Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z is for Zest

I am hoping I get my zest back, not enough zzzz's have me walking around like a zombie. My family being home all week, has been fun, but draining. Run here, go there, where's that...???!!! I like to stay up late and my husband is a morning person. I'm burning the candle on both ends.  We had a horror fest last night; my daughter had friends overnight, as we wrap up spring break. Interesting we go from having a tea party and watching a Royal wedding to a horror fest. What could be better...

I feel sad the A-Z challenge is wrapping up; I didn't get to blog much the past week. I appreciate all of you who took the time to visit me; I will return the favor. I met some amazing new bloggers and cherish my regulars!  It was fun n' fabulous; I'm glad I participated in round #2.

Speaking of zombies, I want to warn you new followers. It is a little prediction I made in March. I know we all have seen zombies; remember to on guard!  BEWARE...
 * photo courtesy of the Daily Mail

We all need to rest a bit to get our zest back, regain our blogging schedule. I look forward to playing a bit of catch up in my artistic endeavors. I will be having a give away in a few weeks; my Blogging Anniversary is coming up. I enjoyed the posts, meeting new friends and seeing how varied the topics were; it was a Amazing Blogging Challenge!   Things usually come in 3's???  No, we won't think about that now... enJOY your down time~

Friday, April 29, 2011

Poets United

Poets United prompt #46 is Monster. I first think of those childhood nightmares that permanently scar some of us. Then I think of someone who left a lasting impact on me. I had to remove her from my life. She tried to ruin me and my marriage.  YOU are thinking another woman, yes, but it wasn't a mistress it was my Mother-in-law.

Green bile in throat
Rage in jealous eyes
Fear in lost soul
Claws grab and scratch my raw edges
Nostrils flare as flames from mouth ignite
dark haunted hate revealed, devil’s forked tongue
spews barbs of cruelty 
Blonde hair surrounds, the aging cherubs face,
laugh lines only slight indents in pudgy cheeks
blue eyes swim in milky toxic thoughts
Fools unaware of her game of cat n' mouse
Shaken from doubt
Anxiety knots in brow
questions me, my actions
did I do or say something?
guilty shadowed me for years
couldn't play game
 couldn't win
I quit playing
Toxic terror rules
until you stop being the punching bag
Wonder who she tortures now?

* I couldn't take the abuse and walked away. It was actually a gathering of three women. My MIL, SIL and the sweet looking grandmother.  I told my husband, I was no longer taking it anymore. I removed myself from their lives.  Game over...


Y is for Yoga

I am trying to commit to yoga; I seem to go through spells. It is the only exercise one can do that aids  the Endocrine system.  I think I need to recommit; it really does have amazing health benefits.

Yoga helps us tune in, it is subtle, but things start to change. Trainer Baron Baptiste has quite the flowery language in his classes. I only know via his DVDs. He talks about we are all born with balance, but stress and struggles tightens our muscles and cause imbalance. Yoga helps, "analysis paralysis is your ego's way of keeping you rooted in intellect rather spirit. Trust the natural flow, the ebb n' flow of life".

There are many types the calm Hatha to the twisted pretzel Bikram. There is something for everyone.
Yoga Journal also has a lot of info about poses and videos you can watch. 

This was in a Yoga Journal article:

A triathlete Jaime Powell had been enjoying a vigorous Ashtanga Yoga routine for three years. But that spring her practice was transformed in an instant when a truck hit her while she was out on her bike for a training ride, breaking two of her ribs, chipping two vertebrae, fracturing her sternum, and badly injuring her knee. It was more than a year before Powell could return to her Ashtanga practice, and going from having a body that could bend like a pretzel to one that had to rely on a walker for two months permanently altered her approach to yoga. "The accident helped me become much less competitive," she says, "more self-reflective and tuned in to subtleties. I realized that being present and patient and slowly working an edge is the same for everyone, regardless of physical ability."

 There are many instructors and I have several different types of dvds, but I think Baron really finds a way to make it  user friendly and points out little subtle movements that help. He says he started doing yoga in the womb.