Are you ready for the holidays or are you swimming in a sea of confusion? 

I think my shopping is done and then SURPRISE, another event, another unexpected gift. Toy for Tots was last weekend, my daughter's high school tried to fill a school bus with toy donations. Can you picture it?  It was kinda crazy-so much so I told my daughter the holiday was getting out of control, "Craymas" I said. She laughed and said I need to invent more new words.   Can you imagine-cars driving around the parking lot with teenagers hollering to donate toys.  Yes, they were doing doughnuts.  Yes, some students got in trouble. 

Today, is my daughter's fund raiser for band-fruit baskets. I need to pick her up and then we are off to deliver sunshine. Most of the orders were from the citrus family.  Then it is off to shop, AGAIN.   I going to go buy extra bottles of wine and some good chocolate, for the SURPRISE PEOPLE.   I mean great chocolate!   I told my husband these could also be bartering items, just in case, we go off the grid.  Now, when I call him to see if he wants anything,  he just laughs and announces,"just liquor and chocolates".   I told him I am working on a lifetime supply-chocolate that is.  Only issue is hiding a lifetime supply?!   Oh, you want to help me and I bet you know a good hiding spot-your closet! lol

Oh, you want to see a peek of what I sent Hart , she won my giveaway:  

I did include her gift card to Starbucks, some tea items, and other surprises. I covered a matchbox with a poem and tucked in her earrings.  I hope she likes it~

Next week I will show you some Green gift wrapping ideas and share some recipes.  My daughter wants to make truffles.   Maybe I'll share blooper photos, too.

*** via Gourmet

Raspberries may be hard to find. I know there is always frozen, but frozen will add moisture to the chocolate.   I think we will make the Nutella ones instead.  Do you love truffles?  What is your favorite holiday treat?  

I was going to make fudge. I'm not sure the weather will behave.  So, truffles are the back up plan. 

Oh, are you here for the Guesstination-clues in a poem, revealing a destination.
This was a prompt I did over at Poets United
I had so much fun with the first one ;D  

At  Plato's Closet
(daughter's fav thrift shop)
I always lose her
She is a Pisces
swimming up and down aisles
like a goldfish
Aquamarine blue, Turquoise and indigo blue
surround me
she SEArches
she finds a necklace with a star
I'll find my way I can go the distance
it is about location, location, location
we pose near the pillars 
on our way out
she has the gift
a genetic key
to find the unique
C'mon Angela it is six 
time for us to fly
The Greek

The major clues were: 
Plato, Pisces-fish, water, I can go the distance, pillars, genetic key, unique, it is six, time for us to fly,  Greek.

Lee guessed right!    It is Atlantis, well done Lee~
Lee is famous for starting the A-Z blogging challenge!
And so did Libby! Libby I loved your poem~
 Well done!
Oooh, Sherry also guessed Hawaii!
You three will be the first ones I share my chocolate with :D

Plato wrote about Atlantis.  Poseidon, his domain.  'I Can Go The Distance' is a song in the film Hercules, Pillars+Hercules is a former name of the Straits of Gibraltar, genetic key, unique-this is mentioned, in any film or documentary about this legendary, lost city.   The big clue was six and time for us to fly. There was supposedly a gold statue of Poseidon standing in a chariot with six winged horses.  I know, all speculation....or is it?!

"Plato's dialogues locate the island in the Atlantic Pelagos "Atlantic Sea",[2] "in front of" the Pillars of Hercules." ***

My daughter really does shop, at Plato's Closet, it is a real place. 

National Geographic is going to do a special, when I am not sure. You can read more here!

Yes, Lee also guessed right on my other poem. It was Hawaii-I lived there for five months.  It was too crowded for me.  Every time I shopped, it felt like the week before Christmas. It is a beautiful place, I loved the people, their spirit, the climate and the food, but I just wanted to go somewhere and be alone for a few minutes. No can do... I grew up near the town wharf and would walk down, to look at the water and reflect.  It is rumored people are happy there, because of the abundance of warm weather, sunshine and the food.  It is suppose to be a place where you live that makes your Chakras balanced.  I loved everything, but the crowds.  There are tourist traps everywhere. The one thing that really disappointed me most was Waikiki Beach.  It was dirty and cluttered.  And where was  Gilad?
He was suppose to be there waiting for me! lol

Oh, if you are looking for intriguing gifts for your favorite Geek.  Check out Retro- Zombie's store, Neato Shop, so fun!  He has some wonderful gift ideas...
I think my son is having a Doctor Who Christmas.  I might need this: Credit Card Survival Tool, lol

Today, I should wear this, lol

I was surprised to discover via Alex Cavanaugh, also known as Captain Ninja( I do think he is Bond's twin), that I was nominated for a blog award.  I am thrilled....  You can go visit Karen's blog, A Peek at Karen's World, to see all the categories and vote.  I discovered some wonderful new blogs~  Thank you Karen!  If you vote, I'll share my chocolate when the grid goes down.  ;D  okay, wine too...lol

If you want to combine wine and chocolate try this one, Red Velvet by Cupcake Vineyards.  I bought a bottle for my son's birthday and had a taste. I liked it!  They also have a wine called Angel Food.    No, I haven't tried that one, yet.  I only sip the dry ones.
Angel Food sounds sweet n' light~

Do you think Atlantis ever existed?  Do you think anything will happen on 12/21/12?  Are you also hoarding chocolate?  Do you want to celebrate the holidays on 12/20/12?  Are you having party just in case?  


Thanks for mentioning the award!
Hart will be so happy with her prize.
And Jeremy's shop is full so cool shirts!
Ella said…
I did want to mention MARY, did guess Hawaii, too. I thought though she retracted, since my words 'tourist trap' threw her off the trail! BUT she did say Hawaii first...
So virtual chocolate and Red Velvet wine for everyone... ;D
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Who-ee, who'da thunk it that I would guess the right answer. My cousin adores Hawaii and is always trying to get me to go. I'm like you, Ellie, it is too busy, too urban. I'd far rather go to my own beach an hour and a half away where you can walk in winter and never see another soul, only the occasional bear or cougar.

Your gifts wrappings are works of art - who would ever want to disturb their beauty by opening them? I am blown away by these photos.....where did you get that gigantic fortune cookie? Would love to know what the fortune inside says.........

Cool post, kiddo. Fun fun fun, as is the sound of liquor and chocolates. (Is Christmas turning me into a lush? Hee hee.) I adore truffles.
Susan said…
I would have guessed Athens, the earth's center--and I would have been wrong. But I love the blues in the poem and its navigator and her tools. More travels with daughter, please!
Mary Ann Potter said…
Wow, what a posting,Ellen! I got caught up in the fun spirit of it all right away. Life is such an adventure!
sunny said…
lovely post Ella
truffles... nom nom nom... I make them with peanuts and rum :) And cherries! But I usually use white chocolate since milk chocolate gives me acne :(
Ella said…
Hi Dezzy-Oh, how festive! White chocolate with pistachios and dried cherries-yum! Yes, milk chocolate can give me hives~ We don't want that during the holidays ;D

Hi Sunny-Thank you! It felt like a catch up post. There is so much I want to share :D

Mary Ann-lol, Yeah, I do think most of us has this panic rush feel. I know I do... Today I'm a Cookie elf and hope to make the Truffles! Thank you~ :D Yes, it is!!

Susan-lol, I will try! There is always something going on ;D
I loved your hot balloon poem!

Sherry-There are places in Hawaii, to do just that. I didn't make it there. Hubby's ship was going to one, but our daughter had to be 8yrs old to go. Someday I hope to return-
I think the photo makes it look big, it is a normal sized cookie. One hopes with a wonderful fortune inside :D You can make your own Fortune cookies...Maybe I will share that. It is time consuming, but fun to write your own fortunes, lol Thank you Sherry!!!

Alex-Yes, Jeremy's shop has many unique gifts! I hope so... ;D
Renee said…
Great post! so full of energy, fun and FOOD. GAWD you made me hungry!! Love the poem, I would not have guessed the correct answer, kudos to those who did.
Sherry Ellis said…
Good luck accruing that lifetime collection of chocolates!
Hart Johnson said…
I can't believe how much you juggle, and I love your crafty stuff. Really adds to the holiday. My dad's mom used to do all that. Made little trees of thistle, full with lights and baubles... wrapped marshmallows in foil for under them.

Love that Doctor Who gadget, too. I wish my son would discover Doctor Who... (I love him, but my kids have stopped picking up my geekisms for a while... it will come back.)
Ella said…
Hi Hart-lol! Thank you, oh that sounds lovely~ My Mom always did the special touches~
He will ;D He will over hear some friends talking about it and it will happen~ It is so fun when they enjoy our passion! I'm hyperthyroid right now, so the going is good, lol.

Sherry-Thank you ;D I'm working on it! lol

Renee-Sorry, lol! I made Rolo Brownies..don't do it! They are the sickest chocolate mess ever!
Thanks, it was fun to leave clues :D