Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scary Joy

Halloween has a kick to it, for me.  No really-the last home football game is tonight.  It was suppose to be Friday, but due to rain-it was cancelled.  The Seniors and their parents will go out on the field. Yes, I have to dress up and march-it reminds me of a Halloween parade I was in years ago.  I am kind of sad-I love handing out candy.  Our neighbors took the day off from work and are busy creating a special look for their party!  The dry ice works-I will share photos tomorrow.  

I want to show you some unique sites I found to put you in a hallowed mood...

First up your treat-I made this Butternut Squash soup earlier this week.  A huge hit at my home.   It is not my recipe-you can find it here.   Do not add the cream until you have finished all the steps.  It is the last thing to add and then leave on to simmer.  It is amazing like a warm hug with a bit of spice~  My family loved it so much-everyone came home with a butternut squash.  

Dessert you say-check this out!   I am baking cookies now, but if you want to eat your heart out-this is the place!

Miss Cakehead has Maggot Extracted Cupcakes for those of you, who like to play with your food!

My son showed me  videos this week ......WARNING some of these have language and sexual references-so if you are sensitive-you may not want to watch.  I picked the mild n' timid ones.   The Mantis Shrimp is one scary clown, the owl shares a fractured fairytale and the Tarsier is freaky.  

I hope your Halloween is filled with sweet treats, a bit of humor and just a little scare.

Be safe! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Imaginary Garden

photo credit: `James Wheeler via photopin cc

 I wanted to share this photo that Kerry posted in our Imaginary Garden-gorgeous isn't it! 
So I wrote two poems this morning-they came kinda fast.  It always surprises me when they do.  I hope you had a magical weekend.  Tomorrow, I will share some spooktacular ideas.   I hope my poems tingle your senses-just a bit, I mean bite, no bit.

Did you watch the new series Dracula?  What did you think?

Dinner Guest

Molting red feathers tease air
beneath sweep of blue
shake day with clinking ice
two shadows emerge
mouth tightens
eyes cloud
skin prickles
sharp silver edged tongue
cuts, smiles, scrapes
heart cracked
sunshine yellow oozes
again exposed...
carefully glue webbed 
cracked shell until
Jekyll cooks again 
Hyde shows up for 

© Ellen Wilson

Hope Haunts

Morning born 
wrapped in blue n' white blanket
mother will paint new sky
through dust motes n' glitter
drops of red startle me
whites spirits spiral
tiny bites sting between day and death
I smell burnt snow
shivering, I push through the air
bones of my head n' hands hurt
glass walls
can't be erased
like buzzing bees attacking
residual burnt sugar drowns me
bared teeth startle
harsh claws scrap my wings
clipping me....screaming
you have control....

© Ellen Wilson

Blind Ballet

Fragile heart flickers
powdery whiteness her gown now
glorious blue wings extracted
by blinding sun's light
graceful dancer once performed for the Queen
injured n' dis-eased
flutters as
icy bones frantically
crave warm embrace
exposed blush silk lining
ignites disillusioned
Sleeping beauty misses her former
settles on bad boy

© Ellen Wilson