E is for Envelope

I wanted to do something new, but I found myself up late last night sewing, tagging and getting ready for today's Art Walk.   Anxiety and doubt have riddled me the past two days.  The voice I keep hearing says,  what were you thinking?   My kitchen table is trashed, piled with beads, seeds, ribbons, seam binding, vintage flowers, scrapbook paper and felt. I still want to create a few more things.  The more I think about it, the more I know-it is fine.  Some of the things I made I do not want to sell.  They feel like pieces of me going out into the universe to strangers. Will they like it?  I remind myself this is part of the process. 

Later today, it will be like a meet n' greet. It will be a miracle if I sell anything, but it will expose me to people and get my name out there.  I have not done this in my community. So, I am going to put a brave smiley face on and just do it.  I'll let you all know how it goes~  I bet my New England twang will make an appearance, lol.

 I had a box with folded envelopes-I was going to make a book. I can not find the box-sorry.  Today is a replay of me wrapping a gift with an envelope.  My apologies.  I will make up for it and have a give away, soon.  

Here is the link~

Here are a few photos of tags I made.  

Yes, a Target envelope!

The white tag is newspaper.  I rubber stamped it and added Washi tape.
I cut another tag out of the envelope.

Next you can punch a hole add some ribbon or twine and more tape if you like.

I did end up trimming this tag at the end of the Memory tape.  Again endless options~

Two E bloggers today:    EJ Wesley from The Open Vein.   EJ is an author and all round great guy~  I admire his voice to say what many of us feel! He is gifted in writing and art.  Be sure to stop by and say "hi"-you will be glad you did :D

Elise Fallson is a writer and artist!  Let's not forget the creator of Mini Alex :D  I'm jealous of her life in France!  She is talented and loves finding joy in life!  She is fond of Entomology-another E word!   You can discover more about her here~


EJ and Elise rock!
Very creative with the envelope.
And you'll do great today! Just relax.
Renee said…
These are GORGEOUS! Don't be nervous, have fun.
Trisha F said…
I love your crafty stuff! Good job :) I hope you enjoy your day!
Tracey Glass said…
These are wonderful. I never considered reusing an envelope like this. Thanks for sharing!

It's natural to be nervous in some way, shape, or form. I hope you have fun.

Mary said…
Beautiful, Ella. Enjoy your day.

I do understand not wanting to sell something you put so much of yourself into. I think I would feel the same way.
Mark Means said…
Those look great, Ella...very well done :)

Big fan of Elise, too.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Am sure people will be blown away by your creativity, as we are. Have fun!!!!!
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, hope you had a lovely day, they look lovely. I like the sound of the kitchen table, I would have loved to have stayed and play a while. Blessings for the week. Amanda:)
That's so crafty of you.
Wanda said…
Wishing you lots of exposure and sales at the Art Walk. Great way to share your gift to your local community.
Mama Zen said…
You are going to be fabulous, Ella!
DiscConnected said…
I'd always wondered whether artists who create an object (rather than a book, or music) struggle with letting that object go.

A lady I dated in college painted, and I remember once analyzing what she got for a painting versus the time she put in (I'm an accountant), and it was not enough.

But she was doing something she loved...and no one really loves being an accountant-it's just something we say!

E.J. Wesley said…
Those are gorgeous, Ella! Make me think of really gorgeous bookmarks. :D

Thanks so much for the shout out, btw. Really needed and appreciated this week. :)

Good luck at the Art Walk! Your work will sell itself. Just share your love for creating with the passers by like you do with us, and they'll love you. Just like us! :)
Good luck at the art walk, I'm sure you'll do great! :)

Your pieces are very creative and very individualistic -- the secrets of REAL style. Good job!

KT Did said…
Very creative and looking forward to reading more ideas from you!
A-Z Challenge
KaTy Did at Life's Ride As I See It
Connie Gruning said…
I love that!! I would have never thought of using the target envelope.
A to Z buddy
Peanut Butter and Whine
Ella said…
Hi Connie :D Yes, it is amazing what you can do with mail! ;D
Thank you~

KT Did-Thank you! I will be by...I love your photos :D

Canadian Chickadee-Thank you! I really appreciate your kind words~
@>-------- xo

EJ-Thank you! I do think passion speaks many language-body language says so much! YOU rock :D

LC-It does feel odd-the time,the arrangement, and the idea! Yet, I think if someone wants to buy an item-it should be a compliment.
I see what you mean! ;D I went to college to be an accountant-didn't work out. I did finish, but have a degree in Business Science!

Mama Zen-Thank you so much! This means a lot~ I am missing my poetic edge-;D

Wanda-Thank you! I love this idea~:D

Michael-Thank yo so much :D

Amanda-I would of loved it, if you stopped by-what fun we would have! :D xo Thank you~

Sherry-Thank you so much :D It will be good for me! I do need to toss myself out there, lol.

Hi Mark-Thank you! ;D You are sweet~

Mary-It is odd, but I will learn I hope to get over it! :D Thank you~

Tracey-Thank you for your encouragement-part of the process, I guess! :D Yes, have fun and rock an envelope, lol

Trisha-Thank you! Yes, the advantages of mail ;D lol

Renee-Thank you :D Yes, have fun is great advice~ @>--------

Alex-Thank you wise Ninja-I will listen ;D

Kerry O'Connor said…
I hope the Art Walk went well, Ella. If I came across your stand at a market, I know I would want to own several of your beautiful pieces.
Ella said…
Thank you Kerry, you are so sweet~
Maybe someday our paths will cross :D
It would be wonderful if you could come to the U.S. to visit~ @>--------
Melissa Bradley said…
I know you were wonderful at the Art Walk. You are a bright spirit whose loveliness shines through every thing you do.

I adore EJ and Elise, great shout out to them.