Toad Challenge

 Mary challenged at Toads to write a poem about the ordinary.  Her assignment:
Think about some of the ordinary tasks, items, aspects, annoyances, joys, etc.  of your life.  Write about one of them.

This one came fast and furious, as I am running on little sleep and fumes of Iced coffee...weak Iced coffee...Starbucks you disappointed me today!  We usually have our coffee date, Saturday morning.

Hubby said," Let's drop daughter off at school, go get coffee and hit Lowe's.  I need a ladder and you wanted some dirt."   I leave in a foggy disarray.  He bet me I couldn't get ready in 20 minutes.  He was wrong...
I get to the coffee counter and I mutter, "Help"....  Their brew was watered down muck. Can't someone stir the iced brew, before they serve it. One day I must of got the end of the jug, because I thought I had drank deep, dank coffee wine. Whoa, it tasted of wet earth, coffee grounds and twigs. It tasted fine at first, till we arrived at Lowe's. It was weak, so I needed gunpowder tea when I arrived back home.(poem time).  At Lowe's I was so tired, I hid with some magazines, in a gazebo they had set up. Every one smiled at me. A lot of women came over to me and  said, "good idea, I'm going to go get coffee and come back and do the same."

One  clerk, kept coming by and commenting, "Are you enjoying yourself ?"

I replied, "Yes,  I really work here.  I am causing people to notice the new display, lol."  I had a cushy, green padded chair and was reading "Real Simple Magazine"  I had entered the Life Lesson contest. I had to read who won the grand prize $3,000, a trip to NY, and tickets to a Broadway show. The woman, who won saw her husband die suddenly. She was thirty at the time.  The story reminded me of my Dad. My Mom was thirty-nine, when my Dad died suddenly in his sleep. He had a massive coronary.  It was painful to read, but well written.

 I wrote about my Uncle Larry who died young, twenty-seven yrs old, with Leukemia. His wife was 8 months pregnant. He never saw his son born.  The contest was to write, when you first understood the lesson of love. I was 9 yrs old and had to stay with this horrid girl and her family. My Mom and her brother were like twins. She born the last day of summer. He was born three years later, on the first day of fall. Dad n' Mom, left my brother n' I with a family of my Dad's friends. This woman bad mouthed my brother and told me I was fat, every chance she got.  I remember the feeling, all too well. I also knew my Mom was desperate to see her brother. Her whole family was in New Hampshire. My Dad's family wouldn't take my brother. They were going to split us up. My brother was hyper and my grandparents couldn't manage.  This girl picked on me at school. I had to stay with her, in her, newly inherited Sea Captain's home. She thought she was Queen Sheba. She slept in a full size bed, while I had the floor.  Yeah, good times. I remember my Mom's face when she had to leave us and knew I had to do this for her and my Uncle.

This is what my wax paper, ground tea poem says:

Fractured thought blocked 
distilled dreams

boiling point
tea kettle screams

cold thoughts cloud
Muse's mist
gunpowder green tea

linear vapors
bitter moisture

This poem is about returning home still in a zombie like state. I got online hoping to write and husband cranks TV so loud, I can't hear myself think.  My Muse is distracted and irritated. He is on leave(vacation).  How am I going to write anything?  augh... I can't think!  I have two prompts, an article and a story to write. I'm going to need some more gunpowder, tea that is ;D


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Augh, indeed. But I so love the vision of you sitting in a lawn chair reading the magazine. Cool! How to Take a Break:) I love when you write about your family memories. LOVE your banner photo and the cool photo of the paper bag poem. Even in a fog, you are always an artist! I am in the middle of Google stress and am totally Freaked Out. Augh!
Ella said…
Sherry-Thank you, it was a quiet nook for a moment! Home won't be like that, so I took advantage of it!
Sorry to hear this! Anything I can do?
Did you get something stronger in you so you could cope?
And did you ever tell your mom how horrid that experience was at the girl's house?
Marian said…
wow, ella, your fast and furious stream of consciousness storytelling was rather spellbinding! i suggest that more of that is in order. please.
Ella said…
Marian-Thanks, I am sure it is from lack of sleep! I tried to do my bike ride later in the evening, then I couldn't sleep. Laid in bed awake till 1:30 am and woke up at 6am to attempt to get ready, till alarm went back off...ick! Thanks...

Alex-She knows! I'm good now...Thanks! I'll be by to visit you~I always love hearing what your weekend is going to be like~ I so want to go to the movies :D
Lolamouse said…
Wow. Amazing you could write at all with all of that going on, but you write something so poignant and heart wrenching. I feel so sorry for the little girl that you were then. How awful. It's bad enough for another kid to do such terrible things but for an adult, it's unthinkable. Write about it-it's great catharsis.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I think you captured the mood exactly in this gunpowdery poem. I love the energy words have when shot from the hip.
Mary said…
I enjoyed the description of your day and like your stream of consciousness poem. I can so well picture your day! I know what you mean about the TV. When I am here by myself, I often have it perfectly quiet. Right now granddaughter is watching Nickleodeon. I am trying to block it out, but.... I fantasize that you will scream along with the tea kettle. LOL.
Anonymous said…
Hi Ella
Oh my goodness what a heart touching post.
Did your ever tell your Mum or did you bottle it all up?
Never fear that Ms Muse has up and left you as it isn't possible, she is always with you Ella, always. You cannot write as you do and not have her at your side.
Fleurish Studio said…
Hi Ella, LOVE your post and can relate to so much of what you said today. There must be something in the air, or maybe the planets aren't in alignment - just feeling out of sorts and running in circles. Hope your tea helped you - thinking maybe I will try the same. Happy Weekend!
Kay L. Davies said…
No matter how much we love someone, having them around more often than usual can be discombobulating. I love you seeking refuge in the display at Lowe's. That's wonderful. You would add a dash of life to it, that's for sure.
Loved your post today, my dear Ella, a whole lot.
Daydreamertoo said…
What a day. You still managed to evoke some deep emotions in your write despite the day and being tired.
Lovely Ella.
Hannah said…
I love the glimpse into your day, Ella! This and your poem both are truly inspiring, thank you. :)
Scarlett Clay said…
What a rotten time to have to stay with that mean girl, no fun.I could picture her with a pinched up nose and being bossy to are so good at describing your memories. Love the poem! One thing at a'll get it all :)
Susie Clevenger said…
It sounds like the gunpowder tea was writing it
rch said…
Quite a piece, many things to contemplate. I can also really relate to the TV or anything being too loud, hate that but love your words as usual.
Dave King said…
The poem stands splendidly by itself. Fine work.
Grace said…
I felt I was running alongside with you, panting with all the activities, and feeling sad about what you must have gone through. I hope you have your peace and can write your thoughts....

I feel you on the silence...I want total silence when I write...
Margaret said…
This post is full of humor and heartache. Try putting ear plugs in and listening to some nice relaxing music from your I-Pod. :) I really like "gunpowder green tea, balances".
Unknown said…
Matters not what inspires, because in reality, it all does. Your poem is concise, clear, image-filled. Well done, Ella!
Ed Pilolla said…
he gazebo sounds like a good getaway in a crowd. i wouldn't mind being on display either if my coffee tasted like wine, earth and twigs. lol. gunpowder tea balances, very nicely done.
Herotomost said…
Wow....I was out of breath reading your story and super mad at what they do, they should get it Coolest poem ever against that backdrop and us husbands and our annoying ways....I am surprised someone doesn't just shoot Great writing , cool concept with the wax paper.
Ella said…
Herotomost-lol..YOU are funny!
Thank you! I just need a lap top and better coffee and I'm be fine, ;D
He says being in the Navy, he can write no matter how much noise. I think he gets ugly and everyone runs out of his office! lol YOU are fun~

Ed-It was...give it a try! I hope you find a great cup of coffee! It is fun to people watch, too It gives you lots of ideas for writing :D Thank you~

Kim-YOU are so right! I'm going to join Tumblr so I can see your photos! :D Thank you~

Margaret-Yes, this could work ;D
My husband watches TV with one ear bud in, while he watches vids on Youtube. The TV is louder than normal... I live in the land of odd, lol

Grace-Thanks for going on the journey with me~ I'm okay, just didn't expect to relive those memories. It is like life, lots of triggers everywhere! Yes, quiet helps! I won't have it again for a week, unless I stay up till the wee hours ;D I probably will~

Dave-Thank you! :D

Tarang-Thank you! I still want to write the "Light" one ;D

rch-I can concentrate on other things, but not writing~ Nice to know I'm not alone :D Thank you!

Susie-perhaps ;D lol

Scarlett-Yes, one thing at a time~
I look forward to visiting you! :D
Thank you~

Hannah-Thank you! It was a journey I didn't plan on taking, but that is life~ Something triggers another memory...

Bren-Thank you! I think half my writing was still in sleep walking mode, lol :D

Kay-Thank you! Wish you had been there to chat with :D Actually everyone, how fun that would of been~ We would have caused a scene, lol Yes and I'll do it again, too ;D

Colleen-I hope you found some tea to inspire and soothe you! Yes, those circles of working around everyone, throws our balance off, a bit! Thanks for visiting me...
I think it is just part of the creative process~ Thank you! Yes, let's blame the planetary alignment. ;D Good one...

Lynne-My Mom knew! This woman was like a hen cackling about me, to all of her friends. My Mom didn't stand up for me. I asked her again "Why?" when I wrote this story. I was pre puberty pudgy, not fat. She couldn't answer me, but my Mom has always been timid, but not usually about her kids. This woman's daughter is now obese... funny how things turn out!
Thank you Lynne :D that means a lot!
Ella said…
Mary-I didn't, but in my fantasy I did,lol I also sealed myself in a soundproof room, too. Pizza was delivered to my family and I was left alone for a few hours ;D

Kerry-I love your clever comment ;D
Thank you :D

Lolamouse-Sleep walking does that, I guess! Funny, how triggers can take us back to different moments in our past~ I prefer the happy triggers :D Thank you! You should of seen this woman's reaction when I became really thin and her daughter became obese. There is a book in here, among the chaos!
Anonymous said…
I started drinking tea again. I wish I never stopped. Such a refresher and way to get the gears moving again during the middle of the day.
Ella said…
Stephen-It is the elixir of the Gods, lol I have my cuppa mid morning and later a moment of decaf!
I am thrilled you are going to learn the Cello~