Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cold feet

You know that feeling, you think your mind is set and then your feet start to shuffle slowly, you start to think I'm not good enough, what was I thinking?!  Should I do it anyway, in spite of my fear, my doubt?! I'm not frozen in one place or am I? If I don't start putting myself out there, will I wonder, what IF?!  You will you!  We have to keep pushing the envelope, move onward and upward, try, try again...  We have to take the first step, think positive, take at chance, risk it all, expect the best, follow your bliss, etc.   There is so much talent and undiscovered talent, don't we owe it to ourselves to push forward and see what we can do.

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there”
- Will Rogers

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
- Christopher Columbus

Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't.  ~Eleanor Roosevelt

When in doubt, do it anyway; Taking these tiny steps toward your goal, releases your soul, allows sunshine to fill the cracks of doubt.  We all carry the burden of what if, we if don't try...  Even if we don't succeed, knowing we tried, gives us courage to continue to have faith in ourselves and continue on the path of loving what we do.   Do what you love or at least take tiny steps towards it.  You will grow into your best self~

Friday, July 30, 2010

Fresh Start

I am finding my time( a few random moments in the am or pm) isn't happening.   I knew I had to change it up. Get up earlier to find, time to write, create or just sketch or be still, have some quiet.   We had a crazy storm last night. It wasn't to bad here, but all around us, threats of tornadoes n' hail.  Virginia was so bad, they were talking about closing the tunnels.  We were fortunate here in North Carolina; our home is close to the border.

This is a quick snap I took before the rain started to pummel our deck.   My daughter wanted to go get money for a water park trip today.  I said, "No, we are staying put".   My son was driving in this mess; He was asked to stay most of the night,at the grocery store he works at.  They closed early to clean;  they had to move things and  pressure wash the inside of the store.  He left here at 7:30pm and arrived home at 6:30am.  I wasn't thrilled with him leaving.  He called me once he arrived and said, "I'm here".  I had to discuss if you are to tired to drive; I will come get you speech.

No, this isn't a bug, it is a baby eggplant. Cute and look at the vibrant colors.

My lavender is going to bloom; this has been one of my difficult herbs to grow.  I have a huge rosemary
mound, but lavender has given me some trouble.  I think certain herbs need sandy soil.  They have
wood type stems and require different care.   I did this with lavender and I think I might be successful this time. 
Look at Rose's gown, still gorgeous after being freshly washed.

I turned it around, reset my body clock, maybe.   Night Owls are difficult to reprogram, yet I do it several times a year.  Alaska was the worst, go to bed at 10pm and get up at 4am, leave by 5am to be there at 5:30am...  It is hard to sleep with the sun out, lawns being mowed, and hearing people play volleyball and hollering for the kids. Our back yard had a base playground.   I was a Hotel Operator; No, I don't miss that gig. 

So, today, I being again, to find a fresh new way to view my world. How many starts, no one is counting...
I quietly, was out on the lawn  barefoot and snapped these photos of renewed blooms, some fading, some beginning.  What will you begin today...  I am going to try to be a morning person, I see the glory and beauty and peaceful stillness.  I get it, but there is a side of me, that likes the quiet, dark, stillness of night, while the clock ticks and tocks, while I know my family is restful and dreaming.   

Each day, we can start anew, began again, restart, try, try again...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recycled Treasures

There is an expression, "One man's trash is another man's treasure".  I do believe this is true.   There is a magazine to prove that recycling has turned into a feasible industry.   Then there is the lifestyle of making do with what you have(I can hear my parents talking as I type this). 
 This statement can get the creative mind spinning.... There is a magazine called  Green Craft magazine, unique ways to rethink, re use and reduce our landfill.

 Rachel Wilpon made this upcycled purse out of junk mail.  She was featured in Green Craft magazine.

I can't find a link to her blog.    Check out Linda Zokan's scarf; She made it out of t-shirts cut into strips and then she knit them together. 

Charlotte Lyons used paper towel tubes for storage.

Becky Shander  repurposed dryer sheets. When well used,  she dyes them  in a tea bath for 5-10 min and
uses them in her art.   I love the dimension they add to her work.

My friend, Ingrid upcycles, she has a lot of creations in her Etsy store.  This Ipod/cell phone case is made out
of VHS tape.

PattyVan Dorin has pushed the envelope, from ordinary to extraordinary.  Her class is still available til

Nifty little book; Mine is a work in progress, probably won't get it done, til next month, when school starts again.   Here is some mail you wouldn't want to toss; Here Roben- Marie  shows you how.     Check out this amazing artist's work.      If you are really into recycling and crafting, check these ideas out~

Lee of Tossing it Out, reminds us we need to look at our junk mail; He is having Toss it Out Tuesdays, finding ways to get rid of or be creative with our clutter.   I thought I would show you some creative uses!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I thought it would be fun to share, some shots that are less than extraordinary...the real world type.  I tend to have I LOVE LUCY tendencies, my Mom actually will call me Lucy sometimes.   You know the day,  where you wash the floor and spill the cherry koolaid on it.   You are lugging in groceries, no one is home and you drop a huge wine bottle on your big toe and cut it open.  You then hope the neighbors don't see your stumbling around, cussing in the door yard.    I thought I broke my toe; No, just a nice gash...

I did make the Flag Cake for the 4th of July, too embarrassed to post it.    The trick is not to allow to many people in the kitchen.   The blue layer didn't rise right, it was crooked, the key part of the balance act of the puzzle here is mine.  I will make it again; I know what I did wrong....

 My props were eaten for my baby peep...then I didn't center him/her in the middle.  (Easter pic)

 Steam on the camera, humid outside, too centered, it is an odd shot....

Not erasing the lines and the eye lid to high, first drawing in like least it looks

off, not 1/3 of the frame; The eye is drawn to the center and 1/3 of the photo...this breaks the rules.

Halloween, my daughter as Lady Gaga, too busy txting, lots of drama..hmm, need to rethink this one..
sounds like she is acting the part...tee,hee

didn't wipe the side of the bowl...too messy~ In a hurry, everyone was hungry... veggie minestrone with garlic bread croutons.

Made this for my Mom's Christmas pkg.. my Dad is green!   Yes, that is me, far right in the red coat, maybe
9 or 10yrs old.   They were married in 1958~

Bloopers are fun to show, not everything  is rosy and sweet all the time.  The realty is, sometimes it hurts to get a shot...things poking or jumping on you.   A frog did jump on my toes...did i holler, you bet!  Did the neighbors hear me...probably, but no cussing this time~ lol

Enjoy your I love Lucy moments; they are unique~

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Gift of Now

I am trying to focus more on the Now, these days!   It is a different pace, a conscious effort to stay in the moment.  It has wonderful qualities' It frees your mind and allows you to enJOY what is happening now.     It allows your day to flow differently, to just be,  to appreciate people and moments, even more.   I lingered over my skinny cap(okay 1% milk)   I enjoyed spying on the southern leopard frogs..they seem to worship the hose, they act as if it is their flat screen.   I love how colorful they are.   I enjoyed my food more, I went to the market and didn't feel that rush.    It is peaceful, til the mind wants to play tricks on me and jump back or skip forward.  I have to gentle remind myself, I'm trying something new, allowing myself  to enjoy the simple pleasure of the day.   I have a tendency to listen to the banter, I should, I need to this, I could do that...etc.    It is a new way to process, stay in the moment.

"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That's why it's called the Present" there is question of the origin of this statement.  I just love how it eloquently states the obvious~

  This is a Southern Leopard Frog, I just love how he is so in the moment. How zen of him~

I love the stillness of this pic; just enjoying the nectar, oh, how sweet~

I love the cheerful sunflower, nodding and swaying in the breeze.

I love how baby turtle gently reminds us to slow down and see things with a fresh view.  How cute is he or she~

Take a break, time out for tea or whatever you like, it soothes my nerves and give me a lift.

You knew I was going to say this; "Stop and smell the roses"

Taking time out and enJOYing the now, is good for the soul~
Sherry this is for you, I know you mentioned You would like to see the frogs~
Dez, I'm still looking for an elephant to post for you; I will get the pancake recipe up tomorrow on the "Morning Memories" post.

Enjoy the gift of now~

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Morning Memories

I tend to have night owl tendencies, but I do enJOY, the morning, too.  The quiet stillness, the kiss of dew on the lawn and plants, and seeing the morning glories peer out.  When I was growing up, I would ride my bike to the town warf and take pics of the sun rising.  It was glorious, a peaceful time to be at the warf, almost alone, before the masses came.   My mom was always creative in the kitchen.  She would ask us, what shape we wanted.  I would ask for a bicycle; my brother a truck or motorcycle.  She could bake magic; I have fond memories of heavenly yeast rolls, coffee cake with layers of brown sugar n' cinnamon and iced, lemon sugar cookies.   Back to breakfast, she made shapes, since I was little.  She used a 1/4 cup, as her brush; she would drizzle the batter into works of art. We had a glass Domino bear filled with cinnamon sugar to sift over, if the maple syrup was low.  I kind of preferred the cinnamon mixture.   

My daughter had a friend overnight; They woke up late.  I knew they had stayed up til the wee hours of the morning.  I heard a lot of laughter and the blue-ray  was left on.   I asked them what they wanted for breakfast, gave they two choices, doughnut muffins or pancakes.  They couldn't decide, so I thought, why not blend the two ideas.   I make my pancake batter, but added the ingredients that are the signature to the doughnut muffins, buttermilk and nutmeg.  I swapped the milk and added the spice.  Then I took out my funnel and drizzled the batter, into a funnel cake shape. 

 The brown flecks are the nutmeg; it is the spice that is key, to the doughnut flavor.

  Why not funnel pancakes...then I sifted powdered sugar with cinnamon for the topping.

I would rather have that on my doughnut than maple syrup, that just me.  Here is my latest creation....just take your favorite recipe and switch milk for buttermilk and add a heaping teaspoon of nutmeg.   The girls loved them and I will make them again.

Just looking at this pic makes me want coffee; It is too hot, so I will have mine Iced~ If you try them, let me know.  I will make and post my doughnut muffins, soon.

Second post today...making up for internet being down~

The 2nd hardest C word...

This is the beginning of the daisy; then she changed into...

I thought I would share this is the same flower, that was at the top of my blog, my banner.   It is a gerbera daisy...I am amazed and how it started out green n' purple and then transformed to this...   

I was thinking of the word change and the courage it takes to transform, morph, turn from a caterpillar to a butterfly.(sorry, no butterfly photos, yet)  I think a lot of C words are altering:  change, commitment, courage, cause, conflict, challenge and college.  I am sure there are more...
 Then I think of these words, can, could, and call.   

I think of how a habit, whether good or bad, takes 21 days to form.    Then I hear the song, "....a change will do you good"~Sheryl Crowe   Not all changes are good, just ask military kids that have to leave their friends and move frequently.

I have struggled with my posts, lately.  I had a health issue, that caused me to withdraw a bit.  I lost my voice, so I turned to my camera to post beautiful things, trying to be positive.   The matter is resolved...I'm good~

My horoscope for this week, says I need to have an initiation ceremony, a great C word, unless they go on to long and it is humid.   A ceremony to start anew; I kind of like that idea.   I need to exercise more, clean the clutter from the cobwebs of my mind.  No, more like the attic.  It is a challenge for me to throw things away. I will give to children, donate books, CHKD has a lot of toys and clothing, my children out grew.  I believe in passing it on, if the quality is good.    (I have done this many times, but I know there is more tucked away in boxes, concealed in corners and closets). 

Being a military spouse, has for the most part, kept me from being a clutterbug.   My Mom is a pack rat; hasn't moved for 45 yrs.   We moved every 3 yrs sometimes less.  When the orders come from the command, your household goods are weighed.  Your rank determines how much weight you can have.  Crazy right!   We have lived here the longest, going on 8yrs. We love the community and the rural area.  We live in the country, but can be in the city in 20 minutes. Larger cities are forty-five minutes-l hour away. Doable~ 

I will initiate myself with a mind map ceremony.  I will cut out visual pics to symbolize changes I want to make.  Then commit to these.  I need more cardio, also work my core, helps the back.   Then I need to declutter my house.  That is a D, I think of Don.  He likes everything in it's place.  We need more places...  More D words come to mind:  dread, disorder, dispose, discipline and deadline.  I will just have to DO it~

Check our Lee of Tossing it Out;  He is going to post about cleaning and clutter.  He is calling it "Tossing it out Tuesday" very clever!

 A closer view to remind us, change can help us grow...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Feed your Soul

My family wanted sweets; I love to bake, but I can't eat it without guilt and exercise.  It is what it is...otherwise, I'd  be a pastry chef.   I love to bake; taste it; I love sugar, but it doesn't like me.   I try to find other ways to indulge, find a way to satisfy my other senses.   I thought it would be fun to
take some pics to reflect that feeling.   Silly is a coping mechanism...when junk is in the house.  My son will bring home sweets, once in awhile.  It is fine, but I have to find ways to distract my sweet tooth.

I love flowers so I thought I would indulge my sight and sense of smell~

It is fake....but fun to experiment~

I grew these, aren't they pretty n' plump....I loved all the variations of color...I know it is food, but food can be art~

Playing with a photo of my daughter; This was taken a few years ago...

Using other senses, seems to take the edge off~

I still want this....who doesn't; There will be another place n' time...til then I will find beauty elsewhere...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Juicy July

 This is a reflection on my deck table, from the rainwater that pooled; I thought it was unique, so had to take a snap!

I love July in New England, perhaps not right now, since their weather is similar to ours.  Here in the south, I find July is a month of retreat.    The days are so humid ; most days the temp is measured by the heat index.  Lately, we are over 105;  It is comparable to winter weather.  We aren't snowed in, we are forced inside to central air.  The humidity is so heavy, it feels like you are cooking on a grill, when you just walk to your vehicle.
  Morning and evening are the only time you can enjoy, outdoors.  Any other time of day you risk dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It's just to hot, somehow I have not adjusted it.  I was told, "oh, you'll acclimate"...not yet!   The kids hang inside, even the pool water is considered too hot, by some.   The beach is so crowded, we tend to go early and later in the season.  I am determined to make a trip soon..missing the allure of the ocean.

My first experiences with southern showers was in Orlando, FL.  I didn't live there long, but long enough to know, you will get a shower every afternoon at 3pm.  You could almost set your watch to the weather.  Torrential downpour at 3pm, then the sun comes out, while it is still raining. Once the rain lets up, a rainbow appears and steam rises  from ground.   It is this way, here now;  The last  couple of days, you know what time it is.

I love snapping pics after the rain has fallen and the earth has cooled.  An afternoon shower with hopes to reduce the humid air and a treat for Mother Nature.  

Steam on my camera filter, created this look...  This is a bell pepper plant, in case you can't tell~

  I love the contrast, pink rose and green leaves; on the same rose bush, new growth, pink reddish leaves with a green bud.

Juicy globes starting to blush a mauve pink...  We only have two vines; I really didn't think anything would come of never knows~

       Bell peppers growing on my deck!  There are lots of little baby bells, so cute! 

July is fun, we just do other things, but it is our hottest month of the year.  We find other ways to cope; I think it is the month we stay inside the most.    Isn't life strange...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Time Out

Today was a rare day; I was alone for a bit.  Alone to gather my thoughts; I had many things to do...
the dishes were calling me, the garden, the laundry, the dog, etc.  This can wait...

 Yes, aROMAtherapy...I might be making green tomato pickles, soon...
 No, I am not going to show you my     Our beagle, Buster Brown, yes the kids named him; No he doesn't live in a shoe.   He thinks he can run around the yard, when my husband was on leave, he let him.  Buster will come for him, when he calls, but not for me.   He wanted to chase this guest, in our back yard.  I grabbed him and dragged him to his leash.  Ms. Turtle, I believe is  laying eggs...
I then said, enough, I am going for a walk to clear my head...  I have to come up with another plan of action.
I have some back issues and have been referred to pain management.   I do not want pain meds...they make me feel like I'm sleep walking through life.   I do not want another band-aid.

 I went for a walk...trying to figure out my options, perhaps write a book, about a woman dealing with pain.  She goes to the ER with a gun, or she blackmails a neurologist, who is having an affair with a nurse, to perform her surgery, or she finally has the surgery and they find she isn't human, at all....Nah, not my style~ 
I will keep on walking in these shoes....  In the mean time, I am trying to find beauty in everyday.
I am trying to see the glass  half  full!   I still can walk, I am lucky to be here, I am lucky I had back surgery, I am lucky to have an amazing family, friends and blog followers~

I went to the Farmer's Market today.    I wish I had taken my camera; next time...
It is important to remember to take time out when you can and enjoy the simple things in life; One never knows what tomorrow may bring.   The seasons of our soul, bring attention to new details as we age.
My Dr reminded me, "You aren't 29", while he is in his late 60's recovering from a torn Achilles Tendon,
complaining it didn't heal, 100%.   (Yes, my eyebrows are arched, as I typed that line) I look at my life, I know that I, must be patient and try to see the good.  The pain, reminds me of the bad...what I have gone through.  I had back surgery, after having sciatica down both legs for 3 months.  I am lucky and was pain free for about 4yrs~

I have seen miracles and know they exists, but also know that pain can erode joy if you let it.  I can't let my pain win...   I need to remember to do the best that I can, no matter what and live one day at a time~