Friday, February 25, 2011

In the Know...

Scarlett asked me about the rest of the hand photo; This is for you.

I thought I would mention a few things that are going on:

  Hart from Confessions of aWatery Tart is having a blogfest next month. It is going to be in correlation to the Ides Of March. She has a list of choices of things you can do. Me, I think I am going to predict an event, be a soothsayer of the future. The big event happens March 15th of course; read the details here.

Please don't forget to sign up for my give away; I will announce the winner on March 1st.  Just leave a comment on this post.  These are inspiring books and there will be a few extras items ;-D

Let's not forget Lee of Tossing it Out, and his unique A-Z Blogging challenge. Don't be intimated, it is fun!  It begins April lst, we blog 6 days a week, working our way through the alphabet. Thirty days in April-Sundays=26 days/26 letters.  It gets the creativity flowing, think of all the possibilities, veggies, art forms, poems, music, books, anything goes. I sketched out some ideas, but I kind of like, to only plan a few days ahead. If you go blank, just grab a magazine or newspaper. There are a lot of titles and headlines that could give you fresh ideas. YOU could write about movies, titles beginning with the letter of the day. No one expects you to visit everyone on the list, everyday. Work your way around, do so many one day, then the next. It is a great way to share ideas, be inspired, make friends and what a feeling when you finish!

I wanted to send my thoughts n' prayers, to the people of New Zealand, who have been affected by the earthquake or know people who have been.  I know Michele and Wendy aka Quillfeather are from this area, anyone else please leave me a comment.  Michele is donating her proceeds from her Etsy shop to the cause, for the next three weeks.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Think Tank Thursday

Poets United has come up with an intriguing prompt this week. Prompt #37 is Lemons. Do you take bad things and make them good? You know, make lemonade out of lemons? What has happened sour in your life that you managed to make sweet. Maybe you don’t want the analogy, maybe you want to write about a hot summer day and a cold glass of lemonade. Whatever you choose to write about include lemons.

I used lemons as a metaphor for teen years, when the green eyed monster reared it's ugly head. Sometimes a friend, isn't your friend, when a certain boy starts to show his affection or pays attention to you.

Green eyed comments dig in my soul,
Lemon sun filters sieved dreams,
Bittersweet, gnarled, out stretched arms,
Rotten with pollinated thoughts,
Pesticides creep into pure freshness,
Honey bees swarm,
I scout for a new hive,
Brilliance of light, removes stains,
Fresh tune plays over n' over,
Provencal magic arrives,
Refreshes your soul,
Adjust the sweetness of youth.

Mom this is for you; One of her favorites. She loves Peter, Paul n' Mary and lemon is her favorite everything. I grew up with angel food cake w/lemon sauce, lemon bread, lemon sugar cookies and lemon meringue pie.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I took this photo, this weekend. I went downtown and snapped some photos Sunday mid morning. It was peaceful and a great time for reflection. I haven't had an Art Date in a couple of months. We all need, to find
ways to inspire our creativity.  Art, books, movies, music, photo and nature usually do this for me.  I guess I could also include long walk, cycling and having fun with my family.  My give away involves some books, that have inspired me.  I have extras, I bought Squam Art book(Journal one) and then won one.  I was going through my stash and decided it was time to pass it on.  It is a gem, as is "Simply Abundance" a Daybook of Comfort n' Joy.  I also will include a few extra special touches~   Guys don't be shy, you can always pass it on to your wife, loved one, girlfriend, Mom, and, or  sister.   I hope the sun is shining where you are. It was 71 here yesterday and today's high, 37.  We are in for a roller coaster week, here in North Carolina. I figured this is a perfect time of year, to pass on some cheer.  Leave me a comment and I'll put your name in my hat. The drawing will be, March lst.   Good Luck!

Here are a few more pics, signs that spring is slowly starting to make it's presence known.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt #36 Lilies of the Field.  This is our movie week, once a month, a movie is picked to
consider how to portray it's message. I love Sidney Poitier, but have not seen this movie. I do know it represents faith n' love. I wanted to tie in nature, the tests of the seasons. We are being tested, for sure this winter.  I kind of went with a higher power.

Hope hides under paradox soil,
Barren till blanket of ethereal white covers,
Quiet mud waits,
Mother Earth's angels whisper trust,
Pubescent spring swells with green pride,
Tenderness grows,
Grace notes arrive,
Old fashion traditions transcend,
Plant seeds of kindness,
Have patience accept Mother Nature's promise,
Surrender to the spirit of change,
Blood red poppies salute,
Nod to passersby,
Blistered parched Earth waits,
Faith tested signs of trust arrive,
Cleansing the soil with hope,
Gossamer dreams invisible,
Promise of Love's union blooms,
Burning bush paints silhouetted view,
Prune back; plow ahead,
Reap what you sow,
Bountiful Thanks arrives,
Starlit birthday reminds us,
Renew our soul~

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Warts n' All

Do you like roller coasters?  Do you scream or is this fun for you? An adventure perhaps... I'm not a fan, I have been dared to go on a few and did, but in reality, I close my eyes and scream, leaving my fingerprints on the foam handles. The whirl of colors is amazing, but it isn't worth the churn of my stomach and the gut wrenching fear. I do like the, "I survived feeling", but I can find other ways to get that rush.  What about you?  I feel like I'm at the top of the loop ,right now, as I descend the corner pin turn.(finishing FROG). I went through various boxes, tossed paint, gave a way fabric. It has been an emotional ride. I now need to go finish up, pack up what I don't plan on using for a while. Hubby thinks this should be easy, but it isn't for me.  I'm emotional connected to my crafty bits n' bobs.  I see potential in everything.  I find a box of recycled items, odd n' ends of felted sweaters, and a box of letters; He would heavy ho, for me, these could be treasures.   I know cleaning this space, will enable me to make n' do more. (It is an odd space in shape, in size. The pitch of the roof, doesn't allow much room to hang shelves). Every time I have tried to put my stamp on it. Well, the decorating police arrive.  I decided to go with a nature theme, garden terra cotta pots for pencils and paint brushes, tiny trellis to hang art work on. Husband is not a fan of my outdoors in, look. I not really a fan of his Ebay business all over the living room, including Flat rate boxes,tucked in a corner. It is gone now, but it was there for months. We usually move every 3 yrs and in doing so, one has to go through, sort and lighten the  load. We will have lived here, 9 yrs this summer. We have done some, but not to the degree it needs. We have out grown our house, so it seems. The reality is, we just haven't gone through and done the proper spring cleaning, fall toss. It happens...   My space will constantly be scrutinize, why I don't know, it is behind a closed door off of the kitchen,  above the garage. I guess I should make a sign, BEWARE, I HAVE WARTS.

The view is cloudy at the top of the coaster, but as I clear the clutter from my mind’s eye, I start to see glimpses of hope. I fear  life will not be the same, hence my hesitation to make the Frog(Furnished Room Over Garage) my own.  I will not be the same. I will be Alice falling through the rabbit hole; And the world as I know it will change. Daily doses of color and fabric will only contribute to my OCD=Obsessive Craft Disorder. Life as I know it will be forever changed, but I think it will be worth it, warts n' all.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I wanted to share with you something I read today, in this book, "Simple Abundance" ~Sarah Ban Breathnach.   "Today is a day for being. BE with those you love, BE kind to yourself. BE quiet and call forth the dream you buried long ago. The ember is still glowing in your soul. See it in your mind, hold it tenderly in your heart."

Today is a day to remember love n' passion, as you give out Valentine's or celebrate with your special someone, but don't forget yourself. Ignite your passion, light your path to self discovery and do something you love and if not today, schedule segments of it in, later this week. When we are happier ,doing what we love, following our passion, we are kinder, more fun to be around and our enthusiasm, can be contagious.

 I wanted to share some interesting sites with You; Valentine Inspiration:

My good friend, Chrissy has been on a heART felt hunt, you can check previous days, to view all the hearts she has found.  Chrissy's blog is a fun stop, I plan to show my daughter later today. I remember one period, were we found hearts everywhere, in cereal, in splashes of milk, flower blossoms, rock, and more. 

Kristen is giving a way some jewelry items today. She is an artist that frequents, Stampington publications, in case she looks familiar.  Hurry, it ends later today~

Ellen of One Ripe Peach  has a creative touch with vintage finds. She shares with us a Dollar store make over,  it would make a lovely gift to give or receive.

Alisa shows one how to take a simple childhood favorite construction heart and elevate it. She has many unique ideas all over her blog.

Tessa of Handle the Heat  has some yummy treats to try. We made the Oreo cheesecake cupcakes yesterday, when my daughter and her boyfriend exchanged their gifts. I really wanted these instead. I let the kids choose; they were fun to have in the kitchen!  No food fights this time...last time it was flour everywhere.

Jules of Trying to Get Over the Rainbow has a blog button, she is sharing; Isn't it a beauty~ 
I love her idea of passing the love!   Thank you Jules~

Over at  Crescendoh today, you will find a lot of heartfelt inspiration and ideas. Happy Valentine's Day~xXx
I will be posting  a give-a-way, soon for reaching 200 followers; I can't thank you all enough~

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another Challenge

Somerset Life had a call n' challenge, this time it was for peat pots. Karla Nathan had been the inspiration for this challenge, with her Peat Pot Pretties. She uses  Frozen Charlotte dolls, in her beautiful creations.(scroll down to the 6th photo).  I thought of how easy peat pots make it to transplant seedlings. I am a transplant from the North to the South. I decided to make a figure to represent this idea, of being transplanted. When one is relocated, you  have to adapt, you have to replant your roots, tend your soil and try to bloom where you are planted. This inspired my creation.   

I also thought about growing pains and raising children. How their pains aren't theirs alone. How we as parents have to learn and adjust, to seeing them grow up and become less dependent on us. This was in the process, not yet finished. I added curtains and a clothesline, with a tiny item of clothing.
I made a few other items, some I didn't send, like this one. A zinnia made with old dictionary terms.

 I thought I would show you a peek.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Poets United

Poets United prompt this week is #35 shadow, now I have that song, "Me and My shadow" in my head. Then I think of those horror movies, where "Only the Shadowknows"or was that a radio show my parents use to talk about?! (it's a radio show, in case you don't click on link). Then Peter Pan's shadow comes off;Wendy saves it and stitches it back on.  The symbolism of the shadow, fear, courage, growing up all reflected in these. Shadow has so many meanings. 

I chose a different path, a path I think my daughter is considering.

Outlined illusion
Cupid's bow pursed,
perimeters changed,
passion's natural rose smiles,
planes appear, saving face
hollow apples,crop dusted
windows encircled, uplifted soul
smoky drama arrives in
matte made dreams,
skin and bone extract the canvas
hair color highlights hinges of youth,
rusting under painted brow,
alluded light by degrees
emotion drawn on,
play the part,
light reflects the God given jewels,
softness sets against animated sun,
light danced when young,
time worn clouds appear.
elements erode,
concealed geometry
covers pieces of  YOU.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Leap Frog

I know you are thinking of the game, right or maybe the learning system.  No, I'm talking about my Frog(Furnished Room Over Garage). I have been trying to sort, toss,give-a-way and rearrange, this space.I had good intentions, but between the cold weather and sickness, things were pushed aside.  I did finally get a space heater, yes I needed to think like a frog, being warm helps. Speaking of frogs, I thought about last year at this time, I had 17 followers, today almost 200!  I never thought I would ever have that many!  The turning point for me, was when I found Lee at random. He had an A-Z blogging challenge; I signed up and it changed my life. I don't just mean followers, I mean soulful connections, working on sharing yourself and being brave. Why not try it, take a leap of faith?!  What do you have to lose?  You can post your art, your writing, recipes, poems, anything that corresponds to the letter of the day. If you get behind, which I was when I started, I went to the home n' garden store and combined my letters to catch up. (think herbs, flowers, plants) Aster to Zinnia, see not so difficult. It would be fun to do a cooking A-Z, endless ideas!

Thanks you to all of you, that decided to follow me, I will be having another give-a-way soon and try to play catch up with all the wonderful blog posts, I have missed.  Sickness, sinus, and making space has kept me from blogging or commenting as much.  I look forward to getting caught up. I know I need to hop to it ;-D

I hope all this frog talk, will remind you to take a leap, listen to your intuitive voice and try something new.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Think Tank Thursday

Yes, I am a bit late, life has been sort of in the "Twilight Zone" lately~  Poets United came up with a challenge this week, prompt #34 is " I do Bequeath".  We are ask to write about our last will n' testament. Whoah...
We can be funny, serious, share some wisdom, but are asked not to leave a blank page.
Testament of me
Being of sound mind n' body
I leave my children,
humor, a whirlpool of memories,
Introducing gifts of music, magic and movies,
I leave you a red string on your pointer,
 soul filled sandwiches,
A tree of hope,blooming with pride,
Sun filled moments at the bay,
treasure hunts, star fish and sand dollars days,
Tea parties, food fights, Barbie pool parties
Tonka  trucks races, fireworks n' parades,
Climbing Mt. Battie, climbing a glacier,
Strawberry tall cake, BBQ's in winter, puppy farm
and getting our beagle, hurricane evacuations, flying
to Hawaii,
I stirred the magic sprinkles in the daily
I knew my time was short.
My goal to see
you both grow up,
know who I was.

To my husband, Thank you for the micro, macro view
of the world,
Seeing new places, friends from Holland, Japan and Spain.
Battleship, the game of Life, Scrabble,
all tokens of who we are,
Thank you for your patience,
saving my life.

Fish for your own star, light your own path,
 listen to your guide, your voice
Stay true,
Follow your GPS:
Gifts, passion and spirit