In the Know...

Scarlett asked me about the rest of the hand photo; This is for you.

I thought I would mention a few things that are going on:

  Hart from Confessions of aWatery Tart is having a blogfest next month. It is going to be in correlation to the Ides Of March. She has a list of choices of things you can do. Me, I think I am going to predict an event, be a soothsayer of the future. The big event happens March 15th of course; read the details here.

Please don't forget to sign up for my give away; I will announce the winner on March 1st.  Just leave a comment on this post.  These are inspiring books and there will be a few extras items ;-D

Let's not forget Lee of Tossing it Out, and his unique A-Z Blogging challenge. Don't be intimated, it is fun!  It begins April lst, we blog 6 days a week, working our way through the alphabet. Thirty days in April-Sundays=26 days/26 letters.  It gets the creativity flowing, think of all the possibilities, veggies, art forms, poems, music, books, anything goes. I sketched out some ideas, but I kind of like, to only plan a few days ahead. If you go blank, just grab a magazine or newspaper. There are a lot of titles and headlines that could give you fresh ideas. YOU could write about movies, titles beginning with the letter of the day. No one expects you to visit everyone on the list, everyday. Work your way around, do so many one day, then the next. It is a great way to share ideas, be inspired, make friends and what a feeling when you finish!

I wanted to send my thoughts n' prayers, to the people of New Zealand, who have been affected by the earthquake or know people who have been.  I know Michele and Wendy aka Quillfeather are from this area, anyone else please leave me a comment.  Michele is donating her proceeds from her Etsy shop to the cause, for the next three weeks.


That statue has such character.
It's great the way everyone is coming together over this tragedy.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much, Ellen, that was so thoughtful. I love the statue. Have a blessed weekend.
A wonderful informative post Ella, Looking forward to the A to Z, it was good fun and I made some friends into the bargain,

Have a great week-end.
I sympathize with the people of New Zealand!
My country was hit by an earthquake this winter too, which was horrible since it happen in winter and plus Serbia is million times poorer than NZ, but pain is pain and troubles are troubles no matter where they happen.
I was so relieved that it didn't happen in the part of NZ in which Wendy lives!
Ella said…
Hi Dez-I am sorry, I do remember something about this. There does seem to be something happening, to our planet. I have been in earthquakes in Alaska. The worst one was I was upstairs, son downstairs. He is little, starts hollering, I don't feel anything. I run down the stairs, the stairs start moving like being on an escalator, but with waves in it. Awful... We had a 6.3 on Adak, things were broken, cracks in our walls, but no one hurt. I have a cousin over there; It is a scary world~

Yvonne-Me,too! Hope your weekend is great~

Scarlett-I am glad you are going to be part of the A-Z blogging challenge. I loved the art book you mentioned; Thanks~

Mary-Thank you; Seems like there is one every day! You are so right, it is great when we help each other out~ The bigger picture of humanity!
Wanda said…
Thanks for catching me up. Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend.
I'm glad you signed up for the A to Z Challenge. I'm excited about doing it.
A - Z is easy - we both did it last year!
I like the Ides of March idea.
I think I'll make a prediction too! (and it won't be Caesar's asassination -- haha!).
Arlee Bird said…
Captcha just captured my last comment so I'll try again.

I like the way you keep changing the look of your blog page to always keep things interesting.

Thanks for continuing to promote A to Z. We appreciate it.

Tossing It Out
LTM said…
love the rest of the statue. How beautiful! Thanks, Ella~ :o) <3
Unknown said…
i signed up for watery tart..doom.. sound new for me and I have an idea...
I love the a ot z challenge that is where we met.. so I am doing that....
Hart Johnson said…
cool statue! I sort of love what time does to them. And thank you so much for the shoutout, on mine and a bunch of others! I appreciate it it!
Diana Mieczan said…
So beautiful and such a great post. Have a fantastic Monday, darling
Talli Roland said…
What a fantastic statue. And thanks for the shout out for the A-Z Challenge! I can't wait!
Dempsey Sanders said…
Great post Ella, I have missed so much since being away and this was a great catch up for me. The statue is brilliant, very much like it