Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Swirl of Blue

I'll be back to share my sea captain story-on Friday.  I started a poem earlier but became stuck- I need to go walk, get out of my head.  It was sleeting outside-tiny white hail which looks like Styrofoam pellets pummeling my deck and lawn.  It is bone chilling outside-the southern's humidity is seeping into my bones.

Susie enticed us to watch Pink's performance and write a poem.  It gave me goosebumps-many ideas came to mind, but I went with the first one.  As I was writing I had a special guest visit me, a   gorgeous Bluebird-I have seen them from a distance, but never on my deck.

You circle me in
a swirl of marine blue
fragile winter violets
feather my hands
as your heavy lids catch snow
we embrace n' twirl
like children in a sea of fur branches
while Blue watches us
as daylight's glitter shines

A happy accident
10:10 arrival
 threaded lace n' oyster's pearls
I twirl the ring on my finger
it circles wind's whispers
as harvest light dangles
our promise
in a sliver of silver.

Here is Pink's performance-breathtaking!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

aMUSing Time Out

On Sunday, Margaret inspired us with her gorgeous photos of southern homes and asked us to write a poem.  I have tried three times and am still having difficulty.   Somehow the Girl Scouts, a tea party in a sea captain's home and my family all tangled together.  I will share in my next post-so many parallels in one's family- if you just look.  I have to run errands-I guess we have a storm brewing.  I hope the sun is out in your neck of the woods.  Today I am just going to share a simple time out I do to keep my muse happy.   I will be back with my odd home connections.  It is a story with tea, Polio and a captain lost at sea-true story!  

My  hound discovered his friend Mr. Turtle playing hide n' go seek!   Miss Rabbit was out the day before, and I saw a Robin on Sunday.  Yes, the stirrings of spring are poking out or maybe I should say hopping about!  And the Toads were partying Saturday night-loud n' proud in my back yard croaking a chorus filled with cheer.

I have been playing with Tape Tranfers-simple, but makes for a quick art project that makes my muse smile.  Sometimes she plays tug of war with me and this happy accident seems to be enough of a bribe- until I can make time for an art binge.   Yes, I bribe my inner child!

Take clear packing tape and capture an image in a magazine or catalog.  Cut the tape out and soak it in a  bowl of warm tap water.   Let it set for a few minutes-now remove the tape and place on paper towels.  Now you will want to rub the image off the back of the tape. It takes a bit of work, but worth the time n' effort. 

Yes, it takes a bit of patience, but the image will come off.   Set it to drive on paper towels or napkins, but not for too long.  The sticky will come back, when the image dries.  I set them for a few minutes, than reverse the image.

See the paper is coming off-this is the back part of the tape.  I was inspired by the stirrings of spring and thought I would use Daffodils. I must go look out in the yard and see if mine have bloomed.  I did see their green arms arching towards the sunlight-last time I looked. 

Oh, there is still more paper to rub off-but you get the idea.  

Wanna see what I made?

I took a book, which had torn out pages...yes, a Velveteen Rabbit type book- I didn't want to part with it.    So, instead I made art!  I love how the words come through the image.  White creates a resist.

You can layer several pieces of tapes over each other to create an ethereal effect.  This is an inexpensive way to make an unique card!

I am going to capture the girl with her arms out like a bird- okay plane.  

Cut the image or images out and soak in the bowl of warm water!

This piece isn't quite done.  I layered the girl on a book page, then added scrapbook elements and some Washi tape.  Yes, let your muse tug your hand and make time to play-every day-it will save your soul!

Friday, February 21, 2014

L@@K at Me My Love

Over in the Garden, Corey challenged us to make a Mix tape poem.

"So to honor this tradition of love, I want you to write me something that screams "look at me my love", but not in a way that is lacy and ethereal like some writing about love.  I want you to be cheesy, lusty, rapturous, obsessed, candid, fun, belligerent or awkward.  I want the real face of love, clumsy and heady, obtuse and full of blushing. You can use the mix tape as a subject or not, but I want that idea to at least hang in the air. This should be new writing, poem, snippet, billboard, short story, autobiography or an ode to a long lost tribe of talking rabbits....I am know that."

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Get Listed

Kenia gave us a list to inspire poetry.  She was inspired by one of her favorite books.  Have you read it?  

It was very gray this morning,  I thought I might have fun trying to capture a mood with the light and my daughter's roses.   My daughter is a fan of pink-she announced at the tender age of three-she was going to grow up and have pink hair.  I see pink and am always reminded of this conversation and how much it tickles me.  Yes I am Tickled Pink.    She hasn't dye it yet,  her favorite color is now transformed to a 
peachy pink. 

Memory's Gift

Pewter sky kisses milkweed clouds
painting a fence of curious
 crows around my heart's yellow pages
droplets of rain pool 
casting resin glaze
over puzzled green eyes
ever-present  ruby edges remain
like licorice and bricks
dusting parched lips 
with spring water 
lipid gray stones tumble downhill
of blue scratches sky's muse
golden threads last chance
to paint landscape with
 mountains of Red Delicious peelings.

©Ellen Wilson

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

     I hope your day is filled with colorful fun n' wonder and most of all love.  Self love is good, too for those who are not attached.   I found my Valentine's Eve full of startling prospects.  My daughter's boyfriend drove from college to be home this weekend.  He was  caught in the storm that gridlocked the city of  Raleigh, North Carolina.  He normally has a six hour drive, but due to the snow conditions- he arrived home safe n' sound at 3 am.  My daughter made reservations for them in a restaurant-inside an old home. Each room has a special theme-I will be curious to find out the details.  I discovered the owners are locals and were actually married in a grassy field that now is the parking lot of their now passionate business!   I hope to go someday-but not on a holiday~
Our memories are marked by sentiment and numbers!

     She asked to borrow my black pantyhose. This is where being an artist can raise havoc-how you ask?  I grabbed my hose out of my draw and handed them to her.  She thanked me and went back to her homework.  She came out of her room and said, "Mom, what the heck?"   I had cut the leg off the hose and shoved them back in the draw.  I had made a bracelet out of one leg and saved them-in case I decided to make another bracelet.  Who does this?  Creative people do.  I laughed so hard trying to convince her, she could wear another color and cut the leg off so I could have it.  A red leg and a black one-"You would look hip."    I helped her make a birthday cake...okay, I made the Cream cheese frosting, she baked a Lemon cake.  Boyfriend had a birthday a few weeks ago so they are celebrating tonight after their romantic dinner, tomorrow they attend a wedding, and on Sunday I have a photo shoot with them.  Oh, yeah, I am not suppose to say hip-lol.  Daughter says cool is still okay, but not hip!   Do you remember your parents trying to be cool?!

A blue heart-why not!  I think might is green-always growing~

Selfie of cool daughter!  Tonight she is wearing a black n' white daisy dress with red accessories!

I wrapped a gift with fabric and some snippets of lace and seeds.   It is the front page inside a poetry book by Carl Sandburg. I think it describes swapping Valentines-don't you?!

I am still working on my Valentine's!  I hope you and yours have a lovely day~

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Life has been Cuckoo

My life has been extremely busy and with all that has happened the past few months.  I guess I needed time away to spiral inward.   Sometime I will share a bit about the chaos or the eye of the storm, but for now I miss you, your words and view on life.   It is spitting snow again and I have errands to tend to-when I return I will try to play catch up.  I owe many of you a visit.  I have been writing like a ninja, while nursing my cold and trying to regain my rhythm.  It was thrown off by several events that required my time and attention.  

For now, I want to share with you a wisdom that I discovered this week.  My hound taught me:

"You can teach an old dog new tricks!"

My hound didn't die, when I told you I lost a pet it was my fish.  I didn't say what pet, but it was my fish, Dante.  He was special-a ooak type of fish.  It is hard to explain unless you witnessed the way he acted and reacted.  He loved school, art and poetry-I miss him.

A red cardinal has been dropping by on my deck and in my yard and I wanted a photo.  He is a plump beauty and skittish of any movement.  Other birds stop by my deck and seem quite bold and brave strutting around, but not him.  So, I was having a cup of tea and thought I would stick a tea cup out on the deck-with some seed I had purchased.  A square of wild bird seed coated with honey was the treat I offered.  I broke the block in chunks.   My hound was watching the tea party with fascination-so I thought.   Irritation is more like it!

See how plump Red is!  I discovered he chases off the other birds, who came to the party. 
  Red is a bully!

Underdog had seen enough of this bad behavior and stole the rest of the seed.  Now, here is where it gets iffy:  Did he take it so the other birds could have their snack or was he curious about the treat and wanted it for himself.  How dare I feed anyone else, but him!   

Guess what?!

My hound likes bird seed.  He did bury it, but went back out and dug it up.  I saw the other birds eating it, after he had taken a sample.  His face was covered in bird seed when he came back inside.  
Yes, an old dog is still curious, will try new food and will right the wrongs in the animal world.  
Where is Sweet Polly Purebred in this tale?!   

Actually our neighbor- next door has two hounds, Daisy and Duke.  Another neighbor has a beagle named Isabelle.  Sweet Polly is on assignment!  Perhaps she will visit soon~

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


     Sorry I am late!  I had a dream about the IWSG, last night.  We were partying in the rabbit hole, tea party and all. When the Mad Hatter announced he was one of us-a writer!  Well, a few people left immediately, but most of us gathered around him and asked him, "How did this happen?"

     He started singing its a Mad World by Tears for Fears and we all were touched. We clustered around him holding hands.  He was one of our own-we whispered n' sang, while nodding our heads in rhythm.  He was one of us, he got it.   Then our favorite Ninja showed up and played an amazing guitar riff!  We rocked till the damn rabbit flashed his time piece and chased us out of the place.  In the song it talks about running in circles-I guess the rabbit isn't the only one who does this.

    No one in their right mind would be a writer.  I read this somewhere, but I do believe it is true.  We need time alone to process our thoughts.  We linger in coffee shops, airports gathering glitter and glue to make our characters shine and stick in your head.  We want you to remember them, so if they decide they aren't moving out of our gray mattered garden-we can write a sequel or trilogy.

    I have an art challenge I need to finish- the deadline is looming. I wrote the cover letter already, but the art is not done. I use to make the art first.   I had downloaded a writing book called Write Away by Elizabeth George.   I needed a break, the internet was slow and maybe something would inspire an idea.

   The author states "Craft is the point."  She mentions three things cannot be taught:  art, passion and discipline, but the craft of writing can be. "Pure craft will, of course not make someone Shakespeare.  It won't make someone William Faulkner or Jane Austen."  Huh?!  She tells us how they can serve as our guides, but first we must learn the craft. I am reminded-I have a lot to learn.     Fear is falling into the rabbit hole without a map.  So, I am off to make one.   How about you?   Do you have a map, do you follow your intuition, do you think writing is sometimes a mad world?

 Be brave!  You are not alone~

Stop by and check out the Insecure Writer's Support Group founded by Alex Cavanaugh.  We share our insecurities and encouragement is always offered!   Check us out~

"Courage is fear that has said its prayers."
-Dorothy Bernard