Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today is the first day it feels relatively normal. My daughter started school Thursday, then Hurricane Irene started coming toward us. Normalcy took a back seat. I had some supplies, but not enough, so ran around scurrying like a squirrel. Friday spent the day making ice and frying my brain dumping potted plants that had fought drought and didn't fare so well. I tried, but most of August was over 90 degrees, we usually get a break, by then. We did not. Then it was move the patio furniture and other fun endeavors. Saturday and Sunday were all about Irene; she actually arrived Friday night while I was attempting to finish an art class I had taken. The class was called, "Mix it Up" by JoAnnA Pierotti.

I look at my art now and see I really mixed it up; it is too busy.  Everything I attempted did not work out as planned. I tried iron on fabric; the iron was too hot for the fabric and melted it. I tried another photo...didn't like it. Usually I don't have problems using the iron ons, but I wasin a hurry. Irene had shown up and I feared losing the power, I wanted to finish, take photos and upload them. I have always said, I would share the good, the bad and the ugly. I think she reflects the fortune teller in me. No, I'm not psychic, but I have had some moments.  They are odd moments and at random, but some are profound. I will share with you and then I hope you will share with me. C'mon it is only fair and if you don't have anything to share, share about someone else you know who had a moment.

I predicted an accident. It was a gorgeous blue sky day in  September, around my Mom's birthday, which is the last day of summer. A huge agricultural fair was nearby for a three day weekend, "The Common Ground Fair".  She wanted to go; my hubby had plans with his Dad. It would be Mom, my two kids and me.  Everyone was ready to go, except Mom. I decided to walk the kids to the shore, to treasure hunt for a bit, see if anyone was catching anything, and let the kids play.  My daughter n' Mom share this gene, their hair must be perfect, before they can leave the house. I have Indian like hair, straight and black.  Once in awhile I will get a perm and it will turn a chestnut color. My hair has a mind of it's own. We are walking back from the shore and half way I get this terrible pain in my head. It feels like a migraine; I end up struggling to make it to the house, which is only now less than a 1/4 mile away.  We stop at my cousins; they are outside swinging. She asks me what is wrong...I told her, I felt sick. She said, she would watch my kids and bring them over in a bit. I went across the street, sat on the porch and watched the kids play. I felt worse. My Mom came down stairs and said, what is wrong. I was crying at this point. I said, "we can't go..."
  "Why because you are in pain, have you taken anything for it?"
    I blurted out, "No, there is going to be a head on collision".
    She looked at me funny, but she has also had some odd moments and decided not to probe.
    "Fine, but we need a back up plan, the kids aren't going to be happy".
     "maybe I will be better, give me a few minutes" no luck, it didn't go away.
      "Here is money for pizza n' movies" I moaned.

She grabbed the kids from next door and off they went. A wave of guilt washed over me, but I couldn't let go of this feeling. When they returned my headache was gone. My son told his sister, "that fair is for hippies, no rides, no fun".
      "But I wanted to see the sweater bunny" she fussed.
      "You mean the Angora Rabbit, he is beautiful, but we will go another time."  I assured her.
We didn't though, we moved away, instead. After pizza and a movie; Mom wanted to watch the local news at 6pm.  First story was fires burning somewhere and then a head on collision out in Liberty. A van full of people collided with a logging truck. They were in route for the, Common Ground Fair. He even told what time they were headed out there. It was strange, it would of aligned with the time we would of been in the area. Traffic was backed up for miles and their were fatalities. My Mom was staring at me and kept saying, "We would of been out there at that time".

So, any odd moments of insight?!  Do you listen to your intuitive voice?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene left a permanent mark on North Carolina. Photos of the Outer Banks show a lot of changes, roads washed away, homes gone.  I still haven't watched all the news shows; I did record them. Once the storm is over it is time for clean up. You prepare, go get supplies, stock up, get water, gas, food, extra cash. You move everything in your yard that you possible can, plants, benches, furniture, trampoline, etc.  So many people did everything right and still suffered terrible loss. It saddens me how many lost their lives.

We lost the power for 30 hours; we did buy a generator, during Hurricane Isabel and alternated power. Basically TV, fridge and freezer and ceiling fans. AC would kill it; I tried to cook on our stove and it couldn't take it. The wind howled and you could hear trees snapping, loosing their limbs.  The photo is what I saw when we drove around our area.  I have friends who live down this street.  I had called; they were fine, but no power due to a huge pine tree that had fallen.  We talked in the morning; their power came back on at 7pm.  As soon as I got up and had coffee, it was time to clean up the debris. It looked in some places like someone had spray painted leaves all over the deck, the windows. It was sunny out,less humid, and gave the appearance of an Indian summer day. I saw quite a few butterflies enjoying the cooler morn; it didn't last long. Humidity mid day was ugly.  We raked, picked up and then put our plants and furniture back.  I found this Praying Mantis, where I put my window boxes. He was right under my Hummingbird feeder. I don't think so, Mantis.  All that survived the storm deserve to be left alone. I moved him in a hurry; my daughter was upset to find out they eat hummers. I said, he deserves to live, too; he/she isn't camping out under my feeder, such a fascinating, odd creature.
 My Oak tree weathered the storm and Toad road it out. We did have the top of a pine tree come down between our yard and the neighbors, but we were lucky~   I will take a photo of Miss Oak, when the bug settle down.   I know other states also took a beating from Irene. Let's hope all of our friends and loved ones are okay and keep those who suffered in our thoughts and prayers~ 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Poets United

Poets United prompt this week #63 is smell. We can choose something that smells good or bad.  As Hurricane Irene approaches I want to bake. I guess baking has a calming effect for me; it sooths my soul. This is how this poem came to mind. I haven't made these yet today, but probably will. It will keep me, my mind preoccupied. We have done all we can to get ready for this storm and now it is time to wait... I see nature preparing itself.  A toad has crawled up on my front porch. He has tucked himself in a corner, to set out the storm. He climbed up four steps to get out of harm's way. I will check on him during the storm. I went out and hugged my oak tree; she has weathered quite a few hurricanes. When Isabel struck she kept 4 trees from falling on our home. I so hope she can make it through this one. Did I really hug the tree; I did ;D   I hope those of you, who are dealing with nature's fury, will take care and heed the advised wisdom.  It is better to be safe than sorry, to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best~   I apologize if my poem makes you hungry~

 (this was cinnamon bread, but close enough, it has the pinwheel in it and a sea of swirly cinnamon)

Cinnamon dreams awake me
In a lazy waltz
Saturday morning indulgence
Cold frost ices my windows
Sun peeking through a sea of fog
Walking into rooster’s roost
Mom’s proud kitchen aligned with her collection
Tea kettle whistles good morning
Bundles of yeast dough align bread board
Waiting for loving hands to shape and caress the new bundles
Pinching their cheeks,
Shaping them into morning’s goodness
Anticipation bubbles
Salty cream cheese sits waiting
Stirred memories arrive
With the sprinkling of cinnamon dust
Swirly pinwheels arranged on blacked cookie sheet
Warmth arrives then timer dings
Sugared cloud blends into icing
crevices of hot steamy bun lets the river
of blended vanilla goodness flow
Vanilla beans dance on my tongue
Pungent cinnamon waves wake me
As I poke, tear and taste
I am nine, all over again
At the Maple wood table
Family all around
Beagle at my feet waiting for her treat
Love fills my heart
When I bake pinwheels from my past

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Poets United-3rd letter in your Name

 Poets United prompt #62 is the 3rd letter of your name.  L is what I have to work with; there are a lot of great l words.  I just want to say, before anyone reads this, it is dark, not my normal style. I had a great childhood; life changed when my Dad died, while I was in college. This is when normal flew out the window and never returned. I did rebuild it, when I moved away, married and built a new life, but it tarnished me. Life does this to all of us; we all have patina, scars and tears.

Brain bound by wrought iron gate
barracades me
Exposing frail worn view
fermented thoughts arrive like a flock of crows
Questions arise in my now
resurgence of bile,
rotting moments frozen in time
my Memory only fossil left;
Imprinted disgust brews
dank, stale ale saturates the mood
must walk through Door again
Funeral march plays in my head
Who died?
pieces of many living souls
Who was buried?
Rose colored glasses
must walk among the living
Function, but not whole
Torn inside out
No one can hear me wail
 sea wind echos my voice
 fog horns say it in their cries

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Writer's Block

Does it exist?  I think most of us would say yes!  I feel like the tide is extremely low and a fog bank has settled over my harbor.  I am sorting through things, trying to figure out where my creative self will go. What can I hide in the china cabinet, in my tins so I can have a make shift creative spot, a place to be expressive.  I talked to Mom last night, she seems to think there is no rush. Maybe, maybe not, but two parties did a walk through yesterday. The house wasn't even listed for a day. There is no way to know; we have to start making plans. I told her to make a list of what she would want to bring. She asked, how much space she would have. Her room is the largest bedroom in the house. I will measure and tell her for sure. She slept in it, when she was here last.  Our daughter was next in line to get it. She honestly doesn't want it, the closet size is too small. She wants her closet and his room, lol.   She will end up in the FROG, after her brother is done. We will have to look for additional bureaus, etc. when she arrives.

Today I was to write a creative poetry exercise for  Imaginary Garden.  I woke up with a headache. I think I am catching a cold, nothing came to mind. I was empty; I found this book online and started writing down the exercises.  I 'm curious,what do you do what you are blocked, empty? Do you find other creative outlets? What works for you?  I hope you will share here or at the Imaginary Garden. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas~

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Best one you remember so far.....

I'm talking about CAKE, lol!  I rode my exercise bike and watched the Food Network Show, "THE BEST EVER....."   I am craving junk; I know it is cause I'm stressed a bit and stressed=desserts spelled backwards. Thank you everyone for your kind comments; I am going to go back and respond. I guess bottom line for me, I need alone time to create, write. My Mom is a night owl and a talker, so mentally I am trying to figure out how this is going to work. She has had two people inquire and walk through her home, since it went on the market. It was listed yesterday afternoon; yes this is my childhood home, by the bay.