Have you ever seen one of these?!

I was out watering the garden. I have a strawberry pot that I didn't use this year. I usually put Coleus in it and set it on my front doorstep.   I was surprised to see something growing out of it.  I didn't plant anything?!   What is it?!  Is it a flower or a mushroom?  It has mushroom like appearance, yet the stem is green and it is a floral shape.  Have you ever seen anything like this?!

I found a few online that remind me of it.   I hurried, to go snap a few photos. Daughter thought I was getting ready to leave...oops!  We went to Virginia, to the big mall and cool thrift shop, to finish up her back to school shopping.  We were running a little late....I had to snap a few pics!  Such an unique find...  It is always fun to have your child act like the parent... "Mom, c'mon we need to get going. What are you doing now?   Will you please get ready?" 

What do you think a flower or a mushroom?  I believe it is a Flower Mushroom.  Have you ever seen any odd mushrooms?  Yes, I saw a brain one, in a rather unique place.  I know I still have to get even with my husband....  It has been awhile, which will make it even more fun ;D    He won't remember what he did to me....but I haven't forgotten!!!   cackle, tee,hee, ha, ha

Hubby put it on the car!   I found it...then he went out at dark and put it inside the car, on the floor mat!  I have not forgotten~

Yes, it really does resemble a brain!  Have you seen any odd mushrooms?  What kind of prank should I play on  my husband?  ;D  


Mary Ann Potter said…
This looks like some of the stuff I find. I like fungus! I collect little forest findings for some of my art work, and I often pick up little sticks with that cool green stuff growing on it. I even found a perfectly round piece of bark with cute little flowery things growing on it. Going to take a photo of it to put on Flickr. I'll send you the link as soon as it's up. I'll also put it on my blog, This Country Life.
Ella said…
Mary Ann-Yes, we do find magic where ever we live :D In Maine, it was treasures from the shore~ How fun...I'd love to see the photo :D
Thank you~

Sherry Blue Sky said…
Very cool, I vote mushroom......how are you going to scare him with it? Put it in a sandwich and keep a straight face as you serve it?

Okay, here's a weird story for you......Life at Our House. My daughter gave birth in one of those birthing pools and saved the placenta, I cant remember why, she was either going to bury it, or there was some religious significance. Anyway she had put it in the freezer and forgotten about it, months later defrosting what she thought was spaghetti sauce for supper - when she took the lid off there was the placenta!

I remember defrosting something I thought were chicken drumsticks for my grandson's supper and discovering what was in the package was dog bones.

Keep us posted.
Rosalind Adam said…
I've never seen anything like that but it is quite beautiful, in a strange fungally way.
That's very weird. Looks like a fungus to me. :-)
Jess said…
I have to agree, I think it's a mushroom of a sort. Very interesting discovery! Thanks for sharing :)
Mary Ann Potter said…
Here's the link to the Flickr fungus foto! 8-0

nutschell said…
I actually find fungis fascinating :)
I love the pictures you took!
The brain mushroom is wild. No idea on the other one. (I recognize five flowers and one is the dandelion.)
Ask your daughter if she's practicing for her own kids!
Carrie Burtt said…
I go with mushroom....what an interesting find Ella! You will have to tell us what happens with your wonderful prank on your hubbie! :-)
kaykuala said…
It certainly is mushroom.They come in all shapes and sizes. Any thought of preserving them whole? Can be displayed on the mantelpiece. It'll make good conversational piece I would think! Great prose Ella!

KarenG said…
I vote mushroom. And thanks for the photo of it, very intriguing!
M Pax said…
A fascinating find. Very unusual. Let us know if you find out what it is. I like the brain mushroom. Cool. It's too dry here for mushrooms. We have lots of twisted brush.
Em-Musing said…
I think mushroom. I once woke up to find at least a dozen florescent yellow mushrooms growing in my mulch that looked like a man's you know what. Each night they'd die, then the next day more would be there. I never did take a pic and no one has ever seen them. Or believed me.
Shelly said…
A hybrid-flower-mushroom. And yes the last one looked like a mushroom.

Hugs and chocolate,
scarlett clay said…
Oh my goodness, I have never seen anything like that brain mushroom! That would've freaked me out, too! :)
Daydreamertoo said…
It does look like a brain.
Yes, I have a 16 y/o who acts like my mother at times too! LOL
Looks like some kind of mushroom fungi to me too.
Susan said…
A very neat post and pictures as well, with a fun project underway. Please make sure it is not poisonous before feeding it to your husband. Or you could set it in an aquarium and let him see you feeding it as if it was some kind of anemone--I mean the underwater kind.
Wanda said…
That's one unique looking creation.
Ella said…
I had to run to store to grab some butter, to make a double batch of Brownies. Daughter n' I are baking for the football game tonight! Go Bruins!!!
I will be back to comment... :D
Ella said…
Wanda-Thank you! I know right :D
Nature always inspires~

Susan-I would never feed mushrooms to anyone...ick! I wouldn't dare...
I'm thinking what I do will not involve any mush in any room, lol!
I think a few Halloween items some fake bugs will have a better effect ;D He rarely reads my blog!

Bren-I think it is funny! They start to see how we feel~ The shoes reversed, lol~ One time I acted like them, when they were really little...I yelled I don't wanna...their faces were so funny~
I love reversing the view ;D

Scarlett-Yes, it was quiet freaky...I didn't want to touch it!
I had to go get some plastic bags and remove it! He thought it was hilarious... I will get him! ;D

Shelly-Thank you hugs n' chocolate to you! :D You are cute...

Em-musing-Whoa...oh, you should of taken a photo~ How mystical and weird! I believe you~ Down here in the swamp there is a certain type of wood that glows. Some people think the swamp is haunted! ???

MPax-Twisted branches can be fun, too ;D I will if I ever find out for sure~ Nature is full of surprises!!!

Ella said…
KarenG-I think the mushrooms are going to win! ;D

Hank-Thank you! I bet there is...but I wonder what would not counter act with the mold?! This is scary. I think I will just photograph Mother Nature's gifts ;D

Carrie-I think to be safe, it is going to happen at home! I'm not going to put fake bugs behind the visor. I think it has to be a clever at home surprise, lol
Yes, I think mushroom is right :D

Alex-You are right ;D I think it is funny~ Now, when I say time to go or move it...she will understand! Driving is changing her perception, too! It is making my hair turn gray...augh~ lol

Nutschell-Thank you! I couldn't resist! Mother Nature always provides some fascinating finds, when we take another look ;D

Mary Ann-Thank you for sharing that link! This is amazing...I love stuff like this~ :D

Jess-Thanks for stopping by~ I will visit you...I'm kind of surrounded by Brownies, right now.
I promised I would bake for the football game. First high school game of the season...I thought it was early?! :D

Paul-You would be correct :D
And it is weird, in a good way, lol

Rosalind-This is exactly how I feel~ :D

Sherry-OMG, that is crazy! Sounds like you should write this one for your book! whoah....lol ;D