Saturday, June 30, 2012

Being Brave

I'm trying to be brave...   I am making items, for a craft show at the waterfront.  I'm nervous, but I know I need to move forward.  I will be putting items in my Etsy store, also.  I have a lot more to make.  I set a goal.  I have recruited my daughter to assist me.  She will be my watergirl and help me set up the booth.  The goal is I have to make so many items #, then fill out the paperwork.  I have a lot more to make... Hubby is coming home this evening. Now, I'm picking up my mess... ;D   Yeah, I tend to spread things out. My favorite place is the kitchen table...yeah, I know!  
So, here is a preview of what I have been up to:

It is too hot to do much of anything outside, so crafting is keeping me busy!  I'm trying to recruit my daughter to make some things.  She hasn't decided yet...   I hope you are having a fun weekend...
be safe and if you are on the fence, do something different and be brave!  :D

Friday, June 29, 2012

Wake Up to Wonder

"The only difference between an extraordinary life and an ordinary one is the extraordinary pleasures you find in the ordinary things. " ~Veronique Vienne

I woke up to wonder, okay, I didn't. I woke up to my daughter saying, "C'mon Mom, we have to go. I have to tape flags this morning, before  class starts." 

"Yes, I'm right there."  I drag myself to the car.  She is driving and I have had only a few sips of my Breakfast Blend.  I guess I didn't need it. I was wide awake sitting in the passenger seat, while she drove.  She did well, but I can see more gray hair, every time I ride with her.  ;D

I drove back home. She texted me "we are getting out early."  She wanted to drive in the city...I  let her.  Photos above were my view, when I did get back home. I went outside to water my garden and flowers, it was already sauna warm.  Soon, it became Hot spring hell.    How did your day start out?
Is it hot where you are?  Wanna trade? ;D

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Visually Poetry

Liz Lamoreux, author of Inner Excavation is having a free E-course.  I meant to mention it sooner...oops!   The biggest requirement is her book. You would get more out of the experience if you had the book, but I think you can still gather some inspiration from her online exercises. You can also join her Flickr group.  I can't find my book anywhere?  So, I am behind...nothing new there.  I feel like I'm in the dark shadows, no pun intended. I still haven't seen the movie have you?

I guess, there has just been so much drama lately, I feel drained. I could use a pint of B positive (not really).   I'm okay.  I'm just tired of being left to do whatever doesn't get done.  Kids not finishing their chores and I'm left with it all. In reality this is nothing new. I called my hubby at work and gave him my two week notice.  He was busy, so I left it on his voice mail.  He thought I was hysterical.   Someone said, I should consider  doing stand up comedy.  Maybe I will... I fear my husband played the message at work, a bit too much.  Use caution when you leave voice mail, lol

Liz shared a visual assignment. You answer questions about yourself in photos. Yes, easier said than done. I mean, never mind...   Many of the questions made me crave the  edges of my shore, where the purple Lupine waves to the sea.  My son loved to gather tons of Lupine, as a child.  I read him this book.  He would bring home a sand pail filled with shells, drift wood and Lupine. 

Here are Liz's nine questions.  I cheated a bit and added a few words. I figured some of my photos were too vague.

Question 1: Who are you?

 I know odd photo...  The bathroom light is reflected in the second mirror.  Well, my name does mean light. I was going for free spirit ;D

Question 2: In this moment, where are you?

 In this moment, I'm plotting my time(for art).  I'm taking time back, someone stole it from me...
No, it wasn't Justin   If you are thinking of the song Sexy Back and his latest win!   I'll have a give away soon....

Question 3: What are the textures of your corner of the world?


Question 4: If you had an hour alone to just play, what would you do?
 Art, writing and photos ;D

Question 5: How do you seek joy?

 Looking for pearls, along this string called life!  WE have to collect the shiny bits~

Question 6: What nourishes you?

 Memories of my childhood home.

 Question 7: When you need to simply take a breath and ground yourself, what do you do?
I use to go to the above photo, but I moved.  So now...

 Question 8: How do you nurture your creative dreams?

Question 9: Does your heart have a secret wish you want to share?

 Cast a net into your sea of memories and treasure those who are part of your journey!

(My grandparents)  Clifford n' Winona 

What about you...?  I dare you to answer these questions in words or photos!   C'mon be the B word...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fool's Gold

Life has been a bit crazy, at my house. The AC is working, parts have been ordered for more work to be done. Yes, it quit on the hottest day so far this year.  We do have a window unit in the FROG. The rest of the house is central air.  My kids escaped up there with friends and played games. The kids had friends over, when the AC quit.  I figured they would want to go home. No, everyone stayed. They all crawled in the attic and hauled out the Air Hockey table, Battleship, and other board games. It did start to get a bit crazy when they decided to use Cheese-Its, instead of the puck.  Our beagle was quite entertained. There was a lot of howling, not just from our hound. They didn't put the legs on the hockey table. They just laid it on the floor and played. I would go up for awhile and then retreat downstairs to write. Writing and heat exhaustion are not a well matched pair.
 Hubby ordered new French doors for our deck. He discovered ours are starting to rot. He will take time off from work, to get them installed. Son told us earlier in the evening, his car was acting up. My daughter was selected to be Color Guard Captain! Yeah, we toasted her, with Iced cold Lemonade and made popcorn.  One mother called the school and complained. She felt her daughter should have been chosen or at least co-captain. Augh... It is true, when it rains it pours! On the way to Color Guard Camp this morning, I told my daughter to be herself and do not let the drama get to you.  I know easier said than done...

This morning I found my copy of Fools GoldI opened it at random, it said..."What do you need to let go of in your life, to make space for something new? What do you need to break or risk uprooting in order to be whole? To create who you secretly know you're meant to be?"  These words speak to me.  I find the whole creative process an emotional roller coaster, lately. I block out a few hours that I think are mine. Yeah, think again.  I have so many things I want to write, do and create. Yet, the curve balls keep getting tossed at me. Any tips on how to dodge 'em?  Why haven't we evolved to have more hands?! lol

What do you give up so you can write, create?  Sleep probably is the number one answer, I suspect!   I am cutting back on TV and sleep...
What about you?!

"Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness."
~Napoleon Hill

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Over Due

I know you were thinking library books, right?!  Movie rentals...I hope not!  I was thrilled to receive two awards last month and I'm over due in mentioning them.  First up is EJ Wesley...we share the same initials, love of dogs, and the written word.  I found his blog, THE OPEN VEIN, through Alex Cavanaugh.

I find EJ's voice, real, raw and refreshing. He says what I feel, expresses the reality and truth. Yes, he opens the vein and exposes things you need to see, let breath.  I so appreciate his style and talent. Thank you Alex, for pointing me in EJ's direction!  He gifted me with this award and now I must answer the following questions..yikes!

Cute award, I love it!  Thank you EJ!  Now, the rules I have to jump through 4 hoops.
HOOP # 1 - Thank the person who nominated you.
 Thank you EJ, I love this award and the thought of being a trooper!  Go visit EJ and you will see what I mean. He is refreshing and unique; I'm so glad I found his blog.  :D

HOOP # 2 - Answer Questions    

 What is your favorite song?
Tough one!  Can I pick from each type of music I love?!  Favorite song this week or last year?     Sorry, I can't were right EJ. It is like picking a favorite child...!  

What's your favorite dessert?
 Ice cream!  Favorite is Coffee with chocolate in it.  Yes, I like me some Mocha!
I want to try the Popcorn Ice Cream with a Salted Caramel Topping.  I'm a popcorn girl...yup, corny and full of hot air! 

 What ticks you off?
People who do not respect one's time. I like to exercise outdoors when the weather permits. It never fails I end up getting captured by a neighbor.  One who doesn't exercise or has all the time in the world. I've come up with techniques for escape. The bike works best. You can wave, smile and ride away.... Usually I have eaten too much ice cream and I need to walk now, move.  I love to chit chat and be friendly, but not when my blood sugar is climbing... 

 What do you do when you're upset?
Eat ice cream and walk ;D   I usually power walk, out the door or ride my bike. 
When upset I might eat ice cream and walk ;D  I usually bolt out the door or ride my bike. Music helps, too and sometimes I write. 
Your favorite pet?
My hound, Buster is my favorite pet. I love his personality. He is a mixed breed, a beagle with freckles. He is full of mischief and fun, but will be at your aid if needed.  
 He was camping out, on my daughter's bed. He loves to lay near the window and watch the yard. Beagles are all about maintaining their schedule. He lays in the middle of the kitchen floor at 5pm, by 7pm he has planted himself near the front door. He is waiting for his evening walk.

Do you prefer black or white?
I'm a military spouse, you get use to those white walls. Funny, look at the beagle photo, black n' white. I like black clothing, when I am out doing my private eye stuff. Kidding...  I prefer white clothing in the summer and black in the winter. 

 Biggest fear?
I guess losing my creative voice. I struggle, don't we all?! 
Everyone in my life has tried to talk me out of my creative endeavors. Okay, not everyone, but most.  It is part of me.  It feels like a fight sometimes to be me. I hear a lot, "What do you want to do that for?"  It use to bother me, but I'm learning to laugh and be witty about it.  

EJ's answer was good!  Losing...I can relate to that. I have lost people I love, friends and jobs(didn't want to move).

What's your attitude, mostly?
Is this a personality eval?  lol   I get discouraged, but I'm a fighter. I get knocked down I get back up again. Isn't that a song, by Chumbawamba, lol. 
I'm calm, I want everybody to get along. I hate confrontation! I'm a green thumbed poet. Nature soothes me and keeps me calm ;D

What is perfection?
Something we all struggle with. Okay, not all, but most! We want it all, on our terms, in the proper form. My Dad was a perfectionist, I have tendencies, but you wouldn't know it, lol. I do suffer from this affliction...  It is something to strife for like the stars, but we can't quite reach it!

Guilty pleasure?
I'd say lately blogging. I'm finding it a struggle around the revolving door. Hubby comes home early, daughter has friendw over,there is lots of  loud music and now the beagle is howling about the rabbits in his yard. Yeah...blogging keeps me sane :D
Then there is Iced Coffee and crafting... I love to go sew paper together and lately having fun with Chalkboard Spray paint...lots of fun!

 HOOP # 3 - Share 10 random facts about yourself.
I will be brief.

1. My ears never grew up...they are small and I can't find a pair of ear buds that fit!
2. I have too many nicknames... Ellie, El, Ella, Turbo, Lucy, Susan Q, Weezie, etc.
    My husband sometimes teases me and calls me Hooker.  I love the paint color Hooker Green
3. I use to look like a young Sally Field and then was told I looked like Heidi Fleiss one     day. Shocking...(now we are back to hookers, lol)
4. I love to hike mountain trails.
5. I was in a major magazine back in 2001. It all started online and I ended up with a free e ticket and the big photo in a health mag.  
6. I am right handed, but have left handed tendencies.
7. I love space and so do most of the inhabits in Alaska. When I lived there I was amazed to see so many Trekkies in one place. I was going to a show and the other civic center was filled with Trekkies. ( both involve the final frontier).
8. I love many types of music, but not a country fan. Something happens either go country, jazz or classical.  I didn't pick country. (okay, maybe not you, but most people I know). 
9. I have a rare blood type, I'm B negative...though I do try to B positive :D
10. I am like a gecko.  I adapt...  No, I'm double jointed and nocturnal, lol

 HOOP # 4 - Pass It On
I'm going to let you grab this and run with it. Who wants some string? It is silly string. C'mon! I'll be back to pass this on. I haven't decided yet...

I also was fortunate to receive this award from our favorite Ninja Captain, Alex Cavanaugh.  Most of you know Alex, but for those who don't. He is an author working on his third book, CassaStorm. His books have been best sellers on Amazon.  It is a fast paced, military stylized space venture. He is also an 
 amazing blogfest host, host of IWSG and a fun, down to earth human being. I have to thank Arlee Bird, for his A-Z blogging challenge. I never would of met Alex and most of you, if not for Arlee's challenge. Thanks Arlee!

I want to mention Stephen Tremp’s  Breakthrough, is free June 18 and 19 on AMAZON Get your copy today!  It is an amazing book, go visit Stephen and discover the adventure of Chase Manhattan!  He can host one heck of a party~  He also has another book called Opening. It is a complex, action thriller and part of this trilogy! 

Thanks EJ, Alex, Arlee and Stephen for being bloggers we all love to visit and people we are happy to know!  

I started a new blog and will probably doing more poetry over there. This blog will be more artistic or surprise based, lol   My new blog is called Ella's Font!  Come visit me~


Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Look

What do you all think?  I value your input and will be back to post.... 
Testing...the waters!

Happy Father's Day!  My kids told their father today, he was the best!  He asked me, "Do you think, so?"  
I said, "heck, Dad was the best."  lol    ;D  

Cheers to all, who are doing and being their best on every day of the year! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

In the Garden

The talented, generous, Hannah Gosselin of Metaphors and Smiles shared some photos with us for a prompt.  Creative people tend to be expressive in many art forms. If you aren't keeping testing the waters, you might find another way to express your soul.  Besides it is fun to keep pushing the boundaries.  I'm late to this party, but decided better late than never. Here is my contribution. I chose Hannah's fiddlehead photo.
 Copy Right © 2012 Hannah Gosselin
Furled Fists
by Hannah Gosselin

nature's throwing fits
in soft-fiddled-fists
felted origami
I love what she wrote, so beautiful!
Here is my take on the prompt~

in cool 
of green 
sun bleached
mysteries hidden
inner musings 
furl, hold and bend
papery murmurs surround
 the amazed fronds
outlined dreams remain 
in tender thoughts
 the first steps are timid
the journey of unfolding
 her dress frilly n' lush
 a shade of spring lime green
coated in filtered light
her beauty unfolds
a sacred dance of truth
we can't remain tight in the bud and live
one must extend and cross over into the whirlpool's wind
as freedom blurs
the edges of

The amazing Kenia challenged us on Wednesday to write a poem based on poet, Vera Pavlova.

Here is one of her poems:

 Let us touch each other
while we still have hands,
palms, forearms, elbows . . .
Let us love each other for misery,
torture each other, torment,
disfigure, maim,
to remember better,
to part with less pain.
~Vera Pavlova


Today's challenge may sound a bit crazy but I hope you can still find it enjoyable. I like the idea of poetry that moves, instead of sitting on shelves inside books. What I ask of you is  to write a poem to the world. You can address it to mankind, or to a more specific subject: your children, your parents, a neighbor that is kind toward you or another one who's unpleasant; a workmate, a boyfriend/girlfriend you lost touch with, a passerby, the woman who works in the shop around the corner. 
Kenia asked us to write a poem, like a letter to the world. I chose to write to Artists. I am not just talking people who actually paint, but all who create.  You know who you are....
Maybe I could post this as my Poets United contribution?!  

Dear Artist,

Sometime life is dark like compost and coffee grounds. 
It can be bittersweet
I want you to embrace it all 
Tear off your bandage
Take a blue breath  of
 the sea, the sky, and twilight's kiss
be amazed like free floating butterflies
glimpse the arms of those you love
their fingerprints paint your soul
Listen to the watercolored rain
Time to face the page, the canvas, the empty promise
pale roses like lovely faces will bloom
it might take time, but do not quit.
Your spirit spins like rainbow light
time to plant the fragile sepia bulbs
dig deep
whispers of hope will grow
don't let the cold iron bars block their light
puddles of memories will collect like milky pearls
stitch them in your mind and wear their shine
grey mauve light tickles you
protect your voice, like a love song
don't let others poison your view 
casting their opinion like river rocks
weighing your spirit down
wave to the trees and open your arms
to the soft spring air 
fold the timeworn blanket
tuck it away
don't let the coldness chill you
free your soul's anchor
be open to the crumbling soil
its humble beginnings
scatter the packet of blooms
 onto the black canvas
of dark earth and midnight sky
see the patterns shift
by the Morning glory and moonlight
Remember the briny shore
 where the fractured sea glass tumbled
carrying you into the now
dance n' twirl your fingers around the sunlight
wear it's  translucent ribbons on your hands
Remember the confetti each seasons brings
go outline your dreams with green chalk
remind everyone  to use their own compass
Watch for the notes the universe gives you
Be brave and follow me
 there is work to be done!

Love you,
 your Intuition

I'm also suppose to be brave and leave my poem, for others to read!  Tomorrow I will go get my favorite Iced Coffee and leave my note, somewhere creative!  ;D

Systematic Weasel is working on a publication, called Vagabonds. He is looking for submissions...time is running out for the first issue, so be sure to stop by!
Please check out this post:
also here:

Thank you Weasel for this opportunity ;D

Hare Way to the Stars

Life has been a bit crazy, this past week.  There has been some screaming, a howling hound, a large snake, and a board that wacked me aside the head, last night.  Oh, no this wasn't all in one day, all events had their own special day!  When is the moon full,  I have had enough!  I went and had my hair chopped for an interview and than they didn't call.  My family agreed, I need a more polished look, instead of hippy chick long. Am I getting too old for long hair?  I do have chipmunk cheeks. I  swore. I would never have really short hair. ever again. When I was 18, my parents were hired to   manage the Rockland Drive Inn.  Dad convinced me to come along, one Sunday afternoon, to go investigate. They had the key to the place.  We went through the drive thru window, at a burger joint for lunch.  Two toy piccolos ended up in the bag.  My brother was thrilled, me not so much. This meant they thought I was under 12.   Grrrr.....  Okay, I appreciate it these days....

Screaming happened Monday morning, when I decided to go out in the garage. And this is what I found.
This snake was leaning against the garage door.  I screamed...I don't like spiders or snakes.  I can tolerate spiders, hate snakes...hate them.  I know I traded snow for snakes...I'm not happy about this deal. I scream, my daughter and our beagle come running. I holler to daughter, "grab him, snake."  First crazy, thought I'm sweeping this big gal or guy out ....Yeah, big brave me with a Swiffer. I rethought that one.  I opened the garage door and wait. I did laundry and checked again..nothing. The snake isn't moving.  I go back inside, empty dishwasher and fill it up.   I go peek again, nothing. Third time was a charm, there is a breeze and snake is slowly moving.  Get, go...I waited and then we shut the door.  I cringe to go out there now...I was out there the night before, when it was hiding, lurking, chasing a mouse?! eeeewwwwwwwwww!

Next day more snakes, but a howling hound.  I let him out and I hear him yelp. My hound is like EF Hutton...he doesn't bark or howl much. When he does we run, to see what the commotion is.   He was tangled around my rose bush, his tail is wagging and he is howling. The thorns are poking his hind end. He hates snakes too, but I know this is a different howl.  I get him untangled and peer through the lattice, under the deck. This is what I see!

The rabbit hangs out for a bit. My hound is having a fit.  We finally get him inside.  He paces and waits to go back out, sitting near the door.  We wait a bit, before we let him out. We go and see what is going on.  The rabbit is making his escape ;D
There were three rabbits in our yard, at one time. He is getting old,  I guess he just wanted to watch and howl. 

I miss my long hair!  I have other hares to worry about, gray ones and the ones living under my deck.  
I've been working on some art. I met a girl on FB and she knew someone I knew and wanted to see my blog.  She had seen my art work in this mag.  I think she was disappointed...I don't have the normal artsy blog.   I am considering maybe I should have another one...  Yeah, right I can't even keep up with this one, lol. It is an adjustment period having my teenage daughter home from school. It is great, but I have to get up earlier or go to bed later to get some blog time.  I find it hard to read blog posts with the TV cranked up. I can handle loud music, but loud TV does me in.   Last night,  I decided I was going to work on art for a craft show downtown at the waterfront.  I have always wanted to do this, but have talked myself out of it.  I have been trying to make things on and off this week. Last night I go out in the garage, no snake that I can see. I get in the freezer,  to get a Raspberry popcycle . When a  piece of wood, from one of hubby's projects hits me above the eyebrow. Yeah, this is why you get an odd photo, for now.  I have an indent in my eyebrow and swelling. I iced it immediately, after I saw the cartoon stars and halos of light. How has your week been?  I'll be back to post two poems and I still need to thank some great, creative guys ;D  I haven't forgotten!   Have you had any critters in your house, yard or garage?   Care to share, what has your week been like?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In the Garden

Laurie asked us to write a poem based on Dementia.  My aunt is involved in this fractured, fragmented view. Some moments are good, but most are lost, tucked away. We are the ones, who try to open their memories. I do think her clarity was compromised, when my Uncle recently died. She went downhill. She didn't want to cope with it, I think her brain protected her.  This is just my opinion.  I know no one really knows...  I thought of the book Secret Garden and the stashed items in the attic. I just cleaned my attic a month ago and was flooded with memories.   It is sad to think of those losing their treasured view~

The quiet room at the top of the house
where dark shadows linger
Boxes oftarnished silver and
 sepia photos
where sunbleached brilliance lacks luster
 dust now evades and fills in the cracks
while cobwebs build
 searching onward for the key

Like a gift not open
 it whispers of
lost, cherished words, sunshine and 
diminished hope
all are tangled
bare branches tap 
at the window sill
 warmth now replaced with
 an autumn chill 

Dust sifts
like a kaleidoscope broken
detached particles fall and shift 
dark shadows replace the light
they dangle like
 broken mirrored glass

Boxes of letters, 
piles of papers remain scattered
 dusty faded thoughts with bent edges
trampled and stomped on
like damp leaves

Window's view reveals 
early morning grayness
it is raining on
 the Bleeding Hearts while 
like a love song we all hope 
and pray
for the new perennials to bloom
then fertile mind will
show us the green door
if not
perhaps we can make
 a new key!

© Ellen Wilson

Friday, June 8, 2012

Eccentric View Tim Burton

I chose the 100th prompt at Poets United. I asked them  to write an eccentric type poem, with Tim Burton in mind.  They could use his art, poetry, movies, encourage their thoughts to fly.  If they weren't into his style, they could just write about an eccentric person they knew or had observed.

When I look at Tim's art, I see my Muse and I fighting over which avenue to choose, lol
I tried to write about the conflict of listening to one's voice when creating art. I tried to do it in Tim Burton fashion. He loves spirals, black, white and red and feels grounded when he wears stripped socks.


Crimson passion spirals like a cherry gumball
round n' round it goes 
in mist of abyss
black magic 
shadows mood
phantom's dance teases 
white steeple's principles 
rainbow light invades heart's method
as the distance thunder shakes one's 
pins of new ideas strike
they puncture like electricity
 wire frayed fragments dance

Do I lurk in the quick sand
 or gallop towards
the shards of shredded light
two paths
struck by memories
entwined like strings
in gray mattered soil
stabbed and tortured by