Z is for Zentangle

Z is for an art form called Zentangle.   I think everyone who finishes A-Z deserves a star.
I didn't draw this. When life resumes to normal, I would like to give it a try.  This photo is by:

They call this art form yoga for your brain!  There is even a book with this title.

 Another one called Totally Tangled.  Great names, don't you think?!  

My friend Renee Zarate  is a CZT- a Certified Zentangle Teacher.  I wrote a poem based on her art. 

Congrats, to all who cross the A-Z blogging finish line!  I have to say I was amazed, by all the unique post, so much zest!  I will do a sum up post on May 7th, to share my thoughts n' feelings on this year's challenge.    Ta dah, You are a star ;D 

Maybe we need a music for our ending.  A would be Adele or Avenged Sevenfold and well
Z, ZZ Top of course~



And R would be for Rush of course!
We did it - another year of A to Z. We came, we saw, we kicked its butt.
Wanda said…
I have never heard of zetangle before but I can see why it would be called yoga for the brain. Congrats on completing the challenge.
nene said…
When you said '...until things get back to normal', hope things are ok.

Thanks for introducing zetangle to me.

Have a 'normal' wonderful day.
Bossy Betty said…
I could stare that this kind of thing for hours--and probably will!
Yoga for your brain - I love that!
Johanna Garth said…
Zentangle makes me happy. I'm off to do yoga for my body this morning but now I can also say I've done it for my brain too ;)
Elizabeth said…
Hi Ella. I do zentangle and line weaving with some color. You can take a look here:

I'm so glad to have found you again. And then to find the zentangle as well, Wow.

Anonymous said…
I hadn't heard of zentangle before - that image is beautiful, and I like the idea of yoga for the brain
nene said…
Oooops! No wonder I've not found it. It's because I misspelled 'zentangle'. Don't lQQk at my previous comment. Don't lQQk, your lQQking.
Lolamouse said…
I love zentangles! I don't necessarily do them "properly," but they are my new favorite way to doodle in meetings when I'm bored! I look like I'm busily taking notes!
Great post and congrats on completing the course.

Kay L. Davies said…
"ZZ Top, of course!" Love it.
The zentangle looks SO intricate. I'm more apt to doodle house plans, nothing fancy.
I hope you get back to normal soon.
Laura said…
congratulations on completing this task...zentangles really are a lot of fun...I hope you give them a go.
Ella said…
I'm having internet issues...augh!
I will be making the rounds later this evening and comment~!

Nene...you crack me up! I'll be back to L@@K ;D
Arlee Bird said…
Just noticed your comment saying you were having internet issues as I was planning to say something similar. Sorry I haven't made it by your site as often as I would have liked, but I've been trying to make it through the list and be it slow computer, internet, or what, it seems like I've been plodding through April with 2 cylinders and one flat tire. Hope you had a great time my dear blog friend.

Congratulations on making it through the A to Z Challenge. Join us on May 7th with your Challenge Reflections post.

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Wrote By Rote
An A to Z Co-host blog
Scarlett Clay said…
You did it!! It's really an amazing accomplishment, now you can breathe. :) And draw!
Anonymous said…
Zentangle ... I learned something new today. Thanks! And who doesn;t like this song? I sure do!
Cynthia said…
Congratulations on making it through the A to Z challenge! I enjoyed reading your posts, especially your poetry, this month. I look forward to reading more from you when I return from my break...
Kristin said…
Oooh, what a cool challenge! What a great concept - especially when it includes photos like the kitty in X!! LOVE THAT!
Thank you for your sweet comment - and I just got mine like 2 days ago - so hopefully yours comes sooooon! xoxoxo
Hi Ella .. love the Zentangle star - I've many black and white etchings/art work in my possession - I love them.

Then your Y for yummy .. the fresh veg and fruits look wonderful .. glad you're relaxed hubby is home ..

Cheers for now - Hilary
Renee said…
Wow! Congrats on accomplishing your goal. Your A-Z project was huge, you did a beautiful job. Those strawberries look SO good. Thank you for the Zentangle mention. I saw your Tea Bag project in the current magazine. Really beautiful idea!!
Amanda Trought said…
Well done for making it to the end, it has been a great journey, can't believe it went so fast. I came across Zentangles a while back they are great, and really are soothing, especially to take your mind off things, I guess an extension of doodling.... Stay blessed! Amandax
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! I'll be back to comment~
I have to run to store to get more supplies....(Lowe's) for FROG.
Ella said…
Amanda-It has been a journey! I found it tough, this year~ So many life detours...I think you did a wonderful job! I am so happy you crossed the finish line! Yours was so motivating and heartfelt! Same to you @>-----

Renee-Thank you! The strawberries were good! Thanks for introducing me to this art form~ Thank you, so much ;D oh, your welcome~

Hilary-Thank you! I still want to go back and read the ones I missed!
I love castles, all the history and wonder! Well Done~ Yes, hubby is happy to be home! :D

Kristin-Thank you! I love the kitty photo, so sweet! Thank you for sharing, you are sweet :D

Cythnia-Congrats to you! Enjoy your well deserved break ;D
It was fun~ I'll be by to visit you, when life resumes back to sort of normal, lol

Stephen-Thank you! I know right :D
I thought your Z pick was perfect~

Scarlett-Thank you, aaah, yes~
And do some yoga for my brain :D

Arlee-Thank you! I know I struggled this year~ Life tossed me some curve balls. I am thrilled I did finish~ We have had a lot of ISP issues, lately~ Hope you are enjoying a needed break! Yes, May 7th... I will participate!
Thank Lee for all you do! :D

Laura-Thank you! Have you tried this type of yoga ;D ?!

Kay-I hope your life resumes back to normal, soon~ Projects do throw life off course. Our FROG getting a make over is still causing a lot of headaches.
Ella said…
Yvonne-Congrats to YOU! I enjoyed your theme :D

Lolamouse-How clever of you ;D

Nene-L@@K, I looked, lol

Turtlememoir-Oh, I'm glad you like it~ I know right, yoga for the brain sounds great! ;D

Elizabeth! Nice to see you, again!
I will go look at your link~ It sounds wonderful to add a bit of color, too~ I hope life is treating you well ;D

Johanna-Sounds like a wonderful way to start the day! :D

Hi Jaycee-Yes, peaceful is something we could all enjoy ;D

Bossy Betty-You are so cute, lol :D

Nene-Normal is me finding a creative moment~ Two weeks cleaning and now hubby's vacation. No time to be creative, other than my blog~ I have to sneak random moments in... L@@K, lol

Wanda-Cheers! I'm passing you a Cherry coke... ;D lol

Alex-It to see you here, first ;D
Yes, we did it! woo hoo~
Yes, R would be for RUSH! lol
LOL! Fun post. ZZ Top, indeed.
SharleneT said…
Never heard of a Zentangle, before, but there's no question in my mind that this is a Virgoan concept. Though each section is different, they are each and every one precise. Very yoga-y... Love it, love it, love it. Definitely going to expand my doodling and find that book! Thanks for stopping by.
Anonymous said…
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