Z is for Zest

I am hoping I get my zest back, not enough zzzz's have me walking around like a zombie. My family being home all week, has been fun, but draining. Run here, go there, where's that...???!!! I like to stay up late and my husband is a morning person. I'm burning the candle on both ends.  We had a horror fest last night; my daughter had friends overnight, as we wrap up spring break. Interesting we go from having a tea party and watching a Royal wedding to a horror fest. What could be better...

I feel sad the A-Z challenge is wrapping up; I didn't get to blog much the past week. I appreciate all of you who took the time to visit me; I will return the favor. I met some amazing new bloggers and cherish my regulars!  It was fun n' fabulous; I'm glad I participated in round #2.

Speaking of zombies, I want to warn you new followers. It is a little prediction I made in March. I know we all have seen zombies; remember to on guard!  BEWARE...
 * photo courtesy of the Daily Mail

We all need to rest a bit to get our zest back, regain our blogging schedule. I look forward to playing a bit of catch up in my artistic endeavors. I will be having a give away in a few weeks; my Blogging Anniversary is coming up. I enjoyed the posts, meeting new friends and seeing how varied the topics were; it was a Amazing Blogging Challenge!   Things usually come in 3's???  No, we won't think about that now... enJOY your down time~


Sherry Blue Sky said…
I FEEL like a zombie today! Yesterday I asked for magic and the entire day was so amazing, I am now utterly exhausted. Today I wont ask for magic: maybe a cold cloth and some tylenol, hee hee! I always enjoy your posts, Ellie.
Most enjoyable post Ellie.
So glad you mad it to the end of the challenge.
Thanks for your support.

N. R. Williams said…
Royal weddings to horror. That is a stretch. I'm glad we are blogging buddies too and wish I could visit more often. The one thing about zombies that has never been answered is: Who do they eat when everyone is a zombie?
N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, thats the word I was looking for, needing to get it back, that pick me up...its like everything stopped when I took part in this challenge....looking forward to getting covered in paint:)
Ella, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!
mooderino said…
Well done on getting to the end.

Moody Writing
Kristi said…
I love that you completed the challenge! There are so many who didn't :( I do hope you get your zest back, I'm drawn to your blog either way and I'm so glad we "met"! :D
Hope you finds your zest again! Think I'm feeling drained as well.
Lauracea said…
Everyone's exhausted but we got to the end. Yay! Congratulations and zest is a good one. I agree with N.R. - who do zombies eat when everyone's a zombie?
Anonymous said…
Hi Ellen, I'm looking forward to what you come up with once you get your zzzzzz's! Congrats on making it to the end:)

Wanda said…
Ellie, I was thinking about the word zest too and I'm in need in a few ZZZ's. Sinus trouble again. Great job on the challenge. Glad to hear you are enjoying family time.
Anonymous said…
Way to finish up the challenge. I just got the Somerset issue and saw your artwork in there--very very cool. Congratulations again!!! :)
Brianna said…
Congratulations on finishing the challenge. Enjoy a well-deserved rest.
Pk Hrezo said…
That's a great pic. I almost did zest to day too, but for the same reason, I didn't. I seem to have lost my zest after this challenge. But I'll be getting it back soon. :)
LTM said…
oh, I'm the same way. I get so used to my quiet time during the day that when everyone's around me, my cat-like nature emerges... :D But I lol'd at the zombie picture. Yes, time to rest~ <3 555
Hi Ella .. thanks for coming by .. Zest - we all need some of that now - I hope the body holds a plentiful supply ..

Now it's May Day and summer starts .. but it does sound as though you had a 'fun'-filled busy week .. great family time!!

Zest Rest - what's that?! See you soon .. cheers til then .. Hilary
Karen Walker said…
Congrats to you and to all who made it to the finish line. Whew! I need to get my zest back, I'll tell you. Blessings,
speaking of zests, I looooove lemon zest in my cakes :)
Talli Roland said…
Congrats on making it through to the end! I think we're all going to need some zzzzzzss...
J.L. Campbell said…
Round about now lots of blogging zombies abound. Yes, some rest in in order. :) I've got an anniversary coming up too. Congrats on yours.
Nice job. I took could use some more zest. :)
Tracy Jo said…
Hey Ella...I love it! I hope you got some rest today and congrats on finishing the challenge. Thankful that I found your blog through this challenge! :-)
Ella said…
Tracy Jo-Thank you, I am glad I found you, too~
I hope you get much needed down time! It was quite a challenge~

Madeleine-Yes, we need rest before we can have the zest(I am so not doing a poem on that, lol)

JL-I will stop by; anniversaries are always fun!
YOU need to get some rest, too

Talli-We did it! Sorry to hear you had quite the challenge! enJOYed the journey with you~

Dezzy-I have a recipe for Lemon bread with zest it is the best~ ;-D I will share...I promise!

Karen-Enjoy your down time; Phew it was quite a challenge! Take Care

Hilary-YOU are funny; yes, Zest Rest...we all are in need, lol

Leigh-My family thinks I'm a zombie when I writing; they just don't get it. They have their
zombie moments, too! lol <3 555

Pk-You will get it back after a much needed rest!
I'm glad it is May!
Ella said…
Brianna-Thank you; You as well! See you soon~

Scarlett-Thank you for stopping by; You are in my thoughts n' prayers~xXx

Wanda-Get some rest; maybe Cherry coke will give us back our zest ;-D

Abby-Thank you; it was a challenge! I look forward to seeing your lovely creations, too~
Have fun redesigning your blog; it is fun to change things up~

Lauracea-Thank you, you too! They eat chocolate!!! lol

Alex-Captain, I will...after a much needed art date, movie date and some gardening! ;-D YOU get some rest, the Ninjas will be restless, soon~

Kristi-I look forward to visiting you and seeing your gorgeous photos! Keep at! Thank you; I'm glad we met~

Mood-Thank you and Congrats to you! I stopped by your blog...looks like you are still sleeping. I will be by again, soon! ;-D

Elizabeth-Congrats and Thank you for the lovely award ;-D

Amanda-Yes, Congrats to you! I look forward to what you are going to make, next!!!

Nancy-They eat chocolate ;-D Congrats to you!

Yvonne-So glad we made round #2; enJOYed your post, as always ;-D

Sherry-Magic...Nice! I hope you have recovered by now! I will be visiting soon~ I do love magic!
Arlee Bird said…
Congratulations on reaching Z. Zzzzzz!

Don't forget to pick up your Winner's Badge at my site.
Tossing It Out
Lynette Killam said…
Perfect choice for Z, Ella...I'm hoping to find a little zest myself. I'm so sorry to hear you've been unwell, especially as I've been ill myself and know how horrid it is. The doctor suggested after the fact that I probably had the Norwalk virus...how weird is that?!

Take good care of yourself and feel better soon...:)
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