Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

We are reminded today to remember those that died fighting for our freedom; We honor the men and women that made the ultimate sacrifice for our country!     It has become a tradition to also remember those we have loved and lost.  We put out flags for those who served and flowers on gravestones of our loved ones.   We have parades, bbq's and picnics as the the onset of summer.      One thing I have learned, being a Navy spouse, is the military knows when they need down time, time out, a morale boost.   They work hard, they go into dangerous situations, they see and do things, we can't imagine, but they also know they need to laugh, be carefree.  It is a coping mechanism for survival.    Don't we hear all the time, we need to play, release our inner child, have down time, do something to release our stress.  The Navy knows how to do this and they make and take the time, when possible.  I know other branches of service, do this as well.     

I remember when my son, was about a 10-11 months old; We went to the playground, we lived in base housing. The typical swing set, slide, and sandbox.  I spoke to all the Mother's lined up on the park bench; then proceeded to take my son to the sandbox.   I had a large bottle of water, a pile and shovel.  I wanted to share the magic of making a sand castle, with him.   He talked early, said sentences at 17 months, I do remember getting sand in my hair, oh, well.   One of the young Moms approached me, laughing, "What do you think you are doing?".    She had this weird smirk on her face.

    I said, "We are making a sand castle", she looked at me like I was an alien from another planet.  I was not a young Mom. I was 27, when I had him; they were 17-20 in age.  I wanted to see his face and be part of the magic of watching him make it, we marked it with a B, sang pat-a-cake and then destroyed it!   We lose this
carefree, let loose, be fearless mentality, as we age, not all of us, but most of us!  We grow up, we don't
smack gum, jump in puddles, skip, and blow bubbles in our chocolate milk, anymore.  We are grown up!  I felt when my kids were born, I was give a free pass, again.  A pass to enjoy them and share in the magic of their moments.   

 *courtesy of Wikipedia

The Navy has a ceremony, when they cross the equator.  Before you cross you are the scum of the ocean a polliwog, once you cross you have to perform certain tasks to be a shell back.   The ceremony is called WOG.   I am sure in the past there were incidents of hazing.  I know when my husband did this, there were not.   It is about King Neptune and Davy Jones locker(where all the dead people at sea go) the poliWOGS have to do certain things, walk like a duck, holler for Flipper, blow water out of these holes, etc.  They are pirates and then they have to kiss the royal baby's belly for King Neptune(the Commander is dressed up, wearing a mop on his head).   Once the initiation is over they are now worth shell backs.  If you watch the videos, you will see it is all in fun, now!  My husband said it is voluntary,  guess it wasn't back in the day.    I just wanted you to see the crazy, fun side of the military; They know to be the best they can be, they have to release their inner child!    I still have polliwog moments, hope you do, too~

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Birds

Last night, my husband spied 5 eggs in the boot; I was busy helping our daughter get ready for her "Formal"
that is what they call it in middle school.  Eighth grade Prom in reality, seventh graders can only attend, if asked by an 8th grader.    We were in route, husband sent us a "tweet" there are eggs in the boot.   When I returned home, Mama bird had returned to the boot, she had flown out and he had a chance to peek in, while I was peering in at the dance to see how it was set up.  It was an Asian theme, really fun;  Another Mom and I took kids to the Dragon Buffet, out to eat, before the main event.  Great group, they were funny and well behaved!  A few of the parent stopped by to check and see how things were going and take photos. We are so bird like, we allow our kids to leave the nest, let them test their wings.  We pace and call our friends and/or parents, and relive our memories of days gone by.   Now, we twitter and tweet ; I posted about this awhile ago:    We act Bird like~    I let my little one, test her wings, last night, while the Warblers gave birth. Four eggs have been hatched, one left.   This is the update, as of this morning.   Mama bird had flown away and my husband snapped this with a pocket sized camera.  I love how he got the outside of the boot!

There were two nests built; one in each boot.  They chose the home on the right.  The Daddy Warbler is out in another tree and together they gather and prep food for their new additions!  So sweet, I mean tweet...

Oh, I should show you how my baby looked.  Here she is preening; her friend stopped by to discuss their
plans.   I heard a lot of laughter as they chattered.

        Mother Nature was included in the fashion statement, delphiniums, lilies with touches of yellow and mini carnations.  I wanted sweet heart roses, but they were out of white.  The boyfriend and her broke up a week, before the dance.   We decided to get her flowers!
The first to arrive, were 5, later others strolled in. ( I swear, I didn't do this because of the 5 eggs)
I only knew there were eggs in the boot, didn't know how many.  They had a wonderful evening~  Yes, she gave me something to tweet about! (my daughter is on the right).

Hubby and I will do our best to get more pics~   Husband came home from his fishing trip with great photos!
He and his friends had a relaxing retreat; I am happy he has returned~

We are happy for the Warbler Family!  

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Great Escape

What is your great escape; your passion, your hobby, your talent?   Do you write, perform music, cook,  create, paint, sculpt, take photos, run, walk, cycling, sew, garden, read, listen to music, journal, knit, crochet, write poems,movies, plays, etc?      I enjoy exercise, but my great escape is quieter, a way to recharge my batteries.   There is plenty of noise in my life, with a Master Chief, the phone is constantly ringing, a college bound student,my son and our daughter 14, lots of loud music and chatter, and a crazy beagle; he loves to howl!    I don't mind any of this, I embrace it, unless my sinuses are acting up(like today).   I do though, need quiet, reflective moments through out my day.   Sometimes when I can't create or walk out the door, a cup of tea will quiet my nerves.

Usually walking or cycling will be my great escape.  I enjoy walking in the early morning or evening, as the morning unfolds or the evening begins to spread.   One year, when I needed to lose some postpartum lbs.; I
made a fitness plan called "The Tour de Pants" cycling so much in the evening to get into a certain size jeans.
Everyone thought I was funny, but I was serious.  I posted my plan on the fridge; cycling became my way
to escape; find time for me.  Yes, it did work...(need to do that again)

I have escaped with music, but lately I'd say blogging and crafting have been my way to rejuvenate.
And watching the Warbler family...I sat in the garage this morning, watching for some activity; all is quiet!

 I also enjoy taking photos of nature, check out the visitor I saw today:

 I love to hike, too, just at a faster pace, then the Tortoise ; I love how he carries his snack food with him as he strolls along!   Oh, yes, we do get rabbits(the Hare) in our yard.  My beagle always sounds off, when one is in sight or been in his yard, he howls, yips and yelps!  Don't worry, he doesn't hunt them, it isn't his hobby.
His hobbies are long walks, naps and howling at hares, tortoises and owls, (when they hoot in the evening)!   

What is your great escape and how do you fit it in your day?!

*Sally Annie gave me an award; I'm to pass it on to 10 blogs..Thank you, it is really neat; I love trees!
Thank you, so much, it is such a wonderful award and you said, I don't need to give a speech ;-D~

 Okay, Trendy..I think of fashion or trends, mmh... 

Alisa Burke... Redefines Creativity

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I want to list blogs, that I haven't listed prior, though a lot of those, could fit in this category!
This was a tough one, I think these are a great mix of new and old ideas that can inspire~

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Listen to the Whispers...

Do you listen to the wind, the song of the birds?  Do you go on walks, do you find moving meditative?
When I do, I listen to the whispers of my heart.  When I walk, random thoughts, ideas and sometimes problems will resolve themselves. Whispers for me are strongest, when I am alone, but not always. Sometimes during a walk, I will have a sign or thought come to me.   A soul stirring to try, ponder, or create.
Even if your whispers seems silly or odd, it is at least fair to reflect on  the messages you are being sent. 
Write them down when you walk is over; See if anything comes to you, later on. Maybe you hear them
at random, while folding laundry, checking the oil in your car, or mowing the lawn.   Be aware of them;
like your dreams, they are signs, some are, like seeds that blow in the wind.  Every once in awhile a seed will be carried and dropped and grow into a beautiful bloom.   Maybe one of your whispers could also be
beautiful if allowed to develop, to grow, to blossom.

I think writing in the morning, helps the whispers come through, walks can and listening when your soul stirs!
You may define this a sign, God or your soul speaking soft whispers to you!  However you define it; I think
it is important to be aware and tune inward.  Pay attention, to the whispers of your heart n' soul, they speak to you daily, but it is only a few that truly listen~

*update on the Warbler family:  My husband said, the female is in the toe of the boot, the eggs have been laid.
I probably won't get any more photos til the babies have hatched.   Til then here are a few more pics:

Here we are with Wilson Warbler(yes, I named him, lol) We think it is this
variety.   I call him Wilson, so am I right?! Or is he....the female has a gray cap on her head.
         Here is more proof, the Warbler with white between their
wings is.....  I would say this is the male, the female has less yellow on her.  Oh, I named her Winona.      The Blue Winged has the colors between it's wings.      They make a sound it sounds to me like
bzz bzz bzz         Maybe A Blue Winged and a Wilson Warbler
had babies and this is the new breed.  Blue Wilson Warbler.

are some
June 09 pics!
Can you see the babies, aren't they sweet, tweet...cute!                             Here is one of the proud parents
                                                                                                                on a feeding frenzy!
Don't you love the colorful nest~
                                        The Warblers' Home for now....waiting and watching for the Wilsons to soon
have new additions to their family!  It is very quiet, for now...

Alex commented that there is an actually poem about the whispers!  I had no idea...I googled Listen to the Whispers and found this.  Wow, I am stunned in a good I thought I would share it with you! Thanks Alex for telling me about this!  I have never heard of this~    It is really beautiful!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Winner, Tagged and Pay it Forward....

I would of posted sooner, but we have had several thundershowers, since 12:30pm-7pm.  We have flooding in our area, 4 lane roads in Elizabeth City, became 1 today.   I have never seen that much water on the roads in the city, since I have lived here. 

I want to start with the winner, of my Give-a-way!  I had my daughter select the winner from a vintage hat....

Congrats go to Lisa of Bombastic Bandicoot!   Lisa email me your address so I can get your gifts off to you~

Shannon of Faith, Hope and Love Tagged me, so I will give this a try:


If I were a MONTH:  I would be October:  I love Fall, the changes in the air, the weather, the leaves turning
color, and the seasons involved.  I love the crisp cooler air, wood smoke and evening walks.  I love the
food, apples in season, fall veggies, pumpkins and squash, cranberries, etc.   I love homemade soups and stews, they taste better, when the air has changed.

If I were a  DAY:   I would be Friday, I love Friday evening, the beginning of the weekend.  Time for family and fun!

If I were a TIME OF DAY:   I guess, it would be 1pm, two meals done and time for me to create.  Morning errands and chores done.

If I were a SEASON:  Tough, I love Spring and the rebirth of flowers, plants and trees, but I would pick Fall.
When I was growing up, always hiking, apple pickings, Halloween parties and town parade.  Love this season, cold weather fashions, caramel apples, snuggling, watching movies, etc.

If I were a PLANET:  I would be EARTH, I love it here, but we need some work...

If I were a DIRECTION:  North(east)  I want to go back to New England for some lobster and beach combing!

If I were a TREE:   MAPLE, they wear a beautiful fall gown~

If I were an ANIMAL:   I'd like to be a Koala bear,but the claw, oh my...okay, I'll chose a beagle!
Velvet ears, big huge eyes, cuddly with a big heart, likes long walks and treats~ yeah, that's me, alright, LOL

If I were a MUSICAL:  "Phantom of the Opera" is a haunting, love story of passion, deceit, and despair.

If I were an INSTRUMENT:  guitar, I love plucking the strings.

If I were a FRUIT:  Tough, I love berries, but I would be an apple, sometimes sweet, sometimes sour.

If I were a FOOD:  Pizza-ooey, gooey cheese, with a chewy crust, with an spicy, tomatosauce with plenty of herbs.  I like loaded and cheese.  I haven't met a pizza, I didn't like.

If I were a COLOR:  Green, but I also love turquoise, isn't that kind of in the green family?!

If I were a BOOK:   Can't pick, I love so many, if i had to pick, probably "Simple Abundance" by Sarah
Ban Breathnach.

If I were a SONG:    I can go the distance,  I keep trying, have been derailed by illness a few times, but I will persist!  

If I were a MOVIE:   whoah, this is tough, I grew up with movies...can't pick

If I were a FLOWER:  I'd be  lilacs...they remind me of spring time in Maine

If I were a FACIAL EXPRESSION:  I'd be a smile ;-D

I'd like to pass this on to:  Jenny, Wanda and Chrissy~

Hart of  Confessions of a Watery Tart passed a Pay it Forward to me.   This means I will suggest
3 blogs that my followers might want to check out, in turn you can list 3 or more on your blog to your followers.  Pay it Foward; Here is my 3 picks:

This was difficult, but I wanted to try to pick blogs, that I have not mentioned recently or before:

Dawn of  ~The Feathered Nest~   Dawn is a gracious soul, she uses nature as her muse and is very generous in sharing and inspiring others!

Jennifer of  Giggling in the Rain  Beautiful photos and lyrical words and poems!   She refreshes your soul~

Stephanie of Stephanie Boman  Stephanie is getting her YA fiction published, you can read more about it here with sneak picks of her MC.    I look forward to reading it~

B. Miller is having a Pay It Forward giveaway....check it out, nice prizes; Good Samaritan award should
go to B. Miller~

Thank you Hart, for including me in your list, it means a lot;  I always find your post have something of interest, that makes me think, laugh or say OMG!   ;-D

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It has been a year...?! Time for a Give-a-Way

My Blog is a year old today; I am stunned by how many members I have now!  I started with 3, then it slowly grew.  My members rapidly increased when I signed on to do the A-Z Blogging challenge in April, hosted by Lee of Tossing it Out!    I really didn't know the direction my blog would take.  I started out with gardening and recipes, then slowly add some crafts, then my writing seemed to be more my focus.   I submitted my
Art Saves story to Crescendoh, to the Readers Share section. It was published online, in March.   I believe this was a pivotal turn, as well.   I have only just begun.  I have so much,  I want to say and do.  Time management is where I need to put my focus, so I can accomplish my new goals.   I won't list them, as of yet...don't want to jinx myself! 

I can't thank you all enough for your kindness, suggestions, encouragement and support!   I wish I could
have a party and have everyone over!!!   I am in awe of the talent I have encountered so far!  Published artists, writers, photographer, and many up and coming talents!  My followers excel in the human condition of compassion and kindness!   If anyone is still hemming and hawing about blogging;  Just Do It!!!

I want to have a give-a-way, to show my appreciation, when I hit an item on my goal list I will have another one and another.

You have til Sunday evening, May 23rd, to submit your comments, towards the drawing for these items: 
I will count the comments under the True Colors blog post, today!   I am behind in doing this; Hubby and I went shopping in Virginia today and I had to go to the hospital for a retina scan, standard, yearly
eye appointment.  The tech putting drops in my eyes, didn't think it was enough and gave me more.  I had to have my pupils dilated, it took awhile for my vision to return.  My appointment was later this afternoon.

I will put all comments in a hat for a drawing, if you want extra points, then you need to answer these questions, for every question answered, I will write your name and throw it in the hat.  So, if you comment that is one point, answer the 5 questions, 5 points, so you have 6 chances in the hat, if you
answer the questions correctly!

Where am I originally from?   What branch of service is my husband in?    What is my maiden name?
What is my real first name?...that one is tricky, I seem to have 3 on this blog.    How many kids do I have?

Here is the prize:

Creating Vintage Style: Stylish Ideas & Step-by-step Projects  by Lucinda Ganderton, 

a small notebook, made by me, a couple of cards and a few extras.   Guy don't be shy, your wife might like a surprise gift!   

Your True Colors Shining Through

I think of Cyndi Lauper's song, don't you...

Everyone has their favorite color, that usually, but not
always, changes over time.  Then there is the definition of colors, how calming blue is, restorative, peaceful green, red's passion and sign of danger, yellow's warmth and pick me up feel, orange is more cheerful and outgoing than red, and purple is related to spirituality and being creative.  There are many definitions, bottom line if it makes you feel good, then find a way to get it into your living space, wardrobe, and your work space.

I found a couple of online sites that give you a unique
view of color.  This one made my jaw drop, the description of my personality was so precise, I was stunned.
It is called Colorquiz; It takes about 5 minutes, you select color preferences.
"Very emotional and artistic, enjoys being surrounded by beauty and art. Looking for a partner who always has an eye for beauty and who enjoys close, loving relationships."

"Seeking to broaden her horizons and believes her hopes and dreams are realistic. Worries she may not be able to do the things she wants and needs to escape to a peaceful, quiet environment in order to restore her confidence."
"Feels as if too many walls and obstacles are standing in her way and that she is being forced to make compromises. she needs to put her own needs on hold for the time being."   These were several comments at the end of my color test.  It fits...
This test is partially based on research by Dr. Max Lûscher regarding, the study of how color affects behavior.   I found it really interesting, all that in just 5 minutes!

Then there is a Color meets astrology site called
Colorstrology.   This site is based on the month you were will click on your birth month number and then
at the top, can later click on your date. It is light hearted
talks about how this color associated with your month
influences you and what color to wear.  My favorite
color is green, never use to be, so it fit, as well

Another fun site, I have mentioned this one before
is the 8 colors of fitness.   This one is suppose to help you
discover your color fitness personality.   I came up
green again and it was right.  Check it out....color is revealing!

For more information you can check out this book, Leatrice Eiseman is a color expert and has written many books, about color and it's influence. 

Stop by my new shop, on Etsy

Today is my 1 yr. Blog Anniversary, I will be back later to list a give-a-way!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To Be Continued...

Check out Lee of Tossing it Out Blog to see others, Fantasy Fifteen Favs!
I found this challenge harder. than the X post on the A-Z blogging challenge.  

                  #9 QUEEN-Classic Queen:  I think of how much their music impacted culture.  How frontman Freddy Mercury's voice is timeless and legendary.   The song "The Show Must Go On"   is a shadow of Freddy's death and battle with Aids


#10 HEART-DreamBoat Annie: Amazing Sister act, The Wilsons.
Unique blend and groundbreaking for the culture at the time!  A talented
sister duo.   One of my favs, "Crazy For You"


#11 SEAL-Seal:  My daughter was born, when I received this cd.  It
soothed both of us, when I would slow dance with her, to the song, "Don't Cry".  We both instantly became calm.   Music helps us match our feelings and express our soul.

#12 ELTON JOHN-Elton John:  A true showman, in every sense of the word.  I remember the lst time I heard "Crocodile Rock".  We asked our
band leader, if we could sing it in our 6th grade chorus performance. Mr. Bender was cool; We were allowed to sing this and Three Dog Night songs.   It was the end of the year and he wanted us to sing songs, we liked.  This had never happened before; Yes, it was a great performance, everyone wanted to sing!  Yes, he was like Mr. Holland in "Mr. Holland's Opus".

#13 METALLICA-Don't Tread On Me:  My husband brought this cd home.  I wasn't sure, if I would like
it; I loved it.  "Enter Sandman" spoke to me, who doesn't remember being scared and sleeping with one eye open; gripping your pillow tight.

 #14 EVANESCENCE-Fallen:  Amy Lee's voice is hauntingly beautiful.
There music is a bit dark with spiritual elements.   Unique sound.  "Bring
Me to Life" is a fav.   Their music reminds us, how precious life is and
how love can transcend.                   

#15 MARVIN GAYE-Gold:  Marvin you are a friend of mine!  Seems like your music is always playing when I go to pick up my husband.
When we were first married and lived in Orlando, FL; I would have to pick him up at night.  He had C school in the evening; Marvin was always
playing.  When he goes out to sea, deployement for 6 months, I hear Marvin.   When we go to Home Coming, Marvin is playing, while I'm in route. " Mercy, Mercy Me"

I must apologize; I was suppose to do this in one post!  I tried, last night we lost the power.  I lost all my work.  I tried again, later in the evening, had to get off, thundershowers all around us.   Today, I tried again,
I goofed up and it wouldn't post. 

The rest of my pics are in prior post~

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fifteen Fantasy Albums

Thanks to Lee of Tossing it out there blog and Stephen for putting this together!  I attempted this last night, had to shut down, we had a bad thundershower.  I am late getting to the Fantasy island with my fifteen, better late than never....  We had to pick fifteen albums/cds that we would bring to an island. Music we would not
 want to be without. There are many favs, but my picks help visualize memories from the past.   Memories that are marked by our senses.  Hearing these tunes, I can travel back as far as the 60's and up and relive
the hopes, dreams and keynotes of the past. 

 Music was always part of my life, my Dad had a motorcycle, had speakers on it, we went to camp, music, also went, he speakers, stereo, etc..  He played guitar, we had music parties..  Movies and music is ingrained, in all my childhood memories... It is the universal language...I mean, come on, in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", we used music to communicate with speaks to us on so many levels.

#1 PETER PAUL AND MARY-In The Wind:: Yes, the answer my friends is on this album. Not really, I was raised on it, "Hush-A- Bye" was sung to me many nights; I later sang this to my babies.  Dylan's songs are on this album.  It is a grassroots type of folk music.



#2 JOHNNY CASH-The Essential: I can see my Dad, playing the guitar and singing this song, "Jackson"  combing his hair while strumming and singing, with this big grin on his face. My brother recently remarried, he asked me what song would be a fitting tribute to your father.  I chose "Jackson"....he said, they played it at the reception, everyone sang and maiden name is Jackson.  My Dad passed away before VHS, DVDs and CDs; He would of been amazed!

#3 HOLLYWOOD'S GREATEST HITS-I practically grew up in a movie theatre, this takes me back to going with my Dad to the movies.
The anticipation, the build up of the next blockbuster.  My Dad was the projectionist. My Mom worked the concession stand. They met fell in love.  I later worked in their meeting place; I was the ticket girl.   These themes take me back to lazy summer matinees and date nights! FUN...

#4 BREAD-The Best of Bread:  My  neighbor, played this album, til I became hooked, didn't take long.  We use to play this in between, playing board games, making crank calls, and playing in his Mom's beauty salon, after hours.
I was a year, between the brother n' sister, my next door neighbors.  I had more in common with him, the older of the two. I grew up in a baseball neighborhood, only 2 girls, the rest boys.   The brother saved me, from baseball, we made candles, did hair.

Carry on my Wayward sun...spoke to me, Once I rose above the noise and confusion...lots of that in the teen yrs. This music spoke to me...They have a unique sound!

#6 CHICAGO-The Best Of Chicago-love the horn section with the soulful was a unique sound for the time.   Every 4th of July, I have to hear
Saturday in the Park,( i think it was the 4th of July)  This isn't the vinyl album I have, I couldn't find it.  The cover was all red?!
#7 BILLY JOEL-The Stranger:  My Dad didn't like my music much, til the piano man, showed up...he loved his song, "Honesty". the lyrics were read at my High School Baccalaureate.  Billy Joel and another fantasy fav..coming up were performing Piano Man...Amazing!!!


#8 BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA-The Dirty Boogie:  My son and I just loved to dance to this, when he was young, so did my daughter.  We would try to dance the jitter bug and be silly.  I can see my daughter, about 3 yrs old, getting ready to leap into my arms, so I can toss her about.   If I  put this on now, they would appear and start dancing "Jump  Jive n' Wail.

to be continued....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Got Art?

How many of you have support, in your creative lives?!   I think my daughter is my biggest supporter.
 Her kind words, yesterday, warmed my heart, making me want to continue on this journey.  This path of putting myself out there,
the good, bad and ugly!    I bought and made items for her to take to a sleep over, birthday party.  She said, "all my  friends, love what you come up with; they look forward to your creations."   It was so nice of her to share this with me and nurture my creative edge.   Did I do this with her and her creative endeavors?  My son?   I think we do this with our family, friends?   When you go in an art gallery or see art, even if it isn't perhaps your style, are you inspired?!   Does this get your creative juices flowing,  inspire you to try to paint, draw, make jewelry, etc?  Or maybe when you go out to eat and the food is artfully arranged on your plate, do you hesitate and see the effort and think, I should try that.   Are you open to art all around you, in your everyday life?  Art is everywhere,  look at your grandmother's hands, think of the art, she has touched, making jam, crocheting a sweater or afghan, a friend's  kind words, a caress from a loved one, a pat on the back,  a smile, a song that evokes a  mood,  poems, a gorgeous photo, our child's art work!   Art can allow ordinary moments to become exclamation marks in your life.  We all have the ability everyday to touch people, with a kind word.  Words are art, the way they are presented and arranged.   I am considering doing some guerilla art.  I might go to the library and put,  fortune cookie sayings in random books, to inspire or maybe write a poem in colorful chalk at the park, near the waterfront.  Then sit back and observe, who notices.  Or maybe I will leave a notebook, with a pen and my blog site and write the big question, "What inspires you?" Please write something and pass it on.  Nature inspires me, my family and now the Warblers.   I did see them this morning, checking out the boot, no eggs, yet! Just went out into the garage, one of them was sitting on the treadmill.   I will try to capture a new photo this afternoon.

It says:  Plant Seeds Of Kindness; See What Grows....      Got Art?


Friday, May 14, 2010

Power of your will

I had an injury and couldn't stand straight for 6 months,I have put on a few lbs; I am better now.  I gained weight and  lost muscle, being inactivity with an injury, has taken its toll.    I have struggled lately with 15 lbs I'd like to lose.  I was was so mad, still mad, I haven't been talking much today.  I went to the Dr recently and my blood work for my diabetes came back in the normal range, If I didn't have any willpower, it would of been high.  I resist so many things.  I couldn't get a word in, remember I had an injury...I have never been down this long with an injury or surgery.  It was an unusual situation.
I found this book and thought, why not?!  I have been dabbling with writing, maybe this would help, couldn't hurt.   Maybe I'll write a novel, while I am trying to pen myself thin.  WIP, could be walking, inches and
pilates or weights, intensity and power walking, instead of work in progress.  I guess, I'm the work in progress, now aren't I!    Julia Cameron may be familiar to many of you, she is the author of The Artist Way.
In this Writing Diet, you are given tools to work with, morning pages, the journal, walking, 4 questions,
 a culinary art date, Halt, and a body buddy.  The morning pages, help you grow and change.  At first you write complaints, rambling, and what you need to do, then it becomes more insightful!   The pen, not the spoon or fork, becomes your way to deal with your emotions.  The writing becomes a way to reconnect to your soul. You will dig and sift through what works and what doesn't.     Writing it all down, makes us accountable and own the truth, doesn't the truth set us free....and maybe shrinks our waistline a bit, in the process!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Give aways

I thought I'd share with you some give aways; I plan on having one on my Blog Anniversary, May 19th.

Til then you may want to check these out, Cynthia of BeatnHeart, makes jewelry and is  looking for new followers!  If you win, you have the option of picking the choices she has listed!     Tough choice, they are both so lovely~ Here is one of her designs a gorgeous rosary!  Visit her blog and see her other choice and sign up to win, by May 14th.  She describes herself as a late bloomer,
plays the ukelele, an antique dealer and now fabricates jewelry!

Becky, is a talented artist whose work has been seen in many Stampington publications. She is part of the Director's Art Circle and is also a team member of Crescendoh's Design TeamCrescendoh inspires many with their Art Saves stories and Reader's Share. Becky digs deep to use recycled items, nature and other unique finds. Her daughter Brook, nurturers her creative spirit~

This giveaway will include three parts:  A necklace (published in my article, “Endless Love”) and a kit containing the materials for making your own necklace (pre-drilled driftwood – 1 painted and 1 natural, freshwater pearls, wire and chain.)  I will also include a copy of my article which covers the how-to details.  Plus, I’ll add a few other beach combing surprises that could come in handy for future art projects.   If you’d like to win these items please leave a comment to this post by Friday, May 14th at 4pm est.

Karla is always having a monthly give away; she is recently busy tending puppies and her adorable grand daughter, nicknamed Sugarwings. Karla has been featured in a lot of Stampington publications and many
other magazines!  She will be featured in an upcoming issue of Somerset Home.  She is very talented; amazing what she can do with wallpaper!  I don't see her May give away, yet, but she always manages to come up with one~

                      No, this sweet puppy isn't part of the give away...Darn it!   So adorable~

Lisa of 1Wasabi Mommy, is having give aways every week, during the month of May.  This is her birth month, I don't know the actually date, yet!   She is a generous, creative spirit~

All of these ladies are worth visiting!   Their give aways are just extra icing on the cake!  Enjoy and
Good Luck~

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Be Present

These are the coupons my daughter made for me; Really sweet:
Wild cards will probably be used, when I am running errands.
I will call her up and ask her to start supper/dinner.   I usually
asks her to make pizza crust or line up ingredients for me. We need to have some more cooking lessons this summer.  My plan is to make her favorites, first...she won't forget these! 


I also received, the usually, $, but some books and this
cute journal.  I found it online at Rebecca's Thrift Shop.  I love
Rebecca Sower's work.   One book is by Elizabeth Berg on how to write true, be authentic.  The other book is" How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci"  this was recommended to me in an art class.    It looks interesting..

I also received a gift of torture, well I don't know yet, but it sure looks like it has the potential..
Cake, books, a journal, $ome money and torture, sounds like an ideal
birthday to

I will share some of the exercises from the books, with all of will be interesting!  

Monday, May 10, 2010

Birthday Blessings

I am not photogenic; I love to be behind the camera, but today, I'm  in front, something I will never get use to!
I turned gulp...49 today!    30 didn't bother me, 40 didn't bother me, I think the next number will.....
I feel fortunate to celebrate, today!   My Dad only made it to 45...   There are a lot of family illnesses, that took people, very young!     I want to thank all of you, that have wished me a Happy Birthday!!!  I feel blessed to have so many kind friends!    I am so happy I did the A-Z blogging challenge and met so many new people~  It is amazing, the kindness, support and compassion, from people...Blogging does bring out
the best in most of us!

I think we need to celebrate every year, we have lived, it is a rite of passage, but also a wonderful way to
mark the day, to create memories with your family and friends!    Everyone deserves cake!   I am known to be the Cake Nazi...see I love to bake.   If I make you a cake, you better eat it by a certain time or I start cutting it up and take it to the neighbors.  My brother nicknamed me this,  one year; I made him a cake and told him to take it home.  Oh no, it will be fine at Mom's house; I was temporarily living at Mom's house; My husband was away on deployment.    The kids and I had decide to stay in the area.   He came back the next day, I left him one piece of cake and had given it all away.  I can't have it in the house, I will eat, YOU better eat it or take it with you(think soup nazi on "SEINFELD", except for me, it's cake).    I have a lot of cake left and I sure wish I could give you a piece!    German chocolate cake with rich dark chocolate icing with the coconut n' pecan is too rich.  One bite really is enough....  I tried to give it away....a few took some, but there is a lot left.     I won't eat anymore, but I don't want the temptation in the house!

You start to think at what age, were you at your best, or felt your best, if you could go back for a week, what
age would it be...for me, it would be 25yrs old.   On my birthday, the Navy celebrated 75 yrs of Naval Aviation we were in Pensacola, FL.  They had fireworks that were like the grand finale all evening long...Don and I went to a show, saw Bob Hope, Brooke Shields, Sammy Davis Jr. and Jonathan was
thrill! It was the year, my brother mailed me a dog.  I wanted one, so bad.  He mailed me a stuffed pound puppy.  I had fun with that, I hooked him outside, collar and leash and took photos and mailed them to my brother.  I even took other pictures, it was one of our jokes!   One of the hardest birthdays to top, so far.....What is your favorite birthday memory?!