Avant-Edge: Sam's Challenge

Sam inspired us to attempt a poem in the style of  (e.e. cummings).   Do I dare attempt this challenge?  Sure, why not...Thanks Sam, for pushing me towards the Edge!~


a clothesline of stars blankets 
                                                                        ( sk )Y

(b)raille Soaked rooTs  tAngled in moleculaR light

gray garden's seeds
fall like feathers
in third eye's: d

 cosmic fingerprints
my (muse)
to wit

wheel of fortune
)internal( tick tock)
12,000 windows
catch silver tears.


Kerry O'Connor said…
This is amazing, Ella. Perhaps the poem that comes closest to cummings' style that I've seen so far.

I love your blackberry sky and the 12 000 windows opening. This is so good!
That was challenging all right, but you did it!
Have a Blessed Easter, Ella.
Mary Ann Potter said…
ee himself would be pleased! Beautifully written imagery and distinctive style!
Unknown said…
Wow ee would be proud - with own twist and a touch of Ella's Edge (e.e)
Anonymous said…
Ah wonderful! I am a big blackberryer so expecially liked! But it is very fragrant and tactile--love the braille roots-- just terrific. k.
Brian Miller said…
us s
i love ee...and his crazy

and you did it more than

(i really hope this comment comes out the way it looks. ha)
Brian Miller said…
ok there is supposed to be style cutting through crazy....lol
Kay L. Davies said…
You've done a great job with this, my dear Ella. I hope it wasn't as difficult as it looks, because I know you're very busy.
Luv, K
Renee said…
You amaze me! I wish you'd publish a book of your poetry. Please.
Marian said…
4winds change, wheel of fortune
you sing
Susie Clevenger said…
Goodness, you really took off with this! It is so creative in substance and presentation.

Ella said…
Hi Susie-Yes, I had fun. I collected words in a word doc and laid it out in his style. Thank you so much~

Marian-Yes, that wheel keeps on humming. lol I like your version!
Thank you~

Renee-You amaze me! I'm excited about a collab~ Thank you-I started one need to finish it.
You are sweet-thank you so much!

Kay-Thank you! No, it didn't take as long as most of the stuff I gather and write. Maybe because I have been working on some star/moon art?! You are sweet-thank you so much~ ((hugs))

Brian-YOU rock! Answering me as ee-I love it! Oh, you should write one-see you already have begun ;D
Thank you-me being eee I had to give it a go. Ellen @ellasedge

Karin-I was thinking how many people I have walked with-who are blind to the magic of the night sky! I walk almost every evening with my head looking up towards those stars. I love blackberries, too. Where I am from-they are as big as the top part of your thumb!
Yum-thank you~

Sam I am-I love your challenge! Yes, as eee I had to try. And he was the first poet to enchant me-Thank you Sam~

Mary Ann-Thank you! I hope those babies at your home are staying warm-I'll be by-Happy Easter to you!

Happy Easter to everyone!!!!!!

Alex-Happy Easter Captain~ I hope you and the Mrs. have a lovely day. Thank you dear Ninja!

Hi Kerry-Thank you! Yes, now I am craving blackberries-lol. Yes, the sky is full with portals of mysteries-thank you so much!
enJOY your wonderful family and Happy Easter!

Sherry Blue Sky said…
Love the cosmic fingerprints and the blackberry sky........wowzers!
humbird said…
Ella, amazing, full of energy poem in e.e. style Love it! Happier after knowing about opening of 12000 windows in the sky !!!
Margaret said…
I am so impressed - my favorite is the first one but I am amazed that you came up with so many!
Ella said…
Thank you Margaret! Perhaps we are related-it is the ee's ;D

Hi Humbird-lol, yes those windows are the eyes that see the magic-not everyone pays attention! Thank you!

Sherry-I am craving Blackberries can you tell-lol! Thank you~

Sumana Roy said…
Now...that's AMAZING Ella....wow..
love the cosmic figerprints to awake muse...simply the most perfect take on the prompt...
Anonymous said…
I'm with Kerry - great take on the prompt, Ella ~
Anonymous said…
The problem with living in a different time zone is that all the good comments are already taken. This was great, so just add another one to what everyone else has already said!
Ella said…
Hello CC-Thank you so much! I know that happens to me a lot, too. We just had neighbors upgrade their internet connection and now ours is lagging. I'm early in real life and behind online.

Grape-Thank you! You did him proud-I love the scratch cat feverish feel of your poem~

Sumana-Thank you-I had fun! I used some of my art-still a work in progress! You are kind~
Shelly said…
This was interesting. I've never seen a poem formatted this way.

Hugs and chocolate! Happy Easter!
this was wonderful! I loved it from start to finish.
Vicki Sheehan said…
cool...you are amazing : )
Ella said…
Hi Vicki-Thank you-you are so sweet to me!

Spirit-You are very kind! Thank you so much~
Jennifer Wagner said…
This is so fun Ella! Very cool spin...and love your header photo...that brightened my day!