Tango's Pain

I have been in pain the past week.  I had an accident and my hip went out-no fun!  I did manage to pop it back in.   Yesterday when the physical started to subside the emotional kind moved in like a cold front.  It involved my daughter-she is ok,  but her heart hurts and it will linger for awhile.  Her three year relationship ended. We all saw it coming-long distance relationships are difficult.  We are doing our best to keep her busy,  make her laugh, and let the tears fall. 

  I am worried though, as we will soon be in the holiday season and this boy will return home.  He is a great kid, nice family, but I really hope he lets her be-so she can heal. This morning I actually felt  a soccer punch to the gut.  It was brief, but strong.  This is the third time in my life, I have physically felt another person's pain.  

Over in the Garden, Grace introduced us to the artwork of Kathryn Dyche Dechairo.  
 Artist Kathryn Dyche Dechairo 

YOU can view more of her work here!   Kathryn's work has also been published in 'The Pulse of Mixed Media' by Seth Apter and the Summer 2012 edition of Artful Blogging.

Tango's Drumbeat

a quick slash
poured salt rains
words stain like
taste red's
bitter threads
roll off tongue's sword
arteries' hope 

stabbing onslaught begins
"what if..."
"if I had..."
"I should have..."

liquid legs
to brackish river

throbbing pixels mirror tango's drumbeat
ruby lip tar sticks
and bleeds fragile
 feathers into life's
fallible dance

© Ellen Wilson



Sorry about your hip! And your daughter's relationship ending. Hopefully you both have time to heal.
Grace said…
I hope you feel better dear ~ Some thoughts can be stabbing bitter & relentless ~ Specially like this part:

taste red's
bitter threads
roll off tongue's sword

Thanks for participating in Sunday's Challenge & wishing you happy week ahead ~
Kathryn Dyche said…
Wow, I love this. You had me from the very first words

a quick slash
poured salt rains
words stain like

Sorry to hear you've been in so much pain. It can be hard to suffer through. Love to you and your daughter, hope you are both able to heal. Hugs xoxo
Helen said…
Dear Ella,
I've felt my children's pain, nothing quite like it, bordering on gruesome. Hold her tightly, love her.

And as for you ... I can't imagine 'popping' a hip back into place, it would mean torture for me as both of mine have been replaced!

Poem is extraordinary .....
Hannah said…
I love the way you played with shaping this poem...dramatic poem and fits the image perfectly, Ella!!
Susan said…
Yep. Cauterize. But do not kill. Fantastic poem for such emotional kicks.
LaTonya Baldwin said…
word choices and rhythm, spot on. enjoyed.
LaTonya Baldwin said…
Ack, hope you're feeling better soon.
Isadora Gruye said…
hi Ella....I really like what you did here...it has a jazz scat feel to it, blue but resilient. Hope all are well.
Anonymous said…
thinking of you and your daughter and hoping you both heal quickly and completely.

Yolanda Renée said…
Heartbreak, so harsh. You and your daughter have my sympathies, and best wishes.

Such a beautiful, emotional poem. Thank you for sharing!

Take care!
Mary said…
So sad about your daughter, Ellie. I know this must be hard for her, for you So true that long distance is hard....especially at that age. And especially sad as you liked him as well.
Kay L. Davies said…
One helluva poem, Ella my dear, without a doubt.
And your physical pain. Your daughter's emotional pain. Begins to feel like too much, doesn't it? Like 'way, 'way too much, I know. I do know.
Luv, K
Suzanne Furness said…
Emotional pain can be as consuming as physical pain. Hope both you and your daughter are feeling better soon.
Brian Miller said…
mmm...sorry on your daughter...so hard to see our kids suffer heartache and know they have to walk it and there is nothing we can do to take it away....and hope you hip feels better soon as well...nice poem too...like the structure, creative and cool...
Ella said…
Hi Brian-Thank you! No, we have to let them walk the walk. WE all know this trance- I am better-thank you~

Suzanne-Thank you! It is a process and you are right the emotional pain does consume one's thoughts. Thank you~

Kay-It does! WE have tried to do things out of the norm to keep her distract and busy. Life sure is a roller coaster~ Thank you Kay <3

Mary-Thank you! Yes, long distance can be like a coin toss. "Out of site out of mind" or "Absence make the heart grow fonder"-no one
knows. WE all know pain and it packs a punch~

Yolanda-Thank you! Time does help us heal! She will be busy with Colorguard competitions soon-busy helps! You are sweet~

Abby-Thank you! I hope you are healing too xo

Izy-Thank you! I love Jazz-thank you~ There is so much blue when it comes to the dance of red~

LaTonya-Well said-that word says it all! Thank you~

Susan-Yes, healing is traumatic sometimes~ Thank you~

Hannah-Drama sure makes us see red!
Thank you so much~

Helen-Oh I am sorry!! I am okay-I over did and then had a stumble. I really need to remember I can't be a cycling diva anymore.
Thank you! YOU are right I will do just that~ I am sorry for your pain~

Ella said…
Kathyrn-Thank you so much! Yes, this piece definitely spoke to me~ YOUR art is beautiful and haunting~ Thank you for sharing it with us! <3

Grace-It is sad and we all know about those bitter red threads~
Thank you Grace for introducing us to Kathyrn! Her art is a gift~

Alex-Thank you! Time out is sometimes what we need and keeping busy~
Other Mary said…
This poem is a soccer punch to the gut too - so powerful Ella, and it fits the art work to a T. I'm also sorry to hear about your daughter. Ending relationships can be so hard, but she's fortunate to have you and your love and empathy, Ella.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Your poem said it so well. It's so difficult to be a parent sometimes. We find that we can't take everything for our children, but their healing (and ours!) makes everyone stronger. Here's a scripture for you:

"Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you." I Peter 5:6 & 7.

I prayed for you this morning, and I am believing with you for a complete healing of this pain. I send a hug to you over the miles.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Your words are so starkly used here, Ella. The terse lines add to the build up of emotion and you have used some excellent word pairings in your descriptions.

I'm so sorry for your daughter's heartache.. That's really tough for a young person.
Vicki Sheehan said…
Ellen - it's hard to be in pain, but even harder when you are also feeling the pain of someone you love. She's lucky to have you as a mom! I hope you get better soon and your daughter too <3
Sherry Blue Sky said…
We worry more over our childrens' heartbreak than our own. This will be hard for her, her first love, her first heartbreak. Inevitable, given the distance factor, he is finding a new world at college. With your love and support, she will make it through, you two are so close. Your poem, as always, is magical. I cant believe you popped your own hip in. I would have to call for the Jaws of Life to come. I miss the colors and flowers on your site.
gabrielle said…
So sorry to hear about your accident and your daughter’s loss. The physical pain subsides but emotional ache takes longer to heal. And all the “what if’s” just pour salt into the wound.
Your poem speaks to your deep empathy—so hard to witness our children’s hurt. Tincture of time and your love—the balm. My heart goes out to you both.
Johanna Garth said…
Hope you're feeling better soon. And sometimes I think mother's feel the pain of our children almost as acutely as they do!
Wanda said…
I pray that both of you be on the mend soon.
Anonymous said…
I love the last two stanzas, as well as the visual presentation.

So sorry to hear about your accident and the pain you are both experiencing.
Outlawyer said…
Your poem gives a palpable sense of pain - whether yours or others- the physical sensation of it-- very powerful. Good luck. k. (Karin - Manicddaily on wordpress.)
Susie Clevenger said…
There is nothing like the pain of a broken heart..your words so powerfully convey that truth...Wishing your daughter release from it and renewed joy at what life will now bring to her.
Ella said…
Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers! I had a photo assignment today-it took longer than I thought. I will comment in the morning! Take care everyone
L. Diane Wolfe said…
That kind of heartbreak will take time to heal. It's always so strong when we're young.
Ella said…
Hi L.Diane-You are right it is strong~ I predict it isn't over yet~
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Ella,

SO sorry for you physical and emotional pain. It looks like it never ends for us...

It is our fate. But we are strong bulls with a great capacity to love and FEEL.... It hurts, but makes us stronger for the ones we love...

Unknown said…
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Manicddaily said…
Ella --hope you are feeling better. Daughter too. k.
Unknown said…
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