Friday, July 29, 2011

Poets United Prompt-Grass

Poets United prompt #59  is grass. Green, luscious, dew covered grass. Do you have memories of being young, barefoot and touching the velvet carpet, or rolling on it, or running through a sprinkler and slipping. Memories tickling not only your toes, but your soul. My blogger banner is one of the adorable visits I had with a rabbit in my yard. I had lettuce and carrots to give him or her; I got pretty close. My husband now calls me the "Rabbit Whisper", lol.  Our beagle is the "Snake Whisper" which makes me happy. If outside he will alert us; I like to be forewarned. I traded snow for snakes, when I moved here. I honestly rather have snow, but I'm out voted. No one wants to move, but me. Turtles n' rabbits are part of my daily world, till the heat n' humidity of July arrives. I call it blizzard weather; it isn't fit to be outdoors. Today is a blizzard day, as the thermometer climbs to 99. I'm off to water my lime green carpet.

Fresh green carpet grows with me
Tumbling, rolling and learning to walk
Tea parties for ants n’ beetles among my
Tiny, dainty pink dishes
Under the massive maple
I smell sunshine
Miss Spider is happily knitting 
Bees dance among the dandelions
Dew's diamonds reflect 
Shiny bits of youth 
Frolic back n’ forth
Barefoot, cool carpet
Awakens my soul
 the earth’s hair
 weekly  trimmed
hidden city of beetles, crickets, slugs and worms
They know the goodness it holds
Lemonade stand sets on the end of my carpet
I learn, enjoy my store, my friends
velvet carpet of dreams
 I'm older under the maple umbrella
writing in my diary
my view, till the neighborhood boy
tells me about the huge jellyfish at the wharf
I leave comfort n' go
4th of July, picnic
parked on you, vehicles to see
celebratory parade n' raining fire
Fall flirts with you, redesigns you
flints of red, orange, mauve n' gold graceful
dismount on you,
their gymnastics a free show
Winter's grace blankets you with crystallized white
It drapes over you, protects
It is spring your birthday arrives; your shoots gleam in the sun
many candles, your age unknown
I'm an adult now
I know your gifts
your heady perfume
you promise me
my children will dance among you
know your magic
And they dew~

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fortune says...

Thought I would test the waters and try something new. A poem using a fortune from a cookie. I love the one in my photo, but my fortune cookie said, "Adventure can be real happiness".  So I thought I would add this to another challenge to write a poem using this photo.
I am combining the two; yeah unique challenge!

Leap, plunge forward
Did you pass go?
Or is it Jail for you?
Propel your thoughts, assimilate your dreams
your GPS is recalculating
Gifts, passion and spirit
Calling you to open you wings
wings with amazing grace
Over the horizon is your dream
Waiting for you to run, fly, hike, bike, walk towards it
Only you can detect your flight plan
Sometimes we get grounded by gray geese, rain or snow
tick tock, don’t stay for long
if stagnant, mold will attach
eyes will fade
vision won't be as shiny
patina will grow
detours can alter you
"Adventure can be real happiness"
It is all about the journey
Your frequent flyer miles are waiting to be redeemed
your faith is calling
Leap and find YOU~

I'm tired so I may have to re do this one, later~

Summer of Color~Purple

Summer of Color this week is purple~ When I think of purple, lavender comes to mind, aubergine like eggplant, grapes, mountains from a distance, the sun setting, Jim Hendrix and yes, Donny Osmond.
I love the song "Purple Haze"; Donny, I believe sang a song, all dressed in purple. I can't find the clip; I remember it though, my best friend went berserk. Purple was her favorite color and she was in love with Donny Osmond, like a lot of us were.  Funny list, huh... My kids would have a different one, but I'm not going there, lol. Yes a dinosaur might be listed~
I struggled with this piece; first I was going to do cards. Then I found this house, I made out of a paper bag a month ago. I found a quote and went from there. It is different, so if you comment different, I'm fine with that.  I thought of home being where you can be yourself.  I also thought of Dorothy saying, "there's no place like home".  I decided to go with this quote:  "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort"~Jane Austen.  When I went away to camp, I did have a great time, but I missed my home; my routine.  I thought like Jane, I missed where I sit and write, my books, my journals filled with ideas. Purple is a color with many meanings, but peace of mind and calm attracts my attention. This is why  I wove purple with home. 

Yes, I added some dried lavender, it calms me and I am thrilled my plant is thriving this year. Be sure to check out Kristin's blog, Twinkle, Twinkle to see more purple inspired art. What do you think of when purple comes to mind?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Think Tank Thursday

 Poets United prompt #58 is Nighttime, what does this conjure up for you...
For me it is time alone, quiet moMEnts to replenish my soul~
What kind of bird are you?  Morning Lark, Hummingbird or Night Owl?
Most of us are a combo of Hummingbird with Lark or Owl tendencies....
Me, I'm a Hummingbird with Night Owl tendencies.
What about you?

heavy curtain falls illuminated with moon's flowers
some drift into zzztherapy
partaking in kaleidoscope's view
their day rewound
two in ten awaken
second, third wind lifts their wings
soul soars as clock chiMEs the witching hour
dance with night's alluring embrace
words, color and fragMEnts of dreams
conjure up moMEnts of MEmories
time to sooth my soul, partake in night's tonic
shooting star taunts me to follow my dream
just a bit longer~

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer of Color-Red

Summer of Color this week is red; I really wasn't sure, what I was going to do. It started with an email I received; it was about the rose that changed everything. Jackson n' Perkins has amazing roses; hubby n' I one year sent roses(bare root ones) to our Mothers for Mother's Day. Anyway, this advertisement for roses, had me thinking. My Mom's birthday is the last day of summer; she has been called "The Last Rose of Summer".   There is  a poem by Thomas Moore. I found this woman's image as a freebie, I will link it later. I can't remember which site, it is between two.  I will find it and share; it has a brownish red tint. I used a red colored pencil and colored in highlighted areas and smudged.  I then made a rose out of some chenille. I found the poem..didn't use the whole thing, printed off what I needed in red, using a 1942 font. I layered it on a book cover and added eyelets. It is a tribute to my Mom, the last rose of summer.
I think she will like it~  You can check out more entries  over at Kristin's at Twinkle, Twinkle blog. She is an amazing host and really talented~ You can also check out all the amazing red art. There is a mix of jewelry, cards, scrapbooking...anything goes!
What do I think of when I think of red...roses of course, red sun at night sailor's delight, strawberries, watermelon, these amazing red shoes, I once owned. I think of pizza, red gravy(spaghetti sauce), and cherry kool-aid.  My family was know in the neighbor hood for cherry koolaid and popcorn, when I was growing up. We were the hang house.  And I think of lipstick, I don't wear red, but I do wear a rosy pink color.  What do you think of when you think of red? 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Poets United

Think Tank Thursday and this week's prompt is # 57 Loneliness.  It amazes me how we can be in a crowd and be lonely.  I am not dismissing this; it has happened to me. I just think sometimes our soul isn't ready to extend and reach out. Sometimes our mood is diluted by a memory; this allows for a disconnect. It is sad when the disconnect lasts to long~

diluted indigo mood
damp dripping sepia settles in a puddle of India ink
black, wet, fluid eyes
puddle on pages of prose
emulsion blurs in gray mattered memories
water color dreams arrive in tepid sleep
awaking to muddy red thoughts
time out
black n' white stillness
color will reappear
in gouache movement
when ready, dip fingerprints into soul's facets
reflective light will arrive
in fragments of unfiltered light
blotting memories
blending new plans
I will make another canvas
round, red sable will dance with me
exposing my new field of view

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lake Gaston

I might have to google this, but for fun I'd like to hear where you live is it Lake first or Lake after.  I grew up in Maine. We frequented Swan Lake and St. George's Lake. We move and now it is Lake Gaston and Lake Kerr...I asked my husband when did lake come first?! What is up with that?  I don't mean to sound like a Seinfeld episode, but why do some same say it before and others after?! Maybe I sound more like Andy Rooney. It is like those Toostie roll lollipops, the Indian shooting a star with his bow n' arrow on the wrapper; It  means your wish will come true. Someone told me it means you get a free lolly if you go to the store with the wrapper. Huh? I never heard of that...have you?!  Okay, I'm done for now...

Now onto my time away; my family kept asking me what was wrong... Nothing was wrong, I missed my online friends, I missed wifi, we didn't have cell phone service, no Starbucks. Honestly, it was more than that; I woke up feeling 11yrs old. The camp we rented reminded me of the camp my parents rented when I was a child.  The lake, the way it set inside a cove. Summer time, I was either down to the wharf by Penobscot Bay or at Swan Lake. I had a great time with my family, just it was a day of transition, getting settled in. Trying on an old shoe, that I hadn't worn in a while; I had a great time. My kids came up with a term for me...I thought it was a joke. They heard on the radio about this condition called popcorn brain. I laughed, yes, I eat a lot of popcorn. It is my comfort food, from being partly raised in a movie theater. My parents met in one, I use to go on the weekends with my Dad. He was a projectionist and a Texaco man, by day he wore a star, by night he showed them on the silver screen. Popcorn brain is a real condition.  I do not have it, not yet anyway. I just was reflecting on what camp use to be like and what it is like now!  A lot more work, mainly ;D   Here are some photos I took!

Sunset on the lake
My daughter and her boyfriend enjoying the swing and some time alone(so they thought : D) I had to take a few pics~

I'm having issues loading photos; Blogger keeps saying an error occurred.  I'll try again later~

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer of Color Brown

When it comes to brown I think of my children's soulful brown eyes.  I think of dirt, I love to grow ,garden veggies, herbs and flowers.  I think of chocolate, a leather couch, the center of sunflowers, comfy shoes, my go to drink lately, Iced coffee. Brown seems to lend a warm, comfy feel. My evening didn't go as planned, such is life. After my daughter's Color Guide training, I took her driving. She is doing pretty well, but I'm a bundled of raw nerves. Yes, it makes me crave chocolate, lol.  So, between this event and unexpected company, I didn't get my brown art stitched or glued. Here it is as an arrangement; a collage of brown. I kind of like the worn elements and the thoughts that arrive looking at it. Sisters in France; I found this article in an old book I bought. I thought it looked interesting. Okay, in reality I was tired, but it does look interesting...

 To visit all of the beautiful brown art work; you can visit Kristin's blog, Twinkle, Twinkle~ I can't wait to see what everyone has done~ What comes to mind what you think of brown?

Third Time

Perhaps it will be a charm, I have tried to post and find my posts are long winded.  So, I will start backwards...
I want to thank Robb of Poets United for posting my photo prompt this week. I am still reading the wonderful poems; Blogger had issues, this has slowed me down on commenting.  I will get through the list; I'm amazed at the variety from the prompt!  I sent Robb, 3 choices and let him pick. I didn't know what he selected, until I returned home.  He selected my photo, that recently graced the Miscellany section of Somerset Life magazine.  I had no idea I was in it; I was stunned when I glanced and saw my photo and name.  Robb  inspired this photo;  I had emailed him some photos for the Poets United Anthology, "Thoughts That Breathe".  Here is a link; you can also purchase a copy, if you are like me and love books.  He asked me if I had any old books and then I started playing! Thanks Robb :D

The hearts on the cover of Somerset Life are made of dryer sheets; how airy and beautiful they would be at a summer wedding. Becky Shander is the cover artist; inside there are  many creative living ideas, you can make and add to your nest.  You will want to escape into the pages and linger, absorbing all it's alchemy~ 
I will be back later today to post again. I'm trying to play catch up; I missed all of you and will be visiting blogs, catching up on laundry, cleaning a fridge, working in my garden, and working on my art for today's Summer of Color post. I will share more about my camping trip, later this week!  It is nice to go away, but it is wonderful to come back home~

Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer of Color Yellow

Yellow is the focus this week; I struggled with this one. I guess, with everyone home and packing to go camping made it a bit more challenging. I had a different idea, but didn't have time to make it. I found a few items I had put in my calendar journal. You can find out more about the class HERE. I so want to finish mine, but it might be fall, before I get back to it. I tucked it away, big no no for me. Out of side, out of mind...does apply in my line of thinking.  When I think of yellow, I think of the sun rise, bees, honey, sunflowers, beeswax, lemons, smiley faces and popcorn! ;D  I was going to go with an amber color, but then with the holiday approaching, decided a different approach(easier one)! What does yellow make you think of?  I have trouble wearing this color.  I have an olive complexion, so certain shades make me look green.

You can visit Kristin to see more Summer of Color~ She is an amazing host! And you can visit all of the other sunny art posts!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July

I had to make a cake for America's birthday! Hope those of you who are celebrating are having a wonderful day!  Be safe~  Cheers!