Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hallow's Edge

Today over at Poets United, the poetry prompt is WICKED!   I immediately thought of the Wizard of Oz.  I had a love, hate relationship with the witch, when I was young.  I hated how she scared me, but I was intrigued by her make-up and laugh.  I can do the laugh...and maybe when my cold is gone I will shock you someday and post a vimeo.  It will be a hoot, since I have a New England accent with some southern drawl.   But for now my pretties, it is just a poem....

Green with envy
I see you
digging your grave
with a spoon
like a troll
a bowl
of Mint Chocolate madness
piling it high
ice SCREAMED later
when I had
to burn 
off the
glycogen horror
of my evil
so wicked gooooood
I cackled as
I climbed aboard my
indoor bike
riding past the midnight
in the chill of sweet memories
I would 
do it
I did it for a slutty brownie
and I would
do it for you
my wintergreen cousin
kiss me
Before I turn into a 
plump toad!

Do you like my freckles? ...Picmonkey made me over.  You want to see what my daughter made?  You will remember I altered her, lol. 

Revenge is dish, best served cold... muWHhahaha
Oh, I think there is still some Minty, green goodness left....
Happy Halloween my pretties! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lack of Words...

Hi everyone...I want to say my thoughts n' prayers go out to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.
 I am shocked, to see what it has done to the Eastern seaboard.   My thoughts n' prayers are with those of you, who have been hurt in any way by this storm.

There aren't words to say how horrific it is to see the photos on the evening news. I can't imagine what some have endured.
 I believe there is hope!  I do wonder if we should continue to build anything, so close to the shoreline.  I know it is beautiful, but in this time of severe weather...  Is it really a  good idea?!  I don't know...   I hope those affected can rebuild their lives, their dreams!     I can't imagine.....  my thoughts n' prayers go out to you and yours~

Some how this was posted, before I had it ready?!   Is blogging haunting me....I never hit publish....?!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mood Board

My online class had homework. I had to create a mood board reflecting what I would like my blog to reflect, be like.  I am sharing my homework with you~  I guess if I had to sum it up, I want to blog about seeing beauty in your day, in the ordinary!   I guess to sum it up best, living with disease, having back surgery, moving around the country as a military spouse has been difficult at times. I think through my pain, I have learned to appreciate things more, try harder to see the beauty in the everyday.  WE all have pain...I just hope sharing some of what I see helps, to remind you to look again.  I may do this with words, poems and my art.  I think we all have an unique voice and I love seeing what inspires you~

I attached these quotes:

"Wherever you go,
go with all your heART." ~Confucius

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." ~George Bernard Shaw

Pet Peeve Poem: Slender man

Over in the Garden Mary asked us to write a poem about a pet peeve.   I alright knew what I was going to write about.  I hate shopping, when it is crowded, people reaching over and around you and not saying excuse me.  I call big box stores the ZOO!   Well, after shopping the past two days and Frankenstorm coming...well, it is absolutely a madhouse.

*photo via here

grunting, snorting, whining 
I hear them on my path
in the big box forest
long arms reaching
 limbs extending
above n' below me 
relentless n' rude
 faceless zombies
their gaze void
as they search
like a war is coming
and water is not being
but it isn't a war
bewildered confusion
 watch your step
in the greenness
aisle 6 is the worst
lunges of disruption
as bags of candy
are tossed
and children scream
they keep reaching around me
haunting me with their 
long limbs
grasping over my head
and through my arms
I wish they would keep
to themselves 

 © Ellen Wilson


Friday, October 26, 2012

Memories Stirred

I was having a cup of tea and it lead to me making a project for Somerset Memories. I love it when this happens, but I find translating the memory to art a bit intriguing.  So, far what I have submitted has not translated into print.  Try, try here is a peek at two art forms I attempted.  I can only give you a peek. It is frowned upon, on showing the whole art form.  They want the element of surprise, in their publications.  This is my Nannie Nonnie, my nickname for my grandmother, Winona.  She is holding my Dad, kind of looks like a baby photo of me  ;D    (I love her hat).

Here is another portion of the art. This is my Dad and Aunt Patty enjoying the great outdoors.  I will have to ask her, where this was taken?!  

I also made another piece of art reflecting my Mother's childhood.  There are not many photos of her as a child.

Her Dad was in the Navy, during WWII.  She was probably five or six, in this photo. She gathered seed pods and saved them to plant with him, when he returned. I simulated this memory using dried Morning Glory seed pods.  It is the little things that give us so much joy~

Do you have an unique way of displaying your memories?  I have thought about making shadow boxes-so many ways to do them.  What about you?  Any memories stirred? Those in the storms path are you getting ready?  It is nuts in my neck of the woods~ I was just out n' about getting supplies.

Be careful. Be safe!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Web of Wonder

I challenged the poets over at Poets United to write a poem about a web.  Yes, one thinks of the traditional web they see in their back yard or forest, then the world wide web and what about webs of deceit.  I also thought about intricate lace, Dream catcher' we create our lives. 

I know this one is truly scary!

Silver filaments of crystalline frost
branch out and spin
collected thoughts
like a
ticket book of dreams
world moves like
a white carousel
their memories
through the night sky
 and dance
fragile falling stars
gather and
gently drape a 
white blanket
their Arctic kisses
round n' round
ideas flourish
words gather
as souls embrace
invisible strings
lead us
to the land

© Ellen Wilson


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Gift For YOU

Thank you everyone for your kind comments and well wishes~ I'm still sick, better though!  I think the worst part is no appetite. I really could careless about eating, which is bad. I need the fuel to fight.
So, not me...I love food. If I wasn't diabetic, I might have been a pastry chef! 

I wanted to have a give away when I reached my magic number 555. I have a thang about 3s and 5s. I still will do a give away soon, but for now. I thought I would give all of you a gift.  I feel blessed n' fortunate to be part of the blogging community and to know YOU!    They are like an elixir to the soul-people who aren't blogging are missing out~

Your gift is a photo~

  So right click and Save :D

This is the table I took the photos on.  It doesn't look special, till you close and get another look~ 

Hope you all are staying well! I have to run errands. I haven't been out n' about for awhile. 

Thank you for being YOU!
I will do some major catching up this evening!
I know I have missed a lot~
Take Care :D

Friday, October 19, 2012

Over in the Garden: ZEN

[via Reddit]

(Do you find this meditative?)

 Over in the Garden, Laurie asked us, to write a poem about Zen, a meditative type offering.  If I had to narrow my focus, it would be words, nature and photography, that help me reach a Zen like state.  Yoga helps, too and lighting Warm Vanilla candles.  Nature is where I go when I need to calm down, refocus, or get away.  Take a walk, ride my bike, a scavenger hunt on the shore or just gathering odds n' ends in nature help me unwind.   I love to take photos of nature, year round~ 

 I smile when I see this photo.  This was my first camera. My Mom saved tons of Scott paper towel wrappers, to get this Kodak Hawkeye Camera.   I remember the day it arrived. Mom called me to come see. Then she handed it to me and said, "it is yours."  I was stunned and life was never the same. I filled many albums with  family photos. One day at work, someone asked me to bring my photo album. I worked at the theater.  Everyone gathered around and said, they loved my candid shots. I didn't line people up, point n' shoot.  I wanted photos of people busy, living life.  I still do not like posed photos. And I get real uncomfortable when the camera is on me. I am happier to be behind it. 

Some of my latest pics.  I am putting more in my ETSY shop soon.


Here is my Zen like poem:

 like honey
into focus
warms the 
with amber rich
wind on my face
slow moving sunlight
sweetens the deal
pedaling up or down hill
walking on the rocky shore
eyes travel
holding my breath
my world changes
patterns emerge
 light's shadows
paint and weave
stories to be
within minutes
eclipsed by
thick golden threads
lighten, ripen,
 and move
journey to
another world
all within
up to me
to expose

© Ellen Wilson

Since it is the month of Trick n' Treat and surprises!  I want to share with YOU, EJ Wesley's blogfest, Bury the Hatchet!     EJ is a new author and talented artist!  I'm really excited about his new book,  "Blood Fugue"!   Are  you curious?

Armed only with an ancient family journal, her rifle, and an Apache tomahawk, Jenny must save her grandfather’s life and embrace her dangerous heritage. Or be devoured by it. Blood Fugue, by E.J. Wesley, is the first of the Moonsongs books, a series of paranormal-action novelettes. 

Be sure to stop by and visit EJ!  He is a great guy, the real deal and so talented~ Congrats EJ -I can't wait to read it~  He paints-don't take my word for it, go see!

I want to bury a hatchet in this flu virus....I thought it was a cold, but it isn't, it is the flu.  On and off headache, that feels like a hatchet, in the base of my skull. And someone wringing my neck.  I'm not kidding...ick~

Thursday, October 18, 2012


  As the holidays approach, I was thinking about how we measure joy! A mish mash up of emotions arrive.  Maybe it is a bit of panic starting to set in or maybe it is this head cold. 

  Halloween is the easiest holiday for me, mischief, tricks n' treats and some Cheese popcorn make me happy. It didn't use to be, that easy!   Daughter always would change her mind about her costume.   I remember one year-I truly wanted to scream.  I had  found a black dress, the top half with colorful polka dots. We had mouse ears, she was going to be Minnie Mouse. I had her costume out, adding some big chunky pearls, when she announced  
"No, Mama I don't want to be Minne."   And the melt down began.

    "You have other costumes, dress up as a ballerina or a witch." I did my best, Wizard of Oz witch    
      "No, I want to be a princess."   I looked through everything we had...nothing. We were staying with my Mom. My husband was on a DDG Naval ship headed to Hawaii. In a few months we would fly out to join him.  We were limited, to what fit in our suitcases n' carry-ons.

 This was not my finest moment. I had a bag of clothing, to drop off at the thrift shop. It was stuff the kids had out grown and we were busy with the move and house inspection.   I also  had to run to the grocery store.  As I drove around, I spied the Salvation Army big blue bin.   I thought ok, I will drop them here.  As I approach the  bin, I see this gown.  It is royal purple and has lace,  it is full n' long.  I toss the bag in and grab the gown and run.  Oh, yeah I did!   My daughter sees me, oh, damn!   My son is with her in the parked car, I have the keys. I also moved the vehicle near the bin, so I can see them.  Son is old enough to watch her for a few minutes. She is 3yrs. n' he is 10.  Just so you don't think this is the horror of my story. 

 "What is that Mama?  I saw you...what is that purple thing?"  she kept asking me over and over again.  Now guilt is setting in, but my drop off bag is huge and it is Halloween. I do not have time to take two hungry children to Sal's and shop, rush home get ready for trick or treat.    I told my daughter it is for you.  I knew I had to  make one more stop. I drove to Sal's.  I ran in and made a donation-goodbye guilt.  We arrived home, lugged in groceries and I rushed to wash the gown.

   I cut the bottom off , to fit a 3yr old.  It did fit, but was a big bit in the middle, of course.  So, I tied a scarf my Mom had, around Angela's tummy.  "Mama I do not have a crown?"   Angela scowled.

"You are a Lady in Waiting" I declared.  I didn't bother to explain and she didn't ask.  I ran out on my Mom's back porch and grabbed this clear, plastic cylinder. It fit over a jewelry box-Mom had in a pile, to give to a friend. "Sorry, Mom, but I need this."   I grabbed a glue gun and glued the extra trim of the gown on the plastic crown, then attached some gold trim, I had found.  Grammie took Angela to find some jewelry, while I started dinner.   She was thrilled... yah!   Mom mentions, maybe we should trick or treat, Dorothy first. An elderly lady who really wants to see the kids, but will go to bed early.

 We go to Dorothy's first.   Dorothy recognized my son's costume. He dressed up as Dracula and had the waxy vampire teeth.   She asked my daughter, "What are you a princess?"
"No, I am a Lady in Waiting!"  Angela declared and placed her hands on her hips.
"What are you waiting for?"  Dorothy laughed.
"Why candy of course."  
We all howled with laughter-well yes candy, of course!  

How do your measure joy during the holidays?  Do you laugh things off?  Do you raid bright blue bins?   What was one of your favorite Halloween memories?  And yes, Angela still changes her mind about her costume. Last year, she wanted to enter a Halloween costume contest, at school.   So, you know what I did...?  No, I didn't raid a blue bin, lol.  I went and bought her a store bought Flapper costume.  She didn't argue and loved it~ It was her first store bought costume.   I haven't dared, to ask about this Halloween-go as Lady Gaga...I have plenty of feathers and fake fur around here. Worst case there is bacon in the meat draw....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Truth and Dare

*Photos available here*

Remember that game-oh, you think I named it wrong, lol.   I know, it is 'Truth or Dare'.  I am finding blogging for me is Truth and Dare.  How so?  I started this blog with thoughts of art, more a visual diary. Then I found Arlee Bird  in April 2010  and joined his A-Z Blogging challenge. I was late to the challenge arriving on letter G. I caught up in hurry. I went to a garden section of a home improvement store.  My blog changed and  I was finding my voice. I discovered I love to write.
 This is where I meant many of YOU! 

  Thank you Lee~

 I started visiting artsy blogs, the ones I admired.  Becky Shander, a Stampington artist dared me to try a string challenge.  I wasn't sure what to make, but I did try another challenge. A wax paper one.  I mailed my submission and nothing happened.  My intuition told me to keep going.  A few months later I was asked to write an article, on the wax paper art.  The first art I had submitted. I knew I had to keep going.  I had toyed with the idea to mail something in for a few years. 

Thank you Becky~

 Sherry Marr of STARDREAMING withSherry Blue Sky  dared me to write a poem. I did and I really liked it!  I remember writing poetry, in college. I now write poetry prompts, for Poets United and in the Imaginary Garden of Real Toads.  Yes, sometimes I am a toad ;D.  

 Thank you Sherry~

I believe to find our truth we constantly have to be brave and put ourselves out there.  I think of autumn being the perfect time to do this.   Don't you?  We can once in awhile test the waters and surprise our followers-why not?  I do believe the biggest truth is to remain true to your voice. Be YOU!   We all have warts and sometimes make mistakes-cringe!  I learned my lesson-no more blogging when sick!   I am truly sorry, if I offended anyone...  I was being silly, but sick n' silly doesn't work online.  Only on Halloween can you get away with that~ 

What do you love most about this season? Oh, I didn't put one of my favorite autumn loves in my collage. I love to go apple picking and bite into a tart, crisp apple.  Nothing like an apple to transport you to being young. For me, apples transport me to New England and this leads me to my dare. No, Snow White poison apples, lol.  What I mean is blogging can be sweet n' sour. We can share too much, not share enough, and feel out of place.  I dare you to listen to where your heart is leading you and follow it.  Maybe you will find your truth.  Maybe they should name this game 'Truth n' Scare'?  
I dare you!   

"The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed."  -Eminem

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ssssshhh, Don't Tell

Sssssh, I am being bad today!  ;D   My Christmas present arrived and I peeked!   Hubby never knows what to get me, so I helped him out, lol.  I ordered something I wanted.  My friend Vicki posted about Sibella Court, last week.  Vicki is having a give away, be sure to stop by. Sibella is an Interior Stylist, collector, and author.  I have always wanted one of her books. I saw her on this show Man Shops Globe, it is on the Sundance channel.  I loved the collections she shared!

Funny, Sibella and Santa Claus have the same initials! ;D

I browsed around and saw some of the pages here and here.   So, I ordered it-yes, I'm a naughty elf.
I have ordered things before and didn't open the box. I would pass it to my daughter to wrap, but this time I'm justifying the peeking.  Hubby was in Tennessee and brought back this neck cold virus.  I know right...on the news about all the meningitis scare.  It is awful...well, I caught this virus... It is dreadful, my apologizes for not visiting much.  The best way to compare it is I feel like Alice in Wonderful when her neck is stretched.  no maybe Rock'em, Sock'em Robots.  It is horrid-take your vitamins and eat well!  YOU do not want to catch this-ick!

Anyway...sssssh...oh, here comes my son.  He is getting ready to leave, for a college class....Yeah, bye yeah, drive safe!    He is gone, coast is clear....

 Would you like a cup of tea?  We can peek together!

 Seeing this button photo reminds me of my Mom's button collection.  Did your Mom collect buttons?   I do now.   I have a small tin full. 

 I love the striped bookmark.  "The Life of a Bowerbird" ....Creating beautiful interiors with the things you collect.  Do you have a collection?  I think we all did as kids. I use to collect shells, than Koala bears, but now books, tins and tiny chairs. What is a Bowerbird?  They are known for collecting and putting a lot of time and energy into their nests.   Here is a bit more about them.

oooh, I love the tiny vessels of paint pigment!  It has an apothecary feel.  The whole book is like taking a venture into a curiosity shop. 

Doesn't this nook look cozy!  I can see one gathering inspiration, soaking in the morning sun in this creative space.  I love the idea of being surrounded by words.  :D

Chalk boards are so fun!  Do you have one? 

I love the carefree look of bringing the outdoors in!  I use to have a patio table indoors.

It was fun to have you visit me and peer into a collector's world, I mean my present.   I bet at some point in time, we all have collected something.  I think mainly now I collect words.  If you dare, you can read my spooky poem over at my other blog!  I dare you.... You might remember I was dared once to write a poem, it changed my world.  I will share more about that soon~