Thursday, June 30, 2011

Poets United

Yes, today is Think Tank Thursday, is this week flying by or is it me?!  I've been running to the dentist, daughter needs her wisdom teeth out, taking her to and from Color Guard practice, running back n' forth to the airport, a few deadlines, and gearing up for the holiday.  I could use a beer :D  root beer float type! It is a must for my family for the holiday; a tradition my Dad started. This memory lead me to my thoughts of freedom, today's prompt #55(yes, I goofed last week and put 55...oops).

 We of course think of our history, with the country's birthday coming up. The prompt also suggest we can take a personal route...what makes us feel free?  I chose that path; I can think of 3 things that make me feel free.  Riding my bike makes me feel free, the wind blowing in my hair, racing around corners, the smell of pine and honeysuckle. Yes, the occasional bug bouncing off my nose, but it is worth the carefree feeling I get and how I feel like a kid every time I hop on my aging blue Schwinn.  Words make me feel free, when I release them and write poetry and type my morning pages. Once I pound out those three pages, my brain feels a release.  My to do list is done, some random thoughts and ideas of what I would like to make, etc.  Art frees me, it makes my soul dance. Sometimes it is a struggle to bring forth what I want to make. When I do and work through my doubt, I feel free....
What makes you feel free?

Cadence of color arrives in a whirl
words swirl during my daily ride
 wind caresses my hair
pine and honeysuckle soothe my senses
ageless rhythm I'm 10 again on my banana seat bike
brilliant blue journey in an endless sea of thought
the rhythm calms me as my pace quickens
I shift into gear
soul's anchor released
I jet through my neighborhood
glide by the busy bodies, the kids playing ball, the neighbor mowing his lawn
my spirit soars
I pump and pedal till an even pace
A breeze awakens me
the sun glaring down on my head
I feel a surge of energy
as if I have wings~

I can't believe I went over 400; I remember when I had 13 followers, it was 1 1/2 yrs ago. Thank you all so much for your support~ I would love to comment on everyone's blog, who visits me. Sometimes life gets in the way. I do try to go back and see who I haven't visited in awhile and play catch up! I so appreciate all of your comments; they are truly music to my soul~!  I wanted to be an artist and live in a library when I was 10, when I wasn't gliding on my bike.  I haven't let go of my dream, even though I have had many detours. It is all about the journey...right!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer of Color; Think Pink

Summer of Color's challenge today is Pink!  When I think of pink it stirs memories of blowing the biggest bubble with a huge wad of Bubble Yum, playing Barbies, pink cotton candy,  and my Nannie Nonnie's pink peonies. Growing up, pink meant gorgeous sunsets, stunning roses and Fireweed in Alaska. When I had my daughter, pink became her signature color. We didn't start out that way. She had a Wizard of Oz type room; Elmo was her Dorothy and my favorite dress on her was a blue n' white gingham.  By the time she turned one, it all changed. It was all about pink tutus, Barbie, ponies with pink hair, and pink lemonade.  My Mom even found pink moccasins at Perry's Nut House and mailed them to her, so sweet. This girl wanted her hair dyed pink at the age of five.  I first thought I was going to do a pink sunset, but when I started to have pink memories. I knew I had to do a page, involving my daughter.  Happy Pink Angela~ Her favorite color now is her birthstone; it is Aquamarine blue. Isn't it amazing how the sun changes color in one's life~

I used water colors, paper doilies and a cheap paint box insert. I popped the paint out; yes I saved them. I added little mementos, that reminded me of  my daughter. The paint box insert came from seeing Connie Govea Stuart's work.  I would love to take a class from her; I loved her idea and thought it would work on this page. I struggled with the pink challenge; my house was the hang house today. It is fine, but I think all the noise made it take longer to get the art done. I need quiet time to reflect; once I know where I am going noise is fine. How does the process work for you?  Quiet time needed or does it matter?!

Funny, I am now craving a glass of pink lemonade ;D  Be sure to stop by and visit our host, Kristin; you still can join in~Summer of Color so far has been an amazing journey!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt #54 is Inanimate object; perhaps the sun has fried my brain. It has been an interesting day. It all started at the DMV; my daughter took her permit test. It is like an episode of Seinfeld. The Nazis were in full performance today; they are abrupt, no smiling, it is always a strange experience. "Straighten the line, Why are you here?!" augh... Today didn't disappoint. Rude, no eye contact, no smiling. Geesh... Yes, my daughter did pass; we are happy!  I am in need of some chocolate therapy(okay, low blood sugar) so this is how it all began...

I am the 4th generation to have this item; I don't know all the stories that go with it, but I know the last 3 generations like to cook, bake.  I'm included in this mix :D

My Mistress beats me; she has worn me down,
Sometimes she hands me off to the Master, he is much worse
 I'm a family heirloom tempered, my luster is lacking
My first owner(great gram) called a lot of kettles black including my grammie
she stirred up gossip; she was really the tarnished one
Pregnant with a married minister's child, but tossed her pregnant daughter aside
I hold secrets, I tantalize taste buds,
I can impart pain, be careful I get really hot
ended up twins were born about a month apart from her daughter's child
memories stirred, lives forever changed
I usually get the raw end of the deal,  I don't mind
I do mind being tucked away
Halloween through Christmas I 'm loved again
My current owner has held me close since age seven
baking magic, memories stirred
She became ill 
I was used less
sugar free became the norm
bleck, I have feelings too
I'm a purist
Worn down I am
I have scooped, lifted and mixed many decandent dreams
I serve you, I help you prep, I lift, coddle you and what do I get
the dark void of the utensil draw
Your daughter now wants to learn, 5th generation
she caresses me with frosting, pizza dough, n' blueberry muffin batter
I'm family again, not a tossed aside heirloom
my cheeks are once again rosy and I swoon when I am held~

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer of color

Summer of Color challenge is hosted by Kristin ; today is all about the color green! Green is one of my favorite colors. It is my birthstone; I took a Color fitness test and it came back green! I guess it is in my blood, the serene green growth outdoors nurtures and inspire me.  I love to garden, hike, and yes, I have hugged a few trees ;D  I married one, red wood type; he has auburn hair, almost 6'4.

Here is my green challenge art work. I always think of my children, when I think of green. How we are as parents have growing pains watching our children develop!  I'm curious what is your favorite color?!

*I did find some ephemera at The Graphic Fairy; the photo of the cone flowers is mine. I tried to do a water transfer, but wasn't satisfied with the results, but like how it made the print out of my photo look.  I used a few lines from a poem to capture the mood. The top of the house is green, I colored the photo green and outlined the poem with Jade green. It doesn't seem to show up much in the photo~

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Poets United

Poets United prompt # 54  is the beach/ocean. Memories arrive when I think of beaches; Maine really has so few of the sandy, sun and soak kind.  I have two favorite granulated sugar type beaches, Bellows Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii and the base beach on NAS Pensacola in Pensacola, Florida. It was on Navy Point, Barrancas Beach. We knew Pensacola Beach would be crowded, so decided to go about a mile and be on the base Beach.  This was our first time there; we were newly married.     (not my video; but similar to what I saw).

We arrive as pale New Englanders in the land of southern hospitality
Emerald coast blurs my view
backdrop of vibrant blue
polka dots like cotton puffs
our feet align, kissed by the southern balmy breeze along brown sugar shore
our umbrella marks the spot
coconut oiled and ready to refresh in a swirly blue caress
eagle eyes watching bay in  tower
water shimmers with dazzling reflected jewels; it is bath water warm
we run in and out, back to our X
memories arrives as I cast my net of dreams
I hear a rush; I look up
 a Blue Angel glides by and then floats upward
then more arrive
Hubby and I enjoy the treasured view
 in formation they lift high
synchronized wings are tilted
streams of colored smoke paint their trail
we linger and enjoy the fading sun
leave as two Maine lobsters~