Poets United Attempt #2

I thought I would try the prompt again; I was thinking about something that happened when I wrote the first one, but I thought I would go with random thoughts in my head. Poets United prompt #49 Untitled.
You can see first attempt below(it is about an artist's personality) This is about what happened today.

pressure climbs
waiting mood shifts
name called
Is my blood work okay
why so drained, tired
I want to sleep more than before
low energy, tired, sooo tired
Hear Dr's and nurses laughing
vitals good but tired of listening
just tell me, tell me why so tired
hear files shuffled
shoes squeak on gray linoleum floor
Dr's laughter
Door opens
nerves on edge
chit chat babble
I want facts, numbers, what gives
everything looks good, except your iron
is low and your thyroid is fast
wired n' tired again
story of my life
clock spring needs to be tuned


tarunima said…
nice flow of words!:)
i can relate to this situation:)
btw thanks for the visit:)
Thank you, Your writing has helped me,,
i like this blog,,
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Mary said…
Oh, I hate those moments in the doctor's office right before the doctor enters the room! You captured those moments well.
Isabel said…
I have a doc's appt today. so I can relate. no fun being tired all the time. hope you get to feeling better. great poem
Nice Blog Ella.

Lovely post I can so relate to this feeling that at times irritated you like anything.

Keep Writing. God Bless
hyperCRYPTICal said…
Excellent image of the tension of the wait.

Anna :o]
Peggy said…
Glad they found something that can be treated--iron. You captured the waiting for the news feelings well, and those maddeningly ordinary sounds in the doctor's office.
Dave King said…
Yes, I felt the tension too, so congratulations on a fine poem.
Brother Ollie said…
It is rough being human...sometimes...but this reveals a moment we'll all know. Really like this poem EE.
ah, my dear, you need a nice half liter big cup of freshly squeezed oranges, lemons, limes and tangerines with a few spoons of honey to chase away the spring tiredness :)
Anonymous said…
I have a personal hatred of dr.'s offices at the moment and the stress that can be felt in them.
I really hope you hear good news and get some energy back, soon! I'm thankful you're not too tired to write your poetry. :)
many blessings,
Ellen said…
lovely words...what a poet you are!
Judith C Evans said…
"Wired and tired"...been there myself. Great poem, filled with vivid images and thoughts that ring true. Thanks for visiting my blog, too!
Carol Kilgore said…
Nice. I felt the tension and the tiredness.
Ella said…
Thank you Carol; Dr's also seem to provide that~

Judith-ring true, yes! I like your words, kind of chimes along this thought process! ;-D

Ellen-Thank you; so nice of you to stop by! I love all your new treasures! You are queen of the find~

Scarlett-Thank you; I haven't been a fan of Dr's since 1987. I was stuck in a hospital for 3 weeks. The Navy couldn't decide what to do with me.

Dezzy-This does sound refreshing; I would love a piece of your cinnamon or vanilla cake ;-D

Ollie-Thank you; yes the Tired Monk would relate to this theme ;-D

Dave-Thank you; nice of you to stop by~ I enjoyed your poem, too~

Peggy-Thank you; it is a nerve wracking place~

Anna-I like that; great title "Tension of the Wait" Thank you~ @>----

inquisitive-life-Thank you; It is a necessary part of life, but difficult to endure~

Isabel-I hope it went well; I can soo relate! Thinking of you~
Ella said…
Mary-Thank you; I should of mentioned the cold steel equipment and stupid poster on the wall. I so wish they would change that damn thing, lol

Manda-You are so sweet; Thank you, I'm touched~

Tarunima-Thank you; the frustration and how slow time moves when tucked in a tiny, white room! augh~
You described that experience beautifully. Glad the news was not too bad :)
Ella said…
Thank you Madeleine; so kind of you~ I can't complain!
Anonymous said…
Really liked the flow and pace of this, definitely took me into the moment, thanks!
Ella said…
Hi roughwaterjohn-Thank you; yes, we all have been tucked away in that little room!