Monday, September 30, 2013


I volunteer at the local Senior Center-I teach art.  I have been trying to be brave enough to go downtown and offer to teach at the local art studio. Something is stopping me in my tracks.   I do not have an art history background, I do not have any credentials, I do not-blah, blah, blah.  Then I thought about what I do have:  I have passion, I have a lot of unique ideas, and I am often told I am funny.  So, worse case if I get off track or panic I can tell stories and jokes!  I didn't realize how much bravery was needed to be an artist. I mean yes, I understood some of it.  We have to boldly step outside ourselves and share.  Sometimes I feel shy n' just want to do the art and other times I want to share what inspired me.  I wish more artists would talk about their creative process.  I think it cheers us all on! 

This photo inspired my idea for the class.

I knew I wanted to make something that would make the seniors happy.   Autumn is filled with color and makes most people feel uplifted and alters one's mood.  The cooler temps, the memories of autumn's magic transform us.   When I was at the local grocery store I grabbed some extra paper bags.   I went home and cut out three basic leaf shapes:  Maple, Oak and Aspen leaves.  

 I found some yarn and string-I knew I need something to add texture to the leaves.

Yes, just ordinary paper bags waiting to be transformed.

This is my demo to share with the class.  They were surprised to see how when we crumpled the paper bag-it resembled a leaf.   I cut up sponges for them to dabble the paint on.  Their leaves had a mosaic appearance.  I had more people join in this time-my class is growing.   I still have a few cynics who tell me their art is only worthy of the trash can-but I tell them no more trash talk.  We need to get busy and make a lot of leaves to fill the center with autumn's magic.  My class is before lunch, when the clock strikes twelve they usually scatter,  but not this time.  This time many lingered to finish their art.  Beauty was found in the ordinary.  Everyone's mood transformed, as we made art.  I told them there is no right way or wrong way-pick the colors you love and have fun.  Art is suppose to be about expressing one's self.  I think they are beginning to be more at ease with me.   Does this time of year make you feel transformed?  Do you volunteer?  

 What do you love most about autumn?  Our leaves here in the south are just starting to turn.  What about in your neck of the woods?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tiny Rooms

Margaret shared us with us a visit to a museum in Chicago with tiny replicated rooms of different time periods and styles.    "I visited the Art Institute of Chicago, this past summer and enjoyed the 69 miniatures of both European and American interiors.  The scales are one inch to one foot which became a standard in the miniature industry.  The miniatures are crafted from the same type of wood used for the original pieces of furniture, and the grain of the wood had to fit the small scale of objects." 
 HERE is a link to videos and further photos of this exhibition.   HERE is a link to all 69 rooms.

Thank you Margaret, I am in awe of the glorious details!

Yes, being from New England- I had to attempt a poem inspired by this room.  How special and beautiful these miniature rooms are-wow!

Mrs. James Ward Thorne
American, 1882-1966
A13: New England Bedroom, 1750-1850, c. 1940

Eternal Spring

Sun washed promises reside
in my bedroom
with a golden broom
I have swept winter from my mind

Lady of light
protects me
she lands here like a queen bee
her crowning glory
whispers and gleams
her wide eyes remember...

Laurel leaves climb the walls
kissing painted cranberries
lingering thoughts of my handsome beau
and our secret encounter.

Secret spring bloomed
in wondrous shadows
under the pale moonlight
 warmth of honey spreading
through me like a field of wild thimbleweeds
dancing in twilight's breeze.

Polished pride scents my room
as the sun warms the bees
waxed carved roses
light tickles Maple cream floor
golden promises of himlight the fire of my day.

I brush my Strawberry blonde hair
 my blush lingers
I fall into my carved haven
onto down feathered bed
maiden voyage unfurls
I'm dancing with fiddle head ferns
in final ice dance of spring

Morning hazy wakes me
reminded of the tender arched
boughs of our first kiss under
the black evergreens
warm n' mellow our mood
like buttery Chardonnay
Glaze of layered light
wraps us warm
even on the coldest winter day
 in humble spun gold.

Cozy with a bit of blush
remembering young love
 tart n' sweet with green notes
of apples blossoms n' fresh moss.

He still glows when
he tells me
"green brings out the pink in you"
saturated forever in summer's
first kiss. 

© Ellen Wilson

This was a difficult write for me.  I wanted to do another room-perhaps on Monday!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Poet's United

Forever Smitten

Gray roses
in fragile parchment
open with iridescent gold
handfuls of baby pink words
outline the lichen blotches
of green
sometimes blue words
tangle with golden threads
unlocking the memory
in one's secret garden
Ivy clings n'climbs
discovering stuffed petals
poking through-out one's day
trees wave n'
sweet nothings
and I am forever

© Ellen Wilson

My love affair with words will never end!  How profound are words!  How they connect us to each other and share many opinions and views.  They move us to cheer, to tear and make us crave the gift of moving others, with our words~

This is for Poets United. The prompt is we are interconnected!  I decided to write about words.  I think most everyone I know has had an affair with words~