Summer of Color Yellow

Yellow is the focus this week; I struggled with this one. I guess, with everyone home and packing to go camping made it a bit more challenging. I had a different idea, but didn't have time to make it. I found a few items I had put in my calendar journal. You can find out more about the class HERE. I so want to finish mine, but it might be fall, before I get back to it. I tucked it away, big no no for me. Out of side, out of mind...does apply in my line of thinking.  When I think of yellow, I think of the sun rise, bees, honey, sunflowers, beeswax, lemons, smiley faces and popcorn! ;D  I was going to go with an amber color, but then with the holiday approaching, decided a different approach(easier one)! What does yellow make you think of?  I have trouble wearing this color.  I have an olive complexion, so certain shades make me look green.

You can visit Kristin to see more Summer of Color~ She is an amazing host! And you can visit all of the other sunny art posts!


Kristin said…
I love your work so much! This is bright, cheerful and so sweet - I love the yellow dots and the plaid accents especially. Have a great time camping - I hope it is a good holiday for your and your family ;) xo
Terrie said…
I like the message in this piece and you blended all the patterns and elements so beautifully.
Lesley said…
I love everything about this piece.
Happy 4th of July and enjoy camping.
I don't often wear yellow, I did enjoy your post and all the different yellown things you mentioned.
Enjoy the camping.

Joanna said…
This is lovely artwork. Sweet image of the little girl and I like the highlighted text next to her.

Happy camping!
WrightStuff said…
Very pretty. Love the expression the girl's face. She knows what she's about all right!
NatashaMay said…
Gorgeous collage! Beautifully pieced together.
Mandy said…
this is really all the images and you have put them together
Netty said…
Beautiful collage, so loving this piece. x
Sandi said…
I adore each and every detail. You have captured so many elements perfectly!
missy k said…
Sweet piece! I love the little girl and the sentiment.

Have a great trip....
Gorgeous bright and cheery collage..loving all the little elements you have used...
Yellow makes me think of Summer, Sun and happiness..
..and yellow clothes make me look a little insipid too!!!
Happy Camping!!
Jan x
joanna said…
such a happy, bright collage! I love all the details and little girl :) hope you had a great 4th of july!!
Lynette Killam said…
This is a lovely collage, happy and summery! I like yellow to look at, but like you, cannot wear it...with my pale skin, I just end up looking quite ill...LOL!

And, oh my goodness, I'm slow on the uptake. I did not realize you'd gotten a mention in the Somerset Gallery...congratulations again! I have been resisting buying a copy as these mags are so expensive, but I'll run up to Chapters today and give in to temptation.

You're on a roll now...yay for you!!
Alis Clair said…
Beautiful summery piece. Love it.
JessiVille said…
Oh I can't wear yellow either! This is lovely! Love all the layers and elements you used to create this work of art! Beautiful!
Hugs, Jessi xox
Ellie Garratt said…
A stunning piece. How talented you are!

Ellie Garratt
Donna said…
Very beautiful. Yellow reminds me of Daffodils.
Jo Murray said…
A very uplifting piece. Love it.
Yellow is always popcorn for me! Too many movies...
Lesley said…
A lovely journal page - so happy and thoughtful.
Elyse said…
hi ella!

thanks so much for popping over to my blog.

very cool artwork. i love the pops of sunny yellow. i can't wear yellow either. makes me look washed out!

happy summer!

Andrea Reh said…
Just discovered your blog... and I really want the recipe for the cake below - it looks incredible! Where can I find it?

Andrea x
Anonymous said…
what a great collage and I love the message : )
Pk Hrezo said…
I love yellow... it's so so summery. But it's def not my color in clothes... makes mys kin look ick too!
Becky Shander said…
Yellow makes me's my cheerful place. And I like how you've placed a yellow batch of flowers in the sweet.
Wanda said…
Love the way you did this one Ellie. I have an affinity for yellow houses. I even have my living room walls painted a shade of yellow. It makes be think of the sun.
Julie said…
Hi Ella! I've just discovered your blog, and I so love this piece. It's just stunning. Yellow is one of my favorite colors, it always makes me feel cheery. I can't wear the color either, I'm so pale it makes me look like a corpse, but I love it.

I'm glad to have found your blog, great to meet you! :)
Anonymous said…
I like this one, especially the bird image and the larger words-everything goes together so well. Yellow reminds me of my son, Jack, becuase we have to play the "yellow car" game everytime we go anywhere. He can see yellow a mile away! :)
Melissa Bradley said…
Hi Ella! Yellow always makes me think of the leaves on the trees in the park by my house. In the fall they get bright yellow for two weeks before they fall off. Makes the whole block look like gold.
Heather Henry said…
Ella, this is beautiful. I love that you used so many bits and pieces that yellow inspires. "My soul awakens when I find my voice" that is awesome. I love this piece. For not having much time, you did a fabulous job.
I don't wear yellow either. I think I own one soft buttery yellow tee, but that's it. Look forward to seeing your next color. :) Have a great weekend!
this is a lovely art journal page, I like to much the little girl and her expression, she makes me smile..I can wear yellow color but I don't have a lot...see you next week...xx
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This collage is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Ellie! Wowzers. I so love it.
Pam Tucker said…
I love this piece! You mixed the different elements and patterns beautifully. I really like the words! Gorgeous work!
Arlee Bird said…
The first thought that comes to me when I think of "yellow" is cowardice--too many cowboy movies I guess. After that I think of taxicabs, telephone books, and lemons. I have rarely worn anything yellow. It's not my favorite color, but it can be a very nice color, especially on flowers.
I love your changing pictures on your blog headers.

Tossing It Out
Emakesart said…
Love this! I really like your collages. Yellow makes me think of summer, lemons and sunflowers. I also have olive skin so I turn yellow or green when I wear it too!

Hi Ella! I love all the yummy bits you included on this yellow piece. So fabulous. Yellow makes me think of sunshine, lemonade, tarts, and shoes...I have always wanted a pair of cute, yellow shoes! :)
Daydreamertoo said…
I like yellow but, don't think I have ever worn it.
Yellow reminds me of the sun, of warmth, of sunny days and nise of kids playing outside. Happy days.
Thanks for visiting me and the lovely comment you left
thingy said…
Adorable! I love collages, and this is so sweet.
Ella said…
Thingy-Thank you; do you like to make them, too ;D

Daydreamertoo-I love what it reminds you of~Beautiful!

Jen-You should get those yellow shoes; how fab and happy you would be!

Esther-It is nice to know I'm not alone~ I love your list, too~

Arlee-Hi, thanks for adding to the yellow list! I know what you mean; I am trying to think when I wore yellow. What about when you were were juggling?!

Pam-Thank you; I do think yellow does add cheer to our lives and makes our mood a bit brighter~

Sherry-Thank you; it will remind me to keep finding my voice~xXx

Liette-Thank you; I look forward to seeing your art! :D

Heather-Thank you; I'm struggling with the next color. I love it, brown an Earth color, but not sure again, which direction to take!
Ella said…
Melissa-What a beautiful view that must be! I love fall, when there is so much gold~ Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Scarlett-I love that; Jack sounds like fun! I will remember him next time I am driving! What a cutie~Thanks for sharing!

Julie-Thank you so much; sorry to hear that about the color. My Mom is like that; me I look sick! What is your favorite color?

Wanda-Sounds lovely; I have more color in my home, than I use to. Military housing is white or off white...I love your view, so glad you shared~

Becky-Thank you; Cheery is a great outlook! I had to go with the yellow bouquet. I can see my children at that age picking me Dandelions and Buttercups. I love those sweet memories~

Pk-It is nice we can enJOY it in other ways! I didn't think I was alone on the yellow issue~
Ella said…
Thank you Melinda, you are so nice to say that~

Andrea-I'm on the fence about sharing it; I will let you know ;D I might put it in my food/poetry book~ I might share it...keep posted!

Elyse-Happy Summer to you; hope there are many sunshiny days in your world~

Lesley-Thank you for coming by; I will visit soon~

Alex-Nah, no way, too many! I had to include it; I think I eat it almost every day, lol~ I want to move back to the movie theater I grew up in(okay,only for a week)I'd miss the sunshine!
creatingme said…
oh man, this is great!!! Love it! Makes me so happy.
Ella said…
Thank you Jo, can't wait to see what you do for the next color :D

Donna-Oh, so lovely! So much cheer when they decide to show up~

Ellie-You are too kind; Thank you~
Still no luck with the cafe! I do know the time slot to go in; try, try again!

Jessi-Thank you; can't wait to see what you will make :D

Alis-Thank you, I'm still working on brown~

Lynette-You are sweet! I will be come visit you! You always inspire~
I know the magazines are expensive. I see a lot of people resell them on Etsy. They are like a book, paper is different. I understand...sometimes I buy; sometimes I look~ xXx

Joanna-Thank you; I hope you did, too~ :D

Jan-Thank you; we had beautiful weather for camping! It was a summer cottage type. I have done the sleeping bag on the ground, but this was a different trip :D
Ella said…
Thank you Missy! :D

Sandi, you are too kind, but I love what you said!

Netty-Can't wait to see what you come up with next!~ Everyone is really making it fun~

Thank you Mandy! Can't wait to see what everyone does for brown~

Thank you Natasha May :D

WrightStuff-I agree she knows, look at her eyes~ :D

Joanna-Thank you; it will be an adveture(I mean it was):D

Yvonne-Thank you for coming by; what is your favorite color?

Thank you Lesley, so much~

Terrie-Thank you; yes, I need to hang in this a good location! We all need soulful reminders :D

Kristin-Thank you for doing such an amazing job as our host! xXx You are sweet~
Anonymous said…
i love this! still trying to find my voice. {smile} ♥
Ella said…
Haikulovesongs-Me, too :D xXx