Thursday, March 31, 2011

Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt# 42 is love. Cute photo Robb of you and Amber, your soon to be bride! I wish you the best of the best~  Funny, the minute I saw this prompt, all these love songs started playing in my head. Then I decided for fun to find the Top 10. Well, it is according to which top 10, ballads, greatest hits,duets, alternative, movies, musical scores, etc.  Tons of research there... I've been sick and trying to plan a head a bit on the A-Z blogging challenge and work on items to go in my Etsy store.  I went all winter without being sick. Spring arrives and  the up n' down in temps, finally caught up with me.  If you get a chance, you might want to go visit Scarlett, she signed up to do the A-Z blogging challenge. She could use some kind words, prayers or both, at this difficult time.

I met my love, near the bay
where Heaven kisses the sea n' hugs the shore
Calm n' strong reside here
Sunrise, sunsets come n' go
 Change the only constant
Tidal pull transforms you
Treasures arrive in tireless gentle or rough seas
Waves of translucent white n' blue dissipate
Edges blurred
Transformed waves wash over you
Erodes the hard edges
Allure anchors you, ripples remain as focus shifts
Memories rush over us, can one recapture the wave
that first flooded one's heart?
Sea caresses your timeless journey
Tugging at one's heart, as we paddle onward
to the journey of our souls,
The swirl, the break, the force pulls us in,
as we wade into a transformed life.

*Still waters run deep~English Proverb~

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt# 41 is Uniforms and Service. My husband is in the Navy, so this wasn't a difficult poem for me. It isn't my usual, but more of a poetic observation I witnessed~  YOU can visit me at my other blog
Fringed Edges. I knew I needed to go this route, lining up the alphabet and poems would be too tricky, next month, when Lee's A-Z blogging challenge begins. This also gives me  more freedom to try other blog's poetic prompts.

Don't forget to sign up for the Shabby Apple Giveaway, see prior post.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Roamin' Holiday Give Away

This is Leonardo da Vinci's description of a sunrise:  "At the first hour of the day the atmosphere in the south near to the horizon has a dim haze of rose flushed clouds; toward the west it grows darker, and toward the east the damp vapor of the horizon shows brighter than the actual horizon itself, and the white of the houses in the east is scarcely to be discerned; while in the south, the farther distant they are the more they assume a dark rose flushed hue, and even more so in the west; and with the shadows it is the contrary, for these disappear before the white houses."    

Leonard studied the essence of things, he noted the details of the view, then blurred the lines.  I think of Mona Lisa's smile; It amazes me, how he blurs the lines in this painting. Her half smirk and smile, the playful look in her eyes. I love how this dresses blurs the lines; It would look lovely on all body types. Shabby Apple offers women's dresses and little girl's dresses. They also carry accessories and jewelry. You can also find them on Facebook and can select the like us button on the creations you like. In April, use this code: ellasedge10off and you will receive 10% off.    BUT WAIT....there's MORE...

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Shabby Apple has graciously offered this amazing GIVE AWAY!  I am thrilled to pick this dress in the Roamin' Holiday Collection called   Spanish Steps. (This contest is only eligible for U.S. residents). I love how this dress softens and blurs the lines. I think this dress would look amazing on all body types; I love the simply elegance of this look. It is an amazing work of art; your smile and accessories would elevate it's beauty.  You have a chance to win, yes THIS dress. It reminds me of something Faith would wear in the movie "Only You" ,when Faith(Marisa Tomei) is fated to find Damon Bradley(Robert Downey Jr.).  This dress possess this type of charm n' grace.  If you are a follower you get 3 chances, just visiting 1 chance. Maybe fate will shine on you. Leave a comment and maybe your Trevi Fountain wish will come true. The chance to win ends April 6; I will announce the lucky winner on April 7th.  This dress is a dream, that might come true~

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt #40, this week is Hope. Hope for Japan, our world, as we see life shift and wonder what is in store for their nation, our country, and the World!  My thoughts n' prayers to all affected by this tragedy and other disasters!

Crumbled black soil remains
 through veil of fine mist
Heaven's precious tears
Sacred breath remains
 as one climbs past sorrow
pearls of Seventh house still in view
when a child smiles
awakens inner garden of Faith
precious seeds plant new dreams
root fibers spread like an open hand
Hunger drinks optimism, partakes of enriched soil
proud stems rigid in torrent downpour
Soul's whisper awakens rooted, not rotted faith
shoots unfurl, tendrils reach upward carrying
compost memories of ancestor's blood, sweat n' tears
Prana awakens heart's sense
listen to deep whispers
transparent wings appear
potential life, still green inside
mysterious gifts extend firmly planted beliefs
Grace grows in fertile mind.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


                    Cherry blossoms made their appearance this week in my yard; the Forsythia has bloomed. Wonderful signs Spring has sprung~ Spring's graceful arrival means lovely fashion trends, art, jewelry and accessories. All of these evoke the seasonal pull of color.  I thought  I would share some finds; check'em out~.

Shabby Apple is an unique site; It sells dresses for all body types with vintage influences, that fit to flatter. You can answer 3 questions and the site gives you suggestions, for your body type. I love the names of the vintage inspired collections:  South Pacific, Up n' and Away, The Berkshires, Yosemite, Oh La La, Golden Gate, Central Park, Carousel, Baja, The Silk Road and the Classics.  It is a fun site, check it out~

Sarah of A Fine Distraction  has some wonderful spring like blooms. Her jewelry is inspired by nature and romance, with an antique flair. Gorgeous items; Check her out~

S.S.C Photography & Prints has some mood evoking shots, to inspire and lead your home a touch of nature's glory.  Check out her beautiful, inspiring work~

 a Sunday Girl sells floral accessories, totes and PDF tutorials. You can make your own spring creations!

Funny, I didn't plan to use all S shops for this post or did I...   ;-D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hart from Confessions of a Watery Tart proposed this fest. Winter has been long and brutal for most of us, I thought it might be fun to give this a go, as we say good-bye to the winter doldrums. Here is my prediction as a soothsayer; a seer of truth~

I have been graced with second sight; I know some of you doubt me, but I warn you to beware. Fear will arrive in your dietary habits, it begins this year~  Listen up naysayers...

The human race as you know it is changing, it is a slow, painless process at first.  Life as we know it is never, I say never going to be the same.  Vegans don't take offense, there are basic rules that our parents, grandparents taught us.  Yes, eat your vegetables, drink lots of water, eat a wide variety of foods and eat in moderation.  Death by Chocolate is coming, don't think of Battle of the Bulge, I'm not going there. I am talking about eating estrogen.  I can see you shaking your heads...  You are and you don't even know it.
Soy, has taken over our food supply; it is plant based estrogen.  It is in tuna, soup, peanut butter, candy, cookies, crackers, even my favorite Crystal Light soft drink, etc.  Fast food joints love to add this low price protein to their burgers and charge us the same prices. But BEWARE, the side effects could kill you...don't believe me...Google effects of it, I DARE you....   Tis true, you are eating it and probably have no clue; You might be fine for awhile, but soon, it will affect your thyroid or some other hormone. You will get brain fog, depressed and want to eat chocolate all day. You will turn into a ZOMBIE!

VEGANS mix up their diet, better than us!  They know about combining different foods, to equal complete proteins. Eventually the out come will be a society of brain fogged idiots.  L@@K around, you might recognize some already. People you know, who have changed, it is subtle at first. SEE, what happens is the thyroid is compromised, it needs something else, CHOCOLATE, to sooth it's wired n' tired soul.  The price of cacaos is going up; It is going to get ugly! Some of you may be immune, but most of us won't be.

BEWARE BARISTAS when you serve you Mochaccino, hot chocolate and frappes, with less coco. Marshmallow guns and pretzel rods maybe become weapons, in our local grocery stores!  Passion's promise, the food of the God's, this mind altering food like drug will be in full demand. Do you know how chocolate affects your brain. It calms you with serotonin, endorphins and anandamide. You will need about 25 lbs of chocolate, for these neurotransmitters to work right . Yes, that's right 25 lbs a day of chocolate to stay calm; EXPENSIVE and not so pretty for your waistline~

A society of Zombies going haywire, with brain fog and wanting chocolate, and the prices are going up.  I can't fore see an exact date, but I predict in about 3-5yrs the Chocolate War will begin.  You might want to be on the safe side and get your Easter candy now, before it gets ugly  that's all I'm saying~

Be sure to visit Hart and see what other bloggers have to share! This was all in fun,; no disrespect intended to chocoholics, vegans and anyone like myself allergic to soy~  This was plotted months before.

*Japan: Sending my thoughts n' prayers; I will look into what I can do to help~

Monday, March 14, 2011


(My daughter's design, pretty cool)
*update my daughter, Angela,  won best T-shirt design and she said her pie rocked! There was a competition on T-shirt design~

 Today is Pie day have you heard?  My daughter's school  is having fun with this date, 3/14. Her projects were to make a pie for school(we made Brownie Fudge), make a T-shirt  and learn the pie song for Chorus. I'm embarrassed to share the recipe, but I will. Here is the story behind the Brownie Fudge Pie.  My husband n' I are newly married; it is Thanksgiving. We both have different holiday traditions .My family follows a more traditional path, except for these facts. My Mom cooks a huge turkey and a pork roast, both white n' sweet potato, applesauce a must for the roast and endless sides. This doesn't include the 12-13 pies she would make. My family wasn't into the pudding type pies. It was Apple, Cherry, Lemon, at least 2-3 of those, Pumpkin, Strawberry rhubarb, Squash(it's a New England thang) and Blueberry, etc. My aunts would bring the pudding type pies with whip cream. I would have to fight for the Lemon  Meringue pie. My brother and Mom's favorite, both Virgos is there a connection? Between you n' me, I think so, my son is a Virgo, too and his favorite pie is yes, Lemon.

My husband's family isn't Italian, but my husband's grandmother remarried an Italian gentleman. One year he made Lasagna for Thanksgiving, at their home. It was a huge hit, this became their new tradition. I have never seen anything like it.. I swear the pan is the bottom of a turkey roasting pan, filled with 6 different types of cheese,a secret homemade red gravy, layered to the moon, with homemade walnut sized meatballs. The top has sweet Italian sauce with ooey, gooey cheese and they serve it with a huge salad, ( think Olive Garden style) and homemade garlic bread. (Sorry, if I'm making you hungry)

Thanksgiving it is just us, newlyweds on a limited income. We can't have all of our favs and how do we decide, so I said, "when in Rome, why don't we have a Southern Thanksgiving".We don't know what this will include, but we have some ideas. Hubby is stationed in Pensacola, Florida; I am thinking collards, some kind of peas, beans, corn bread stuffing, sweet potatoes, Key Lime pie.

Hubby still wants to do our own thing; we are torn. I know I can't compete with his families' secret red gravy, I don't even own enough dishes, to do a smaller version of my Mom's dinner.  Thanksgiving morning and hubby says, "Let's just go for a ride to the beach, we will grab something to eat, something will be open!"

If we had made a decision, a phone call for a reservation would have tipped us off. Restaurants were not open in our area ; It has changed since then. We just couldn't make up our minds; we struggled with making a new tradition. Our drive along the Emerald coast line was breathtaking, sunny day, breezy and bright. I was so happy to be near the water, again. I couldn't breath, the 3months, we had been in Orlando. We stopped and found a spot and walked on the sandy, white beach running into the waves. It was beautiful; we both are from, New England and use to it's rocky coastline. It was heaven to play in the sand, it resembled granulated light brown sugar. We made a sandcastle, ran around, a few people were flying kites. We were getting hungry and decided to find a place to eat.  There wasn't anything open, we drove around and finally  found a Burger King. Husband stopped it was noon; They closed the door in our face, "Sorry, we are closed"; they had their own families, to get home to. I didn't even know Burger King did breakfast; They didn't where we were from, not yet.  We ended up at  SAFEWAY(grocery store) we bought hamburger, frozen fries, stuff for a salad and stuff to make a pie. He wanted something, with chocolate n' so did I.  I wanted ooey, gooey, not pudding. This is how Brownie Pie became our tradition; It is my daughter's favorite and what she wanted to take to school today:

Make your favorite pie crust or buy premade, line a 9" pie plate with dough. I pre bake the crust 425 F degree oven for 9 minutes. Take a fork and press holes in the bottom, so the dough won't bubble up.  Now make the filling: Take your favorite brownie recipe or a  mix and make it, as directions say. Now pour into cooled pie shell. If there is extra batter, chill it. You can bake the remaining dough in muffin tins, after the pie is done.  I light the oven to 350 F and bake, 30 min, you may want to check it sooner. It usually takes a bit longer, but everyone's oven heats different. If the crust starts to brown too much, then gently spread tinfoil over it, leaving it loose in the center so it won't stick to top.  Let cool and serve with a dollop of whipped cream. My daughter decorated this one with a Pie symbol.  Soooo what is your favorite pie and memory?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Think Tank Thursday

Sorry, I haven't been online. My brother n' family came by for a visit, all the way from Maine. They kept calling me, we are in VA. Where are you? They wouldn't say. I receive this phone call. Do you have a boat in your yard? "Yes" windchimes?  "Yes"  a slate plaque of a beagle?  "No".  This looks like your house, we are in the yard honking. I looked out my window. "No, you're not".  They were on the next street. I ran out of the house and told them how to find me. So funny, I wonder what the neighbors thought! lol  They came down to go to see his son graduation from Marine bootcamp. Congrats Dana; OORAH!

Yes, I am late for Think Tank Thursday; Poets United decided prompt #39 would be ghosts.  There are a lot of ways to approach this. Have I seen a ghost, "No"; I have felt a strong presence and smelled strong perfume. My Mom has lights go on and off at her home and when we hit the stairs, to go to bed,sometimes the TV would come back on, all by itself.  It did freak me out a bit, I would just yell, "Dad, cut it out". My father passed away thirty-one years ago.  I can sometimes smell his apple spice pipe tobacco, so strong, it literally feels like he shoved my nose in the pouch, he use to carry it in.

Midnight sky shadows the pale moon's light

Quicksilver fog dances low in the bay's harbor

Muffled voices whisper in the cold, salty sea spray

On the gray time worn wharf, watching the sea

Half dreams, make shift memories arrive

Neglected souls, lost at sea, limbo life

Captain's home, skeleton key opens portal

All that remains are faded photos of him

 Death's stench in stale air

Gray Travertine particles fall

Settling in the crevices of the old plank floor

Hidden things with fur, crawl and lurk in dark corners

Fractured fragments arrive in long, dark shadows

Thick cobwebs like cheesecloth with sepia dust

Encase wrought iron barred windows

Frail light filters through stained gold glass

Curtains move, cascading orb dances past

Frigid cold vapor comes from my lungs

Pale skinned bony fingers, touch my arm

I awake in my bed, sky blue comforter and cloud pillows

TV is on

It was just a nightmare...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Poets United

 Poets United has published their first book, an anthology, called "The Poetry Pantry: Thoughts That Breathe" Vol 1, Issue 1.  You might recognize some photos on the cover ;-D  It is an unique gem;  You can download it for free or purchase a copy.  I ordered a copy, I will have to pinch myself when it arrives. I never would of thought I would be part of a poetry group. Who knew....not me!  Blogging takes us places and opens doors to new friends, new experiences, and new worlds and much, much more.  I am thrilled to be part of this gathering of unique poets and to be part of the blogging community!

Yvonne of  Welcome To My World of Poetry  received this award and passed it on. Congrats! Yvonne is a woman of many talents, she loves music and has a gift for weaving words into shiny gems. Stop by and say, "hello"!  Thanks Yvonne for passing this lovely award~   I'm am going to pass it on to five bloggers: ( I know it is suppose to be 7; but that is my husband's number. Mine is 5)

 Scarlett of Blue, Purple and Scarlett...I found her when I was participating in the Reverb10 challenge in December. A whole month of blogging; phew!  She has gorgeous photos and lots of talent to share. Go say "Hi".

Sherry of Star Dreaming with Sherry Blue Sky has an inspiring blog. Her words paint images of our world and it's unique finds and discoveries. She has a kind heart and respects the wilderness and Mother Nature's gems. Sherry's writing sometimes takes me back home.

Diana and I are new friends, Her blog, ExPress-o has a little bit of everything on it. She shares her joyful bliss of happiness, a fun site to visit. 

Abby of Abby's Paperie Garden shows elegant ways to use paper and how to elevate the ordinary. Tiny romantic touches do make a difference. Abby shares some of her beautiful techniques~

Lorraine of Paperbird shares gorgeous photos and art work. She has an unique eye and is experimenting with photography these days.

If you get a chance, stop by and say "Hello" it is always fun to make new friends!  Thanks Yvonne xXx

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Second Helping...

I love the quote on this napkin! Today my daughter, my youngest turned fifteen. One always wonder where time goes...It flies! It seemed like time was normal, till I had children, then magically it started to speed up. I remember always hearing other people say this, "Wait till you have kids, You will see".  They were right!

It started last night, with me trying to release my inner Cake Boss. Didn't work out, I ended up running to the store, for more confectionery sugar and frosting bags. I seem to remember my Mom making them, I thought I could, too. I even tried the Ziplock bag trick; cut one corner, at an angle and put the frosting tip inside, fill with frosting. Didn't work so well for me; I felt like I had channeled my inner, Lucy, frosting started to ooze out all over me, not so much on the cake. Cake decorating has changed, since I use to watch my Mom make and sell cakes. She improvised and came up with clever ways to over come. Me, everything I tried, was cursed. My daughter said before my confectionery attempts, "Mom, I'll never be  as creative as you".  I laughed, knowing I now was jinxed. See, I wanted to make this Ruffle frosted cake.  I didn't have the right tip, thought I did, even went to go buy it, but couldn't find it at 10:30 pm last night. I found this video, just a day, it was a last minute idea.This is what she had instead, a french vanilla cake with orange frosting. She was happy with it, in reality that is all that matters. I tried once to buy her a pretty cake; She loved it, till she took a bite and said never again, She was six years old, at the time.
 This has been her favorite cake, requested each year since age eight. It reminds her of a Creamsickle.  We have to have cookie dough ice cream with it, to have that chocolate orange combo. She likes blue frosting, her birthstone color.  I have tried to get her to try chocolate cake; No, she doesn't want to mess with a good thing...her words.                                  
Happy Birthday Grit Girl! Yankee parents with a Girl Raised In The South!  You are my sunshine; Thanks for fifteen glorious years of Barbies, tea parties, swimming, shore treasure hunts, bike races, and Dance, Dance Revolution. Now hair, make-up, shopping and boys. Happy Birthday Angie Pangie Pudding Pie...XOX!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt #38  involves a quote, I chose, "Patience is a virtue"~

This proverb has been traced back to 'Piers Plowman' (1377) it was first written in latin... Maxima enim..patientia virtus

Whispers of illusion
Paints its memory in fog
Clouds of grief cackle n’ clap, sparks fly
As heat dances across the angry sky
Morning dew freshens Mother Earth’s thirst
Painted Ladies flirt, above the marigolds n’ everlastings
Summer’s treasures ebbs n’ flow, in tidal pool.
Soon we'll kiss endless balmy skies good-bye.

Last rose of summer fades in an orange haze
Sun washed bee wax scents the autumn wind
Dawn’s design leaves lingers of lies
Flamed trees embrace the Indian summer’s breeze
Mood barometer is fickle
Bewitching day arrives with dizzy frenzy

Screaming bare branches, soon scratch windows,
Howling nights leave chills up one’s spine
Hibernation arrives in lingering dreams
Solitude blankets Earth
Stillness slows society,
Snow drops poke out and say Hello

Clouds burst, illusion awakens crushed pine needles
Forest filtered light stays longer,
Kite flying days in endless sky, etches Spring break
Cherry blossoms drop confetti cheer
Cadence flirts, makes the journey on its own time.

Patience is a virtue~.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Frog is a Toad

I just need to vent, I guess. The yesterday I worried about today, is arriving tomorrow?!  How does that saying go?!
My Mom has been having problems for a year now. She fell, refused to have surgery; Her heel n' ankle didn't heal right. The woman can't even put snow boots on and is living in the land of 36" of snow.  Okay, maybe I exaggerate...I don't know.  On and Off through the years, Mr. Clean(my hubby) n' I have asked her if she was ready to sell her house. She could live with us or we could help her find a place. This  has been going on for the past 20yrs.  The time is now, bottom line....This means, fly to Maine, when school gets out and help her downsize her home. She probably has every glass jar, every plastic berry basket tucked away in the basement. She needs to get her home on the market, this spring.  She still resides, where I grew up. The street with summer cottages, has now extended up the road where she lives. A lot of people from the south, buy homes, in this area for a summer retreat.  Bottom line even though it is an old home, it is a great place to live. It is near town, near the wharf, near the post office, library, walking distance from restaurants, museums, stores and school. It is quaint and a quiet neighborhood for now. So, as I finish the FROG(furnished room over garage);It isn't going to be my space. When she does decide to move in, question is when...the Frog will be our son's bedroom. He commutes to college and works. He has wanted the FROG, for like forever. Mom will be moved, into his room.

I am trying not to feel sad, but I really feel like someone let the wind out of my sails. Maybe if I am lucky I can enjoy if for a few months.(Mom doesn't read my blog, in case you are wondering).  I know this is for the best, but i am totally worn out thinking about it. Flying home, going through everything she has tucked away and saved, for the past 45 yrs. Then trying to move her down here. It isn't official yet, but every time I approach this room, I feel it is Temporary, Oppressive, Artistic, Display=TOAD!   I know some of you have a spare closet for a craft space. I don't have this luxury; our closet is packed pretty tight; my Man has 4 uniforms, plus civilian clothes. I am thinking, I might be buying suitcases, at the thrift store and organize my crafting items, this way. I could  put tags on them, so I know what is where. Where there is a will, there is a way...right?!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1st-We have a Winner

March is a great month, a few birthdays in my family, some Irish luck, and the start of spring. I love seeing fresh, new sprouts appear on the trees, the swell of green pride. It won't be long and the turtles will make their come back. I'm not so excited about the snakes making their return, but that is another post. 

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. I tossed them all in a peat pot. I chose old school style, may try the random generator next time. We have our winner:  Congrats to Jules!  Please email me your address so I can send these items off to YOU!    Thanks everyone for all of your kind words via comments n' email. You brighten my day, more than you know! xXx