One Thousand Gifts

You might remember my post about finding 1,000 gifts.  I spied this gift (photo #5) Saturday morning. It was kind of foggy out and cold.  I put my beagle outside and saw this web. I couldn't resist. I remember the last time I found a beautiful web. I wanted a photo, but didn't have my camera. I ran home, grabbed it and went back for my walk.  When I finally reached my destination, a neighbor was destroying it. She commented how much she hated spiders. I was sad and walked along. Then another opportunity arose. I found my husband destroying that one. I love the artistry, the weaving technique.  I can't help, but think of the book, "Charlotte's Web".

Did YOU know?   There is such a thing as:

Cobweb Painting. Cobweb painting made its appearance in the 1500s in the Austrian Alps. The webs were layered and wound over fabric and reinforced by brushing with diluted milk. Then watercolors were applied over the top to create the painting, some of which still exist today in private collections.
Here is an article about a Cobweb Painter.  I never would of thought to paint on a web?!

Amazing, so many interesting facts on spiders can be found here.

Oh and speaking of the web. YOU can vote here, for the Top Writing Blog.  I am just honored to be nominated.  Go vote for your favorites. I plan on visiting all of these blogs. Some are good friends and some I am not familiar with, yet.  I love to meet new bloggers, don't you!


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Man, the spiders in your neighbourhood have a hard time surviving........there must be a lot of homeless ones clumping up and down the street. BEAUTIFUL photo of the web - maybe you can give the homeless spider a copy to remember it by, hee hee.
Stephen Tremp said…
Now this is interesting for sure! I read the article and find history like this exciting. Thanks for sharing!
Scarlett Clay said…
I'll be over there votin' a.s.a.p.!! That web painting is AMAZING, wow!

Though I don't like spiders,
I found this very interesting, Thanks for enlightening us,

Amanda Trought said…
Ella, I am going to be brave and take a peek at the cob web painting along side the interesting facts....Lovely to be hear, its been a while, your always an inspiration and a 'just needed tonic'! Will definitely be voting, well done for being nominated. Amandaxxx
Kerry O'Connor said…
In our garage, there is a spiderweb at least a metre across with an enormous spider, the size of my hand patrolling its perimeter. We have a live and let live policy.
Painting spiderwebs - do I see another crafty Ella project in the near future?
Great photo!
Daniele Valois said…
how cool is this? Such neat things we learn from other bloggers!

Thank you SO so so sosososososoooooo much for your comment on my blog. I had a very tough emotional week, and your comment and quote were so wonderful and uplifting.

How nice to find you here too. Your blog is wondeful, and I need to go look at my new Somerset Studio and find you!

Susie Clevenger said…
I love the artistry of spider webs..some of my favorite photos were ones I took of spider webs in the fog...water drops looked like jewels hanging of delicate thread
Interesting way of seeing webs. I'll think twice about destroying them.
M Pax said…
I confess to hating spiders. They don't have a chance in my house. Cobweb painting sounds interesting.

I voted for you when I saw you on the list. You and the other bloggers I know. Best of luck!
Linda H. said…
Beautiful photo and great post.
Carrie Burtt said…
Spiderwebs are a work of art aren't they?....Just love this post Ella! And congrats on being nominated for a top writing blog! You deserve it!!! :-)
Ella said…
Carrie-Thank you, you are too kind!
I think I should be in a different category, but thank you!

Linda-Thank you for coming to visit me!

MPax-Thank you Mary, it means a lot!!! I just don't want zero votes, that is all I am hoping for :D
Yeah, I'm not fearful, but not a fan either. It does sounds kind of cool

Mary-That is so kind of you! Many spiders will be happy to hear that :D

Susie-Yes, they do appear like jewels dangling, so beautiful!

Daniele-Thank you for coming to visit me! I am glad, we all can use some cheer~ You are kind~

Alex-I might pass on this one! Taking photos works for me ;D

Kerry-I love your policy! I follow that rule, too :D

Vicki-Thank you for visiting me! :D

Amanda-Thank you so much! I'm so impressed with your new mission!
I'll be by to see how you are doing~

Yvonne-I understand! Thank you~
I admire them, but don't want them in my house.

Scarlett-Thank you for saying so!
I know right...painting webs, who would of thunk it?! Not me!

Stephen-You are welcome! I was intrigued when I discovered it!

Sherry-lol, You crack me up! It wasn't here. It was in Maine! They are Mainacs up there. I know I use to be one ;D You are so funny~
Anonymous said…
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