline and hearing foghorns in the bay and the off shore wind.

Optimistic Existentialist-I believe most creative people do have introverted tendencies. Some can switch it up, but most can't. Thank you, so much~ As an introvert-I physically have to come down from some of my social outings. I need to recharge my battery~
Ella said…
Yolanda-Those ocean waves are my favorite, too! Did you make it to the beach?! I so, want to go~ Thank you!
Cynthia said…
I like quiet, but with some mellow sound- music, rain drops, or the sound of my children playing- in the backgound. For me, pure silence can be distracting.
Gosh, I felt my eyes prick
a bit when you talked about
the quiet house. Our daughter
is a junior in college 1500 miles
away and our son is a junior
in HS. It's a lot quieter in our
house than it used to be, but
not as quiet as it will be in just
over a year when he's off, as
well. He also games and it
gives my heart great joy to
hear him laughing as he plays
against a friend.

I like a balance of quiet, nature
sounds and "home sounds."
I wouldn't want just one of
any, as they all contribute to
my well-being.

Lovely thoughts!

xo Suzanne