Thrifty Thursday

My daughter wanted me to make an earring frame for a birthday gift. She had a friend over, who hinted she would like to have one. I needed some lacy fabric, so I thought I would hit the thrift shop and see what I could find.   I was amazed to find this large ledger book, filled with paper.

I also found a WM. A. Rogers, Oneida silver bowl.

  I have been wanting to try to make some bracelets like Charlotte Lyons .  I also enjoy, the bits n' bobs of Laura Mumford's work.
 I love the colors that reflect the cotton cloud days of summer.  When endless blue sky and hot,humid days leave you wanting to wear, white, linen clothing or cotton, breezy blouses.  

If I don't like the way it fits, it will be made into cloth jewelry~

I meant to have a give-a-way, when I reached 100 followers; I will be posting one soon!  I have been distracted and I'm behind in following n' commenting on blogs.  Surprise company from Alaska, kept me busy for five days.  I have recovered and plan on visiting blogs soon! 


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Nice to see your post, Ellie. Hope you had fun with your company! I love thrift shopping too, one always comes away with surprises. More than 100 followers, good for you!!!!
Excellent post Ellie all the best with your company, you have the talent to do well.

B y way of thanks there's a little something on my last post for you.

Becky Shander said…
I love the texture of the cloth necklace. And the soft, gentle colors are gorgeous together.
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Ellie
I've been a bit behind with comments and posting too.. internet and other 'stuff'..

Love the tree photo ..[last post].

Have a great weekend.. xxx Julie

PS.. right big toe! pigeon pair!!
Great finds, Ellie!
Enjoy the weekend xxoo Colette
Ciss B said…
Lovely necklace, Ellie!
Hart Johnson said…
I love thrift store bargains--I used to scan them for crafty stuff too, before my sewing machine died (used to make costumes, blankets... things like that... now I write instead)

Well done on your shopping!
i love the old white cloth jewelry... and the 100 paper is cool.
Ellie said…
Hi Lisa-I will stop by soon; Company threw me off my schedule. Now, I'm making birthday gifts..earring frames. We went today and bought the earrings for it and a few other gifts. Hope all is well for you!

Hart-Wow, I bet you made some amazing costumes! Is Halloween a fav? It is for me... Writing is
time consuming like sewing. I get the choice!

Ciss B-I didn't make it, but isn't it unique. I hope to attempt one, next week. Thanks for stopping by~

Colette-Thanks! You, too... Hope you are feeling well! I love your new art pieces; They are gorgeous! xXx

Julie-Rt toe, that figures... I hope yours heals quick! I still have an ugly bruise on the nail bed. Hope you are getting settled in and enjoying your view! xXx

Becky-It is really clever isn't it! I love Lauren's work~ I hope to attempt one. I'm gathering goodies, to see what color I will make.

Yvonne-Thank you; You are so gracious!!! Thank you for the something special; I love it~

Sherry-I will be by; I have a lot of catching up to do! It took time; Sherry and I need to be a better follower~ Summer throws the routine out the window...I enjoy it, but I will love it when Fall makes her appearance~