I promised....

I promised to share my Blueberry Cake recipe earlier this week, when I mentioned Berried Treasure.  It is the best Blueberry cake I have ever had, perhaps the best in the state of Maine. Maine is known for its blueberries. It is the Blueberry state, after all. We are also known for our Lobstah and our rocky coastline. It was where I was born n' raised.

I would love to say this recipe is an old family favorite, it is, but...  It isn't my families recipe. I did tweak it a bit, I do that a lot.  I'll bake something and then find a way to make it my own. I usually tell my kids " the secret ingredient is... ".  They now think everything I make has a secret.  It doesn't, ssshhh, don't tell them, its a secret!  

When I was little, my Dad was always rotating our fun. Sometimes we had a boat, sometimes a snowmobile. You get the idea.  My parents friends went cruising on the weekend. He decided he was going to do just that, so he bought a motorcycle.  Mom saw him leave and decided she was going to find us a sitter and go, too.  I wasn't old enough to watch my brother, who honestly was really Tarzan's child.  I swear, he swung from the curtains and jumped off the furniture...another story, for another time.  One of the couples that biked with them went to our church. They became friendly and this lady brought Blueberry Cake to our BBQ/Guitar party.   It was moist, with lots of blueberries and a cinnamon, sugary crust on top.  Yes, the kind of cake that makes your taste buds sing and makes you want to kiss your Mom or Grandmother for baking it!  

I have another name for this cake BE#itch Cake.  It is work to make this cake and you can't make it on a rainy day. It is a temperamental kind of cake.  The sun must be shining, certain birds singing in trees..I'm joking.  Honestly, the weather is key...you have to whip egg whites till stiff,  to get the cake to rise. And the blueberries need a bit of snow(flour) so they won't all sink to the bottom.   You get the idea..but it is so worth it!   Let me know if you make it and what you think :D

*Blueberry BE#itch Cake*

You will need a well greased(veg shortening) cake pan 13x9x2 " for this cake. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.  and you will need to bake this be#itch on the middle over rack. 

In a medium bowl you will mix or sift and set this aside:

3 cups all purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt

In a large bowl, cream together these ingredients:

1 c. Vegetable shortening(do not use the oil)
2 c. white granulated sugar
Here you will need to separate 4 eggs...save the egg whites in one bowl to whip later. Now you will use the 4 egg yolks.
To this adding alternately the flour mix(from the Med bowl) you will do with with 2/3cup of milk. I
add a bit of flour, to the wet mixture in the Large bowl and then add some, not all the milk.  You will want a friend to help you stir. This is killer for your bicep muscle. You can do it...but if you have help...share the fun.   They will help you eat the cake, right?!  Keeping mixing adding the flour and some milk, mix and repeat,  till it is mixed.

Now beat those egg whites until stiff . Now  be gentle with these darlings and fold them delicately into your batter.   I mean it grrrently... I use a rubber spatula and gently fold the batter over. You are aerating the batter, with this process.  (this is key)

Now, in a colander rinse 3 cup of blueberries frozen or fresh...doesn't matter.  YOU are going to sprinkle them with some snow(1 tbsp of  all purpose flour). Now shake the colander and dance...ok, make the berries dance, till they are covered with snow.  Now, pat your butt and everyone will know you worked hard..they will see floured hand prints, as you walk away, lol. Now, add the snow covered berries and 2 tsp of Vanilla extract(real or artificial, your choice).

Pour the batter evenly into the pre-greased cake pan.   * YOUR CHOICE, please use some of this mixture, but you do not have to use it all.  I use 2/3c. sugar and 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon.  Mix in a small bowl with a fork.  I  sprinkle all of it on the cake batter, your choice.  The topping as it bakes will separate like fault lines and flavor the cake.  The topping is crunchy...you'll see!

Bake in a 350 F oven for 40-45 minutes(you know this depends on your oven, so I would check your cake with a toothpick around 35 min).  OOooh, be sure to bake this cake on the middle rack of your oven.  This cake takes a bit of work, but it is soooo worth your efforts~  Me, I'll be biking mine off. Cakes at my house have a time limit...if it isn't gone in 24 hours,  I give it away!  Yes, I still am the Cake Nazi...lol.


Mary Ann Potter said…
The Cake Nazi --- I love it! A fun post. I made a copy of the recipe! Can't wait to try it. Your photos surely add to the deliciousness, you know!
KarenG said…
I adore blueberries! I've had them in pie (of course, who hasn't), muffins and pancakes but never had them in cake! I want to try this!
Janelle said…
This looks delicious. I am going to go blueberry picking soon so this came at just the right time. Thanks for sharing.
Linda H. said…
Thanks for the recipes and making it so interesting to read. I can't wait to try this BE#itch cake.
Linda H. said…
oops...recipe, not recipes...slip of the fingers
Renee said…
Looks yummy! It's blueberry season here so close to Maine, I'll have to bake this. Thanks :-)
Donna Shields said…
Oh yeah! Thanks for the recipe. I grew up in CT and have a sister who lives in Maine on the coastline. So, that was like my home away from home.
Heaven said…
Looks heavenly ~ Must try this sometime ~
Mary said…
Looks delicious, Ella. I loved the detail that you can't make the cake on a rainy day! I'm not much of a baker, but I sure would love it if someone would make this cake for me. LOL. (Fat chance)
Cheryl Klarich said…

My son is in Bar Harbor for the summer with my family...this brings me back...

Bless you!
These sure looks delicious. I've got to try your recipe. I hope it will be a success.
Heaven said…
You can use my grandmother's picture in an art piece, and maybe take a picture of it. I will send a copy of my mother who will be happy to see it. Her name is Hortensia Blancaflor-Montinola.
Ella said…
Thank you Heaven! I will let you know when I get it done...I have ideas stirring! :D
Anonymous said…
Ok...reading you got my lips smacking. All I can think of is melting a gloop of Vanilla ice-cream over it - not too much - while the cakes just a little warm - and perfectly crispy on top - and the berries, tart....ahhh....will strong arm the boyfriend to deal with it!
Ella said…
kolembo-Yes, we have taken warm cake and smashed in some Vanilla bean ice cream...it was incredible...email me if you bake it! You will be in berry heaven ;D

Heaven-Could you email me with a few more details..?! pretty please ;D Thank you!

Victoria-enJOY ;D

Cheryl-I am so jealous ;D I love Acadia Nat'l Park! How fab...why aren't you there?! ;D I hope he is having a wonderful time! Cadillac Mt is one of my fav. It has such a stunning view! Thank you~

Mary-Don't you have two daughters?!
YOU could have a berry party and get all involved...the kids could do the snow part and the topping. It is fun to mix the cinnamon sugar! ;D Thank you~

Heaven-I love your response and yes, it is ;D ATB

Donna-My hubby was born in Conn. and moved to Maine. He teases me about calling Maine, home...well, it is ;D

Renee-Let me know what you think!
I think you will be pleased~ ;D
I know August was always blueberry season...I have fond memories!

Linda-You are cute! ;D I hope it won't be too bad...just take your time and know it is worth it!

Janelle-How fun! You can include your children...it is a real treat to make. It is good warm, but better cold! ;D enJOY~

KarenG-Yes, you must try it! You will love it~ It is berry good ;D

Mary Ann-Thank you! Nothing like a taste of home, when you can't get there! I would walk 7 mls for a piece of this cake! :D Okay bike 7 mls!
Melissa Bradley said…
Blueberries, blueberries, blueberries..YUMM!!

This cake looks like a lot of work, but I hope to get my sister, the baker interested enough to try this. I'm bookmarking this page. Thanks for sharing this. :)
Ella said…
Melissa you are welcome ; )