Poets United

My daughter brought home a virus the other day and life has not been the same. I so far am fighting a myriad of symptoms.  My heart is sick, so many phone calls a day to Mom. I feel tortured, she is going through things and I know I should be there. Memories are swirling around her.  I know she is dizzy as she digs further into her past. She found parts to an old movie projector, probably from the Rockland Drive-In.  She called Gary, his Dad use to manager the theater, where my parents met.  The manager was my Dad's best friend. She said, "they aren't ours to keep". I did remind her their weren't Gary's either; his Dad did not own the theater, but I let it go.  Then she starts talking about the colored window and I asked her to do something crazy.  I said, "Please go tear off a piece of the wall paper in the stair hallway". ( I really did want the window, but it isn't going to happen)

"You don't want that" her voice lifted.

"I do want it, please, just a piece"

"You really don't want that" she is getting irritated with me.

 "I really do"

I will make a collage out of it, with a photo of the window and the wall paper and a ruler.
We had a special place we measured how tall we were. It is sad, but I am the shortest in my family.
I was cursed by my Aunt, one day, that is story for  another day!

A sea of memories is washing over her. She calls and tells me she found, this or that. Then there is a story; her view and then mine, the adult vs. the child.  She knows I sometimes sat on the stairs, trying to hear the 9pm movie, listening and hearing things, that perhaps I shouldn't have heard.

Poets United prompt this week is  #65 windows; I thought about the colored window on the stairway. Every time I would bounce down the stairs I would look out, even when it was dark. My brother and I played Star Trek looking out and seeing the neighborhood walkers. "Look the GREEN people have landed; they shift, changing colors. We would laugh watching people through the window or seeing blue snow gracefully falling.  My Dad would come home would  and smile into the colored glass. The middle had a lacy, snowflake like pattern, you couldn't see out of it.  The light in this photo blocks out that view.   The east and west points of the diamond are green. This photo was taken by the realtor, when the property was listed. I have a photo somewhere, but I think it is in a photo album inside Mom's house. 

Colorful clown arrives
as blue rain falls
green with envy neighbors
watch our lawn of gold
love of music n' movies
 magic grows

My Dad the ringmaster
announcing the next act
Mom like Martha
lemon this, lemon that

Music matches mood
folk, country and classical
notes strummed on Gretsch
almost every Saturday night
blue lights appeared

 Down day was church quiet
Mon-Sat loud, thriving, busy house
the show always sold out
final act
quiet, hermit like Mom
framed in memories past
preserved in her museum
relics being dug up
clown reappears
door bell rings

side show open
ticket back to youth
when blue rain falls
green snow gave hope
treasured gold is our memories
holding our soul

lawn of gold=dandelions  One side of our lawn, green and beautiful. Other side full of dandy gold~


Old Ollie said…
a little prose a little poem - good style E.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful poem Ellen. I hope everyone feels better soon:)


Amazing how simple little things from our childhood hold the dearest memories.
I hope you get that piece of wallpaper.
And if you're short, that's all right - short is really cute.
Heaven said…
Thank you for sharing your family and childhood memories with us...this prompt is more than just windows.

Nice to meet you at UP~
Ella said…
Alex-Thank you :D I'm 5'1; hubby is 6'3. I am use to living in the LAND OF THE GIANTS, lol I also am known for wacking items off the top shelf in public and climbing them if necessary. Once, I formed a crowd using an umbrella, it was pretty funny~ These woman also ran and got umbrellas and tried to help me. ;D

Abby-Thank you; daughter n' son are better. Hubby n' I are struggling...
you are sweet~

Ollie-I loved yours this week~ :D
Ella said…
Heaven-Nice to meet you! Yes, I so agree, a peek into our souls! It is nice we can share our reflection with others~ YOUR poem had such a calm view!
Hi Ella .. glad everyone's starting to feel better ... I love stained glass and was always charmed by it .. we used to holiday in a Bed and Breakfast run by old family retainers .. and they had stained glass .. I was always drawn to it. Still love it and the house is still there in Cornwall - memories of childish romps all those years ago.

Have a peaceful weekend .. Hilary
a lovely and nostalgic post, Ella.
Mike Patrick said…
I felt like I was eavesdropping on your conversation. Nice of you to allow us to be a part of your family for a just a moment. Lovely poem.
Liza said…
Memories can be so warm, and yet so sad. The stained glass images are lovely.

I am 5'3", my husband 6'4, our daughter 5'5. I feel your pain.
Kim Nelson said…
So much going on in your family, in your heart, Ella. Sending warm wishes.
Laura said…
Hope she feels better soon! Beautiful poem. :)

Stopping by from Kathie's Blog Tour.
Take care,

Beautiful poem, Ella. Sorry about the virus. Hope she's feeling better.
Mary said…
I enjoyed your prose and your poem, Ella. I like people who write 'real stuff,' their reality. You do that. Thank you!
Ella said…
Mary-YOU do that, too! We write about what is going on, our reality~ I find it hard to tuck it away. We all go through things and art is the best way to express it~ Thank you Mary! xXx

RaShelle-Thank you! She is doing much better~

Hi Laura-Thanks for stopping by~Yes, she is worn down, but more like herself~X

Thank you Kim; I need them! My heart strings are going through a tug of war. I thought about trying to go next week, but hubby has to fly to New England. It just doesn't seem to be in the cards, right now~

Liza-Daughter 5'5, son 6'2, Hubby almost 6'4 and me 5'1 Thank you~

Mike-You are part of my poetic family ;D I had mentioned in a prior post my childhood home was SOLD. The wallpaper I wanted surrounds the window and stair case. Thank you~

Thank you Dezzy! So many memories as my Mom sifts through her life. I talk to her 3x a day. There are lots of stories~

Hilary-Thank you and thanks for sharing! It is those memories that we treasure. They create some wonderful images in our mind's eye!
Donna said…
Nice poem. Everytime I go home to my Mom's we go through pictures and things. In one of the bedrooms I had occupied as a child, my mom let me put up posters and cutouts from teen magazines of various rock bands and write on the walls (GASP). My best friend had written on the wall, a sort of dedication to me and dated it. A few years ago, mom had redone that room, but before ripping down the wallpaper, I cut out that one piece and have kept it in a safe place. It's well over 25 years old!
Ella said…
Donna-I love that! When my parents bought the house, my Mom was told she couldn't have any more children. I was an only child; she had a few miscarriages. My brother arrived a year later. I had to share a room with him for 6yrs. When I finally had my own space; I was 11yrs old. I wrote on the inside of my closet. The date I moved in and my name. I so can relate and I love that you have saved it! You should be a collage out of it!!! Thanks for sharing~
LTM said…
that poem is beautiful, and I sure hope your little lady feels better soon. My daughter was doing the same thing this weekend, but I think it was just sinuses. She's better now~

((big hugs))
Carolyn V said…
I hope she feels better soon. I hate when my kiddos get sick.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I so loved reading this - all the poignant memories. I wish you could have that window and replace it with glass. So many memories, hey? Great writing, Ellie, and I hope that virus is gone soon. It must be hard on your heart, your mom's calls and memories. Moving house when one has lived so long there is heartrending. Once she is somewhere smaller, hopefully she will feel some relief. But she will mis that ocean view!
Arlee Bird said…
You are a remarkable writing I loved the reflections and memories. Your poem captured it all exquisitely. Bravo!

Tossing It Out
Anonymous said…
such a fulcrum for so many memories. and such a beautiful way to learn to see.
i am taking care of my mom currently, and we have been going through rooms full of things. and each one has a story. it can drive you mad at times, with the very richness of it. and the thought of all that has been lost.

such a beautiful piece. and dandelions have always been one of my favorites.
Daydreamertoo said…
Awww It must be hard for your mom trying to decide which things to keep and which memory to let go of.
Sorry you are sick too, that doesn't help. Hope you're feeling better by now.
This is such a lovely blog for many different reasons, love being the over-riding factor.
Came here from Sherry's 'Epistle' post, it was lovely, so I had a go too.
Laurie Kolp said…
Ella- I do hope you get to feeling better soon. I really enjoyed this cute poem... especially the Martha part.
is she away at college sick??? feel better to both of you//
Kristin said…
Well, this is really something special. I love what you have written here - both your backstory and the poem itself - how proud your Mom must be of you, her talented girl ;) xoxo
KarenG said…
My heart goes out to you , and to your mom. This is tough. Love the poem.
Ella said…
Thank you so much Karen! It is hard talking to her on the phone. Many corners filled with dusty memories. She found items from the 1950's today. It is mind boggling~

Kristin-You are so kind! Thank you~
Mom n' I are reflecting; I get to relive my childhood in dust and fragments of filtered light n' memories. xXx Thank you~

Lisa-Son in high school;daughter in 10th grade. I caught a virus from her...so I thought. We are all doing better; thank you~

Laurie-Thank you; I figured if I could find one word that described domestic and loving it, that is the word. lol

Daydreamertoo-I loved your letter poem~ I am behind, but still in the game~ Thank you, so much~

Shawnacymariekiker-You are in the filtered light and dust. I am living in through a phone. You are so right it is rich and mind boggling. I still want to try to go home, after my husband's trip. It is working on my mind~ Thank you and thank you for sharing! xXx

Arlee-You make me blush, but I love what you said! Thank you so much~X

Sherry-Thank you; yes she will miss the view, but she will live where she is about a mile away from it. She is moving to another town with port in it~ It is like opening a treasure chest from the past, some fool's gold and some real~

Thank you Carolyn, colds just take it out of you~

Leigh-Happy your girl is better; sinus pain is miserable~ Take Care xXx 555
Melissa Bradley said…
It's sad to see your childhood home sold. It's like tearing out a piece of your heart, then tossing each piece into the wind. Huge hugs, hon.

This is a very beautiful poem you've composed, so vivid and heart felt.