Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black & White

Over in the Garden Kerry challenged us to write in Black & White.  My life has been black n' white for the past ten day. My dishwasher is dying-I know Thanksgiving and all those dishes....I cut some of my menu.  We picked out a machine and it is on back order...grrrr!   Every day I would get online with dishpan hands and think what do I say? My washing machine is dying too. There is more-but I won't bore you with the details-basically I have felt like I have traveled back in time.

  I am thankful-I have a wonderful family, friends and blog friends who remind me each day to see the good in the world!  Thank you!  I honestly have been at a loss for words, so not my style.  Today my hubby was told he was selected for a position with a military contractor-he got a job!  We are thankful~
 My daughter's guard has a program called Full Circle.  The struggles everyone goes through, when they have a dream.

   Center stage 
home crowd cheers
as sacred stars march
 in peacock pride 
fingers clenched as 
prying eyes see their neon hearts
blinking in the whipping wind
in drizzling mist, in sweeping fog
doubt clouds vision 
nocturnal wings dip n' swirl  
 breath of blue mirrors
silver arched light as morning 
lullabies fade
 orange monarch wings bloom as
pale light pools n' shines
sacred jewels glow
 hum buzzes in sea of steel
 sacred toss flutters
soaring birds reaching for glimmering stars
fall back to earth 
a sable chill in 
wounded doves' whispers
 sky dive blue
 birds hoping to tilt their wings
towards gold.... 

© Ellen Wilson

When I watch the guard perform-I see butterflies twirling and tilting their wings, no matter what the conditions.     Big smiles are planted, even though I know their doubt lingers wondering how they  performed in regards to  the big picture.    Later, my daughter sits with me in the crowd  asking for my  input or their performance and their competition-the other bands in their division.  The dark wings of doubt  dance across her brow, but I remind her of all the good, what went well and my photos show the proof.    I think the dance of our darkness fades as we continue to reach for our star. 
One can hope....


Sunday, November 17, 2013


Our third installment of the Tanka series, inspired by Hisashi Nakamura.  Kerry has shared his gifts with us-in regards to translating Japanese Tanka poems into English. We are to capture a stillness. There is a lot more to this form. You can read more here and here.  For me, I think of it as taking a photo.  When you take a picture, you try to capture an image, a memory.  Sometimes you just want to freeze the moment or evoke a feeling.  I  think of this form as holding my  breath, before I push the button...  Do you see a photo in my words?!  

  I wrote my poems by feeling.  I have a major headache and didn't want to play with counting syllables or tidying my thoughts.  I liked the direction I went in and what came first into my mind. 

White clouds billow
pinned to sky's clothes line
sunlight tickles them
vexed by freeze frame thoughts
I cast my line into day.

© Ellen Wilson

Faded lace tablecloth
arches her wings into blue surrender
sunlight caresses her
their love
 threads eyes of day.

© Ellen Wilson

Invisible hands
paint Texas stars onto river
cold blue edges curl
wings of light surrender
as day's bridge appears

© Ellen Wilson


Friday, November 15, 2013

Second Time....

Second times the charm or is it the third time?  I have heard it both ways.  Have you?

Over in the Garden, Fireblossom asked us to share a poem that we thought our best. I love   the idea, but struggled with it.    After reading several of my poems-I see errors and things I wish I had done different...but this is part of the process.  So, here is my offering...
It was posted on my other blog, Ella's Font-so it may be new poem-for some of you.  I don't have a best poem-not yet!



Lone Wolf 

I caught the moon bleeding light
winking at me
  dreams dangling
  lost amongst a
sea of black Swarovski crystals
Mom told me
timelessly he flirts
netting many dreams
Marilyn Monroe almost caught him
 his Jekyll n' Hyde
  too much for her
Setting off my wilderness
once a month I am 
  serenaded by Moon flowers
Beeswax candles drip pooling light
but we will never
walk the red carpet ============
he a lone wolf 
golden jackal roaming
his love call  
heard by all
I released him back into the wild
He is perched 
on his nightly throne
holding a grudge
I prefer the strong, silent time 
he watches me 
 silvery orb
  he belongs to no one
 and to all. 
© Ellen Wilson

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Driven Mad

Life has been a bit mad lately.   I honestly felt like Alice falling into the rabbit's hole- my journey has been a  bit more hellish.   Yes, there was tea involved, gloves and Vanilla mint cookies.  I was working on an art challenge and became a bit obsessed-I prefer driven.

Yes, we have struggled with Ninja Chiggers-dreadful mites that live outdoors. They love to cling to your wrists and ankles.  I  won't go into the horrid details-but let's just say I have been cleaning everything like a Mad Hatter.  I have washed everything with hot water and those items one can't-well I tossed those out on the deck to freeze.  I did see Peter the other night scurrying off in the leaves.  Sorry Peter dear, the tender hearts you love are bitten with white frost.  I will plant you new treats, next spring.

I was working on art to submit to  Somerset Memories. 
The challenge is to create art and   'Think Outside the Book'.  I decided to make art which reflected Emily Dickinson's poetry. 

Yes, her hands are pencils!  

I also created some art with reflection.  She became a recluse-her view of the world was through panes of glass.  Did she retreat because of pain?  Perhaps she was ill or weary due to a broken heart?    Sad...

Another project-yes, see gloves!

A future wedding memento for my daughter.   You know plenty of somethings.
"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence for your shoe."   When you submit to the magazine-sometimes you will be published for your mail art or the way you wrap your submissions.  Yes, it kinda of felt like a birthday, wedding and tea party at my home. 

Yes, I am pouring tea, my Mad Hatter duties are to be continued...

“A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it's in hot water.”   ― Eleanor Roosevelt




Thursday, November 7, 2013

Poetic Heart of Google-

Samuel at dVerse inspired us to try a listing type poem.  He mentioned this site: 
Googlism!  Go ahead type in your name and see what magic appears for you or curse.  


Ella is a new zine
she ends with the beginning-
 Ella is a  "new twist on an old fairytale"
     enchanting retelling of cinderELLA with alien fashions
Ella is determined to free herself from the curse
    which she has grown accustomed
     she must live like a teenager in a fictional medieval village
     where people look like cats n' dogs
Ella is looking for an awesome cello player to release her spell
Ella is a "real Maine camp" located on the Sunday river in Newry
Ella must confront the ogre to win back her creative muse
Ella is artistically driven and will succeed
    she knows the force is on her side
    she has come too far to give up
    she is kind, dedicated to the movie Amelie
    and will return all the toys to their rightful owners
    after the fashion show with Dr. Chandi
    and her yoga class, after her library dues are paid in full
Ella must give popcorn to the world n' poems to break the curse
    and dress like an alien
    perform with Pentatonix
    and plan one hell of a blog party in Kansas
    yes, Ella has red shoes---------
which make her better n' stronger!
    now let's celebrate and be free, 
so free to celebrate--------


Wednesday, November 6, 2013


*****  PHOTO:  Kai Charles

It is the first Wednesday of the month and time for the  Insecure Writer's Support Group to offer support~   IWSG is the thoughtful idea of Alex Cavanaugh!  If you want to join click on IWSG and sign up~

"Time to release our fears to the world – or offer encouragement to those who are feeling neurotic. If you’d like to join us, click on the tab above and sign up. We post the first Wednesday of every month. I encourage everyone to visit at least a dozen new blogs and leave a comment. Your words might be the encouragement someone needs"

Thank you Alex! 

Last night my daughter found out the theme for her winter guard show,  'On Thin Ice'.  
Maybe this could be analogy of the writing process?!

We as writers, weather many storms.  We have to brace our doubt, dance with our muse and continue onward in a blinding storm, to make our story a  reality.   I think all art forms know how crazy the weather can be.    It doesn't matter if you write books, stories, songs, pen poetry, create an artist's window.  Art is a venture on thin ice.  Will anyone get my view, will anyone like it, will I be able to reach people-connect with them?!  Will they like my characters, my words, my vision?!   We hope we aren't blinded by our passion and rejection(you know that glacier that sweeps over you).  We try to prepare, study, ask others to read our work, take criticism and continue on-as we brace more storms.

   We are like those frozen snowflakes-unique and hoping to create something vivid and memorable-like the storm of 99.  (it is just an example-stop thinking what storm-stop it!)

Sometimes we are just twirling in the wind, hanging on for dear life as the big adventure swirls around us.  We see other succeed and we are happy for them, yet we haven't.  We have to remind each other-they also weathered many storms of rejection.  Each storm you face is a badge of courage. You are a survivor-still willing to skate on more thin ice and face more uncertain weather.  We have to be like ice-fragile yet strong!

Our friends are like the weatherman or woman offering us hope~   Remember everyone has a beginning and storms to share.  WE all have to brave the ice before we can bask in the sun!
So keep chipping away at the ice and remember sometimes we writers just have to take a break and chill!

Sorry for the bad pun and the winter references, but seriously we all need to walk
 away, make time to chill!  Brain freeze is the same as writer's block-put the ice cream down!

Yes, self publishing is like the weather forecast-filled with hope!

Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.
– Pietro Aretino

“Lives are snowflakes - unique in detail, forming patterns we have seen before, but as like one another as peas in a pod (and have you ever looked at peas in a pod? I mean, really looked at them? There's not a chance you'd mistake one for another, after a minute's close inspection.)
Neil Gaiman, American Gods 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


The ups and downs of the weather have me fighting with my sinuses again-the weather is crazy!  I hope you are feeling well~ 

My horoscope was rather odd today! Yes, it happens once in a blue moon-the words seem to suit you!  I know it is the law of physics, but this was especially unique~

Taurus Horoscope for week of November 7, 2013
Verticle Oracle card Taurus (April 20-May 20)
"Poetry might be defined as the clear expression of mixed feelings," wrote W.H. Auden. If that's true, then your job is to be a poet right now. You seem to be awash in a hubbub of paradoxical inclinations, complete with conflicting desires and mismatched truths. There's no shame or blame in that. But you do have a responsibility to communicate your complexity with honesty and precision. If you can manage that, people will treat you with affection and give you extra slack. They might even thank you.

 Try this: Prime your connection with spirit by focusing your attention on tones and shapes you usually miss: reflections in windows, the sky between the oak tree's branches, the shadows on the water, the two different emotions in a friend's eyes and mouth.

Go here to check yours! 

What makes this even more bizarre is-the art I created yesterday!  I followed the advice of Alex and Sherry!!   Thank you~   I have been playing with creating visual poetry.   I was inspired by Emily Dickinson's poetry.  The woman ended up a hermit.  Her nickname was 'The Myth'.   It is written she had a penchant for white and was often seen peering out  her window.   I recently saw this book, The Gorgeous Nothings: Emily Dickinson's Envelope Poems- I was intrigued.  I created art representative of her envelope poems.  I am getting ready to mail my art in for an art challenge.  I wrote the cover letter and in it I mentioned 'reflections in windows'.

Yes, this horoscope definitely got my attention!

Over at dVerse,,  Grace was talking about the time change!  She told us she is  thankful to see the sun on her morning commute.  The time change makes me crave light, even though I do love the night-my time alone to write.  How do you feel about  the time change,  the lack of light?

Enlightened Mysteries

I crave trickling honey
caressing my hair
playing hide n' seek
black box catches it
adjusting for freeze fast
I lock in and capture
expose it
thread it through my day
and hope tomorrow
it bleeds and seeps
into my soul's
 enlightened mysteries
like lightening bugs
dancing on paper

© Ellen Wilson