Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recycle your Tees

I used 3 T-shirts to make this boa scarf for my daughter.
I now, have request to make is really easy, but
time consuming. You cut the bottom off a t-shirt above the stitching seam...then cut an opening...tie the ends with knots and now get your Tees ready. You will need to cut 7-9" long strips, about 1" then will double knot them on your base. Alternating colors/designs..if using different colors, etc. Keep going til you are done. I find it easier to prep the strips and then in the evening while watching TV, just tie them on.
I used pinking shears to give it a bit more flair.

Have fun....going thru old Tees to make something new!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

He is praying

I just bought a new hummingbird feeder, it was on sale, end of the season, but special since birds and bees can't
drink out of it. We have had a terrible time this summer with hummingbirds fighting to feed.

Got a great deal, thought there....all is good now. Then
I find a praying mantis on top of it. At first i was intrigued with this unique creation, til my son said, they
eat hummers. No,, while he/she prayed i
tossed it off a magazine. In a few hrs it returned; I tossed it off again. Thought,, today he/she had
returned. This time i moved it, quite a ways, away.
I hope this matter is resolved. Hummingbirds will be leaving soon, usually by month's end they are gone til May. Pray all you want Mantis, but you aren't feeding at this local.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Water Front Treasure

Every Saturday from Memorial Day
to the weekend near Halloween, there is an outdoor market near the waterfront. I love going, there are many crafts, demos, fresh produce,
breads, soap, eco friendly crafts, sea food, herbs...all kinds of treasure.

My friend Ingrid n' Angie sell their
wares..not every weekend, but almost.

Everyone should try to use their $'s in their community, if never know, what you might find!
all kinds of recycled items sold by Ingrid; Angie has sewn since she is little, her purses are so professional...

Friday, September 4, 2009


My brother and his finance are getting married soon.
Guess what day? Sept 9th, 2009, They both have birthdays in this 9th month of the year. Her address has a nine in it and i guess there are more reasons, why this number is special to her.

For me, it is the number 3, things do happen in threes...
at least i have seen it happen. My husband has a connection with 7, every ship he has been on had a 7 in it.
He seem to get his registration and lots of 7's. It is remarkable, how many times this number comes up. I
see a lot of 7's on license plates, 3 of them in a row 777.
My daughter is partial to the number 4 , my son doesn't
have a fav number or food.

I find it fascinating the symbols we chose or what chooses us and what it means. I bet if you look you will see symbols or laws of attraction....Today perhaps think of a number and then tune in to how many times you see it...I bet you will be amazed. I think there is something to that book, "The Secret".