Reverb: Party

December 9 – Party
Prompt: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.  author:  Shauna Reid

Navy Ball was emotional the best event, but as far as outfits, food and shenanigans, I'd have to say the Navy
Christmas party, this past Saturday night at the Renaissance Hotel. My husband reminds me we are sitting with the Commander and XO, Executive office. I don't remember getting that memo.  The tickets were $30 a piece and it had been decided formal wear, while my husband was on leave(vacation). He changed it, so there would be a bigger turn out. This created a mish mash of gowns, cocktail dresses and sweater dresses. I tried to find a middle road, between it all. He is a CMC-Command Master Chief, he is enlisted not an officer. He is an E9. We are sitting at the Officer's table,they can work together, but it is frowned on, if they socialize outside of work. It is Navy occasion, work related, so it is allowed.  Hubby thinks I should be use to this by now. I remind him, yes, you have been CMC for awhile, but you were stationed in, West Virginia and came home, every other weekend, then you went out to sea. I haven't been to many events since you changed hats.

When we walk in there is a long hall way, with white poinsettias gracing both sides. There is beautiful old prints of olden days. I so wish I had brought my camera. Then at the end, there is a group taking photos, in front of a gorgeous Christmas tree with peacock feathers. The Navy has rented a whole floor for the party. Lots of windows and you can see the water, gorgeous. There are many lights twinkling. There is a meet n' greet with a bar set up and a Cheese Montage to nibble on.

We walk out on a balcony and it takes your breathe away, pretty but  cold. We enter the dining area and run into friends. People are dressed in everything you can imagine. I see all out sweeping, twirly squirts with sequins, to full length gowns, many in red, a few burgundy, some gold, white and lots of black. I'm in all black mid length dress(this style, but not this dress) with silver reflective glints on the hemline and sleeves going up about 3 inches.  I have black suede, ruffled high heels, which I struggle to wear. I'm not into high heels, I fear I am walking like a child, with her Mom's shoes on. I have two necklaces on, silver n' black to create a bib style necklace with similar, but not matchy earrings. The XO's wife wore something similar to this golden brocade with a brown beaded necklace and her hair swift up. She was a red head, so it was a copper, golden look. The Commander's girlfriend wore a deep purple, halter style dress with velvet accents. I'm not fancy enough, but I do fit in the middle, when I look around the room.  I get over my nerves, the evening progresses and there are lots of jokes and small talk. Dinner is buffet, there is prime rib and chicken, salad, various rolls, several vegetables, red roasted potatoes, and a zucchini, green been medley. The dessert table has a huge
chocolate fountain it is dark, milk and white chocolate blended, there are mini cream puffs, cheesecake lollipops, fresh fruit and marshmallows for dipping. It was constantly crowded in that corner of the room.

  Now the evening begins, we have tickets to win prizes,great prizes, IPAD, cameras, TV, etc.  There are games to play, my favorite was musical chairs with a twist My hubby drew tickets out of a stocking, these are  the members allowed to play. Everyone was ready, but no you have to go get an item and then run to your chair, first item a woman's shoe. People are scurrying,then next a men's tie, a sock, a red lipstick, a Christmas ornament. The room roared with laughter...The women came back with tree ornaments, then a young guy enters the room with a tiny wreath, then one of Don's Chiefs runs in with a huge wreath over his head. It was so funny~  Both guys had another chance to get a real ornament. Don's friend was out. Now it is down to the two ladies. Santa hat is the final item, there is a guy with a Santa hat over near the chocolate fountain, they both had been on other sides of the ball room. He is oblivious, he is enjoying the fountain. A spot light is flashed on this poor guy and they are running,  they arrive to him. And start pulling,at the same time, the hat won't come off, more laughter. It was agreed they both won!  Gift cards to this online company, prepaid shipping.  The evening was filled with lots of laughter; I can't remember when I have laughed this hard. My  cheeks hurt!


Talli Roland said…
Gosh, that's a great prompt and it sounds like an even better party!
LTM said…
that is so gorgeous. I have a friend who's in the Navy, and he always posts pix of his wife and him at these balls. They look like fun. Have a great time!!! :o) <3
Myrna R. said…
Sounds like you had fun. It made me think of when my husband was in the Air Force (about 100 years ago).

Nice post.
Will Burke said…
Sounds like a great time. I'm a little surprised that military staff would be so silly. I guess that facing death can make you less inhibited.
what? And no pics of you at the gala party? :(
Chris Phillips said…
That sounds/looks like fun.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Chris-Thanks it was!

Dezz-I will have a photo in March; We are going to a Cryptologic Ball, I have to wear a ball gown. I will have a photo, then~ (Navy related, of course).

Will-Yeah, facing death makes you play harder!
They can be quite crazy, from what I have seen.

Myrna-Hubby was stationed on Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, AK. How many places did you live? I hope it was a good experience!

Lisa-Thanks, it wasn't dull. I have been to a few, that were. Who hasn't...

LTM-This was the annual Christmas party; The Ball will be in March, then I will post a pic~ It is suppose to be really fancy... yikes! Thanks~

Talli-It is a great prompt, really makes you think. I am sure there was another event, but this one was fun and fresh in my mind, so I went with it~ Thank-you~
Rayna M. Iyer said…
I wish I could have seen you- your outfit sounds absolutely gorgeous. I would love to attend one of those dos someday, but I guess I would just feel out of place.
Ellen aka Ella said…
Rayna-I am not one comfortable in this environment. I truly believe there are only a rare few who are. I prefer sneakers, hiking boots, jeans and my camera(not some fancy purse).It is nice, once in a blue moon to dress up, but I always feel out of place! I wish you could with me to the next one...I'm already nervous~
Anonymous said…
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