Sunday, November 28, 2010


We headed into the city today; It will be crazy everywhere, from now til the 25th~  I listed more items in my
 Etsy shop, I was in the Everything else showcase today.  Had to stay with the E'  I will give away 2 pouches, one for you and one for you to give away.  I can make something more masculine, styled to your taste if you win or more current.  I will discuss details with the winner.I will throw in a few surprise items, as well~
Give away rules: You have to answer three questions; You can enter more than once. I will announce the winner on Dec 5th  You should be able to find these answers on my blog.

1. How many times have I moved, as a military spouse? If no one gets this, I will drop a hint.

2. What part of the country am I originally from?  Nah, no hint on this one, I mention it a lot...

3. In a  recent course I took I formulated a career path, I am researching now. What did I pick?

    A. Baker/Chef
    B. Candle stick maker
    C. Life Coach
    D. Dietician
    E. Physical Therapist

Bonus:   Who is one of my favorite poets?
For every correct answer, your name will go in the hat. Remember, you can keep guessing. I will provide some hints, throughout the week.

Good Luck~

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

I thought I would share with all of you, a piece of pie~  It will fill you up,but you won't feel stuffed.

Today I am thankful for, my family, friends, and followers!  You are more real to me than some of my friends.
No one would understand that better then cyber friends, fellow bloggers. My family doesn't grasp this concept, but in reality, I share more of my authentic self with you, than I do with some of my friends. We are a unique group, who have built a bond, by sharing our voices, being glad and honored to be heard, and receive feedback, often!   Kind comments are the true awards of blogging, to me~

Thank you for sharing your ideas, input and self with me! xXx  (Pie is from SARK; Wish I was that clever)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


(PHOTOS are just some things that inspire me: words inspire me)

I found a book at the library, "The Nine Modern Day Muses" by Jill Badonsky.   I will share some random  thoughts. "When we feel something missing in our life, many times it is because we are not expressing that which we were born to do."  The Muses say this book will help ;-D  (clever) " They give the i's dots. Yes, the i's of every i-dea... they provide inspiration, intuition, innovation, ingenuity, intrigue, interesting, invaluable qualities of waxing authentic, extraordinary and other applicable i words that I may have forgotten like...maybe: incredible.  They entice possibility."  "Mortals must do what they are here to creatively do or they will become cranky".  I think most can relate to this; When we are in the muse mood to create and our
vision is altered or time allowances aren't large enough,  we, okay, I get cranky. I can't assume you do...
(Nature inspires me; The constant change and beauty surrounding us as we evolve)

"How come such a process of joy brings up so many fears? The answer could be because creativity is the ultimate growth process, fear is simply an affirmation that growth is happening".  "...find what channel of expression is uniquely ours gives us a creative flow and flight, if we do not compare ourselves with what and how others have chosen to express themselves." " There is an audience for our art, no matter what form it takes."  The book mentions about staying the course and listening to your heart and not allowing fear to misguide you(Detour you off your path).

There is talk about realigning your dreams, how it is like a cosmic, inspirational chiropractor came in and
gave you an adjustment.

Empowering necklaces can be found here; Becky Shander is the artist that makes these~

The Nine muses each have their own personality. One is in reference to Albert Einstein. He can be summoned when you want to expand joy, experience a new reality, and reawaken your imagination. There are some valid exercises to try, humor and quotes and references of other books. There are rituals to call on certain muses.  Albert needs 3 yellow candles, a window, music, nightfall and a journal. There is a lot of rule breaking and some silliness n' giggles. Bea Silly muse likes to play and color.

You will find many quotes I will leave you with this one, "Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, awakens" ~Carl Jung

Well, I'm off, I think I am going to call on Muse Marge. Marge tends to procrastinate and she needs to find a way to begin and not feel overwhelmed. I'll let you know how it works out. I know she suggests small baby steps and a meditative walk, to get you over the hurdle. She likes any colored candle and a journal to write the steps you need to take. Time to flex the creative muscle~  

I'd love to hear what you do to lull your muse to converse with you!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Blog Award*****

I'm behind in handing out blog awards, I'm going to try to play catch up once a week. Yes, I am looking for a hoarding support group, lol.   Yvonne of  Welcome To My World of Poetry passed this on to me, so I'm ready to share today.  Thanks Yvonne!   Since this star has 5 points; I passing it to 5 bloggers.  The real awards to me are comments from you, yes you, you and you~

My picks:

Stephen Tremp of Breakthrough Blog: Stephen has been working the blogging circuit at self promoting and doing a marvelous job!  I ordered my copy, I mean my son's Christmas gift, today.  He arrived home with his new Android phone, we looked at the kindle options(which I was considering as a gift and decided to get the book).  I think he will love it~    He was a huge "Sliders" fan!  Great job marketing yourself!

Lee of Tossing it Out Blog:  is changing it up, redesigning his blog, sharing insight of his WIP and as always
putting himself out there.  I really look forward to hearing more; Intriguing story line~

Alex of  Alex J. Cavanaugh Blog:   Is basking in the glow of recently being  published and is up for various awards. We can vote tomorrow, be sure to stop by and show your support.  CassaStar fans are showing up even on Youtube. My son's Christmas present is in the closet. It will be a Sci Fi Christmas for him~  ;-D

Hart of Confessions of a Watery Tart:  Is working hard on another novel of her own designs. I admire her
gumption and do it all talent!  She makes time for what is important and wears many hats!  I look forward to her Cozy Mystery novel~

Leigh of That's Write:  Has received a deal and is in the rewrite process now!  I know she can do this and can't wait to hear her voice.  Leigh and I have had a few synchronized moments; She has recommended some great YA reads, that will also be under my Christmas tree, this year for my daughter. I love technology, but there is nothing like a great book~ 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Think Tank Thursday

Today at Poets United,  prompt #24  is Wings~  I won this wing from Colette, a few months ago!

I think of words as wings, they lift us up, give us hope, inspire us, can change our world, and allow our dreams to  take flight~

From your parents you learn love and laughter and how to put one foot before the other. But when books are opened you discover that you have wings. ~Helen Hayes; actress

Hands wrapped around spine,
Hinged head and tail, 
Signatures stitched with ideas
waiting for take off,
Leaf turns to page,
Stitched dreams invade you,
Escape in the journey,
Travel forward or back,
Words paint a new world
Inspiration like clouds lifts you
Reality grounds you,
Wear someone Else's shoes
Wings level off,
My mind leaps,
Feelings arrive
at the corners,
Edges of fringe,
gather momentum, 
Altitude is reached,
Shadow of descent appears,
Bones formed on pages
Sinew wrapped in tiny fragments
around the soul,
Gray matter is stretched,
Birth appears,
The journey lingers
Travel again soon, 
Among the pages of promise.

I didn't forget about the Hoarding Award post; Life seemed to get in my way; I will post this on Friday~

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HeART work

I thought i would share some things I didn't submit to the magazine challenge. I decided to keep and give as heart felt gifts this year.  This is a pouch to put items in, I am including a few family favorite recipes and a gift card to a restaurant or bakery, or maybe both. I thought the personal touch would mean more. I also made a memo frame.

This is a frame with  removable corners, you could change the background if you wished. I added cloth covered elastics to hold memos, lists, and/or small notes. It will set up like a normal 8x10 photo.  

I enjoyed creating for the challenge, but with the holidays coming, I couldn't part with these. I hope I made the right decision.

  I listed some vintage finds in my ETSY store today. Another formula to figure out, what sells, how to brand one's self, etc.  I know it is hard work, but filled with heart!  I think you are fortunate, if you can do what you love and be successful, even if it is just a toe in the doorway of your dreams!  It is a soul filled gift~

Tomorrow, I will be passing on some Pick me Up's(awards I have hoarded and need to pass on)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pick Me Up

What picks you up, when you are feeling off or down, or just in need of time out.Nature always elevates my mood, unless my sinuses are compromised, I am always in awe of it's beauty. Taking photos inspires me, picks me up, coffee or tea, hugs and kind gestures, seeing my dog greet me, even if I only went out to get the mail and return, a card of thanks or kind note, etc.

Here are a few photos of my weekend Pick me up's:

                              My daughter doing somersaults on our trampoline in our back yard.

A necklace I found at the local Thrift Shop; I haven't decided if I am keeping it on putting it in my Etsy store.

The last rose of Fall; My Mother's Day rose, bloomed and it is the largest rose, I have ever seen in my yard.
Gorgeous bloom in November?!  It is unusual...

 A surprise in my container pot; My bell pepper plant broke mid summer. I was stunned to see this green globe growing.  

              Gorgeous fall foliage; finally the colors are starting to peek.  It is late this season!~

A monarch enJOYing the surprise of a warm November

Lacey leave patterns on our shed; Hope you make time for pick me ups~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

When I think of this day, I think of the behind the scenes, the military families, the ceremonies and sacrifice that no one sees. It is about the men and women who chose to rise to the occasion, some died for their country, some are still rising. Heroic, noble moments that are never mentioned in the news, but exist. I'll share some moments: I remember riding a military bus, we only had one vehicle and I lived in Anchorage, Alaska. I was getting cabin fever pretty bad. My son was 3 at the time; We decided to ride the base bus to the library and NEX(Navy Exchange).  The radio was on and we heard the Gulf War had broke out. I was sitting with mainly active duty young men and women, who were shocked by the news. "I am going to go" convo was all over the bus. One man, tried to distract my son(and himself) and started talking to us, about normal things in life. When our bus stop came, I told him to take care and he said, he was going to go. I felt scared for those that would go to battle. I remember before I had children, my husband had duty in Adak, Alaska; I was to fly out in 3 months after him.  I remember flying from Maine to Anchorage and then Adak.  When I was getting off the plane, I saw a grown man in uniform, crying. I found out later he was getting off at Shima, supposedly this island was called the end of the earth. When we were in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii,  we were invited to a party on the "Mighty Mo" this is the USS Missouri, a battle ship involved battle during, Pearl Harbor. It really opens your eyes, when you see pieces of history.  I have seen many marriages not survive the separation.  I have seen injured people come back. Honor and pride in an extended family; blood doesn't bond, but shared experiences do.  Active duty, retired and deceased are honored today in  parades, discounts at stores and perhaps a meal or a mention on the TV.

My husband n' I last month went to the Khaki Ball. It is a night to honor the men and women, who have advanced to Chief. They have an exam to pass,  a review board(must be selected),  training for months and then an initiation ceremony(think of the show Survivor). This night is to recognize them and celebrate crossing over. It isn't a formal gown event, but all Chiefs in their Khaki's, oldest and youngest in the room being honored, as well as everyone else.

  It is appropriate, Veteran's Day is in November, the month of Thanksgiving!  The gift of Freedom, can't be measured, but it can be felt!  When you see someone in uniform, thank them for their service.  As we were arriving to the Ball, A woman in the elevator thanked my husband!  It was an act of kindness,that really speaks volumes~