Illin and Ho Hums

I have been Illin with a sinus infection. If Run D.M.C. comes to mind, that was my intent. If you don't know who that is, check it out.  It was my nickname in Alaska. This song was popular at the club I worked at. I was a hostess/cashier/and Girl Friday. The DJ nicknamed me Illin. He use to dedicate this song to me. I'm better, but now the Ho-Hums have set in.  For the record, I am not bored. I am never bored; I just feel worn out and weary.

January is so not my month. I have had a lot of unfortunate events, a  lot of mishaps and tragedy has happened in this month.  My Dad died years ago, bad car accident in college, son was told he had cancer his Senior year, he didn't, etc.  It just isn't my month. I try to find creative ways to snap out of it. Silly, kooky ways, for example I'm trying to beat my daughter at Just Dance 3.  My daughter is having friends over for a Taco Party, with  a Zelda marathon tonight. My son got my hubby hooked on The Walking Dead series, so he is playing catch up. Son and daughter's boyfriend are into Skyrim.

There isn't any snow, yet it sure feels like cabin fever has set in. It is odd though, because I call July, blizzard month. It is so humid n' hot, no one wants to be outside, unless it is early morning or late at night. It seems to be a whole month, of indoor movies, games etc. Spring, fall n' winter are more our outdoorsy months. Maybe my blood hasn't thinned yet. I'm a transplant to the south, but I truly love it here. I still have a New England accent which is pretty funny, with a southern twang.  I will be brave one of these days and make a video. You can have a laugh on me! :D  I know, I sound funny~

What do you do when the winter doldrums, I mean ho hums strike?  I am still working on my 1000 photos, finding things that I have and consider gifts. I will share more pics soon.  What gives you joy these days?  Now, now...don't fear Friday the 13th. I have had a lot of luck on this day.

This was a gift, from my friend Abby.  It goes with my theme to find Joy, in the ordinary.  Thank you Abby, it is beautiful!


Just got back from work and yours is the first post on my blogroll tonight! January is not my month either. I get the winter blues and want to just sit. I am trying to keep myself from falling into the the blues this year by forcing myself to go in the studio even if just for 30 minutes. It has helped me a lot. I'm so glad you love the Joy ornament I sent you. Thank you for friendship:)


Ella! I didn't know all of that had happened to you. I'm sorry. Praying for your family.
Skyrim and The Walking Dead - sounds like a geek's paradise. And I agree about July. Hate humidity. No wonder the settlers headed out west.
Linda H. said…
That really is a bad January. I hope things get better.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Hey, kiddo, the good news is January is half over and in a couple more months it will be spring and you will be chasing frogs around your back yard again:) I'm sick too - we should chat, hee hee.

I watched Mao's Last Dancer this afternoon, a good way to spend a gray January afternoon - fabulous true story and dancing.

Take care........
Li said…
Ugh, it's that time of year again, isn't it, and so much harder to deal with when you don't feel well to boot. here's hoping that today (13th) brings you luck and that things are better in future.
Stephen Tremp said…
I'm sending you big happy thoughts right now so you can have a better January this year! And its great to receive gifts from friends. Have a great weekend!
Scarlett Clay said…
The ornament it lovely, just the thing to perk up those winter 'blahs'. It's the gray sky around here...

I want to see a video of your accent!!! :)

I've also noticed that most tragedies strike in December or January for some sad reason :(
Ella you have certainly had your fill of tragedy, So sorry.
I hope by the time January ends you will begin to feel a bit uplifted,
Take care.
Will be thinking of you.
Vicki said…
Alright, tough love time...don't assume every January will be the same. That's the first step to having a better January. On the flip side,I know the weather there doesn't help. It is so dreary in January. You need some sunshine my friend and some creative time with no pressure. I hope a restful weekend with the family has you feeling better and that this January is your best ever. Thinking of you!
Daydreamertoo said…
I hate the cold. I'm not into outdoor sports at all, not after having had a broken ankle. Love to see fresh snow, hate the ice it leaves behind and am not getting any younger to have to shovel. My writing is what keeps me sane. We just have to remind ourselves, this too, shall pass eh?
Jules said…
Snap out of it my friend! Think of a warm (not hot) summer day and we are exploring that dismal swamp. Laughing and hoping we remember how to get back to the car. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Wanda said…
Oh Ellie, hope the ho hums passing you by soon my friend.
Georgie Horn said…
Lovely hearts! Come by for a HUGE giveaway at my blog!
Old Kitty said…
A big hello to your lovely contemplative and wintery blog! But that's the nicest thing about winter - snow and cold outside so you stay inside all snug and warm and wrapped up with a hot mug of cocoa!

Your hearts are wonderful - joy indeed! Take care
I have not disconected my blog Ella, I am at a loss as to know what to do.I'm ashamed to say my son atole from me and conned me for money last year then sent abusive text messages. He has deprived me of seeing my grandchildren yet I have done nothing wrong,It;s times like this I miss my husband,

I'll be back soon.....just need time to think.

Take care.
Marjorie said…
It's just the opposite where I live. People stay inside during the summer months and Everyone loves to do things in the Fall, Winter, and early Spring. The night life should be big here during the summer but it isn't. Tucson is a college town and all the young partiers go home for the summer. I say the 6 month long summer is worth it if it means we get the rest of the year.
Melissa Bradley said…
I get the doldrums now because all the frenetic fun of the holidays are over the cold is settling in.

I'm also not big on July and August because they are so blamed hot. I can't handle heat, either. I'm middle fo the road, edging to cool/cold. I think that's why I love blue.
came by to keep my promise,,, Visit more... I love the idea of a taco party and movies,... so fun... I have to look into what Skyrim is...but I love that you keep us in the loop of the teen scene... I was going to buy that book 1000 gifts.... I am so glad you have it... so are you taking 1000 pictures... of things that were gifts????
I feel the duldrom's in January too.. I am sorry it's not your month.. I have a difficult time all winter,... seasonal light...but I am feeling good... so far.. and that is rare... for January.. I am on my 2nd day of Detox... too... I am NEVER bored either.. but that cooped up feeling ... and it hasn't even snowed... I hear you.
LTM said…
I love your gorgeous art, and I'm so sorry you be illin. Here's hoping you'll fill real better soon~ :o) <3
Old Ollie said…
Run DMC - Dancing - the Walking Dead - Poetry - Photos - Crafts -

you've turned this month around
M Pax said…
What a beautiful gift. I think the short days is what makes January weary and dreary. Maybe?

Winter showed up here for the 1st time yesterday and has been pounding on the windows all day today.

Hope you're feeling better. Maybe curl up with some cocoa and a good book? A good art project? Take your thoughts to a better place. :)
Ella said…
Thank you everyone for your get well wishes. I will be back to add my comments~
Ella said…
M Pax-I hope you had a chance to do the same, curl up with a good book and a cuppa of cocoa! It was a great suggestion :D How much winter did you get?

Ollie-Yes, a wise monk would know fun is necessary. Just what would a wise monk think is fun?! Thanks Ollie, you made me smile! :D

Leigh-Thank you; I'm better ;D
Hope life is going well, for you~

LisaRenee-Yes, it goes with the season. I have had SADD, when I lived in Alaska. It was hard, we had moved there in January. Once I met some people, got a job, life was much better~ Thanks! Oh, I'm trying to take a 1000 photos of gifts I already have. Simple things that make one smile or finding joy in the ordinary! Yes, it was a fun time; thanks for stopping by!

Melissa-I'm a middle gal, too~
I don't like it too cold or too hot! Humidity makes me wilt!

Marjorie-Yes, I would say so! I love it when we have a longer Fall season. Where I am originally from, there was always a big chance of snow. Beautiful part of our country, where you are! :D

Yvonne-I'm so sad and sorry to hear this! I wish he would listen to you and work things out. He should you could of pressed charges. (((hugs)))

Kitty-Yes, it is the perfect time of year to snuggle and enjoy the cocoa! ;D

Georgie-I will be by; you are always doing something fun! ;D

Wanda-Thank you, I'm doing much better :D

Jules-;D Yes, and we will have to share our story of a ghost, bears and a crazy cyclist. Someday...

Daydreamertoo-Sorry to hear about the ankle. I have been there...
Yes, it will pass and soon we will complain about the intense heat! :D

Vicki-Yes, that is the attitude I should have! Thank you @>---

Yvonne-So have you, dear friend~

Dezzy-Yes, I believe that is true!Seem odd with one year ending and another one beginning~

Scarlett-Someday... ;D

Stephen-Thank you; I love your new profile pic, such fun~ Hope yours was happy~

Li-Thank you, that was a lovely! Hope it was lucky for you, too~

Sherry-I so hope you are feeling better! I feared a relapse, it is that time of year~ Sounds like a great escape! :D Thanks for sharing!

Linda-Thank you; it was over a long period of time~ Hope you are doing well!

Alex-Yes, it was a Geek's Paradise~ Sounds like a great book title ;D

Abby-How nice you were the first one to visit! Thanks again for the lovely went so well with the book, "One Thousand Gifts"! Hope life is going well for you! Yes, cheers to friendship and thank you for yours! xo
Hi Ella .. as you know I have a Fri 13th birthday this month (gone! - thanks for the HB wishes) .. but it's a dark month I agree.

When I was in South Africa I celebrated being in the southern hemisphere and having a summer birthday ..

The days are lightening .. and I hope your sinus is improving .. at least everyone else is occupied and you're not listening .. to "Now What Do I Do?" ...

Abby's beautiful creative gift looks just beautiful ..

Cheers for now .. Hilary
Ella said…
Thank you Hilary! I hope your birthday was fun, filled with magic and charm! :D