Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Almost April

Almost April and I'm working on a May Basket Swap, hosted by Kari of  Artsy Mama.  I grew up
 hanging May baskets, in a small coastal town.  My Mom went all out with crepe and tissue paper, sometimes she even made Chinese Lanterns.
We put candy in them , but sometimes we would put vials with  real flowers.  My brother n' I had
to ring the door bell, hand the basket to the recipient and run away, waiting to be caught.   Sometimes we were
pinched, punched,  instead of kissed.    A simple thank you would of been fine for me.   My Mom used empty
tea boxes to make most of hers.    It brings back fond memories, so I thought, why not!  Besides my partner can't pinch of punch me.  We  have been emailing back n' forth, ideas n' clues.   I had bought some extra seed packets to put in her box, but she said, she has a large family, no time to plant.  Her favorite colors are pink and the 50's sea green blue or mint blue. (I'm not sure of the name)  I love this color, but am finding it a challenge, but
I do have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Yesterday I was inspired by Karla Nathan's embellished vials.  My son had one, said, I could have it and this is what I came up with.

I added some pearls, some buttons and button brads..they are sooo cute!
It was fun to decorate and fill, but not to remove the contents....

I need to go find some more vials, too fun and very
addictive to make.

I also was inspired by Becky Shander's (recycled soap) gift boxes.   I found a band aid box and got busy...
I want to make more...but no more boxes of this size, but I am eye balling other choices.

I used what I had, I found these great cotton type flowers the other day at the thrift shop and had to add the
blue bird for her.   I tied a Swiss polka dot blue bow...on the side.  Anyway, hope she likes some of my creations...Dawn at The Feathered Nest, has a great tutorial, check it out!  Thanks Dawn~

   Endless options you should try making these!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

After the Shower

We are promised to see the sun today; it just slowly peeked out and pulled away.  Dark gray gloom is
back....    The rain is suppose to stop; it really effects my mood, I feel droopy like a wilted bloom.   I have so much to do, want to do and need to do....funny, I put want before need...

I am sifting through books, some to go to the Recycled Reader shop, others put on shelf, some pack away.
I found a poetry book, by Mary H. Oliver.  I love the way she paints nature with her words.   Here is one
of my Wall Calendar pages, just a beginning...

                                    AFTER THE SHOWER

The sound of rain upon the roof was not unwelcome sound; softly it fell, and soon the call from
one bird to another rose above the even patter of the rain.  The birds were glad!  And what of
ferns and small wild flowers that grew close by our little house?

After the shower had passed, we took the trail down through the woods, and found a fairy-land;
bright silver beads hung gracefully on each blueberry bush; and raindrops, caught in cup shaped
flowers now shone like diamonds when a ray of sunlight touched the flowers; and two small trees
looked like a pair of silver candlesticks.
The rain had silvered all the ferns and hung like strings of pearls upon the blue-eyed flowers.

And while I looked on all of this, my heart was glad-for always this will stay with me-the magic
of raindrops in the sun!  ~Mary H. Oliver

  I wanted to make a necklace with a floral touch, so took apart some silk flowers n' sewed  them on a chain
with pearls for the stamens. .

I am spring inspired; Are you?

Monday, March 29, 2010


Everything is popping up around here, lots of green shoots, blooms and peeps.  We have had fun decorating with baby peeps.    They are just so reflective of the holiday a fresh start, a rebirth.

When you think of peeps, you think of your peers, your friends, those you flock to.  Your group of chicks, your life long friends, your co workers, your neighbors, people that are part of your everyday world.

I have to say, the peeps I have found in Blogland are the best, encouraging, creative and inspirational.  My peeps/peers in my everyday life, don't understand the need, the craving to create.   Some do in other forms, but don't view it the same as people who truly understand that art is a calling, a need, something you must do to cope.    

Thank you to peeps, for sharing your souls and peering out and exposing your feelings and your view of the world.  Thanks for visiting my world.

"We do not make friends as we make houses, but discover them as we do the arbutus, under the leaves of our lives, concealed in our experience~ William Rader 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring 4ward


This is what my yard looked like this morning; after all the rain yesterday!  I love to see these tiny buds open, such happy flowers, soon the tree will be humming with a choir of bees.   I ran out to take pics, before there will be thimble sized bees enjoying their breakfast.  Every year, I find myself trying to get a shot, under a cotton candy cloud buzzing with frenzy.

After lunch,  I found out my Easter stash had been raided; Someone(Don) had found the Cadbury eggs, so why not use this as a photo op.   I bought these little peeps recently and thought about adding a few more decorations this weekend.  My daughter loves to help me arrange and put out the eggs,  a wreath and a huge peep she made one year.  When we look at her art, it freeze frames our past memories.     She recently sheepishly,admitted she had fought over a  huge lavender egg one year, during the  neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  She gently pushed a kid into the bushes, grabbed the egg and ran.  I did not know about this scuffle, but she went into great detail, I was stunned, my daughter is all girl, honor roll student, no problems at school.
Why don't I remember this, or maybe she didn't tell me?!   How would I react over a scuffle over an egg?        I remembered, that was the year I didn't go;  I had a bad cold and allergies.  Her big brother took her, he probably egged her on.  Funny, how one memory of an occasion, is so different for everyone involved.   I remember the excitement, anticipation and  being grateful my son took her. (She was 7 ; He 13)  Dad was out to sea.  

It is all part of the magic of spring, the better weather, the mud puddles, the green swollen buds, the slow shoots of grass trying to peer out and neighborhood scuffles(and family) over chocolate.   Truth be told, I was duped
my husband ran for the breezeway door, opened and closed it, I thought he was in the garage, while he slowly snuck into the bedroom and found my Easter candy stash.   I did attempt a scuffle, but at 5'1 trying to tackle an almost 6'4 man, forget it.     So, here is what I did with my share of the raid.  
Enjoy March Madness while it lasts....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Creative Angels

Do you have a muse or signs that are so profound, your intuition guides you in that direction?!
I think it of as a tool, an inner ear, to listen to our soul. direct us.  It is hard to put ourselves out there;
I have fallen lately, didn't achieve what I had attempted.  I'll admit, it was my fault, but there were
outside factors involved, that seemed to scream, "Now, isn't the time, be patient and continue on".
 My fall hurt, but I think I needed it, to push away all the directions I was going, to regroup and focus
on trying something new.   I am enjoying the new path, and I have to say it found me, I wasn't looking for it, but I was open to the signs, the bells and whistles, that led me there.   There were too many signs, not to listen.   It was bigger than me, I would have to say there were 7 signs   I know angels, heaven the number 7.

I think most of us, have a hidden dream, something we tucked away, didn't accomplish, but even though it
might not come true, you can still  have a piece of the angel food cake.  You can take a water color class, you can sign up to dance, write, whatever it is you desire to try.
   Sometimes just filling a piece of that void, is enough to help you remember how much joy your creativity gave you.  Listening to your soul, your angel, your guide and/or muse could bring you a gift or expose a new talent.  You never know, how it may all turn out...start listening!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Art Date

Well, I needed an art date, the past couple of days have been full n' busy.  I had to clean up my artsy mess
due to hubby's birthday.  I haven't gotten back to my projects, between my daughter, my son and my appointments.   What better time for an Art Date, my morning pages have suffered a bit, with all the roofing work.  The roof is done, but the gutters haven't been cleaned.   So, I thought I'd go do some errands and find my way to my spot and go down town and take some pics. 

This is my sacred spot, I don't get there, as often as I would like.  

My art date didn't work out as planned, but it did end up a date.
 I was at the top of the road to pull out, when  I see my husband in our Honda.   He pulls up to me and wanted to know where I was headed.  I told him the nature trail and then a few errands.  He said he wanted to go and I turned around.
He changed and away we went; He walked the trail with me and then we went to our fav sandwich shop and had Dagwoods and iced tea.   Then went to Lowes; he wanted to look around and we ended up buying seeds, cedar pots and fruit bearing plants.   He wants to try to grow grapes; we have a spot, that should work, It will be fun to see  if they will grow.    So, even though I didn't have an art date; I had a great time with my hubby, not planned, aren't those the best.  No expectations, no plans, just at random.

Here you can go and sit over the water and draw, read and enjoy the one was there today!(except us)

I wish I could have stayed a bit longer, but I'll be back next week...

It will be prettier when things sprout a bit more.   I guess we weren't alone, after all...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Where do you go for Serenity?

I can't  physically go to this place, but in my mind's eye, I can visit.  I always felt at peace on the town
warf, in the little town of Searsport, ME.  When ever I go home, I have not arrived, til my feet hit the warf.
I have moved a lot and tried to find that type of solitude.  One that gives me peace of mind, comfort, an inner awareness of sacred space.    Sometimes it is difficult to find ; a place where we can recharge our batteries, ease our mind, quiet our self doubt.    I have found usually for me, being near water, is calming, the library being surrounded by ideas and inspiration, and green grass, moss and trees.

I know you can go for serenity in your own heart and mind through meditation and prayers, but for me being a visual person, I like to find a retreat.  For me, nature usually is best, it soothes, calms me and provides inspiration.

 There is a trail I go on, it is near a Senior Center that I use to volunteer at. I did crafts;  it is a wooden built trail that goes out over the water and a great place to sketch or read or just take pictures or be quite and listen to the stirrings of your heart.   (photo soon)

I have missed a few Art Dates, the past couple of weeks, I may have to go to my Sacred spot instead.   When I can't do either, I find another option.  I go out in nature and find some flowers, or pick up my favorite book, or take a walk and snap some pics of Mother Nature's gifts.  She has never failed me; I always find inspiration whether it is a pretty stone, tree bark, a gorgeous sky, or a pine cone.

So, if serenity can't come to you and until you find your sacred spot for solitude, your sanctuary, try to find
inner peace in nature.  You will be amazed at what you may find, feel, or see...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Heaven Sent

I entered a give-a-away, on Colette Copeland's blog "A Bird In the Hand. You will recognize her work; she has
been published a lot in the  Stampington publications.   She is full of surprises; she will take simple mediums and combine them to create sheer loveliness.   I won the angel wing; I was thrilled!!!   She included this wonderful little card and some various other goodies.    The card is gorgeous; Turquoise is my fav color!
The sheer luminescent quality over the image,  the velvet turquoise ribbon, and vintage velvet flowers...can you hear me, I oooooooo'ed when I opened it.   I have the angel wing near my bed, but I think I am going to buy or make a shadow box type arrangement to put this card with it.  It is just too beautiful, it needs to be displayed.

Thank you so much Colette!  When I found out I won, how fitting I thought, only 1 wing. I need to do a lot  more to earn another wing.   We all portray angelic qualities, helping a stranger, a random act of kindness or a smile to someone who seems down.  We can do more, though....go read Colette's blog today.  She sent an angel wing to an amazing need to read this story, very touching.    I think I was touched by an angel, (Colette).    I need to do more to help those who are lost, hurt, or in pain.

Thanks for touching me; I will somehow turn my win into a touch stone.   I was going to volunteer at the hospital, once my back was better.     If I can't volunteer in the way I planned, perhaps I will go volunteer in a crafty way.  I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Soulful sketch

Sketch, sketch again...this time I wrote notes off to the side,  reminding me what to add, take away, what needs work.  I have
ordered supplies, so far, all i am using is a mechanical shading is difficult.   It is a work in progress.   I can't wait to add color, but you know that from my
previous post.  I am on a color kick.  I do think black n' white and the scale that blurs to gray is soulful.  It is like black n' white
photography to me.  You see it for what it is, no room for distraction.
I have taken my pics of my kids, this way, there is a mood with this medium, color can sometimes distract the eye and lose the mood, the heart of the photo.  
 Color filters the image, pulls your vision up, over or down.  Black n' white draws you to faces, clues of action or lack there of. 
Scaling back, sketching and shading, all need to bring out dimension, distract and  allow the eye to dance over the image.

I'm learning how to make eyes dance.  I just need to find the right music, so the eyes will be pleased when the song ends.

True Colors....

I feel more rosy lately, the weather is changing for the better, more daylight helps.   I decided to do
a Rosy page(s) in my journal.   I have made pockets to put tags in for writing; I think I am doing a
Seasonal Journal, without even this would be summer pages.   I don't know what direction I am
going in, perhaps, just color.  Color seems so appealing and healing; I like the quiet, stillness of winter, with white and various grays.  I need some color, cheerful, mood alternating, crayola type therapy.  Nothing can wake up the winter doldrums, like the array of color.    There is something for everyone... Think of how a rainbow, can turn you into a  7 yr old.  The sheer joy of the spectrum, that nature provides. 

So, here is a peek of my summer pages of red, pink and magenta hues.  I will keep going intuitively
perhaps it is just colors that speak to me, my true colors shining through.  Thanks Cindy Lauper, for that amazing song.(PS. Yes, I know below  is an amaryllis not rose) I just like the rosy color..

Friday, March 19, 2010

Drink me arrived via Mail

My daughter's Alice In Wonderland Tag Book arrived; isn't it pretty!  Karla Nathan did a wonderful job, putting them together, her tag is the first one, with the little door, Alice is holding a real key, she drew Alice.
In the  top left..okay middle, there is a little bottle she sent with Drink Me on it, filled with red glitter, so cute!
She is very talented; Thanks Karla~

I am going to enlarge my  tags and make a box to put everything in.  My daughter found a wooden key hole and a time piece she wants to add to the theme.   So much amazing talent; it was a fun swap!   I just wish I had made 6 more tags and received my own book, lol!     I  will know better, next time!

I had participated in one other event Karla organized; her Aunt Carolina, turned 100, I sent a homemade card, this was a few years ago.

(The rabbit on one side and back is the Cheshire cat in the tree) is done by Robin

(The blue ruffled Alice is unknown, very cute tiny mushroom accent w/flowers, the back is a floral Cheshire cat

(The blue n' white Alice tag is done by

(sepia tone floral and button flowers is by Amy)

(Queen tag is by Marianne)

                                                 (King back side of Queen tag by Marianne)                  
(Alice drink me floral tag, unknown)

(rabbit is back of Drink me Alice, unknown)

Thank you, Ladies for all the beautiful tags and wonderful book!

Now, on to finishing my calendar book, another art class and working on a May basket swap.

The roof isn't finished, they will be back tomorrow early to finish it up; one more day of bam,  pound and slam.   It feels like I'm in Bedrock.

Happy Friday~

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I love my Calendar (Girl) Journal

My 2nd post today, this is what happens, when you are having your roof done and you hear pounding all day.

I am taking a Wall Calendar Journal class over at Rambling Rose.  Patty is a great instructor, with a multitude of tips.  Her class is addictive; I made 3 pages and could of kept going, but the bobbin ran out and then
the roofing guys, kept knocking.  I will get back to it later today, when my family settles in for the night.  I can't sew yet in the evening, but will work on finding scraps for my pages.  Spring is all over my pages; this
class is so much fun, I already have 5 more calendars folded and ready to sew.  Do I have enough random
scraps..not sure, but I will be hitting Lowe's tomorrow, can always grab some paint samples.   If you ever see a 5'1 ethnic looking woman, lingering too long in that section, it might be

After I finish my calendar journals, I may trace my genealogy.   I have been asked if I'm Spanish, Indian, Italian, Eskimo, Mexican and Hawaiian.   Have you watched  "Do you know who you are?" Lisa
Kudrow's new show.  I have only seen 1 episode, Emmett Smith was on his search, it was touching and unique.

I am thinking of making a calendar journal with family, vintage photos, and recipes.  This one will take time and a lot of sorting through.  I have been wanting to do a family cookbook, but struggled gathering all the photos. When I went home, last summer, I tried to get quite a few pics, so I could do this.  I wasn't sure
how I was going to make it.  I kind of what to make 4, one for each of my kids and my 2 nephews.  I might do fabric or sew with vinyl covers.     Quite an undertaking...  

Check out Patty's site, she has other classes and lots of inspiration on her blog.  She has been published in several Somerset products.  The first Somerset Apprentice magazine and the Journal calendar and I bet there is more.

Root Bound

I was playing with my house plants when I found my cyclamen has become root bound.   It needs a new home(pot).   I have moved 17 times in 25 yrs and don't think I ever, maybe once, felt root bound.  I became accustomed to my home, my environment, my job, my friends,...didn't want to leave.  I didn't want a new pot, new soil, new everything. I think the only time I craved a new home, was when we lived in Florida. It was too humid for me, I have sinus issues, then there is all the hurricane evacuations.   It seems like most of  summer, is spent, stocking up supplies, long lines at the store, and getting ready to evacuate.  I can remember when I was 8 months pregnant with Angela, we were evacuated, it was a stage 4 hurricane then turned into a 5.   I slept under my husband desk at Corry Station Training Center in Pensacola, Florida.
 When Hurricane Opal arrived, Pensacola took a direct hit, it did end up being a 3, when it made land fall.
We were fine, it was the beach front that was damaged.  This is probably when I was root bound.  You know that word never; We had been in Pensacola, years before in 1986, I said, I would never be pregnant in Florida, too hot. Ten years later, my husband has orders to go back to Pensacola, FL and I end up pregnant..   Never say never...

I use to think it was a privilege to stay in one place  have roots and not be a transplant.  I would look at people and think  they don't realize how fortunate they are.  They would think my life was interesting...well, it isn't dull.     I think you can be fortunate no matter if you are root bound or not, the trick is to remember we need to shock our roots, once in awhile, try something new.  Everyone needs to loosen their soul, every so often.  Sarah Ban  Breathnach compares it this way, "Leaf, Stem, Root=Mind, Body, Soul".

  I love these quotes:  "Bloom where you are planted"  and remember "Every path has a puddle" these quotes both originated from Proverbs~ I'm loosen my roots, for some regrowth, not a new pot.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blu's Clues

Jenny, a blogging friend of mine, started an online drawing/painting class.   I was curious, so i checked it out. Suzi Blu paints beautiful spiritual beings; she has a wide variety of classes.   I just started today; I don't
have the right tools, so I am armed with a mechanical pencil and paper.   She also wants you to journal in this class and write poems, as you learn to draw and paint these amazing faces.  I am hooked, it is quirky, fun and

Jenny mentioned this class, while I was reading a young adult novel, every time I picked up the book, "13 Little Blue Envelopes"  an art reference came up.
 There were so many , I took these as clues and signed up for " The Goddess & The Poet class"  . I will be frustrated, I am out of practice, sketching, but there is an amazing support group and you can post your work and Suzi will give you a critique.

  She is generous of spirit and entertains, I have to say, this is the most fun, I've ever had during an art lesson.  My last was landscapes by a woman, named Olive Lane.  She always signed her work with the initials OWL.  She never did tell what her middle name was.   She was odd n' mysterious, living up to the artist hype. 

I think it is important we pay attention to signs, perhaps I am being directed on this path, maybe not.  I am fine with either trail, I am learning something new and enjoying the journey!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Time makes Sense...

I bought pansies today and found this cute little angel at  Dollar Tree; I thought I would get some wrapping paper and see what they had.   I bought a couple to re do.  I love to hang stuff in the garden.  Who can't use a Guardian I mean Garden angel.
  I think she will be an indoor angel in my sunny bowed out window, all my plants love it there.
I am thinking ledger paper and some vintage fabric and few vintage  flowers.

It is wonderful to see all the pretty colors, since the Easter items have arrived in retail.   Art really does reawaken the soul.   I love how words can also paint a beautiful scene or memory.   How music can transport us through time, to that dance with that special someone, or our wedding, or when our child was born, etc.  .
Whether we are baking grandma's coffee cake or playing a tune, or holding a special blanket, quilted with love.
  Creative moments from the past permeate our brain and stimulate our senses.    A quilt a relative made, or knitting or crocheting, who taught you?   It all ties into  rare moments frozen in time....

Time travel does exist, if one is willing to reawaken their senses and conjure up moments made with heartfelt fragments, from our past. 

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Sun is playing peek-a-boo

Today the lack of sun is playing with my mood. I enjoy the brief glimpses of sunshine, but really long for a bright, bright, sunshiny day.  (Yes, I can see clearly now the rain will fall, that is today's forecast).  I went for a walk in the neighborhood and around my yard to see if I could see some signs of spring.

Yellow, isn't a favorite color of mine, but lately I'm drawn to it.  The experts, say paint your guest room yellow,fake yellow, makes people uncomfortable. Your guests, won't over stay their welcome.   I had a yellow room growing up;I know this is true.   I had white paneling with yellow streaks, yellow n' white curtains and matching bed spread, with touches of blue, orange and turquoise. (it was the 70's).  I was uncomfortable in this room and never knew why, til i read what the Experts said.   Sorry, I don't remember the mag that shared this wisdom. 

I'm craving yellow whether it is fake or real.  Don't we all crave color this
 time of year?! 

The weather is warming up and I can  see green signs of hope. My daffodils are behind this year, by now they would have bloomed and faded.
  I am happy to see them, even if late, their arrival cheers my mood.   As the season awakes, don't you feel a shift in your mood, your soul, and an ease in your heart.  I think I see more people smiling, as we start digging out and buying spring fashions.   Soon, the flowers will be dressed in their best spurring us to shop for ours.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Makit and Bakit

These are women, that influenced my baking skills, top one is my Grammie Ruth She made wonderful bread, pies and cookies. ( I was fortunate that both my grandmothers loved to bake).  My Mom is on the left, she use to win cake decorating contests. My Auntie Bev, was known for her chop suey and her quote, "Eat something you' ll feel better".  I don't think we are Italian, but my ski bump nose, tells another story.
(*I add oregano and basil to my pizza dough, it gives it a lot of flavor and interest)~
My soon to be released cookbook, will be called "Just Bake It".    Okay, someday cookbook, after culinary school or  perhaps I should do a craft/cookbook? 

  Do you remember those Makit Bakit kits.  You could make your own sun catchers with the metal frame of your choice and the magic plastic crystals.  You arranged the colors; I used tweezers and then baked it.

I was thinking how my husband compares his wood working to me making cards and various crafts.  He
just goes out in the garage and leaves everything draped everywhere for a few days a week. Every free
chance he gets, he works on it, measure once, cut twice, drill, saw, paint or stain.   I think of what I  attempt to do, more like cooking.  I have to set everything up and clean up when done.  I don't have my space, yet.

  There is something for everyone's taste.  I need to set supplies up, re arrange or maybe paint over something, or rip out a seam.
 It is like making bread dough. You get all your ingredients out, you mix and knead and let the dough, rest.  It needs to rise; it needs to breath.  My crafts need this to,  be set up and left alone.  This way, I can come back to it, knead it and add items. Then let it set and rise again.
 I like to walk away and come back, when I can, sometimes the dough cooks into a beautiful loaf, heavenly light and other times it is a doorstop.   I don't give up, I try, try again.  I love bread; I love art.  I love leaving it; letting  my ideas bubble up, like yeast.     I love handling the dough, I mean  the paper, the paint, and the tiny touches.   I love a lot of flavors;  so many ideas, never enough time.   I love
the aroma of the bread baking, I mean the smell of  paint, glue, and gel medium.  I love how it rises and how making art raises my spirits.

So, I will keep trying to make bread(art) til I get it right or the way I think it should be.  Sometimes dough takes another shape and ends up cinnamon rolls( I mean, writing, photography, and wit, etc.)

Bread is a staple in my life(art is a part of me) and I will continue to bake up another project soon.

Art, it has to be made; like bread...   I'm craving art!  I don't think my family will be thrilled when I bake that up for dinner.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Got Art?

My daughter is home from school today; she has a stomach virus.   She just finished reading the book,"Speak".
I found it was made into a movie and had put it in the top of my queue on Netflix.  It arrived today; so
she watched it.  I attempted to watch it.   It was so sad...I found it interesting, that art helped her work through her fear and speak again.  The main character, Melinda, had a kind art teacher, that helped her
 use art to express herself.   I recently submitted my story at Crescendoh, the Readers Share section.
  Today my story was chosen; Thanks Jenny!  Funny, I also received my package from them today; I ordered some stamps.

 Art can't cure me, but it has saved me from a downward spiral of darkness. It can help you to express
your emotions, things you find hard to share or speak about.  Art can be many things, your grandmother's hands, a smile, a kind word, a meal, a warm embrace, the curve of an arch, the fence gate, a word of compassion, flowers, a story or poem, dancing, music, the smile on your child's face and much, much more.

Art at times can be a gift or a curse.  You sacrifice, follow your dreams, dying for your art, then there is the starving artist persona.  There are actors who suffered for their art and musicians, who can't get a gig, writers
getting the dreaded rejection slip.  I have heard persistence is key.

Art evokes many emotions, good and bad.  Frustration is part of it; I think I have the flu;  I have attempted to get my etsy store up and isn't happening, yet.  A lot of interruptions;I don't have my own space, at this time.  I won't quit I will continue, press on.

  Don't give up on your dreams, find or make a new path, because if you find joy in whatever you
choose to do... then it isn't wrong to continue.  There are always obstacles, just fight and climb over them, one at a time.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Twinkle, Twinkle....

Tonight is the Academy Awards, the stars will be dazzling us, in their bling, blinding grins and brilliant wit.  I love this award show; I enjoy most of them.  The Oscar represents the artistry of the movie industry.   This medium inspires so many, touches us in various ways.   The customs, the colors, the set design, the make up, the tone of the film; then the storyline, characters and plot development, the actors n' actresses that bring their own unique flair to the part.     I was thinking about this art form and stars lately.

My husband and I watched "HURT LOCKER" last night, not really my kind of film, but all movies,
whether great, good or bad, give me pause to ponder. I almost always come away from a movie, with
an idea, a different view or inspired. " Hurt Locker" made me think of the stars in everyday, the unsung heroes that do so much for our world, our armed forces, teachers, and people part of our everyday. They rarely
or never receive any praise; it is their job.

  Who is your everyday star, someone that brightens your day or inspires you to do better or you just think is a remarkable, giving human being?  Perhaps it is one person or many...

I think it would be great if we could honor these people in our daily setting.  A small reminder or token of
appreciation.    After watching Hurt Locker, I wanted to do something for the people fighting for our country,
no matter how small a token.   There are  many ways to donate, time, money, and various acts of kindness.

Any solider  is a site where you can sign up to send a package to any solider, you can pick the
branch of service.  Some may think it is a shot in the dark, but isn't that where most of the stars reside.  They do random or huge acts that go unnoticed.   I bet most stars are diamonds in the rough.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well, I came up with this tag, funny, I really wanted to do the Cheshire cat or the Mad Hatter,
but flowers seemed to keeping coming up; I know I could say, everything was coming up roses, lol. I had a clocks to put on a few, some clocks were transparent, some weren't. Nah...
I found W stickers at Michael's and thought they would add a nice touch with the map
tape. Anyway, they will be off to the mail, soon...
My daughter's birthday is tomorrow and we are going to try to see the ALICE movie on Saturday and go out to dinner.

This is a swap, that Karla Nathan put together and I really wanted a memento for my daughter's birthday! A book of tags, based on Alice in Wonderland.
I have a few more to finish up and then head to the kitchen to bake a french vanilla birthday cake! Time flies doesn't it, she will be 14 tomorrow! Well, I will reward myself with a cup of tea
before I turn the house, upside down further. It will be a miracle if I can get this place tidy for tomorrow. I have piles of paper, colored pencils and paint on the table. I have a tendency to be a messy cook,floured, hand prints on my jeans and powdered sugar ends up snowing in my kitchen. At least the house will smell wonderful!


Does your art go in stages, or do you take random blocks of time and just do it, or do you allow yourself a certain amount of uninterrupted time? I am trying to figure out what works best. I did morning chores and then after lunch " this is my time", for a few hours. I found it didn't always go as planned. I am a stages girl. I think I can get more done, if I begin it and set it up, let it dry, or sew a portion and walk away and come back. I can weave through what I have to do, so I can come back to the joyful interruption of creating, in my day of laundry, dishes and speed bumps.

Lately I feel like Alice, I know she was between being a girl and entering adolescence Me, I am trying to find my identity, too. I am military spouse, a daughter, a sister, a Mom of 2, a Type 1 diabetic, a pretty good cook, wanna be chef, a college graduate. I have worked at a movie theater, worked in retail, been a switchboard operator, at a hospital, later a hotel. I have been a fitness instructor, an artist assistant, worked for a CPA, been a Red Cross
volunteer, gone to school and did art with my daughter's class, and I have walked for a cure, etc. These facts really don't tell you who i am. They are just tags, like the ones you see on flowers, water often, thrives in shade, or full sun. They give you a clue about my identity.

Alice shrank and grew, I think creative people do this, also. One day we feel great about something we made, the next, some little comment or lack of comments, causes your
confidence to waiver. In reality, don't we do art, as an expression of feelings, sometimes we fumble and drop the ball, the work isn't up to par, but don't we need to create to get out our personal angels and demons.

Alice found a lot of strange characters in Wonderland or Underland. This is true for us, as well. Creating sometimes isn't always wonderful; Sometimes you have to just get it out and move on, a release. Other times, it is magical and fun! Then sometimes it is a deadline and obligation. How do you exercise your demons, as you go through the stages of finding yourself or is art, just sheer joy for you, a vitamin for your soul?!

(Alice here, is in stages, I need to paint the polka dots on the Foxglove flowers and a bit more detail)