Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Light Hearted

Enough of the drama ;D   I thought I would share some photos with you.  When I am feeling a bit blue or frustrated with the creative process-I grab my camera and take photos. Everything come back into focus and I feel calm.  I know sounds silly, but I love playing with light, angles and shadows.  Here are a few I have taken recently!   I didn't like my real name, Ellen-when I was young.   I do now and I love that it means light!  Do you know what your name means?

My hound, Buster actually pauses at the top step before he descends to see if the rabbit is hiding underneath our deck.   I love hearing him howl.  He is too old to chase the rabbit, but has fun, anyway.    *Our son named him Buster after the Tiny Tunes rabbit.  It fits~

Trying to find inspiration in my day!  Even though I have felt a bit worn down-my creative energy is still there.  I love how the spoon looked in the bowl with all those tiny bubbles.  Time out for berries and imagination-they are both a well deserved treat~

Some projects I am working on-I had to let them set on the sidelines for a bit, but I am ready to begin again!

Are you finding time for your imagination?  What are you working on?

Lone Star

My husband actually has been saying the word move, a lot lately.  We have talked about our transplanted roots. When one retires from the military, most head back to their roots.  His roots are tangled with mine in Maine, where we met.  He is not original from Maine-so more wrestling with the ideas of where to relocate.  He loves Texas.  I laughed and said, "Ok, it is the Lone Star state." And remember our daughter thinks the Lone Ranger is my boyfriend ;D ! 

He knows I have a thing about stars, not just the ones in the sky, but my Dad was a Texaco man and he was a projectionist.  I shared a tidbit with a local paper back home and they did a story about my parents.  I will share it soon-an elephant never forgets.   We can't move just yet, our daughter will be a senior in high school-so there is time to plot and plan. 

I love Tootsie Roll Lollipops. When I get low blood sugar-this is my go to candy.   I love to spot the  Native American boy shooting a star from his bow and arrow.  Did you know there is an urban legend about the Native American boy or Chief being on the candy!   Here you can read the story behind the image, if you are intrigued.  (no this was not a commercial)

Truth be told-I am sad.  My Navy doc left me hanging and I ended up without thyroid medicine.  I have never not taken my meds, unless I had the flu.  She told me to come back the first week in July have labs done and she would adjust my dose.  Meanwhile, the Navy dumped us out of the system. We sent our paperwork and followed protocol.  I even had the mail tracked-it was lost.  I didn't  have a doctor and was not allowed to go to my clinic.  We had our copies, made calls faxed the information and everything is straightened out now.  Odd, there wasn't a fax number on the paper work-if there had been this all could of been avoided.  I went for a few days without my meds. 

  I am blue-I know it won't last.  I know why, but I still feel blah, sad and tired.  I told my doctor-my husband will officially be retired on June 30th and I worried about a glitch.  She assured me that it was not likely.  ( My husband sold back his leave aka vacation time and has been home since the end of March.)  I have to go face the music today and go meet a new doctor and find out how far off the chart I have fallen.  Yes, like a shooting star-I'm a bit burnt out.  I hope you all are doing well!  I miss all of you and blogging~

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blue Highway

We were giving a Get Listed poem.  A list of words to inspire a poem. Kim over at Poets United asked us to write a Close to the Source Poem.  My poem kinda describes my mood lately as I am working on many art projects. I will post some of my projects, soon. 



Blue highway perches in soul's roots
shakes doubt's weeds before
curious fury grows rampant
unearthing grits pace
transplant seeds of tender stars
before glaciers
 grow winter trees
 in heart's library
and tangle in hand knit gray wool
gulls see the stony sky
and salt of day disappear
slice blue factor's ridges
shake frigid ice storm and 
see seedlings open
in chipped yellow china, green velvet sofa
and heirloom oak desk
focus on faded sepia memories
to propel air-borne white galaxies.

© Ellen Wilson

Monday, July 22, 2013

Open Garden

I had to give Kerry's challenge another attempt.  My prior poem was not opposite enough. A tea cup and a tea bag were a likely pairing.  I tried to write it more like an arranged marriage, but their union was predictable.  Here is another attempt and a more opposing pairing:  Feet n' a puppy!  Okay, perhaps not, but when I found this photo I couldn't help myself. 

 I called my mom-not sure whose foot this is-lol.  I can't find the photo I was going to use. This puppy named Roxie was found sleeping in my grandfather's hat.  My parents brought her home and one year later I was born.  She would jump on her hind legs and peer at me in my bassinet, never letting her paws touch the sides. I think she had Nana skills.  You remember the big dog the Darlings owned in the story," Peter Pan".   Funny, my daughter use to call my mother Grammie Darling.  


I love to nibble your warm toes
YOU scent is like fallen leaves and wood smoke-
 is that gravy I smell? 
You're so warm n' soft
I  love to lay my head on you
 you make me feel, so snugly

I love  your sweet, velvet ears draped on my ankle
how playful you nuzzle me with your cold nose after
 you've been outside scampering in
the freshly fallen snow
you lay beside me 
your belly rises n' falls as
your legs twitch, are you
dreaming of running in a field of daisies?
Oh, you do not know what those are just yet...

I love to be chased
 when I stumble n' tumble you
 nudge me back in line
I like the toy you bought me,
but I rather play with you! 
 My teeth are razor sharp
I must be careful
I  hear your whispers cheering me on
I can't wait to walk solider strong with you
we can run in the field I smell by the stream
Will you be too worn out by then to go?

I love your puppy days, but
 some day you can ride in my truck
Soon our playful tug of war will end
we'll play a new game fetch
I love your high pitch bark
but I long to hear you howl at
what stirs your thoughts
 I will miss you puppy fur n'
your sweet chocolate eyes following me

You make me brave
 let me snuggle up to you,
  in the early morning light
You rattle that paper drinking a strong bitter brew
I love it when you sneak me a bite of
smokey salt, yet it's sweet
I love to walk outside with you
you make my tail smile
You changed your outfit-why?

I can't wait to be your best friend
make you proud, when I find what you're looking for
 I will still crave your socks n' shoes
Please forgive me
this was my first scent of you-I love it so
but my tastes are growing up
I will prefer fresh grass and rabbits, soon
You will always be my first love

© Ellen Wilson



Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Poetic Cup of Tea

Over in the garden, Kerry asked us to write a poem as a love letter between two in-animated objects.   I did mine more as a conversation.  This is in the style of poet Sarah Kay.

I chose my Geisha Ghost tea cup and a tea bag blend called Zen, to have a this convo.  For some reason, I can't watch the video of Sarah. I will try again.  I hope I make you crave tenderness, a kiss, tea,  or all three.

"Soul meets soul on lovers' lips."
-Percy Bysshe Shelley

Tender Garden

"Thank you for your warmth,
your kindness
I have been lonely
packed away, forgotten
tucked between faded ink and dust
I lingered for light
 for just one tender kiss."

"Your beauty reflects in my soul
your skin so porcelain and white
I admire your patience
I do hope you feel the warmth of my embrace
as I encompass your face."

"Tears sting my eyes I have waited so long
 to feel tenderness
You are kind. 

"I am Zen-new age
 I am sure you crave
your wonderful notes of Jasmine-
so soothing but, I have a gardener's charm
I am green  with Lemon Verbena leaves, 
swirls of spearmint and a kiss of
Lemongrass...do you like my scent?"

" I love green, you are so young, so decadent 
so pleasing
 You refresh me like a spring roll 
Your notes are blended well
...all our lives we have touched others
and they touched us
 Let's be gentle with each other
I have been through wars snuck out of my grandmother's closet
 sold and traveled in rough seas"

"I have been trampled, pinched and minced to be here with you
Tossed about like mowed grass
I bruise easily 
I desire kind hands to meld my notes
sometimes I am too young and
have to be put back to age-to wait
I'm cousin to the famous Longjing-
a deep green infusion aka Dragon Well
What about you?"

"Originated in China so the story goes, 
 I am from 1930 Japan 
a gray scale of translucency  passes through me like wax
Tea bags like you Zen
were made in 1930s
We must be the same age"

"What shall I call you?  You are so delicate and beautiful-like
a flower."

"I wish I could blush. 
I would love it- if you called me Lilo?"

"May I kiss you Lilo?"

"Oh, yes please
I smell you tender green hope
reminds me of home
the gesture of  Ocha
You melt my heart"

"Lilo you hold mine
like "chisen sogoshiki teien"
(a garden with a pond at its center)"

© Ellen Wilson