Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Y is for Yarn and Z is for Zippers

I had every intention of crawling  into  my attic-but I am so sore.  I think my body is still in shock.  I went to bed by 9pm, woke up at 1 am and got up to go to work at 2:30am...ick!    Oh, this isn't the only morning I was up  early.  I'm a night owl...so turning morning lark is beyond difficult.   Last week my daughter comes in my room- and hollers Mom it is 6! 

What I jump at of bed and  run in her room.  I looked at my clock did it break?  It says 2:30am I run in my daughters room she is standing in the floor.  "Are you alright-your clock says 2:30 too? "   She was dreaming...her nightmare involved me. 

 Y is for yarn.   Most of us some form of it around-I bet you do.   I didn't have time to make this, but you can take your recycled plastic bags and make yarn.   They call it Plarn-( I love the name).  See you do have yarn...lol

People are serious about this yarn.  They spin it and create all kinds of items:  purses, coasters, jewelry and well this!   

Z is for Zippers!  Seriously cool stuff...wish I could of snagged a bag of these when home. My mom had this huge treasure chest on her back porch.  This chest look like something a sea captain had brought back from the bottom of the sea.   Inside fabric,  yarn, all kinds of craft odds n' ends and  sewing notions. No wonder we played on the porches, the front one was our ship via porch glider and the back porch was our treasure hunt or new planet to explore, lol. 

Funny, I wrote about the trunk and found this blog. I tried to share two other sites-they didn't work.  I went back to link credit to where it is due and saw her blog title! Whoa...

Another fun Z craft is Zentangles.  My friend
 Renee Zarate is a certified Zentangle teacher. 

Isn't this one a dream! 

I had fun doing A-Z challenge,  sometimes it was a true challenge!  I am glad I participated.  Next year, I might do poetry, since April is national poetry month~  

  I am making flowers for my daughter's Prom this Friday, a Las Vegas theme. They are playing games for a Flat Screen TV-wow, proms have changed-huh?!   So, I won't be taking a blogging break just yet... I am looking forward to May!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

X is for x marks the spot

X marks the spot always reminds me of my brother and his friends begging me to make a treasure map and hide some treasure.   I started it-I had made some cookies and wanted them out of the house.  I wrapped them in tinfoil, a plastic bag and more tinfoil.  I didn't hide them very far away, but made a map with giant steps, special bent twigs and a circle of stones and yes the famous X.   I gave them bandanas and said you are pirates, here is your map go find your treasure.  They did and I became the neighborhood map maker, lol. 

Now X-art.   I will show you how I made it.  I had a different idea, but couldn't find the supplies I was looking for.  Find a photo you like, a sheer curtain or material you like and 8x10 Shipping Labels.

  I know this sounds x-tra odd, but stick with me.  Okay, the paper is sticky-peel the paper label off and attach your fabric. Now trim the fabric and here is the xtra crazy part, put it in your printer!  I'm serious....

Print out the photo you selected-just do it!  Now mark an X.  You will cut this open. Now peel the fabric, sheer curtain off the sticky paper.

Odd looking  I know!

 Now add layers behind the fabric:  scrapbook paper, more photos,  a poem, or perhaps a letter.  

I found this proverb and thought it would go nicely with my image.

I was going to glue my words down, but took a photo first and bumped the table.  I kinda like the tilted grow.  We all know growing isn't always easy!

Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for What? ;D

I know this one will raise some eyebrows!  I showed you the Panty hose cuffs I made....

 What is that my grandmother use to say?!  "Waste not, want not."

  Well when I cut the panty hose up, what was left- the waist!  I didn't want to waste the waist...so what does a gal do?!    I made a headband out of it...but not just any headband.  I wanted a 1920s feel-I went Flapper, not Gangster.  I convinced hubby to watch Broadwalk Empire with me.     I won't spoil it for you, but oh, my!  

My daughter still loves her Queen costume(photos later on). She was suppose to help, glam me up. Heavy eye liner and all, but she was called into work and it didn't happen. So, I made the best of it...when she came home I heard,  "What is up with your eyes?"   I told her and got a big "ooooh that explains it"-so excuse the photo...it isn't good. I took it.  I'm not photogenic and when hubby takes my pic, he hurries and I usually close my eyes. I'm the one behind the camera, not in front of.   And I like it,  like that, but today I'm going to be the model.

Here I am cutting the top off the panty hose-the waist band!  

Now it is time to sew! You can do this by hand, glue gun with a few stitches or just your sewing machine.   Pick out whatever bits n' bobs you like~
I had a black applique, some feathers(I think I need more feathers), some rhinestone and vintage flowers.   Have fun...

This is how it could look. I want to make another one...I'm kinda saving the white flowers and feathers, for my daughter's Prom.  It is next Saturday-I am making  the flowers and a clip for her hair and boyfriend's  boutonniere.   I also painted a purse for her to take-thrift shop find, now red.   I will show you how it all comes out~

  Hope you have a Happy Friday!  I am alone for the first time in weeks!  I'm going to go ride my bike, visit blogs and write~   Woo, hoo... 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Vintage

L. Diane Wolfe aka Spunk On A Stick, takes amazing photos!   I thought I would love to write a poem inspired by her visual eye, her other gift~  I contacted her and we are working on a collaboration, for next month.  Her visual art will inspire poetry, over in the Garden.   She was gracious and saw my recent doily Heirloom pouches and asked me if I would like some.  "Oh, yes are you sure?"   Thank you L. Diane @>---------------

So, today being V,I had to go with Vintage!

 ~Another view~

This one is a heart doily~   I used double stick tape and a copy of an original photo.  I added some Washi tape, some words from an old okay, vintage letter(again make copies and keep the originals).  I added a butterfly made from a map, some adhesive pearls and a key to the bottom of the heart.  Red was my grandmother's favorite color and reflects passion.  This is a photo of my grandmother, my dad and Aunt Patty.  Red  reminds me of this proverb:

A Chinese Proverb: An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but will never break. 

 You might remember I made these a few years ago. 


      My grandparents were married in December, so I                added some Christmas elements.

                      *Yes, that is me in the red coat* 

I was inspired by a class taught by artist Pam Garrison called Linage of Love-I tried to make my own. I saw various photos online. I gave them away, but first decorated my Christmas tree ;D.   Now, I am thinking about connecting doilies and making memory art.  I think it is a great way to share photos of those we have loved and lost.  My maternal side of the family doesn't have a lot of photos-but I am working on it.  This is why you always see my paternal grandparents. 

Thank you L.Diane for inspiring this art~ :D




Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for UmbrElla

I have a broken umbrella, doesn't everyone?   I was going to cut it up and make something fashionable out of it, but my time is limited right now.  The Queen has her dress rehearsal today and fortunately when she tried everything on yesterday-there was a big grin!  She is really happy with her costume-for the first time in 14 years.   You think I'm joking, but I am not.  I always came up with her Halloween costume per her suggestions.  The reality is she really only wanted the store bought attire.  Augh...   I hope her friends love it, because if they don't I'll be back to the sewing not drawing board!    I did want to attach some playing cards on the outfit, but she didn't want that.  I also thought a cool regal like collar would work-again no.  She has to dance, jump and twirl...so I will settle with her being happy!  Me, I would have gone Gaga.    For example peek here!

I tried to find this Polka Dot umbrella, we have-no such luck. Maybe daughter took it to school today?  I wanted to make this door greeting umbrella. For me Polka dots squeal spring.   So, instead I am sharing this photo. This vision is created by the fabulous Matthew Mead.   If you make one...please let me know.

I would love to see it~

                                                      Matthew Mead's Original

Oh,  Matthew did add the cheer of Polka dots :D

I'll be playing catch up today! 

My new job is crazy! The big test will come on Monday.  I have to get up at 2:30am...yeah, this Night Owl...might be in trouble!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Tea

YOU knew didn't you! 
Yes, I have to admit I have a little problem-okay it is more like an issue.  I love coffee, I love tea, ....you know that catchy tune.  I have a hard time tossing those cute Tazo Tea pouches.  It is tough, their fragrance perfumes the paper.
Hey TAZO-I think you own me some coupons. I stitched you on stationery and was published and now...

I also was published for using tea filters to make a garland-my fingers were blue for a week-lol.

Wish I had time to offer you a cup of  creativiTEA :D 

I was thrilled to share the limelight, with my Summer of Color friend Kristin!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Q, R and S

I am a bit behind.   My husband has retired from the military and we have had just a few home improvement projects.  Yes, I am the gopher, lol.   Today I am playing catch-up!
I hope you are having fun with the challenge- I do think having a theme does help!  

For Q I was going to make this:

Art using quilts, instead of fabric shown here.  YOU could even scan your quilt and frame the paper.   Hubby was cleaning his side of closet, so I decided not to interfere and thought I would show you my daughter's Queen of Hearts costume, instead. I will take another photo when she wears it later next week. 

How cool to use Quilt paper for these. I think I have seen this done in their sister issue

Here I used an apron(black with circles on it) as part of her costume and added black tulle to the tied part of the ribbon sash. This will go over a an inexpensive short sleeve black dress.  I purchased a black lace applique and stitched on tiny red roses and large roses with some bling. I used a thrift shop necktie to pull this together.  For the crown I used a headband and a gold applique lace.  I stitched the lace on upside down.  She wanted a red heart on the crown.  We found glittery foam stickers. They worked fine. It wasn't the look I wanted, but since she will have to dance, jump and twirl a flag in this outfit-heavy bling was not an option-darn it!
I did add clear tacky glue to stiffen the top of crowd so it actually stands upright.  She usually argues with me about my creations-Halloween ones, anyway.  This time she seems really pleased!   


R is for Ribbon Photo Corners.   I found this craft over at Martha Stewart's site.  I think I discovered this idea in one of her magazines.  Here is the 411, if you are interested.
It was too late to iron!  I agree with Martha you need to iron your ribbon, for a neat finished look.

See I should have ironed!   (My grandparents Clifford and Winona)

~S is for Seed packets~

I didn't want to toss these packets, so I found another use for them.  I cut the tops off with scissors and used Washi tape.

Next I punched a tiny hole you could use a needle and threaded hemp thread through the holes for a handle. 
I knotted the ends.  I punched out a butterflies and glued them on the string. It would make a cute gift with a gift card tucked inside. My mom will receive one to purchase seedlings, for her window boxes.  I also have a few other floral gifts-can't tell she might be viewing my blog today!

 I also added a few butterflies on the handle. 

Tomorrow letter T will be short, t!  I promise :D

Thursday, April 18, 2013

O for Ornament and P for Plastic and Pantyhose

April is still playing me like a fool!  I had a job interview went well-I got the job.  Today was Orientation-I went and it wasn't on the schedule and the boss had taken the day off.  I asked is this his usually day off-no!   Perhaps I made a mistake and I'm scheduled for tomorrow-no!  It is a baking job, early morning part time, type gig, so I can still see my daughter perform.  It will sort of satisfy the culinary aspects I have longed for.   I am suppose to go with a friend downtown tomorrow and put some of my art in a new shop.  You will love the name, Two and a Half Women :D  Yet, I'm suppose to keep one doily pouch reserved, for a new friend.   I have emailed her a couple of times-but still no word on which one?! 

My daughter has a job and we went to open a new bank account. She has an account in another town, but it isn't convenient.  I pick her up after school and we go to the local bank.  We get to the bank, all kinds of computer glitches.  I leave with that nagging feeling, something is wrong.  Daughter says "Mom I didn't get the email to initiate my online account.  Next day,  I have to call the bank.  Now we get Debit cards, but no pass word.  Again have to call the bank.   I called the Senior Center to volunteer my time to do  art. I have a meeting-the director calls and cancels.  I had rearranged my schedule and cancelled another appointment to attend?!  Such is life-I felt bad, their AC needed repair.
I ordered blank cards to make samples for a shop downtown and they sent me the wrong size???    What is going on?   Have I fallen into Wonderland?  

So, O is for outrageous....I mean ornaments!   These are made out of cookie cutters.   I have them in my kitchen.   You use can use regular cookie cutters and/or vintage.  I printed handwritten recipes on iron-on paper.  You pick the fabric you want to use. I ironed my recipes onto sheer curtains.   I used Aleene's Tacky glue to adhere the sheer fabric-it blended with the ink, and gave it a turquoise look.  Cut a heart out of card board(I think these were Starbuck coffee sleeves) and paint red.   I used a 1942 font to type out words, with a vintage feel.     Endless options!   
     * Add spices you like.   They smell really great~

 *  Here I added Anise Stars.  I like the vintage look~

P is my favorite!  Out of all of the things I have recycled-this one really looks glam!

I cut a sleeve out of a water bottle bottle.  Yes, wash the bottle first, peel off the paper and dry well.  I gathered panty hose and glued it on my plastic  cuff.  I added a vintage flower.   I am a huge fan of Broadwalk EmpireI think my cuff has a 1920s feel.   Wait till you see what I did with the waist band-saving that for W    ;D     Do you watch Broadwalk Empire or Downton Abbey?     I am watching Downton Abbey now!  

Yes, plastic can look really swell~

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

M is for Maps, Movies and yes, N-Newspapers

Life has been beyond crazy as of late.  Hubby decided we needed to put electricity in our shed. ( I feared he was shoving me and my craft supplies out there-not the case.)  We are having some issues with our Leech bed and he has this idea.  His ideas usually work-so I will keep you posted.  It looks like moles had a party, in my back yard...augh~

 George Washington broke my washing machine! You think I'm joking-I'm not.  Somehow a quarter made it through a hole and down a hose and plugged it up.  I have been bailing water out of my machine for days!  Finally hubby investigated and discovered it was George.  How the heck he managed to squeeze through-we are still baffled?!   The week before, it was the water department-time to flush the lines.  No water from 9-5pm for a few days!   Yeah, I'm tired of all the fun~

So, today I decided to combine M and N!  Movies and Newspapers~
 This simple idea is great if you need a last minute gift!

Tear off a piece of newspaper. I like to use the movie section.  You can get online and pay and print out tickets-a great gift!   We are making a pouch to put the tickets in.
Now you will trim and fold the newspaper.  You can use clear or Washi tape to seal the sides and give your gift pouch a polished look.

 I like to go small!  If you were giving a different type of gift card, sports or fashion related-find the section of the paper that would suit your gift.

I used both clear tape and Washi to seal the sides, so the gift card would not fall out.  Remember this is a quick gift idea. You could cover it with vinyl and stitch the pouch for a keepsake.   I have made these out of printed photos.

Here is the pouch, taped up.

I used what card I had on hand...but I would definitely get movie tickets for this one ;D

Here are a few pouches.  I made two movie ones and a map one.  Have fun and keep it simple~

I  practically grew up  in a movie theater.  My parents met at the Colonial Theater.  Growing up,  I spent my summers between there and the local drive in.  Dad was a projectionist and mom had been the Concession Stand gal.  Years later, they co-managed a drive-in movie theater.  Dad also co-managed a Texaco station, with his father.   So by day he wore a star and at night he showed them on the silver screen!  Dad would take the neighborhood kids and me to the movies. We would leave early and get in free.

My first job was at this theater, I sold tickets~  I have fond memories of Bargain night- half of my high school would be at the theater.  I did get a few crank calls, but the one that still rattles me to this day was from an elderly woman.   The lobby had finally cleared out-the main feature had started.  There were a few people still waiting for popcorn, but the loud hum of  lobby was gone.

 Now, the town drunk, Frenchie is at my window.  I'm so lucky, he is dancing a jig for me-he does this every night!  I smile and he takes a bow and moves along.  My boss comes to tease me when the phone rings.

 There is this old woman giggling on the other end of my phone.  
"Colonial Theater... hello?"

 "Yes,  tee,hee...I was wondering if you could tell me about that Burt Reynolds movie.  He is so handsome, that Burt, such a character. "  more giggling.

"Yes, he is"..I laugh, too.
I tell her a bit about the movie, then more laughing.

 "Have you seen the movie?" she sounds like a petite grandma type. 

"Yes, it is really fun and Burt, as you know is such a character." maybe she is lonely and just needs to hear a friendly voice. 

More giggly, "Can you tell me...tee,hee do they show him in the nude?"

 I hear crickets chirping..Oh, my God,did I hear right?  What do I say to this woman? Am I being pranked... Gosh, she sounds like a sweet old lady-huh?!  
 Then I wonder, could it be?

More silence....
"How did you know, it was me?  He is laughing hard now.

"I didn't-but the timing-you know between shows and you kept going on about Burt.
I had no idea it was you,  I was scared.  Gosh, you  really sound like a sweet old lady. You really had me going.  I will get even with you some day. "

"I'll be waiting."  he laughed his loud chuckle and hung up.

Have you ever been pranked, punked?   Did I get even-no, but I tried!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Poem for the Garden

 A Rooftop With Flowers

Over in the Garden, Hedgewitch introduced us to artist Joaquin Sorolla.   I love how vivid and bright his work is!   Thanks for sharing him with us~

To quote wikipedia, "JoaquĆ­n Sorolla y Bastida (27 February 1863 – 10 August 1923) was a Valencian Spanish painter. Sorolla excelled in the painting of portraits, landscapes, and monumental works of social and historical themes. His most typical works are characterized by a dexterous representation of the people and landscape under the sunlight of his native land."
 Beached Boats
Girl with Flowers

Spring's green stars open like:
Pinatas, Ostrich feathers and
vintage botanical books

Her children's winged whispers of Dresden blue
floating like opal dust motes
towards funnels of daydream yellow 

...light tickles me awake.

© Ellen Wilson