Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blog Anniversary...

I had a blog anniversary this month...3yrs! Where did time go?  I know it flew... I went back and read some of the posts, funny.  I still feel like I'm trying to find my place. Creativity is like a crow for me.  I tend to turn my head and run towards the next shiny object that attracts my attention.  Do you do that, sometimes?  I guess I can figure out which basket to put all my eggs in... Then I wonder, do I really have to?!   Thank you all for being part of my journey...  My goal is to comment more on your blogs. I do well for a while and then life tosses me off my path. I need Ninja skills, I guess ;D  I'd settle for less drama. 

Creativity belongs to all of us.  Some of us tuck it away and don't share, some share a lot, and some make a living at it.  I was hoping for something in between. I am finding, my schedule is changing again. Daughter's last day of 10th grade was yesterday. I'm in shock...the house was loud with teens and pizza last night.  Now, my mornings and evenings will be different.  I'm taking a few college courses and I applied for a job.  I'm not thrilled about the hours, but I use to do this job and enjoyed it. I was a Switchboard Operator.  When my daughter gets her driver's license, life will be different.   She is not ready, yet (neither am I).

I wanted to share a few bloggers who were with me in my humble beginnings.  I will return soon with poetry and I was given a couple of awards.  I want to thank Captain Alex and E.J. Wesley, for thinking of me!  :D   Their blogs are always entertaining, no matter the subject.  Stop by and say, "Hello". 

Becky Shander's art always inspires. I decided to be brave and comment on her blog and surprisingly she started to visit mine.  She has always been sweet and has a beautiful view of the world. Her art has inspired me and she told me to "believe"!   Stop by and visit this multi-talented lady~ 
Home Home About the Artist Contact Becky Shander Shopping Cart
Becky Shander
*photo via Becky's blog

Then there is Pixie...she is fun, crazy about football, good food, good books and good friends! I can't remember how we found each other?!   Stop by and visit Pixie's Pages, she varies her post and it is always interesting! :D   Pixie is behind the media scenes, she is so talented~
Pixie Pages

Jenny Lee Wentworth has a dream.  Her blog is Creativity is Happiness, so true :D
Jenny and I  have supported each other through out our creative journeys. She took a few art classes and it has changed her life.  Stop by and wish her well on her journey~  Her art will inspire you. She believes like me, we all are creative.  She has a wonderful gift~  :D
Creativity is Happiness

 Thank you everyone! You all have touched my soul, in more ways than you could ever know! (((hugs)))

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dwell in Possiblity

Today, I received a package, in the mail. It reminded me I owe a few people some mail.  I haven't felt good enough, lately.  I question everything I make, do...  Family isn't thrilled about me being on this art journey. My daughter is my biggest supporter. 

This package made my soul isn't often someone really gets you, but it is really rare when it is someone you don't know and they don't know you.  Maybe she peeked on my blog?! ;D    I entered a contest online and was asked "why do you need to create art?"  I answered and won...

Here is my answer:

"I need to create art to breath. If I tuck it away or don't do it, I feel like a piece of me is lost in translation. My family doesn't get it, but it is okay... I was born with colored finger prints, lol
When I create my heART sings and my soul dances, in the joy of letting myself be free!  It is our birth right, to find what makes us sing and jump for joy each day!  

Here is what I won...   This card, at the top left had these words...  dwell in possibility...

 We all need to do this move in and dwell in hope!  

Inside was this bag....pretty wrappings and a peek of what is to come...

Inside there was seam binding, vintage wall paper, a velvet millinery bloom and handmade paper, thick, with texture.  I love all of these gathered sentiments!


Delicious colors, I can't wait to play with :D

Golden paint is wonderful! It is rich with pigment. There is a lot of science that goes into their unique formula~

Soap...yes, how did she know my fingers are usually blue or green, lol.

These photos do not show how dreamy all of these treasures are~

  There is a lot of inspiration and heart over at the Beehive Art Salon, you should visit.  It is a gathering of creative souls, each so talented! These artists rotate their posting schedule and share a craft, some insight, a quote and more!  It is a fun place to visit and always an unique view is shared! :D

Thank you Candice, for giving me such an inspiring gift!  Your touches now linger in my soul and make me want to move forward and create.  I have been stuck in clearing, cleaning and dwelling in the home of what if...  Now I can move forward and find a home in possibility!  I want to thank you, you touched my heart, more than you know!  @>--------

Friday, May 25, 2012

Think Tank Thursday Poem Honor

I selected the prompt Honor, for the Think Tank Thursday this week. Honor can mean so many things. I thought of the military, my Mother n' Father, my marriage, our neighbors and we should honor ourselves.  

I remember when my son was a Cub Scout. We lived in Pensacola, Florida. On Memorial Day the scouts were asked to participate,by putting flags on the grave stones on the base, NAS Pensacola.  I volunteered to help, too.  It was a moving experience. We all felt it, that day, proud of the people who sacrificed so much. You could feel a presence that day...  After all the scouts and parents finished putting the flags on the grave stones, there was a ceremony.  It was a moment to pay respect and remember their pride, the honor and the sacrifice of so many.   I remember all the scouts saluting the flag that flown high n' proud that day and the grave stone flags that waved in the wind.  This memory still moves me today!

Military Gravesby ~SilverWaves


Young scouts 


a hill

not far

from the city.

They come to 


a sea of

red, white n' blue.


Freedom waves

 for the

 lost n' found.

  Small hands 



 respect on each


  They learn

to remember

the souls

who gave the

ultimate gift.


like proud little soldiers



  The wind

snaps like a sail's mast

in a storm.

There is a faint whisper

do you hear it?

My eyes pool

as I watch

young scouts

paying respect,

pride ripples


a sea of honor.

The wind blows strong

a faint whisper







  We won't forget!





Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ella's Challenge

Today, it was my turn at RT to come up with a poetry prompt. I chose a slippery slope, Food Porn.
Now, isn't quite like that, but it could be, lol.   One has to write a poem, about food. I also asked that they attach a memory.  I think a lot of our memories are stirred, by our senses. Food Porn is a site with amazing photos and recipes. Yes, it could be a sensory over load, but it also can be sweet or a salty memory attached to one bite.  A taste that transports you to another time, maybe dimension. No not the Twilight Zone, but the "Tastebud Zone", lol

See if you can guess what I am describing, I will share a photo at the end of this post. No cheating, do not peek....

  Residual heat caresses
 the sweet dreams of youth
I hug my plump, fluffy cloud 
wishing it was you
smouldering fire burns
I watch you
you tease me
your playfulness excites
my attention
I am smitten

The warmth of your kiss
 teases my tongue
the dance of your
 sweetness awakens my soul

(don't peek)

you are oozing, smouldering passion
I want another kiss
my memory snuggles 
as I dream of you
blanketed in a light tan comforter
I melt in your embrace
your outer shell crumbles
I remove this layer
 and watch your white heat
flame again
the sensually river of you

bubbling sweetness
my senses
I'm near a flickering flame of embers
at camp
stars twinkle as the moon rises 
and winks at me
your elixir conjures
 a love potion
your allure
your dark side
surprises me as
we look for the Milky Way
a beguiling dance
caught between
a trinity of charred smiles


Did you guess right?!

Summer camp was my memory stirred. I had a crush on this boy. Our camp had invited the boy's camp over to make S'mores.  I was the tween age of awkwardness. He was so cute, I thought he liked me, till he threw a melted marshmallow in my hair.  Yes, those fun memories of getting your braids pulled, your bra snapped and being shoved and slugged. ;D   What are your S'more memories?

Grown up S'mores look amazing, check these out.  I now want a pineapple, coconut marshmallow, white chocolate and chocolate graham cracker or maybe a gingerbread marshmallow...the combos are now endless!   These look good, too.  How about these...  or  what about those

Off to ride my bike and later maybe I can have a S'more ;D  
I took a break, when we were doing the home improvement stuff in the FROG. Time to leap to it! 


Monday, May 21, 2012

Kerry's Challenge

Kerry of RT(Real Toads) prompted us to write a Tetractys, which has a syllable count of 20, arranged 1, 2, 3, 4 (adding up to 10) and 10.  
Tetractys, a poetic form invented by Ray Stebbing, consists of at least 5 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 syllables (total of 20). Tetractys can be written with more than one verse, but must follow suit with an inverted syllable count. Double Tetractys: 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 10, 4, 3, 2, 1. Triple Tetractys: 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 10, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 and so on.

My photo of whole wheat toast with Sugar Free Orange Marmalade

     When I was a kid, I didn't like Orange Marmalade, it was too bitter for me.  My Nannie Nonnie and Mother both loved it. Today I appreciate it, when I put it on my toast with a pat of butter. The butter soaks in with the orange and it tastes like I'm eating sunshine, especially with the right cup of tea


open supply
sun-drenched day 
one bite transforms chases one's chill away

hot, haze harvest highlights one's favorite
turn back your clock
morning shine
greets one's

                      of sun
                   distant heat
                  distilled day
      fleeting memories on a cold dreary day

I had to try another one. They are kind of fun, once you get use to it. Here is one in single form.

time's ticket
windswept pages
among the ink grey pearls rain as blue waves call

and here is my version of a double one:

Oysterby ~mackdj

shy oysters
among pearl clouds
melon gold filters on cradled voyage

like phantoms hidden they wait as time shifts
rocked in rain
modest find
pure light's


Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Man I Love to Hate

     Saturday turned out different than I had planned.  Hubby went fishing with friends.  Daughter went to the Potato Festival and son was going to work.  They all suggested I drive to Virginia and hang at Barnes & Nobles.  I thought about the Potato Festival, but decided against it. A day in the bookstore would be fun, with no rush to get home.  It is a new venture going on a Saturday, lots of kids hyped up on sugar and coffee based drinks. There was a lot of bickering, kicking and a repetitive rapping on tables.  I decided this wasn't going to be where I wanted to kill a few hours of time. What's a gal to do?!  ;D
     A gal goes to the movies!  Yes, I went alone. It reminded me of being young, between the ages of 16-21. when I worked at a movie theater.  I sold tickets in the window, sometimes worked the concession stand.  When Boss Man was out of town I was left in charge.  One night, when I locked up my cash draw and decided to go watch the movie. I had the key and when the movie ended and the theater was locked, I would get my report done and make my deposit.  I wanted to go see the movie, so I went alone.   Sometimes friends would meet me...sometimes not.  I didn't let it stop me from the escape and entertainment of a good film.   

     Today, it felt odd approaching the ticket booth and saying one ticket.  I got a great seat and settled in to watch the man I love to hate.  Yes, I went to  THE AVENGERS.  It was amazing!  I love the CGI effects,  the story was well done, and the human factors of our super heroes was so fun to watch. I think the Hulk was my fav.  I clapped when he took a swipe at Loki, the man I <3 hate. I clapped and then the whole theater started clapping, too!   I loved the  witty zingers and how they blurred the lines of old school and our technology today. I love how they showed us, both have a place in our world.  It was a great afternoon as Loki baited the Superheroes. I love his elfish grin, his bad boy charm, you almost feel sorry for him, yet hate him all at the same time. You have to watch THOR to get his backstory.  I love the banter of the superheros as their egos factor in and how they rally together.   I am so glad I went...I didn't feel alone.  I always feel connected to my Dad, when I am in a theater. I kind of grew up in one.   I  hope you get a chance to see it and marvel at the magic of cinema.  I love Stan Lee's appearance, so Hitchcock like or maybe more Stephen King.  I look for it and when he appears I always smile!  Loki says,  he is burdened with glorious purpose. (sometime art feel this way, when my family thinks I'm a kook).   Does this sound familiar?  lol   Have you see the movie?  What did you think?!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Imaginary Garden

 Over in the Imaginary Garden, Kenia gave us an assignment to write a poet, on a poet we didn't embrace. She asked us to use a line in one of their poems that attracted our attention, drew our respect.

 Mary gave us an assignment to write a poem about the two sided coin. The view of two points of view. I decided, to combine both.  For Kenia's challenge, I used Turkish Poet, Oktay Rifat's poem THE WIFE. 

This is what I selected that spoke to me:

  We are halves of the same apple 
Our day and night, our homes, are one.  ~ Oktay Rifat

Story of the applesby ~mahirates

 Myddle Earth
Yes, my word my middle, lol

Humanity blurred
two souls united 
one knows death, the fractures the detour the destined road
she knows disease and the beauty n' despair of its voice
he knows clean, toss and throw
 severe lessons if goals not carried out
he knows abuse
she knows creative
she knows how time changes goals
how death creates an unique view
how disease like a volcano
erupts and creates another path
he knows a different volcano
piles disturb your process and make mine dance
I want to enjoy my time alive
I know the dance of death
you know the dance of everything in its place
I see the bigger view
you see the crumbs on the floor the
fingerprints on the stainless steel
I see the beauty calling me to go outside
 We are halves of the same apple
Our day and night, our homes, are one.  
you are tart, tougher skin
I'm maybe too sweet, to likely to give in
I like calm, happy
you like order
you see the leaf indoors, the cobwebs on the umbrella tree
I see the inspiration in my head
you see the mess
you want tidy
I want to be Miss Muffet
I see beauty in motes, paint chips
and dried herbs
 you see work
 your perfume
is Windex blue
your white gloves
distract my dance of inspired
if you don't leave me bee
I might just Windex you!
You view clouds mine
you block my sun, sometimes
you swipe the dust motes dancing in the sun
I embrace them, collect their memories, 
cat n' nine tails fluff
you curse it
I take photos of it's charm
You want it clean
I want time
You  want everything in it's place
I want you to build me shelves
for this place
organize my creations
You think I collect too much
I think your view too narrow
I think you waste time on clean
I want to dance in the moonlight
and enjoy the magic a day brings
you want to Endust it all
You need Glinda's bubble
 enjoy your view
I want my bubble to burst and run free
embrace the outdoors,  the fresh, the ripeness
I want to enjoy the world
I'm trying meet you in the myddle
clean till I think my fingerprinted soul is lost
my time is not mine
someone always says they will do and then
they leave
I hold the bag, the dust pan and the flour
measured moments lost
clean till I can't smell anything but fumes
lost dreams 
what I am suppose to be...
lost in the vapors of your wishes, your life
where is the happy road of me
stuck in the myddle

* My husband and I trying to clean is like meeting in a busy intersection. We are still working on some home improvement projects, so I went in this direction.   He grew up with everything in it's place. I grew up with my Dad dying. Both parents being creative and encouraging me to be. Our home was clean, but not exactly everything in its place.

 "Life is too short to smell like Windex." ~Ellen Wilson 

Middle of the roadby ~fruitloops008

Monday, May 14, 2012

First Love Blogfest

 Captain Ninja Alex has come up with this unique, fun blogfest. A first of firsts, lol  I signed up with a bit of hesitation. Some of the firsts came fast n' furious, others did not. I really had to go back in the vault and sort through.  My Mom calls her memory, the vault.  She use to work in a bank. She was head bank teller.  Today we share our favorite movie, music, book, and person, your first love.  Join in and share yours!

Movie:  This was hard. I practically grew up in a movie theater, two came to mind.  No, I didn't flip a coin. Both flicks were set on the water, both stirred up many emotions and horrors.  I selected The
Poseidon Adventure.  I can remember this was the first movie I saw, where I chewed off all my fingernails, once the popcorn and Jujubes were gone. It rattled me, all the choices, the twists and turns. I am a Gene Hackman and Ernest Borgenine fan.  Ernest  can really bring the emotion to a scene.

When they redid it; I had to go, but I wasn't as keen on this flick. I enjoyed it, but the first one haunted me, for awhile and the story lines were different, updated.  My first movie crush was in latest one, Kurt Russell ;D

These are tough questions!

Music:  I am thinking favorite song.  It would have to be Kansas, "Carry On My Wayward Son".  When it comes on the radio, today.  I'll sing it, I still know all the words~

Honestly, this song was my first driving love.  My Dad use to out run the cops, back in the day of dirt roads.   Dad I out ran them for a long time, not really. I did get my first speeding ticket, 3 yrs ago, which was sad.  We had sold the Pontiac with the turbo booster, didn't get caught in that one. No, I get a ticket in a Honda.  It was a sad  I can not drive with this song on, I will speed every time ,"Radar Love" by Golden  Earring comes on the radio.

Book:  This is a weird choice for me. I love to read, but the first book that really captured my attention was "The People's Almanac".   I had my hands on the second edition yesterday. There is something for everyone in this book!

Love:  My first one was this guy that kept hanging around our neighborhood.  It was summer time and I thought he was one of the cottage people.  We have a street near ours with summer cottages, right by the water.  Then one day at my aunt's house I see him go next door.  My cousin, Kathy declares "that is Donnie."  We kept following each other in circles. I would go uptown and he would be there. I would go to the wharf, he would be there.  One day when I came home from my part time job, my brother asked me to help him make some snacks. He was having friends over.  I go to the door and it is Him.  He stared at me, me him.  Then I heard him ask my brother, "Why is Kathy's sister here?"

        My brother starts laughing, "this is my sister, she lives here."  This is how it all started, we became the Three Musketeers and  did a lot of things together, roller skating, hiking and movies. Yes, it was "More Than a Feeling" and there was sea adventure, not like The Poseidon.  He became a sailor, married the Navy. I have been tossed about on the sea of emotion marrying him, being a Navy spouse...odd how my choices reappeared.  NO, I am never going on a cruise ship! ;D

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dear Thief

mail-out: 013by *fydbac

Dear Thief,

    Why me, why my package to my Mom?  Was it because it was long distance?  Was it because of the weekend?  Were you desperate?  Why did you cut me open and make me feel raw and naked?  Seeing my memories. Memories that were mine and my Mom's.  You cut the box open and read my handmade card, all the memory cards I attached to each one of her gifts. Then you took half of the box's contents, ripped off the mail  price code. Perhaps you thought my Mom wouldn't notice, but she did.  She thought my package was odd,when she received it yesterday.

     Yesterday, she called and thanked me for her Mother's Day package.   I said, "what did you think of this note, that?"  All of the gifts had special tags attached. I wrote about a memory relating to the gift I selected.  She laughed and said, she loved everything. She loved the Somerset Studio magazine and my Sunshine banner. She knew it was about her and the neighbors giving sunshine baskets to shut ins, people who had been sick or sad. She knew I had written an article to go with it, but it didn't get published. We talked about it....  "How did you like the elephant, I tucked in?" 

                   "What elephant?" she sounded puzzled.

     My Mom collects elephants, she had to part with some to move into her new place. This elephant was the movie, Water for Elephants.  She hadn't seen it. She had car issues, the garage she took her car to had burnt down. She had to find another garage, so did everyone who had their business there.  It took a month to get her car done. Parts needed to be ordered and she wasn't this garage's original customer. She didn't go downtown much this past winter. I knew she couldn't get the movie in the REDBOX anymore, so I purchased it for her.  I wrapped it special, with popcorn and her favorite Lindt chocolate bar.  YOU took her  movie, the pretty blouse in her favorite color, sage green and the handmade card, the check for her to go treat herself  to Chinese food, a special coffee and her favorite sandwich, a Reuben.    I suspect YOU work at the post office.

   Why do I think that?!  The postage sticker was removed and the box was taped differently.  I had filled her package and she noticed the candy bag, with the special May basket was cut.  So thief, you used a box cutter and gutted my package, took what you thought of value. You took half the box and removed the postage, so she wouldn't think it odd. It was odd...we always look at the postage.

     See, we have mailed things a lot in the past 27 years.  Me, being married to a man who made the Navy his career and altered my life plan, by all this moving.  I grew up in small town America, where everyone knows you or a family member, you are connected to.  Mail has been my main connection with my loved ones. It has kept me sane. A way to keep connected, share our memories,  and our love.  I have mailed odd things and received a few odd ones, too.  When I was in Maine,  I mailed hubby car parts. He was on and island off the coast of Alaska.  It was cheaper for me to buy parts and mail them. I supplied hubby and friends with parts for their junk yard war type vehicles.   I have received odd mail.  I mailed my husband Christmas. on a Navy Destroyer.  He received 10 packages. When he was in Bahrain, I mailed him food to enhance his Thanksgiving dinner. One year my brother mailed me a dog for my 25th birthday. We couldn't have a pet where we lived, so he mailed me a Pound Puppy. I took a photo of my stuffed dog tied to a fence, named it and mailed it back.  It was a big joke, I mailed him lots of photos of my puppy.  My mom mailed me a squash from her garden, angel food cake pans, and lots of photos. I mailed Mom volcanic ash, when Mt. Spurr erupted, while I was in Alaska. It helps your garden grow.  One year Mom mailed me Lilacs, from Maine to Florida. One of the worst scents ever is to receive a cooked bouquet of lilacs. She didn't consider the humidity and heat on my end.   My uncle mailed me Lily of the Valley plants one year on my birthday. It birth flower for the month of May.  My Mom mailed my son a dinosaur that growled. She took the batteries out. When I received the box, I opened it and put the batteries in and wrapped the package for my son.  "Grammie mailed me something that growls?"  He was three and got a big kick out of the package. I had tucked it back in the original mail box.

      I have never had a problem with the mail till yesterday, when Mom received her gift box. You stole from us, but you can not have our memories. Yes, you violated our privacy, stole her gifts, but you did not steal the love that was enclosed in that box. I will do another box, I will mail it to her old address, where there has never been a problem. I will mail something again to her, but it will always be insured.  Peace of mind should not have to cost more money, but in this case it does!   I know you will do it again, the sad thing is are you someone I use to know?  I lived around that area. Are you someone so desperate that you really needed these gifts?  Why couldn't you leave the card or toss the check back will have a hard time cashing it.  Maybe in your criminal state, you had no grabbed what you hoped would be cash.   How many others did you steal from this week?  How many other Mother's Days did you ruin?  Thanks postal worker!  There is no way anyone else did was an inside, in house job. 

Sincerely pissed,
A daughter

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Extra, Extra

First, I want to thank all of you who commented, on my Mother's Day gift post.  I did find something online I thought I would share with all of you.  A sentimental type gift and another one that is what I call a green art form.   Check these out:

Magic beans, that grow into a message. What a clever idea and a delightful, sentimental way to express, the growth of your love.   There are several sites that sell these. I found them on Amazon.

They even have a Happy Birthday one!  I want to wish Yvonne, from Welcome to My World of Poetry Blog, Happy Birthday!  I feel honored to share this day with you and your granddaughter.
What else do we have in common?  Birthdays, poetry and today I mentioned a squirrel on my Poets United prompt?!    I know you love slides, I'm the swing girl. ;D   I hope you have a wonderful day!
Best Wishes @>----------

The other is a woolly plant pocket for your wall.  Check this out here. Your walls can bloom flowers!
I have to get one for my Mom. I didn't have time, but she is moving into a bigger apartment and I know what I am going to buy her.

 * photo via Wally One

For the prompt#96 News, I decided to use my horoscope, from Freewill Astrology.  Rob Brezsny writes some zany, insightful and colorful scopes.  I thought it would make an interesting poem.

I did my poem Austin Kleon style.
Don't worry ...I will write it differently...yikes, what a mess mine is.

I will try to get back and write another poem. I have to go pick up daughter from school and run her to the college. They are having a performance there tonight. She apologized for having it on my birthday. I said, "Are you kidding?  How wonderful to see a colorful performance on my day!"   She is a Colorguard. 

Our minds harbor pockets of imprints
They rise up and render us to psychic versions

You know the drill:
 give and receive love
aspiring actions

Put yourself in the path of beautiful art 
and creatures
Exercise your imagination
your mind's eye
with wonder and vitality.

Eliminate junk words
saying things you don't mean
Stop scornful assertions

Before you sleep
review your day
 your memories
Be alert
moments you
strayed from

Sit in front of a turned-off TV
make up story that
harmony speaks
this tale aloud

Take on job title
do something everyday
to cultivate grace and intrigue

Ask questions
if you're an artist
your aesthetic into public places
memorize poems and slip them
into conversations
program your cell phone
Vivaldi's Stabat Mater in C Minor
Scrawl passages onto walls at
public lavatories.  

If you are curious; I was!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


     Time squeezes us or do we squeeze time?  Yesterday, my Mom arrived via UPS truck. It wasn't really her, but a piece of art work with her three year old self in it. I had mailed in for a challenge. It wasn't used and I asked for it back.  I was pleased to see Mom arrive  safe n' sound. It was for a recipe challenge.  In the photo, she is the age I was when she included me in her baking. I use to sit on a stool and watch.  I must of been patient and she allowed me to cut out a cookie. I was hooked. I started baking at age seven. I remember my grandmother spent the night. Saturday morning was my morning to get up and bake. I would sneak downstairs and start making Coffeecake for breakfast. Our stairs creak and I woke up my grandmother,  "Your Mother let's you do this?" she looked shocked.
      "Yes, I do this every Saturday morning."  Gram is getting up. She makes coffee and dances    around me in the kitchen.

     "Do you know what you are doing?" her head tilted and her eyes searching my face.

     "Yes, I do this all the time."  I'm laughing.  "I bake this cake every Saturday."

      "Show me how you make this cake?"  she smiles.

     I show her, it is a kid friendly mix.  It comes with its own foil pan and a plastic bag you dump the dry mix in, then add an egg and milk. No bowl is required. You squeeze the bag to mix the cake.  You pour it into the pan and now add the Cinnamon streusel.  It is enclosed in a pouch. You cut it open and pour over cake batter. Bake in a preheated oven.  She treats me like I'm a magic elf.  ;D 

       I sit here for the first time in years,  struggling what to give my Mom for Mother's Day. She has moved and is moving again, so I can't mail her a bareroot rose. One year, I mailed her a paint can filled with seeds to plant her own rainbow, garden magazines and other special touches.  I started to make her a May basket. She and a neighbor carried on this tradition in the neighborhood, when I was little.  I have fond memories of her lovely crepe paper creations. One year they even made Chinese Lantern type ones. They were beautiful, but my friends and I decided we liked the tea box ones better. Why?  because they held more candy ;D 

      I feel squeezed by many paths today.  I need to run to store to get her a gift and get it to the mail. Yesterday, had to run to lab and went to a favorite store, but they didn't have what I wanted. I should stay home and finish my resume, I  have a cover letter almost finished. I have to come back cook dinner and run in another direction to pick up daughter.  Everyone will eat, then pick up and then I'm off to a seminar for medical transcription. I have mixed feelings about it.  I think it would be the perfect job to fit around everyone lives, including my own, but I wonder how my poetry, art and writing will all fit in.  The dance of time and how to we squeeze it all in, so we get a bit of juice each day. A bit of nourishment for our souls....   I asked Mom, Doesn't wear a lot of make up, she is fussy about her clothes. I use to be able to please her, not sure anymore.  Yes, gift cards are great, but I do like to add a more personal touch.   It was so easy, when it was about gardening...but as time marches, we all grow.  I mean go off in different directions, things change.

     Many May memories  are about flowers. We use to go pick May flowers on this dirt road. Their fragrance is hard to describe.  They are these tiny pink clusters that love to grow in near damp, woody areas.  They scent is this heady mix that you never forget. Think of Lily of the Valley for remembrance, but their perfume is different.

Then there was the year, the same neighbor and my Mom wanted to go get Lady Slippers. They are rare flowers and there was a $5 fine per flower. They had this idea to go dig up one for their yards. Lucky for me, neighbor mom's kids went.  Our moms were so enchanted with the blooms, they ended up picking them.  The roots were hard to dig up.  So, now we are driving back with $200 worth of flowers.  We see the police and duck down and hide. Neighbor mom says if caught we have to start eating the flowers to reduce the fine. My Mom said she didn't know they were illegal. Wonder what the fine is now?  Guess, I will go make my mom a Lady Slipper and write about the memories.  Headline: Sunday School Teacher caught green handed, lol    What zany memories do you have of your Mom?!  Do you struggle getting a gift or is it easy?  It use to be easy for me... I know I could have flowers delivered... ;D  I am off to the store, going to buy some Lady's slippers, a coffee cake mix and make a May basket with candy and get her this blouse I spied. Wish me luck.  Oh, I'll be sure to share this story with the headline...she remembers~